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Sex Underway, Chapter 2

"Cold baby?" I asked.

"Not really," she replied. "I've lived here all my life, so I'm used to it. Wait until the rain, and then snow hits, then its fucking cold!"

We finished our drinks and headed back into the bedroom, getting under the covers.

"I could get used to a guy like you, Lee. You really know how to treat a woman, on a date, just casually, and in bed," she said softly.

I just pulled her to me and kissed her softly as we cuddled, drifting off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, it must have been around 7am or so, I couldn't see her clock. I doubled my pillow and rolled to my side as I looked at Diane, lying on her back. Her dark hair was spread over her pillow and she had a nice cute smile on her face. I ha a smile as I reached over and lightly ran my fingers from her ear to her chin. Her smile got a little bigger. "Good morning, she said. Please don't stop doing that, it feels marvelous!"

I was smiling bigger and chuckled as I leaned down to give her a morning kiss. Her lips were like velvet and was like tasting a fine wine, absolutely delicious. She kissed me back with a soft, rumbling moan in her throat. Neither of us said another word as she rolled onto her side and we started exploring each others' body all over again. I continued running my fingers over her lightly. Down her side to the swell of her hip and back up and around her breast and over her nipple, causing a little shiver in her.

"What's on for today?" I asked.

"Well," she said. "We're supposed to meet Mike and Shirley about 9 for breakfast and then we're going for a nice drive, to show you guys around this beautiful country up here."

"I've got a confession to make to you, sweet one," I replied, "I was born and raised around Eureka, California, down in Humboldt County. I've been in weather like yours all my younger life, and around all of the trees you have here, but bigger. Although Eureka isn't as big as Portland, it's the same weather, same atmosphere, and same people."

"You asshole! I should have known! Not once did you comment on the scenery, other than it was so beautiful! I should have known you were raised in this type of country!" She said, giggling. "Let's go shower and head over to Shirley's."

I kissed her again, this time hard and deep, getting the same from her. We got up and headed to the shower. "I don't know if I want to have to get dressed and leave here, I'm just too damn comfortable with you." I was saying as we got into the shower. The water was nice and hot and relaxing. I took hold of her shoulders, moving her into the shower stream, getting her hair wet. Then guided her around so it was hitting my back as I took her shampoo and started washing her hair, my fingers digging onto her scalp.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels so good! You really do know how to treat a woman! I've never had a man, other than hair dressers, wash my hair for me," She moaned.

"I was raised with just about all females around me. My Mom, Grandmother, Sister, three Aunts, and all the other women and daughters in a little lumber town across the bay from Eureka, called Samoa." I told her.

"I know that place! They have an old Company cook house, open to the public there, don't they?" She asked.

"Yeah, great food, served on big long tables and you sit on benches. You've been there?" I asked.

"Yep, a few years ago, I was doing a story about the area."

"Did you see the tree big wood tanks on a hill, on the right side of the highway as you go by? I lived in that big house, second on the left. Before that, down that little street, right in the middle of the block. I had just started junior high school when my mom finally bought a house and we moved to Eureka," I told her.

I finished her hair and got her under the water to rinse before taking care of her whole body. She beat me to the soap and started on me, turning me as needed. After she finished my butt, she reached around from both sides and started on my cock, which was growing harder and harder by the second. Her soapy hands were sliding up and down my shaft. She would hold me with one hand while the other squeezed and twisted all around my mushroom head. Feeling me tensing up, she rinsed me all off and turned me to face her. Diane kissed me deeply, and then looked straight into my eyes as she slowly sank to her knees. After kissing and licking the head of my very hard cock, she surrounded it with her lips and took me deep, until I was hard against the back of her throat. My hands were gently holding her head.

"Damn, girl!" I said. "You keep that up for very long and you'll have your morning dessert well before breakfast!"

She worked me hard, sucking like she was trying to get my asshole all the way thru my cock, before taking me out and saying, "I wouldn't mind that, baby.... I love the taste of cum first thing in the morning."

