Sex with my neighbour

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Unexpected fucks
My neighbours were a married couple Jim and Jo and we often visited each others bungalow fora drink and chat. Sadly, Jim was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago which made o a widow. She and I still visit each other for drinks.

One sunny day I decided to clear the dead leaves from my roof gutters so I put a ladder against one of them. When I climbed up I could look over the high fence between Jo's garden and mine. I saw Jo, stark naked, lying on a lounger, obviously sun bathing. I was relieved to see that she wasn't looking in my direction and I put the ladder away before she did, Seeing her in that state made me decide to do the same so I undressed indoors and put my lounger on my lawn and sunbathed, copying Jo.

The next time she came to me for drinks I told her that I sunbathe nude in my garden.She replied that she did, too. I expressed surprise, pretending that I hadn't previously known that.

"Well, as we both sunbathe like that why don't we do it together?" I asked her.

"It would be something new for us. Lets do it next Sunday when neither of us will be at work. I have two loungers so we could do it on my lawn".

The following Sunday was sunny and warm as went round to Jo's place. On the lawn were two loungers. Jo was waiting for me, fully dressed.

"Well have to undress, Tom. Well do it in the lounge, but no hanky-panky".

"Of course there wont be. Don't worry, Jo".

When I saw her close up, completely nude, my cock grew somewhat. I couldn't help it. I hadn't realised what a lovely body she had because when I saw her nude, in her garden, she was too far away for me to see that. Quite naked we went out to the loungers and lay on them. Jo could see my cock had grown and she seemed amused.

"Something is happening to you, Tom. I can see it but I don't mind. It gives my ego quite a boost. Surely, though, it can be larger than that".

"Of course it can".

"Then make it bigger, Tom".

"Ill have to do something to make it bigger. You know what Ill have to do".

"Yes. Do it for me".

I held my slight erection between finger and thumb.Slowly I stroked it. Gradually it grew in size and I continued until it was fully hard.

""That's quite a size Tom but now you've got it right up do you feel you want to continue?"

"Yes, I do, but if I do continue I shall cum and that wouldn't be right because you would see it".

"Why not, for goodness sake? If you want to, go ahead. Id like to see you cumming, Tom".

That was an invitation I couldn't resist. Now I held my erection in the palm of my hand stroking and stroking. It wasn't long before that lovely sensation came over me.I ejaculated and Jo was watching my cum shooting out on to my chest and stomach.

"Golly, what a lot of cum. I loved seeing it coming out of you and how far it shot out. Much further than Jim's did. Now Ive seen you cumming Ive got worked up and want to do the same to myself. Shall I?"

"Off course. I'll watch but wouldn't to be better for you if I do it for you? You'll be quite safe. I wont use my cock. Ill use my fingers".

"Please do it Tom".

I rose from my lounger and knelt on the grass beside Jo. She took my hand and put it at the entrance to her shaven cunt. I pushed several fingers into her to find she was quite wet in there. I suppose because she had got worked up watching me cumming..

"Oh yes, Tom.Masturbate me. Make me cum".

I gave her several orgasms, one after the other. Each time she cried out that she was cumming. She cried out that it was wonderful.

Eventually she was satisfied. She said that she had been naughty when she had previously said there was to be no hanky-panky. Jo confessed that she had enjoyed being masturbated by me and thought she would like to do this me for me if I wanted. Of course I would like that and she could do it one evening after work.

The next evening she came to my place where we both stripped off and went out to my lawn. Standing up facing each other Jo held my cock and, at her invitation, I put fingers into her cunt, We began masturbating each other but then Jo said it would be much better if I put my cock into her.

"Are you saying you want to fuck you, Jo?"

"Yes, but only if you want to do it to me".

"Of course I do. I cant wait to enter you but if I do I'll cum inside you".

"Don't worry about that, Tom. When Jim and I were together I wasn't able to conceive and when we went to our doctor about it he arranged for us to go to our hospital to have tests to be done. There was nothing wrong with Jim but the fault was with me. The specialist said I could never become pregnant and we could have sex quite safely whenever we liked."

We fucked then, and often did, knowing we could have flesh to flesh sex.