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Sex On The Beach. Part 2

Sex On The Beach. Part 2

Jon and Rachel's Date
As I stood in front of the mirror, I thought back to that summer many years ago. A smile came across my face, as I remembered that brief summer romance, Jon, my beach hunk, and how he so expertly moved his large cock inside me and made me cum over and over.

As my mind began remembering that day, I ran my hand over my large breasts. Remembering how my body tingled from the excitement of his touch. I stood in front of the mirror and slid my hand further down, over the top of my shaven mound. I could feel my lips swelling, and the beginning of my juices flowing. I looked at myself in the mirror and let my fingers slip slowly between my now swollen lips.

I let out a soft moan, and closed my eyes. My fingers slid back and forth moving my juices up towards my protruding bud. I moved in a slow circular motion rubbing my bud increasingly faster. The entire time, I was imagining it was Jon's expert fingers exploring me. As my fingers moved round and round, my hand slid further down and my index finger found it's way to my opening.

My finger slipped in easily, I was so wet now. Slowly I moved it in and out. Then I slid in a second finger, moving faster now. I began to feel myself quicken with the first signs of my orgasm approaching. In and out, in and out, faster and faster, and then I convulsed. I was breathing heavily and my face was flushed. My breasts were rising and falling fast. I looked up and smiled at my reflection in the mirror.

Just then the doorbell rang. I grabbed my bath robe, and stood face flushed, answering the front door. It was Katrina.

"Hey Rachel. I thought you'd be ready to go to the beach."

"Oh, sorry I'm running just a bit late. Come on in while I get my bikini on."

With that, Katrina walked In the house as I went to my room. I grabbed my neon pink bikini, which looked bright next to my tanned skin. I slid my black fish net cover up on over my head. Looked In the mirror one last time and headed in the living room.

"All ready?"

"Yes, let's go and catch some rays and stick our toes In the sand."

When we arrived at the beach, I set my beach chair up in front of the life guard stand. Just like I did all those summers ago. Katrina and I decided to lay on our stomachs first. I could hear her talking to me, but my mind drifted off to that summer as I looked up at the life guard stand. All the memories of that night came back. As my eyes closed, and I drifted off down memory lane, I visualized that night.

After my shower, I took my time getting ready. I applied vanilla scented lotion. First rubbing it all over my soft, large breasts, gliding my hand over my nipples until they stood erect. Then, I pumped more lotion in my hand and applied it on my arms. Next, I slid my lubed up hands against my flat, tanned stomach, rubbing in the creamy lotion. I pumped more lotion into my hands. I propped my leg up on the bathroom counter, and began rubbing it on my calf, slowly working it up my leg, all the way to my inner thigh. As my eyes looked up in the mirror, I saw the pink flesh of my inner lips. I began thinking of what may happen with Jon and smiled. I thought tonight I may get more.

The entire drive back to the beach where I would meet Jon, I thought about him, his muscular body, his piercing blue eyes, and his boyish smile. He had captivated me earlier that day at the beach. There was a comfortable ease and charm about him. I knew I wanted more and I was ready.

As I pulled into the beach parking lot, I saw Jon standing by the pavilion. I parked the car and walked over to him. He had that big boyish smile on his face. He looked me in the eyes, and held my face in his hands. Bending over he softly kissed my lips, biting my lower lip. I licked his lower lip, grazed it with my teeth and slid my tongue into his mouth. We began the slow swirling of our tongues.

Tasting the passion and lust. Jon's hands slid down my back, pushing me closer to him. My hands wrapped around his neck, and I softly moaned in his mouth. Jon's hand moved to the middle of my back, pushing me harder into him. I felt his semi-hard cock pushing into me, and getting harder and harder with each thrust.

"Come Rachel, there's a life guard stand. Let's go up there. "

Quickly we climbed the stairs. When we got to the top, Jon kissed me again. This time I gave him all the passion I had. I kissed him slowly and deeply, my tongue soft in his mouth, tasting him. His hands roamed all over my ass. Slowly lifting my skirt, Jon softly began kissing my neck, sucking and biting my neck. I was under his spell. All I could do was moan and lean against the guard shack wall.

Slowly, Jon began kissing his way down to my heaving breasts. "Take your top off Rachel, let me see your beautiful breasts."

