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Sex With My Wife's Best Friend, Part 2

Sex With My Wife's Best Friend, Part 2

Michelle returns with her boyfriend for a weekend of sex and swapping partners
As the last shots of cum squirted from his wet cock, Jerry groaned and squeezed the handful of my hair that he’d been holding. I love sucking his cock, but I can’t get my mind off of Bill’s huge cock! Last weekend was so wonderful and so sexually exciting that I can’t think of anything else. I must talk to Jerry about spending a weekend with Bill and Karen sometime.

I swallowed the final drops of his thick sperm and crawled up into his waiting arms. Jerry always wants to go to sleep after sex. I always want to talk… or have more sex.

“Jerry, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Right now?”

“Well, yes. It’s important to me.”

“Okay Sweetie. What is it?”

“Well, you remember last weekend I spent with my friend Karen and her husband, Bill?”


“Well, they asked me if I would like to spend another weekend with them and bring you along. Would you be open to that?”

“I guess, but they’re your friends. I don’t know them.”

“Well, come with me and you’ll get to know them, too. They’re a really nice couple and Karen is a REALLY gorgeous redhead!”

“Really? Not as gorgeous as you I’ll bet.”

I kissed him on the cheek, “Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that. Anyway, they have a really nice pool, and we could grill some steaks and maybe you and Bill could watch the National League playoff games on TV.”

“That sounds cool. Would we have privacy at night? You know how I like to have sex in new surroundings.”

“Yes. Their guest bedroom is on the opposite side of the house from their master bedroom. We can be as wild as we want.”

“Hmm. Then I’ll agree to try it. When are we talking about?”

“Maybe in a couple of weeks. After my finals.”


* * * *

Karen jumped back into the pool and swam over to me with an excited look on her face. I knew she had good news.

“That was Michelle on the phone. She said that Jerry has agreed to spend a weekend with us in a couple of weeks… after her final exams.”

“That sounds great!”

“Yeah! Oh Honey, we’re going to have a great time!”

“Does this Jerry know about our plans?”

“No, so we’ll have to plan a strategy to win him over.”

“Well, if he likes redheads as much as I suspect he does, you, my dear, will take care of winning him over.”

“You really thing so?”

“Of course! No man could resist a gorgeous thing like you when you set your eyes on him. Trust me. He’ll be a pushover.”

“We’ll see.”

* * * *

The much anticipated weekend finally arrived.

Jerry and Michelle were taking their bags to the guestroom. Karen and I were waiting for them in the pool.

“Jerry is a hunk, Bill. A real stud! This is going to be fun.”

“Yep. I noticed his reaction when he looked at you for the first time. His mouth literally dropped open.”

“Really? I didn't see that.”

“I did. He’s thinking about making it with you already. Trust me.”

“I hope so.”

Just then Jerry and Michelle came out of the house, dropped their towels on a chaise lounge and dove into the pool.

“Hi guys! Bill and I were just wondering if steak, baked potatoes, and French bread were okay for dinner tonight.”

Michelle looked at Jerry and said, “Sounds great to us.”

Jerry said, “You have a lovely home and a very nice pool.”

“Thanks Jerry. We spend a lot of afternoons here. We've even been know that have sex in this pool, so I hope you’re not easily embarrassed.”

Jerry blushed despite his efforts not to. But he was shocked and thrilled with the mental picture of Karen, the most gorgeous redhead he’d ever seen, having sex with Bill in the pool.

“Oh, not me. I’m too laid back to be shocked by that.”

Michelle knew Jerry was lying, but she was encouraged that he would lie about it. Maybe that meant that this weekend would be a sexual success.

“Good, because Bill and I were just about to have a nice session of what we call “play time”.

With that, Karen turned back to me, threw her arms around my neck, and pressed her warm body against mine. I knew she planned to have sex with me right there and then, in front of Jerry and Michelle. If that didn't get him aroused, then nothing would.

I put my arms around Karen’s waist and slid one hand up into her wet hair and the other down beneath her bikini bottom and squeezed her round little ass. She responded with a moan and pushed her pelvis against mine.

* * * *

I whispered to Jerry, “Well, it looks like they have plans for the next few minutes. Do you plan to just watch them or do you have plans of your own?”

I reached up and turned Jerry’s head toward me, “Well?”

Jerry smiled and said, “I have plans,” and scooped me up in his arms and kissed me passionately, leaving no doubt as to his plans. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and lips.

