Sex with my neighbour

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Friendship with neighbour leads to nudism then sex

This happened several years ago.

My wife was killed in her car by a drunken driver so I am now a widower. I continued working for nearly two years then changed to a new job in another town and bought a bungalow in a nearby village. My next door neighbour, Freda, appeared to have divorced her husband some time ago.

We became quite friendly.

One evening, over drinks, she said that when she was still married she and her husband went to a nudist beach in Suffolk.

Since her divorce she had not been there again but now wanted to return there but not alone. Would I go with her to the hotel that she and her husband used to go to then go to the naturist beach?

To that I said I`d never been naked with any woman other than my wife and wasn`t sure about going there with Freda.

"Do come with me. I think you would find it good fun. There`s nothing indecent about being nude on a naturist beach. In the hotel we would be in separate rooms, of course."

"All right then. I`ll try it. My employer told me recently that I could have a week`s leave at his convenience so I`ll have a word with him to see what can be arranged," I said.

After talking to him he said I could have a week`s leave in a fortnight`s time. When I told Freda she said she would phone the hotel and arrange for us to go there and make sure we would have separate rooms. The next day she told me she had made the booking. We arranged to go in her car because she knew how to get to the hotel.

On arrival at the hotel we went to our separate rooms and then had an evening meal together in the dining room. We seemed to to be lucky with the weather and we were told the forecast was good for the next few days. Freda asked me if I was still willing to go the the naturist beach. I replied that I would go with her but I had had to persuade myself a little because I had been a little hesitant. She said she was pleased that I would go with her because she didn`t want to go there alone.

The next morning she took me in her car to the beach and parked nearby and from there we walked to the beach. We didn`t take swimming costumes with us as we were going to be naked there. On the beach Freda undressed with no hesitation but I was rather slow because seeing her completely naked was affecting me. My cock began to harden and I was slow in undressing because I was uncertain how she would react if she saw my slightly swollen prick. However, I became as naked as she was and we lay side by side on our towels.

"I can see your prick has grown a little. Don`t be embarassed. It happens the first few times in company with naked women but then it doesn`t. I don`t mind seeing how you are affected because it boosts my ego."

"That makes me feel better," I said. "In fact I won`t even try to keep it down. If you don`t mind. I`ll look at you and let it grow some more."

"I`d like that. I want to see it growing. My ego will be boosted even more".

There were some nudists not far from us but I didn`t care if they saw what was happening to me. I was getting sexually excited. My cock grew even more as my eyes roamed over Freda`s lovely naked body taking in her firm breasts an shaven pussy.

"Goodness. It has grown quite a lot. I like it getting hard. What a shame I can`t make it get to full size with those people near us. It`s something I`d like to do."

"I`d like you to do it but agree that you can`t do it here. Perhaps in one of our rooms this evening?"

"Yes. I`ll do it then but I want you to be as naked as you are now."

"And you naked too, Freda."

"Of course. But now let us have a nude swim."

Which we did.

Later, we dressed and returned to the hotel where we had a few drinks in the bar. After that we had a meal and went to Freda`s room. There, with no hesitation on my part, we stripped naked. Again I got a slight hard-on at the sight of her and knowing she was going to stroke me to full erection. We stood facing each other and Freda got me to full hard on.

"My word," she said. "What a big one you`ve got. Much bigger than my ex-husband`s. What a waste. I want you to put it into me."

"I daren`t. It could make you pregnant."

"No it wouldn`t. When we first agreed to come here I bought some pills against the possibility that we might have sex and I`ve been taking them for more than a week. Do me now."

She lay on her back on the double bed and I lay beside her. She took my hard cock in her hand and I slipped some fingers into her cunt. I probed in there finding her clitoris and caressed it. Soon she said she was ready for me and I rolled on top of her and she guided my cock into her cunt.

How we fucked! I soon ejaculated and I gave her several orgasms before she was satisfied. When we separated she said I`d given her the best sex of her life. It was the size of my cock that made it so good.

We agreed that we must do it again every night and we did. And every night when we returned to our homes.