Diane started working and sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Although I had my hands holding her head, I wasn't forcing her. Soon she was face-fucking my cock, taking me all the way into her throat, all the while, moaning loudly. The was she was going at me, it didn't take long before I was filling her mouth with hot cum. She continued to suck me until I was completely soft and the nerve endings screaming at me to make her stop. Letting me go with a "pop", she slowly stood. She was smiling like the Cheshire Cat as she opened her mouth to show me the cum inside. I watched her swallow. Still smiling, she showed me that she had some left. "Want some?" She mumbled. I immediately grabbed her head and kissed her deeply, our tongues swapping my cum back and forth, before she took it all and swallowed again.

She looked at me with very large eyes, "OMG, Lee! That was so fucking hot! No man has done that with me before!" She said.

"The way I look at it, if a girl can eat my cum, why not me too." I replied. "The next time I fuck you, I'm going to lick you nice and clean too."

"No wonder I like having you around! You are so different from any other guy I've dated," she giggled.

We were all smiles as we completed the shower, dried off and walked hand-in-hand to the bedroom. I grabbed my clothes and started dressing and she did the same. "We are going to need to stop by the ship and pick up some changes of clothes for me and Mike," I said.

"No problem, but let's wait until after breakfast with the others. That way we can just all go together," Diane replied.

As we walked out to her car, Diane tossed me the keys. I opened her door, letting her slide in and went around, got in and we were off. She called Shirley just before leaving, saying we were on the way. They were waiting at the curb as we pulled up. After getting in and comfortable, we were off, with Diane giving directions. We were soon pulling up to an old truck stop, like they used to have before the Interstate Highway system fully evolved. There were lots of cars, trucks of all sizes, and many motorcycles, owing to the popularity of the place. The lot being just about full, I was told to pull around back and park in the owners' spot. We entered thru the huge kitchen, Diane asking where the owner, Lisa was.

Lisa heard us and came running out of her office, grabbing the two girls and giving them a big hug and kiss. Lisa inherited the place from her grandfather, his only son having died early in the Vietnam War. Lisa was the only surviving relative. She was a big woman, about 6-3, 180lbs, nice full D-cup tits, and ample ass. Her 50 years were starting to show on her once show-girl type figure. "It's about time you two showed up around here, neither of you have been around in ages! Where the fuck you girls been hanging out? And who are these handsome hunks?" She said with a huge smile.

Diane introduced Mike and me, explaining that we are stationed on one of the Navy ships in for the Rose Festival. They met us on the trip up river from Astoria. Lisa looked at her questioningly. "You can give me all the juicy details later. Come on, you guys get my personal table and service." Lisa said.

The truck stop is called the "Logger's Pit Stop" and was named by Lisa's grandfather after he bought a small place and lots of land right on the old highway on the way into Portland. He had visions of a huge place for truckers to stop and eat before heading on into town, or on their way to points elsewhere going out. They had "lumberjack" style food, gallons of hot coffee brewing, and a place for truckers to rest and get their trucks serviced. The food was plentiful, hot and obviously delicious, seeing the place packed to overflowing, with an hour waiting time. Us guys ordered the standard ham steak, which was 3/4 inch thick and fully covered a 9 X 12 platter. It came with 3 to order eggs, lots of home fried potatoes, biscuits that were at least 4 inches in diameter, and all the coffee one could drink. Neither of us wanted to try the truckers size! The girls ordered the smaller "Ladies" size ham. Lisa came back just as we were finishing up to join us for coffee and talk.

"Now, you girls can tell me all about that trip on the ship, and not the fucking "tourist" version. I want every juicy stroke!" We all busted out laughing as Diane and Shirley told the whole story, including getting fucked in the ship's brig! Lisa really loved the part about me asking Diane if she ever had sex, on a Navy ship; underway; in fresh water; and in two states at the same time. I thought she would fall off her chair, she was laughing so hard!

