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Sex with My Boyfriend's Brother

Tyler and I had been seeing each other for over a year.  He thought he loved me and that we were going to get married.  He was sweet and funny and always polite.  He was tall with short sandy blonde hair and bright green eyes.  He was a year older than I, at 19.  The relationship seemed perfect from the outside looking in.  But there was one flaw; Tyler was abstinent and I wasn't.  

Tyler and I had talked about having sex many times, and we fooled around a little bit a few times.  But Tyler said every time that he wanted to wait until we got married.  Tyler knew that I was not a virgin but he didn't count it against me.  With the lack of sex, I grew very anxious and deprived so I began masturbating.

One hot summer day in July Tyler called me and invited me to go over to his house for a swim.  He told me that he wanted to ask a few other friends of ours to come too.  I agreed to go, thinking it would be fun.  I went upstairs and put on my favorite bikini.  It was blue tye-dye and it barley covered anything.  I put a white sun dress on over it with some flip flops.  I packed up some tanning lotion and a towel.  I grabbed my keys and got in the car to drive to his house.

When I got there, I saw Tyler's brother Nick's car in the drive way and a few others I recognized as our friends'.  I walked up to the door and rang the bell.  A few moments later Nick answered the door.  "Well hey there," he said with a flirty smile.  Nick was tall, like Tyler, and had long messy hair the same shade as my boyfriends.  He had a scruffy beard going and sunglasses on his head.  "Long time no see."

I gave him a smile and asked for Tyler.  He looked me up and down and motioned for me to come in.  I walked past him and felt him staring at my body.  "He's up stairs getting changed.  Some other people are here. They're out back." He motioned to the backyard.  Instead of going out there like he suggested I sat down on the couch.  He smirked and sat down next to me.  A little closer than I would have preferred.  He picked a beer up off the table and took a drink.

Nick was two years older than Tyler at 21.  I didn't know him very well but I did know that he was very different from Tyler.  I knew he was in a hardcore band and that he played the guitar.  I know he dropped out of collage to pursue his dream of being a rockstar.  I knew that he was a player and used girls for sex.  He had tattoos and he had his ear pierced.  He was the kind of guy that was supposed to scare little girls like me from the rich part of town, but the funny thing was, it mad me want him.  

He put his open hand on the couch.  His pinky brushed my thigh.  "You're very pretty."  He smiled obnoxiously.  I thought about how I looked today.  My long dark brown hair flowed freely.  I didn't straighten it because I know it would get wet and curl.  I only had on water-proof mascara.  I rolled my eyes at him.  

"Your funny."  I said to him.  With that he moved his hand closer to my leg.  He moved it up and began drawing little circles with his finger on my upper thigh.  I was starting to get turned on.  I then heard someone trotting down the stairs.  I quickly stood up.  When Tyler saw me he smiled.  He came over to me and hugged me.  I grabbed him and gave him a small but passionate kiss.  When we came apart he smiled wide and looked at me. 

"Hey baby.  When did you get here?"  He asked.  I told him I'd just arrived, even though really it had been about ten minutes.  He put his arm around my waiste and we walked outside.  I saw a few of our friends, a lot actually, and they all yelled hi when they saw me.  A few girls rushed over to give me hugs.  Tyler kissed me on the cheek and told me he'd be back.  He went inside.  The girls and I gushed over gossip and news.  All the time, I thought of Nick and those little circles.  

After about fifteen minutes of just being girls, we all walked over to where they were laying on their towels tanning.  Nick walked out of the house.  His body was amazing.  He had a sexy tan that covered his abs.  His arms were big and muscular.  One of my friends who was sitting by me saw me looking.  "He's really cute.  Too bad he's waisting his life getting covered in tattoos and drinking twenty four seven." She whispered in my ear and giggled.  I laughed with her.  I saw him look at me.  He winked.  None of the girls seemed to notice.  I smiled to myself.  

After another few minutes passed Tyler came outside carrying a cooler.  He announced that there were sodas and waters in it.  A few girls walked over and got waters and said thanks in a flirty way.  This made me sad.  He ignored the flirtyness, being the good boyfriend he was, and accepted the thanks.  He looked over at me and smiled.  He came over and grabbed me by the waist.  He whispered in my ear, "You look beautiful today."  I giggled and thanked him.  I knew that he had said this to be sweet, not to try to seduce me like his brother had. Or whatever it was that he was trying to do.  I looked up at Tyler and kissed his chin.  He smiled and gave me a small kiss on the lips.  

