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Sex with her friend's husband

The phone rang at a late hour and she jumped at the sound of it, “Hello” she said, deadly curious to see who it was. “Hi” said her friend at the other end of the phone “How are you?” “Good” she said, “Why are you calling me?” she waited for her friend to answer. “I wanted to know if my husband and I could come and visit?” “No” she replied, “After the way you’ve treated me I don’t see why I should ever agree to see you again”. Her friend stayed silent for a minute then spoke “I’m sorry but I really want to come over and explain everything to you”. “Okay” she said, “You can come over at 7, no later no earlier”. Her friend agreed and turned up at seven. She was shocked to see her husband, it has been at least three years since she’d last seen his and oh my, was he handsome. “Gosh Erik, I forgot you were such a looker, how have you been?” “Good, how have you been?” he replied, looking her up and down in the process.

 “Great” she said, looking over to her friend who had a sour look on her face. “Hi” she said to her, not bothering to give her a hug. “Hi” her friend replied, using a flat, boring tone to deliver it. She gave her a smile that was fake and went to sit at the table, watching as her friend and husband came to sit down too. Her friend was about to speak when her mobile rung, “Hello” she said, trying to sound sophisticated. She looked over to her friend’s husband as her friend spoke on the phone, hoping that her friend’s husband would get the look she was trying to give him. “Sorry about that” said her friend, standing up to get her jacket. “I’m sorry but I have to go and meet my mother somewhere, hope we can catch up again to have that talk again though”. Her husband stood up too and gave her a stern look, “We just got here” he said, “Do we really have to leave?” “I do” she said, “But you can stay if you want”. He agreed and sat back down.

 Her husband and I waited for her to walk out the door then looked at each other, waiting for one another to say something. “This is completely weird” he said, “I can’t believe I haven’t seen you in three years”. “I know” she said back, trying to be a little bit flirty. “So how’s your marriage going?” she asked, seeing the surprised look on his face. “Not good” he said back, “We never have sex”. She smiled at him then said “Well maybe I can help you relieve some stress”. “What do you mean he asked?” “Well...” she said, “We could have sex”. He laughed , “You’re joking right, I mean Molly’s your friend?” “Was” I said, correcting him. “Besides, she said, she won’t get hurt if she doesn’t know”. “Good point” he said, waiting for her to do something. “I’ll just go and have a shower” she said, leaving him sitting at the table waiting.

 He sat restlessly, waiting for her to hurry up and get out of the shower. Suddenly she stood in front of him, wearing nothing but a skimpy black top with matching bra and panties. He sat up as she leaned forward to stoke his arm. She smiled at him and took off her top, happy to see his eyes widen as he saw her half naked. They kissed each other eagerly and she ran placed her hand on his groin. She moved on top of him and continued to kiss him, moving her bra to a side so he could place his mouth on her nipple. He took off her panties and licked at her pussy, making her moan as he did so. He moved his tongue further into her, tasting her juices as they flowed out of her. She got up and put her arse in the air so he could lick it, moaning and groining as he fingered her pussy while licking her arse.

She sucked on his penis, stroking it and spitting on it while listening to his moans of pleasure. She sucked on the head of his penis while stroking it, smiling as he moaned louder and louder. She stroked it faster and faster, sucking on it again then leaned over as he stuck his cock in her, jamming it in and out as fast as he could. She fingered herself and moaned, still listening to his low grunts. They got up and she moved her mouth down to his penis again, he grunted and then moved his hand down to stroke his penis, letting out a loud moan as he shooted semen all over her breasts. He put his pants back on then looked at her, waiting for her to say something. “I think you should go home to Molly, she’ll probably be wondering where you are”. “Okay” he replied, but can we do this again soon?” “Definitely” she replied.

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