"Guys," Lisa said, "after hearing that story, you put the word out to the ship, a.s.a.p! I'm normally closed on Sundays, it's a thing my granddaddy always did, Just because of your exploits with my two favorite girls, I'm going to throw the biggest and best ships party you've ever seen. One of you call the ship and put the word out now, they'll have 5 days to get ready. Let them know everything, including cab rides here and back is on me. I'll have all the booze you can drink, the largest porterhouse steaks I can find and I'll get all of my other girlfriends to drop their current dates and be here for those without. Have your CO or XO call me on my private number fast. You two get calling, go! GO!"

The boys took off for the phones, knowing it wouldn't be much problem since the ship went to maximum liberty for the duration of their stay. Lisa looked at Diane and Shirley, saying, "you girls got the hots for those sailor boys, huh? I saw both of you looking at them with lots of hunger. Your eyes lite up like a neon sign."

Both girls blushed. Diane said, "you might say that, Lisa. Lee really knows how to treat a woman in every aspect, no matter the situation. I don't know where this is headed, but I really, really like it so far! I'm very sure Shirley feels the same way about Mike." Shirley just shook her head, yes.

"Well, both of you keep me posted! and name your first born after me or my granddaddy!" Lisa said as she got up to make her rounds around the place. She went to every table, talking and greeting each customer.

Since Mike was the only person not to have been in the Portland area, we decided a road trip was in order. We finished our coffee, found Lisa to give our good-bye's, along with kisses and hugs, and went out the back door to the car. "That Lisa is a remarkable woman!" I said to the girls as we pulled out. We headed for Vancouver, Washington first, which was a short 30 minuted drive. After seeing the sights there, we stayed in Washington and on to Longview, to visit another friend of the girls and where there was a big bridge back into Oregon. The friends weren't home, so we continued on our way. Crossing the bridge, we noticed a high wind up the canyon, and actual white-caps in the river water. There were many wind surfers out, jumping from cap to cap and very often wiping out. Once across, we followed an older road to the little town of Clatskanie, just a little "hole in the wall" type town. On down to the river road and to Astoria, where we stopped for a nice lunch. And that was fresh caught salmon, cooked on a cedar plank with lemon and thyme, delicious! Our next portion was south along the beaches for a while, a walk in the cold air on the white sands and some nice cuddling and kissing. It was just too fucking cold out for sex on the sand! Then it was back to Astoria and to Portland. The sun had set by the time we got back. Mike and I decided to take the girls aboard ship for dinner in the crews mess. Civvies were aloud this time because of all the guests brought aboard. After dinner, it was down to the berthing compartment to pack up some clothes and then off-ship. There were plenty of wolf whistles and cat calls as we left, which the girls loved, of course...... both waving to all the guys topside.

"You guys are so lucky to have so many friends here. The two of us can count our friends on two hands and not repeat any fingers!" Shirley remarked. Mike said, "not all of them are what we would call "friends!" But we are friendly with them."

After dropping the two "love birds", Mike and Shirley off at her place, we drove on to Diane's. "This sure was a wonderful day, Lee, Why can't it just go on and on?" She said.

"Well, you know how it its, Baby," I'm in the Navy." I whispered to her softly as I kissed her. "I'm in for the long-haul and want that 20 year retirement. That means I'll be spending many years aboard ships and not many years on shore duty. At shore is really the only place a sailor can have a full life and quality time with a family. But that's usually only a couple years at tops and back to at least 3 at sea. I certainly wouldn't want that kind of life for you to put up with."

She cuddled close as we sat on the couch, pressing her sexy body and tits tight against me. "Well, then, sailor boy. How about keeping me constantly informed where you are. When you get shore duty, I'll come to you and we can just shack up for your duration there. I know plenty of people around in news and magazines and won't ever have a problem getting a job. As for this place, both Shirley and I own them outright and won't have a problem leasing them out."

We continued talking about everything and nothing. Looking at her mantle clock and seeing it was close to 11pm, I picked a sleeping Diane up and carried her to bed, placing her down gently. I turned the bed down before undressing her and moving her up to the pillow. What a wonderful sight her naked body is! It was just about all I could do not to just jump her sleeping bones right then, but I was tired too. I undressed and got in beside her, where she felt me and cuddled closer. "Damn, I was thinking, I can really get used to this. I wonder if she's really serious about coming to San Diego or just leading me on. I've got to do some serious thinking about all of this!" I slipped my arm under her head, pulling he closer and smiled as I drifted off to sleep.

