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Sex underway

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This is a true story of some of my sexual adventures while in the Navy....
All persons are over the age of 18. The names have been changed.

This is a true story of some of my sexual adventures while serving in the Navy.

Many years ago, while I was serving on board a ship in the U.S. Navy, the following took place.  My name is Lee. I was 36 at that time and in great shape.  The ship was an LST, Tank, Landing Ship.  We were on our way to Portland, Oregon for the Portland Rose Festival, and made a stop just off Astoria, at the entrance to the Columbia River, to pick up "guests of the Navy."  Among the guests were a couple of new reporters for some of the local newspapers.  I was the ship's Chief Master-at-Arms, or Chief of Police, if you will.  I has shown our guests to the ship's wardroom for a briefing by the Commanding Officer when I took particular notice of a cute little dark haired reporter.  I walked up and introduced myself and she said her name was Diane and was doing a story for a small newspaper.  She asked about me and my job. I suggested that she join me on the ship's Signal Bridge after the briefing and I would tell her all about it.  I gave her directions and left.

After the briefing, the guests were left to wonder around the ship, being free to enter and visit any space that had an "OPEN" sign.  I had gone to the Signal Bridge to visit a friend and have some coffee.  Diane showed up and cam right over to where I was, enjoying the beautiful view. 

"Hi, Lee," she said as she walked up. It's a beautiful sight, isn't it?

"It sure is," I replied. "Would you like some coffee?"

Saying yes, I left and quickly returned with two cups.  As I walked back, I took the opportunity to check this little lady out.  Diane is a petite woman, standing about 5-3 and maybe 118lbs if she's lucky.  She was 28 years old with a pair of pert 34B tits, which had hard nipples staining at her blouse.  Her slim waist and beautiful hips looked delicious.  She possessed dark brown hair just past her shoulders and dark eyes that would melt you.  Her lips were those that you immediately wanted to kiss, and keep kissing forever.

After having some coffee and idle chat, I asked if she would like to accompany me as I made a tour of the ship, explaining that I could go virtually anywhere I wanted.  We left the Signal Bridge and made our way around, explaining the various spaces, their functions, and some of the equipment.

"You're very knowledgeable about all of this," she remarked.

"I have to be, it's part of my job to know what every space is and what's in there," I said.

As we made our way around below decks, we went down a ladder leading to the "well-deck", where Marine vehicles were loaded.  Adjacent to that ladder was the ship's brig, or jail.

"What's in there, Lee?" Diane asked, looking toward the brig and it's jail sign we painted on the door.

"That's our local "jail house,'" I said with a giggle.  I unlocked and opened the water-tight door and stepped back as she entered the brig office.  I took the lock-up keys out of the secure locker and tripped the electric locks, allowing us to enter the brig itself.  The first space was the "lobby", containing a shower, toilet, sink and a bench.  Off the lobby was a 3-man bunk cell and 2 holding cells.  I stepped in behind Diane, admiring her cute butt.

"This doesn't look like a nice place!" She said after a quick look.

"Not really, it's not supposed to be nice, it's a place of punishment. And, no, not B&D!  But, it does have it's uses," I said as we walked around.  Diane was smiling at my "B&D" remarks.

Returning to the office, I showed her all of our equipment lockers and their contents. I took out a pair of handcuffs, holding them out.  I asked if she was ready to be handcuffed for a while, then locked in a cell.

"Now, that sounds kind of kinky!" She said as she put down her purse and held her hands out.

"Do you want to be treated like we do any of our normal prisoners in here?" I asked.

"Yes!" She said with a shiver.

I then explained that there is a difference, depending on the sex of the prisoner, on how they are handled and treated. And asked if she wanted to be treated as a male or female.

"Just like a male," she said with gleaming eyes and a big smile.

I grabbed her arms and turned her around to face the bulkhead (wall) and told her to put her hands flat and spread.  I used my foot to move her feet back and spread about 2 feet apart. I then started a "pat down, as I would any man coming in there. I ran my hands down her arms and down her back to her waist. I then ran my fingers through her hair.  I reached under her arms, up to her neck, then down over her hard tits. As I did, her breathing got deeper and faster and a moan came from her.

"Oh, my," she exclaimed! "That's kinda nice."

I didn't say anything as I continued running my hands down over her lovely ass.  I then ran my hands down her legs on the outside of then and back up on the inside, until my hand was pressed hard against her pussy.  I could feel her squeezing her pussy thru  her pants. More moans were coming from her.

"Don't stop now, Lee," she said softly.

I turned her around and our eyes met.  Nothing was said as we melted together in a kiss.  We were like two starved people at a banquet. Our tongues entwined, sucking and probing.

"Oh, God," she said.

