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Sex on the beach

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My first shot at this so let me know what you think.

I had been down on myself since a tragic accident had claimed my wife of thirty years. My friends Tom and Laura had been trying for weeks to get me on a vacation with them and I finally agreed maybe that maybe a getaway would be what the doctor ordered.

They had, unbeknown to me, already made a resevation for me on the trip to their time share in the Bahamas.The day we arrived was spent getting settled into the two bedroom apartment and resting from the flight in from the cold nothern climate.

I got up early the next morning and made coffee and was sitting on the deck overlooking the beach and ocean, wondering what I was going to do with myself feeling like a third wheel. Laura came out onto the deck and said that as soon as Tom had his shower we were going to get breakfast and then they would show me some sights. We had a quick bite to eat then headed out to do some shopping and get acquainted with the beachfront and the surronding area. As soon as I could I made a excuse to let them be alone and I headed down to the beach and got a seat at the bar. I had a couple of beers when this woman came over and asked if she could sit down, to which I agreed. Guessing from her looks I put her in her mid forties. She introduced herself as Debbie and was using her time share for the last time since her and her husband had just divorced and it was being sold to satisfy debts,etc. She openly admitted to being fifty two years old, same as myself.

The small talk ensued and I gave her a breif version of my story trying not to feel down on myself. I bought us a round of drinks and we chatted some more finally agreeing to meet later to discuss how we spent our days.

Tom and Laura had seen me chatting to Debbie so I had to give them the story. Tom winked and said maybe you will get lucky which made Laura arm punch him and telling him to mind his own business. I said that if it was okay with them I had asked Debbie to have dinner with us.

That night the wine flowed and the food was excellent. The four of us hit it off and we agreed to spend some time togther in the coming days. I walked Debbie to her apartment and said goodnight. She kissed me on the cheek and said I should meet her in the morning and we could have a day on the beach, soI agreed to meet her at 9am.

The next morning I had a little spring in my step and was feeling rather good about things for a change. I met Debbie and she promptly led me off to a boat waiting to take us to a private beach for the day, she hugged me and said she had a surprise for me.

Soon we where heading off to the island and when the boat dropped us off she said she had brought along some wine and snacks for the day. Debbie had asked me to call her Deb from now on. She was about 5ft 6in tall blonde shoulder length hair with blue eyes and and a great toned body, 36c breast and fine tight hips from working out.

We walked around the island and found a shady spot to lay out a couple towels. Deb took off her white blouse to reveal a black bikini bra, she had on a pair of shorts she stripped off to show off a matching bottom, she looked like a goddess from a dream.

Deb laid out on the towel and asked me to rub some suntan lotion on her back, to which I obliged. Wanting to make sure I got it on her shoulders I untied her bikini top and let it fall off her sides rubbing oil on her shoulders and back. I noticed a small mmm of pleasure escape her lips.

With that she jumped up letting the top fall off revealing perfect breasts with nice large nipples almost erect and ran to the water teasing me to follow. Once I caught up to her I grabbed her and flung her into the surf. Laughing at me she splashed water at me and began to swim off. I followed and soon we were frolicking in the warm caribbean water. Deb went under the water and when she came up she grabbed my neck and gave me a very hot wet kiss on the lips, reaching down to grab her waist I noticed she had shed her bikini bottom. As we stood in the waist deep water she began to grind her hips into me and my erection sprang to rigid life. Oh my god what a feeling that I had been so missing. She pushed me off and down into the water and ran for shore. By the time I reached her she was lying on the sand and toying with her breasts beckoning me to join her.

I lay down beside her and kissed her neck and face finally giving Deb a big deep kiss on the lips. She let out a small mmm and said "Dont stop."

I kissed my way down her neck to her breasts and kissed each nipple while pinching the other with my finger and thumb. Deb was moaning and bucking under me as I made my way down across her flat smooth stomach down her thighs to her toes. Then I worked my way back up the inside of her thighs to the neatly shaved mound of here pussy. Deb spread her legs to give me better access to her nether regions. I always loves eating and sucking cunt and went at her like a mad man. She bucked her hips up to meet me and soon her pussy was soaking wet. I let up for a minute and she grabbed my hair and pushed my face back into her sweet pussy.

Soon she moaned and screamed "Oh my god I am cumming!" and I felt a hot squirt of female love juice flood my tongue and face. As she came down to earth I moved up beside her and kissed her lips giving her a taste of her sex.

Catching her breath Deb rolled me onto the beach towel and went down on me sucking my cock like a woman on a mission. I could feel the head of my dick at the back of her throat as she clamped down on it hard, then releasing me and licking sweetly the underside of my prick. Knowing I wouldn't last long I rolled her over and deftly entered her pussy sliding my cock in slowly until I was buried to the hilt. She began raise her hips up to me and I responded by thrusting deep and hard into her sweet cunt.

Deb tossed her head back and screamed "I'm cumming !! Give me that hot load deep into my cunt, OMG fuck me hard."
"With another hard lunge I said, "Here it comes babe."
She replied "Give it to me now lover."

I blasted two long shots of cum and then felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my rod as her orgasm came spewing her cunt juice on my dick. Giving another shove shooting one last shot deep into her womb I fell on top of her and kissed her deeply. I rolled off and we cuddled up in the warm shade caressing each other..

If there is a like and positve feed back Chapter two will follow.

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