The next think I remember was my emergency pager going off. I carried a pager for emergency notifications from the ship. All of the master-at-arms had one. I jumped out of bed and checked the code. "Diane!" I yelled. "Get up and get dressed, somethings going on. I just got an emergency recall to the ship.

She leaned up asking the time and looked around. "It's almost 9am," I said.

"It should be light outside, why is it so dark?" She asked again. Getting up and looking out her window, she gasp, saying, "Mike everything is gray, the volcano's gone off." She ran into the living room with me behind her. Turning the set on, there was a big red notice: "MAY 18, 1980, 8:32AM" "MT. ST. HELENS ERUPTS', "EMERGENCY PROCEDURES IN EFFECT FOR THE NORTHERN OREGON AND SOUTHERN WASHINGTON AREAS." She turned up the sound so we could hear what was said and went to fix coffee as I called the ship. I talked quickly with the OOD, listening carefully.

"Honey, I think I should call Mike and we should try to get back to the ship. The volcano has erupted big time, and has blown out a huge chunk of the whole mountain according to reports to the Navy. It's knocked down thousands of trees as far as they can see right now, but they don't know just how bad it is yet. They are afraid that if this ash gets worse and the rivers start showing signs of down trees, we will have to get underway. I'm going to jump into the shower real quick and get ready, would you call Mike and tell him to get ready?" I said, heading out of the kitchen. She was looking at me questioningly when I glanced back.

A few minutes later, the shower door opened to a naked Diane, "don't worry, Mike talked to the XO and the ship is staying. The XO told him for you guys to just stay where you are, they know the addresses and will come and get you if necessary. The duty section has everything ready to go if needed. They don't want to take a chance of ash in the engines and intakes he said. They have even closed all air intakes so they don't clog air filters." She said smiling as she grabbed the soap and started washing me.

"The ship is diesel powered, honey. Both of the stacks have huge air intakes and filters. If they clog, or ash gets in the engines, we're fucked! They can be bypassed if necessary but they won't try that. The XO is right in staying her and letting the ash stop, but for how long?" I said, basically just rambling on and talking to myself.

Diane looked me straight in the eyes as she grabbed my cock, sliding her hand up and down it's length. Moaning and relaxing, I knew I was in for one hell of a blow job. She smiled as she started kissing and nibbling her way down from my lips, only stopping when she was on her knees and my cock just mere inches from her succulent lips. She kissed the tip and ten wrapped her lips around as she took me all the way to the back of her mouth and starting into her throat. "Fuck! That feels so good!" I told her, "What you said last night? I'd like that very much. I'd love to have you come down there and be with me."

My cock made a popping sound as she pulled her head back and off me, and she stood suddenly, kissing me. "Oh, Lee!" We kissed for about 5 minutes before she went back down on her knees. "Now you're going to get the best blow job of your life, like nothing you've ever had before! You're gonna think your ass is being sucked thru you hard cock! But, first things first! I'm shaving you smooth," she said, grabbing the shaving foam and razor. Taking hold of my cock, she applied the foam, smoothing it all over and started removing all my hair from my cock, balls, and ass. I think if she died right now, it would take a month or more to wipe the smile off her beautiful face! After running her hands all over to make sure I was all done, she rinsed me off. Once done, my cock disappeared into her mouth, full depth. Over and over she took me to the back of her throat, all the time humming some song that had bass notes, to intensify everything. I placed my hands lightly on head as she bobbed and twisted on me. I could soon feel the pressure building and I was starting to tense up. My cock was getting bigger. Diane felt it to and started speeding up and gripping me harder with her lips. With each plunge, her nose was banging into my pelvis above my cock. I started shooting cum the next stroke to the end, straight down her lovely throat. Thread after thread, over and over. I felt her sucking and draining every drop of cum I had. My hips were involuntarily trying to hump her back, but she was hard against me and I was against the back of the shower. My moans could easily be heard above the sounds of the running shower. Finally, I started to relax and come down from a wonderful cum high, feeling totally empty. She pulled back some, until just the tip was in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could to get that last bit of cum. My cock wasn't getting soft, she was keeping me nice and hard. She stood, smiling and licking her lips.