As we broke the kiss, I asked if she had ever made love on a Navy ship. She shook her head no. The I asked about a Navy ship underway. I got another no. Then it was about a Navy ship, underway, in fresh water. I got another no. I could see her moving around, squeezing her legs together and asked, "How about making love on a Navy ship, underway, in fresh water, and in two states at the same time?"  When I asked that, she started taking her clothes off.  I had to stop her for a few minutes as I called my best friend Mike, who is also a Master-at-arms.  I told Mike what was going on and that I needed him to lock us into the brig from the outside and cover for me on all calls. Then come back in about 90 minutes to let us out.  Mike laughed as he said he'd be right there. Mike showed up and stuck his head in the door and said to have fun as he closed and locked the door.  There would be no interruptions.

I returned to the cell area to find Diane had already removed her blouse, and was in the process of taking off her bra. Her back was to me as I walked up and wrapped my arms around her, taking an ample tit in each hand.

Mmmmmmm, Lee, that feels marvelous," she cooed.

I nuzzeled to her neck, giving little kisses and nips.  I backed off to take my own uniform off, just dropping everything in a pile, along with the clothing of Diane. I turned around and she was totally naked, rubbing and pulling her hard nipples.  Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips.  I put my hands over hers and squeezed.  She looked at me as she reached down, taking my hard cock into her small hand.  I got closer and started kissing her, pinning our hands between us as she backed against the bulkhead.  After that nice deep kiss, I took her by the hand and lead her to the bunk cell and arranged things so we would have a little room and put a blanket and two sheets on the mattress. I laid down and reached out to pull her down to me.  Our hands again started exploring every part of each other.  Her hand went to my cock and started spreading the pre-cum over the head as I found her sopping wet pussy.  After a few minutes, she moved to take my cock between her lips, moaning softly as she said, "delicious."  I moved to where my mouth was ready to taste her wet pussy, pausing to tease her clit with a finger, then putting one, the two, inside her.  I started flicking my tounge over her pussy lips and working inside, but avoiding her clit.  Diane had my cock deep into her throat.  I could feel her neck muscles squeezing on me.

"Mmmmmmmmm," I moaned.

I went to her clit to suck it between my lips and flick it hard and fast.  She increased the speed she was sucking me to match.  Slipping my cock out of her mouth, she said, "Oh, fuck Lee, I'm gonna cum!"

"I am too," I said, "so get ready."

We both increased tempo and jerked all over as we exploded in a marvelous cum.  Over and over, as I shot threads of hot cum into her hungry mouth, she was trying to scream to her own cum.  Her hips and legs were jerking all over.  I had my hands on her ample ass, digging my fingers in, trying to hold on.  It seemed like both of us were cumming for at least 5 minutes, before collapsing on the bunk.

When we started moving again, it was to the shower in the next room.  Although made for one person, two made for lots of fun, rubbing our soapy bodies against each other and starting to fuck.  We didn't complete that fuck, but finished washing and rinsed. I laid some towels on the deck.  There was room here for Diane to get on top, in the traditional "Cowgirl" position and took my hard cock deep without and slowing or pausing.  She placed a foot on each side of my ass as she started moving up and down.  It wasn't long before we were both breathing hard and moaning as the next climax approached.

"I'm gonna cum again," she said between breaths.

"I'm right with you, Baby! Just don't even think about slowing down!" I said.

With that, Diane collapsed down on me, jerking all around in her cum as I shot hot seed into her hungry pussy.  She squeezed tight on me as she leaned up smiling.

"I've had sex in a lot of places, Lee, but this is my first time in jail!" She said with a sparkle in her dark eyes.

We quickly cleaned up and dressed to continue her tour.  I called Mike to unlock the door, telling him it was all clean and ready for his use if he found a "willing peice of ass".  Diane giggled at my remarks and took the phone from me. She said, "Go find a girl named Shirley, she's my best friend. Tell her I just got fucked in jail and it's her turn. She'll fuck you sailor boys to parade rest!"  We were both holding hands and hugging, kissing and laughing when the door was unlocked.  Mike and Shirley came in.

"Damn, lady, looks like your happily fucked!" Shirley said to Diane. "You've got that right, was her reply, now it's your turn."

"Have fun kids," I said as Diane and I left to continue the tour.  I locked the door after telling them I'd be back in a couple hours.

After the ship was tied up to a quay wall in Portland, I escorted Diane off and to her waiting ride.  She gave me her work and personal numbers, along with the addresses.  She stopped before getting in to give me one of those "toe curling" kisses that was seen by every crew member topside. I know I'll have to tell everything about her when we leave for sea again.

I hurried back aboard and to my berthing compartment to take a shower and change clothes.  Mike was there, having just got out of the shower. 

"Get into the rain locker and dressed Lee, we have a hot dinner date," Mike said.