I walked over to a chair and stripped off my sun dress.  I pulled my hair into a loose bun.  I looked around.  All of the guys that were watching me undress quickly looked away.  All but one.  Nick smiled at me.  I blushed.  I got out my tanning lotion and rubbed it on my arms and legs.  I felt guys staring at me again as I put some on my chest.  I walked over to Tyler.

"Hey baby will you put some of this on my back please?" I gave him a cute, innocent smile.  He smiled and agreed.  I saw looks of jealousy in my girlfriends' eyes and in others I saw admiration.  The guys watched too.  When Tyler was done I thanked him with a kiss.  I walked over to my bag.  I dropped the lotion and bent over to pick it up, again feeling the stares on my ass.  When I turned around they looked away quickly, again Nick didn't.  He got up from where he was sitting and walked over to the diving board, looking at me the whole time.  He dived neatly with hardly any splash.  When his head bobbed out of the water he shook his shaggy hair out of his eyes and looked at me again.  I laid down on my towel and began to tan.  

Tyler came over and sat with me and we talked and did flirty things.  I knew my friends were jealous.  I loved making them jealous.  When I peeked over at Nick I noticed he looked a bit jealous as well.  After a few minutes, I decided I'd dive in.  Tyler watched me as I walked to the diving board.  When I jumped the water was freezing.  It made my nipples hard.  I laughed as I swam over to where Tyler was sitting watching me.  

"Come in!  All of y'all come in!  It feels good." I said with laugh.  Tyler took off his shirt.  His body was nice, but not as nice as Nick's.  He jumped in next to me and splashed me. "Ahh!" I scream/laughed.  He came over to me and kissed me hard.  Almost everyone else came in too.  Nick watched me and after a few minutes decided to come in as well.  Tyler began playing a water game with some of the guys.  Nick jumped in and swam under water and grabbed my foot.  I laughed and screamed.  Everyone was being loud and having fun, so nobody really noticed.  Someone had turned on a radio and music was playing loudly.  Nick popped up close beside me.  He looked me in the eyes.  He came closer to me and started rubbing the inside of my thigh.  I held my breath.  I saw lust in his eyes.  I wanted him bad.  Nobody around us noticed anything.  He slowly began to rub my pussy with his fingers.  He stopped and came close to me.  "Go to the upstairs bathroom.  I'll be there in five minutes." He whispered to me.  I did what I was told.  I swam to the edge of the pool and jumped out.  I walked over to Tyler and told him I was going to the bathroom.  I kissed him goodbye.  Nick watched me the whole time.  

I went up stairs to the bathroom.  I quickly fixed my hair.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  I knew what I was about to do was wrong, but I wanted it so bad.  I heard a knock on the door.  I unlocked it and opened it.  Nick walked in and locked the door.  He grabbed me and kissed me hard and passionately.  I felt his tongue on mine as we made out.  He scooped me up into his arms and put my ass on the sink.  He pulled off my bikini top.  He grabbed my boobs as he kissed me again.  He quickly pulled down my bikini bottoms.  He stuck two fingers into me and I moaned softly.  After about a minute he pulled them out.  He untied his shorts and pulled them down about half way.  He slowly pushed his dick into me.  I moaned again.  He started to go faster.  We kept going until both of us came.  He kissed me one last time before he pulled his shorts back up and he left.  I put my bikini back on and looked at myself in the mirror.  I felt bad for what I'd done but  I couldn't take it back. 

I walked back outside, hoping nobody would notice anything.  I looked for Tyler.  I saw him by the pool, talking to some guys.  I walked over to him.  He put his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder.  We hung out for a few more hours.  I stayed a little later than the others so I could hang out with him by myself.  After a while he walked me to the door.  Nick walked down the hall way. "Glad you could cum." He said with a smirk as he passed.  Tyler walked me to my car and we said goodbye.

Nick and I never talked about what we did again.  I ended up marrying Tyler and he never found out about Nick and I.  Some day I may tell him, but not any time soon.
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