She looked me in the eyes and swallowed. "Mine!" She said. "Now, let's go to bed and fuck like a couple teenagers after the senior prom!"

I gave her a little slap on the butt as she ran and jumped on the bed giggling. I was right behind her and almost landed on top of her. We started kissing and our hands were all over. She opened her legs wide, then a little wider. In spite of what little water remained on her, you could see the shine of her pussy juices all over her thighs and lips. Her musky but sweet aroma was intoxicating, drawing me to lap up her delicious nectar. Diane pulled me up on top of her, guiding my cock straight into her sopping wet hole, after rubbing all around and over her clit. I took hold of her hips and rammed home to full depth, not slowing, but starting to pound her love hole. My balls were slapping her clit to the point it was stinging me a little, but I'm not about to slow down. Her hard clit was like a little spear, stabbing my pelvis with each thrust. I knew I didn't have much cum left and it would take a while for my orgasm to build. Diane was cumming all over the place. It seemed that she was dropping a load just about every 12th stroke or so. "Fuck me, Lee, as hard and as fast as you can! Shoot all of your remaining baby makers into this hot cunt!" She moaned. I was hitting that honey pot with everything I had. I could feel my balls pulling up and tightening as they got ready to empty. She was pinching and pulling first my nipples then her own when we felt an explosion bigger that fucking volcano as we cum at the same time. Over and over and over I shot into her. She was almost screaming, yet crying in ecstacy, me along with her. I collapsed and rolled to the side. We were both breathing like we had just run a marathon. The look on her sweet face was pure joy, right along with the accompanying little tears. I didn't have to ask why she was crying, it was written all over her.

"Oh, Lee," she said, as she rolled over and cuddled to me, "you have made my day, week, month and year! I don't think I could be happier. I know there will be some bad times. There always are in any relationship, but I feel that you and I are a perfect match. I can see us together for a very long time." Getting up on an elbow, she poked me in the ribs and said, "don't you dare give me that, "oh fuck! She wants to get married! shit!" That's not what I'm after nor expecting and you know it. But I sure won't say no if it does happen!"

We both went into the shower for a quick rinse and back to get dressed. Diane grabbed my bag from the floor and dumped the contents on the bed. "What have we here?" She said as she neatly refolded everything before putting the boxers and tee shirts into her lingerie drawer. Handing me some jeans and pocket tee, she hung the rest in the closet. "We're going to have to take you guys clothes shopping if you can stick around long enough. I know you guys don't make much and can't afford a lot, nor do you have the room aboard ship. I'm sure Shirley will agree with me on getting a whole new wardrobe for both of you. And don't give me that, "I can afford my own clothes" look either, asshole! I make a hell of a lot more that both of you together and Shirley does too. If we want to get you guys stuff, we most certainly will. We've had our little secret "girl talks" in the ladies room and have been plotting over you two since we met. Now I'm just waiting for her call so we can get the ball rolling."

"OK, OK! Don't get your tits in and uproar!" I said laughing. "Wow! I was thinking, this is one fucking head strong woman! She gets her sights set and there's no stopping her. Gonna have to watch it around her!" My pager started beeping again. I looked at the code; "All Clear" it showed. I showed it to Diane, and tossed it on the bed to complete dressing. The phone rang, I can only guess that would be Shirley or Mike, with the word. Diane put it on speaker.

"Hey, Babe, did you guys get the all clear from the ship?" Shirley asked.

"Yes, Lee just told me. Hey, and I can tell from your voice that you're very happy this morning. You got any news to tell me?" Diane asked.

"Mike and I talked it over and we are going to give it a go, Di, how about Lee?" She said.

"Lee is all for it too. It looks like we've got a lot of work ahead of us in the next bunch of weeks. Come on over, we will fix breakfast here and then take the boys shopping for new clothes. I'm getting Lee a whole new wardrobe, Shirley, from sloppy Levi's to suits. These guys don't have very much, honey. You doing the same for Mike?"