I didn't even reply, stripping off my uniform and headed to the shower. When I got back, Mike explained that Shirley was going to arrange a dinner date with all of us at a good seafood and steak place. I'm always ready for good company and good food, and hurridly got dressed.  I smiled at Mike, thinking of Shirley.  She's a stone-ass fox, about 5-10, nice ass, and 38-D tits. Mike was ecstatic about going out with her after their time in the brig, as I was about Diane.

We had just reached the Quarterdeck when I got a call from Diane, saying the would be there in about 20 minutes to pick us up for dinner.  Mike and I checked off the ship and headed to the parking area, arriving just before the girls drove up. We gave the girls a big kiss and got back the same. Again, the whole crew saw us and gave a lot of wolf whistles and cat calls.  Diane drove us to a wonderful restaurant, saying that she was going to put the whole dinner on her expense account, since we will be discussing Navy and newspaper business for a while.

Dinner was amazing! Drinks before, Mike and I had a wonderful steak, cooked to perfection. The girls went for seafood, with all the trimmings. More drinks after dinner and lots of chatting about everything.  When we left, Diane dropped Mike and Shirley off at her condo, then headed to hers a short distance away.

As we parked, and hurried up the stairs to Diane's condo, she said, "I'm so ready to fuck, I could do it right here, Lee!"

"Well, what's stopping you?" I asked.

"A few months ago, I had a date and was half naked by the time we got to my door.  The management was not at all happy and told me to keep nudity inside, the fucking prudes. You can imagine what they'd say to fucking!" She giggled.

 We went inside and Diane slipped off not only her coat, but her blouse and bra, leaving her in just a short skirt and heels. She grabbed my shirt, almost ripping the buttons off getting it off me and started fumbling with my belt. I had no problem slipping my western boots off as she started lowering my jeans and boxers.  I kicked them away and picked her up, carrying her to the bedroom as she wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply. I didn't bother pulling the covers down and just tossed her onto the bed.  I laid beside her and our hands were everywhere on each other.

"Hurry up and fuck me, Lee! I need it bad!" She cried.

My cock was harder than a diamond splitter from the time we walked in the door.  I got between her lovely legs, rubbing my cock up and down her slit, getting nice and wet. Her legs almost popped open wider to allow me full access. I slapped my cock down on her hard clit a few times before easing it between her wet pussy lips, and started easing inside.

"Get that thing in me, asshole!" She yelled laughing as she pushed her pussy toward me.

"Ok, bitch, here you go," I said as I rammed into her, going deep.

We were like a couple teens on prom night, fucking hard and fast, fearing we would be caught.  Diane's nails were raking my back, leaving deep red marks, which would probably last for days.  I got my finger wet with her juices and started pressing against the rosey hole of her butt.

"Oh, fuck Lee, I'm going to cum! Fuck me hard and fast!" She screamed.

I was pounding her pussy as hard and fast as possible when I erupted. Shooting thread after thread of hot cum into her steaming pussy.  Diane went wild. She moved her legs up to my shoulders and locked her ankles around my neck.  Her ass was meeting me stroke for stroke as her pussy clamped down on me like a vise. She was cumming so hard she stopped breathing and couldn't speak. I leaned down and kissed her softly, as she unlocked her legs and swung her legs down.

I rolled off her and put an arm under her, pulling her to me.  She laid her head on my shoulder.

"That was fantastic, Lee. I could get used to you being around."  She said softly.

"It's my pleasure Honey. I could get very used to you too,"  I replied.

I told her, "Don't let that punding get to your pretty little head. I love it, but I like long and slow so much better.  Let's get something to drink and rest up a bit before starting again."

With that, Diane led me to a quick shower and then we walked naked to get a drink.

"How long can you stay Lee? She asked.  I hope it's a few days, I'm off work for the next three days and would love to spend it with you."

"Well, you just happen to be in luck. Both Mike and I have the next three days off too. I got a shipmate to take my duties while here and I'll take his when we get back to San Diego so he can spend time with his family."  I told her.

We took our drinks out onto her balcony and talked for what seemed hours, still naked.  I felt very comfortable with Diane and I'm sure she was with me.  I looked around, there was a terrific view from here. Fog had rolled in so you could barely make out the lights from Portland below us.  Her condo was high up on a hill, overlooking the city.  I felt Diane shiver in the damp air and pulled her closer.

"Cold baby?" I asked.

"Not really," she replied. I've lived here all my life, so I'm used to it.  Wait until the rain, and then snow hits, then it's fucking cold!"

We finished our drinks and headed back into the bedroom, getting under the covers.

"I could get used to a guy like you, Lee. You really know how to treat a woman, on a date, just casually, and in bed," she said softly.

I just pulled her to me and kissed her softly as we cuddled, drifting off to sleep.

To be continued......

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