Doing as I was told, I took off my top, and dropped it on the ground. Jon immediately kissed the tops of each breast. Slowly sucking on one nipple, while pinching the other one gently, his other hand slowly slid under my skirt. I felt his fingers probing at my lips. My eyes closed as I let all of the feelings rush over me. the tingle between my legs, the sucking on my breast, and the pinch of the other nipple.

"Oh Jon... Oh god Jon ... Mmmmm, " was the only thing I was able to utter.

"Open your legs further Rachel, let me taste your sweet nectar."

Instinctively, I spread my legs, and grabbed Jon's head. Running my hands thru his hair, and pushing his face into my mound. I felt his tongue sliding slowly thru my slit. I let out a moan from deep in my throat. I felt his tongue sliding up over my slowly hardening bud, flicking it back and forth. My hips began grinding into his mouth, almost suffocating him, desire and and need building. His hands reaching around, grabbing my ass, and pulling me closer, Jon guided one of my legs over his shoulder. Opening me wider, giving him more access to my sweet pussy, his tongue eagerly lapped up my sweet nectar.

"Jon, I'm cumming, oh god I'm cuming."

With that, I felt myself shaking and grinding harder on his tongue. Luckily, Jon grabbed my hips, because my legs became weak. Opening my eyes, I looked down at Jon. Instinctively, I knew what I wanted to do to him.

I got down on my knees, unzipped his pants, and watched his throbbing cock fall out. Slowly, I began kissing his stomach with soft, sucky kisses, kissing down his hips and pulling his pants off at the same time. My nails scratched down his thighs, as I continued kissing him. My soft lips touched near his shaft, and kissed down towards his full balls.

Slowly I kissed his heavy sack, and sucked one into my mouth. Jon let out a moan. My hot breath was on one of his balls, and I was cradling his other one, warm and wet all at the same time. Then, I moved over to his other ball. Again, slowly kissing it, then sucking it into my warm and wet mouth. My fingers lightly scratched up Jon's pelvis. His cock jumped from excitement, getting near, but not touching it. Then, I began kissing on the bottom of his shaft.

I slowly worked my way up with soft, sucky kisses until I reached his head, which was now big, purple and hard. Slowly my tongue slid across the top of his slit. Tasting his salty pre cum, swirling across the top, and around his ridge. Slowly Jon began pumping his cock deeper into my mouth. The tip of my tongue dipped into the hole of his head.

"Oh, yes Rachel, oh fuck yes."

Those words sent me into a frenzy of sucking his cock harder. My tongue slid up and down his shaft, swirled over his head. I stroked the base of his cock while I was sucking and loving his head. Making love to his beautiful cock with my mouth, I could feel Jon throbbing in my mouth.

"Rachel, fuck I'm cumming."

With that Jon began shooting his hot load in my mouth. Stream after hot stream, I swallowed as fast as he filled my mouth. I continued sucking Jon's cock, and to my surprise, he stayed hard. He got up behind me, and slowly pushed the head of his cock against my entrance. Then, in one swift move, he impaled me. I gasped.

"Oh Jon. God you feel good. Oh yes."

With that Jon began pumping his cock in deeper. He had a slow steady rhythm. In and out, in and out. I could feel my climax getting closer.

"Faster Jon. Oh, go faster. Deeper, deeper, faster. I'm close, Jon, oh, god I'm close to cumming."

With that we began moving faster. Jon thrusting his cock deeper in me. His balls slapping against my ass. Deeper and harder. I felt myself quicken, my wave of ecstasy begin deep inside me. I let go and my first orgasm began.

"Oh Jon don't stop, please don't stop. I'm cumming. Pump it harder in me, oh yes."

Again, I felt myself climaxing. My whole body shuddered.

"Rachel, Rachel, what are you doing?"

I looked over. Oh god! I was laying on the beach, my hand in my bikini bottoms playing with myself.

"Katrina, I was, umm, I was remembering back to a summer many years ago and the man I had sex with in the life guard stand."

"Girl he must've been one hot fucking guy. You've been playing with yourself for the past ten minutes," Katrina said, laughing.

"Yes, he was one hell of a lover, and with him I always wanted more."
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