"Sounds good to me too, we'll be right over in a few minutes, bye-bye!"

She hung up and we finished dressing and headed for the kitchen to get things cooking. As we started getting things together, I was thinking: "This is one amazing woman, Shirley is too. I'm sure Mike and I can find a fine future with them." I started the coffee as Diane was getting the food set out for cooking. It looks like French toast, bacon and OJ and coffee. All easy to get going. Everything was just about done when Shirley and Mike walked on in. They were arm in arm and so close together, you'd think they were welded together at the hips! Diane had the table all set, coffee and OJ poured and I was dishing up the bacon and French toast on a platter. We all sat and dived in, just talking idly as we enjoyed everything. The main discussion was the up-and-coming moves for both girls. They had many things to start looking into that we wouldn't be around to help with, so a list was made. Mike told us all about the "moon-scape" looks outside, saying that we'll have to drive slow because of the slickness of that wet ash. It wasn't long before we were on our way to a tailor shop where the girls were well known customers. Arriving and going inside, we were all greeted by the owner and it was explained what was wanted. With everything from jeans and tee shirts to business suits, the bills were going to really cost, but neither of the women were concerned. All the necessary measurements were taken and we were told to come back in a few hours for final fittings.

The news of the eruption was on all stations. Scientists and rescue people were working overtime trying to check the whole area. We went across the street for coffee and pie while waiting for the tailor. Spirit Lake was essentially gone. Thousands of acres of trees, gone. Many houses in the area, all gone. An untold number of hikers and people in the area were missing. It would be many days before the actual area could be searched. We watched, and listened, shaking our heads at the devastation. And continued talking about the "move". We discovered that both girls actually owned their condos outright and were fairly well off. So money was not going to be a problem. And, they both planned on paying cash for a place down south. Mike and I explained that once our sea tour was over, it may be difficult for us to be stationed in the same area all of the time, making sure the girls understood. After about 3 hours, we headed back to the tailor and had the fittings, clothes were selected and would be delivered the next afternoon. As we left and got into the car, the girls looked at each other smiling, there was lust in their eyes.

"Let's head to my place for some drinks and hot tub," Shirley said, "I'm in the mood for some wild sex!" The rest of us agreed, laughing. But, at the last minute, it was decided to head to the ship for us guys to check in. Arriving, I saw deck hands trying to use fire hoses to wash the ash off the deck, and yelled for them to stop. Going on board, I explained to the OOD that the ash is abrasive and using hoses would be like sand blasting, and take the paint off. He called the XO and he agreed. It was decided to let it all dry, if possible and use scrapers to loosen it up first. We got our clearance to leave and headed to Shirley's.

It didn't take long for the hot tub and booze to take effect. We split up into one of the bedrooms. Diane was just about naked by the time the door was closed and pulling at my pants. As they hit the floor, she grabbed my cock, went to her knees and started sucking like a maniac! Moaning and slobbering all over, she continued sucking as she pushed me onto the bed. I grabbed her hair, pulling her up on top, guiding my cock into her wet pussy. She put a foot on each side of my ass and started bouncing wildly up and down, a loud slap each time our bodies met. While it seemed like minutes, we fucked and fucked for about and hour, in every position we could think of, before collapsing in an ecstatic cum. My balls were totally drained and my cock wilting. Her pussy was oozing what seemed like a gallon of white cum. Both of us cuddled tight together, and seemed to purr like contented cats. We could hear Mike and Shirley across the hall, their bed banging against the wall. Both of them yelling and cumming. What a wonderfully wild time that was.

After another hour or so, we all emerged from the fucking, hair in a wild mess, wrapped in robes, heading back to the hot tub. None of us bothered to put suits on, and after getting another drink, just got in naked, as it should be. There wasn't any need for words to know this was going to be a wonderful and exciting time for all of us in the future.

To be continued...........

Next chapter: The clothes arrive; the ship's party at the truck stop; and, of course, more fucking and sucking! (Can't leave that out!) Don't miss it!!
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