Jerry’s cock was already hard when I found it in his trunks. “Oh wow! I think you like this idea of fucking me in front of an audience.”

“I do! I never thought I would do something like this.”

“Well, I've always wanted to, so put that cock of yours inside me before I have to find another one.”

Jerry pulled my bikini off and his trunks down. He was rough doing so, which told me that he was eager to do me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he guided his hard cock into my wet and ready pussy.

“Oh God, Jerry! You are SO HARD!” This situation must really have you aroused.”

“It does,” he whispered as he began to thrust into me. He grabbed my ass and pulled me hard against his stomach, causing his cock to sink deeper into me.

“Oh Jerry! You fuck me so good. This is so exciting! Bill and Karen are just ten feet away and fucking their brains out while you’re fucking mine out.”

“I want to cum in your mouth.”

“Okay,” I said as he pulled out of me, stood up and I dropped down low in the water to take his cock into my mouth.

Jerry was closer to cumming than I had thought he was because as soon as my mouth closed around him, he started to shoot sperm into my throat. The flood surprised me and made me cough, but I kept sucking and swallowing until he was finished.

Jerry was watching Karen being fucked by Bill and was imagining that she was sucking his cock instead of Michelle.

* * * *

I fucked Karen as long as I could until the urge to cum became too strong to resist. I thrust deep into her and held her tight as my cock began to spurt its load.

“Oh Honey! You feel so good cumming inside me!”

I glanced over at Jerry and Michelle and he was watching us as Michelle was sucking him off. I whispered this to Karen and she said, “Good. I think he’s open to some swapping tonight. What do you think?”

“I agree. I’ll bet he’s imagining that you are sucking him off right now.”

“Oh, you think so?”


* * * *

After Jerry and I got our bathing suits back on, we swam over to Bill and Karen to talk.

Karen asked me, “Was that fun or what?”

I looked at Jerry and said, “It was. We've never done anything like that before. I still can’t believe we did it.”

“Oh, I think there are a lot of fun things the four of us can do,” Karen said as she winked at Jerry. He blushed and looked down, then at me.

“Like what?”

“Well…we’re four attractive adults. Our guys love redheads. We’re both redheads. I think the possibilities are endless.”

I looked at Jerry and said, “If I know Jerry, he’s probably getting an erection right now just thinking about the possibilities.”

“Michelle!” Jerry said indignantly. “I am not!”

I moved over to him and reached down under the water, found his erection and said, “Oh yes you are!”

“Well, what do you expect? I’m only human!”

“I know you are, Sweetie. That’s why I think you would screw Karen if you had half a chance.”

Before Jerry could say anything, Karen said, “I would like that, Jerry. And I’ll bet that Bill would like to screw Michelle, too.”

Jerry felt like he had been ambushed by these two redheads. He couldn't deny the obvious and he didn't want to appear to be eagerly unfaithful to his girlfriend. Nor did he want to give away his desire for another man’s wife.

Karen moved over to Jerry and put her arms around his waist, pulled his body to hers, and kissed him softly, exploring just the tip of his tongue with hers. He pulled her even closer and pushed his erection against her stomach.

“See, that’s not so bad,” Karen said when their kiss ended.

Jerry was speechless, not knowing whether to feel excited by Karen’s sensuous kiss, or to be embarrassed by it. And he was making out with another guy’s wife…right in front of him!

I put his fears to rest when I said, “Go ahead Sweetie. It’s okay.”

Jerry looked at me to be sure he heard me right and that I really meant what I said. I smiled at him with that alluring look that I can make when I want sex and want it badly.

“Are you sure? This is not like you.”

“It IS like me, Jerry. Swapping partners with Karen is EXACTLY like me. You've just never had the opportunity to see me in this situation before.” I moved over to Bill, put my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and we kissed, making it obvious that I was in the mood for sex with him.

Jerry turned his attention back to Karen and that was it. The swap was complete for the weekend.

* * * *

I whispered, “Wow, Michelle. That was awfully easy!”

“It was wasn't it? Now, forget them and fuck me with that big cock of yours. I've missed it so much!”

“Your wish is my command.”

I moved us to the opposite side of the pool where Karen and I had fucked just fifteen minutes earlier. I untied Michelle’s bikini top and threw it on the deck, then pushed her bikini bottom down and off and it floated slowly to the bottom of the pool.

“Oh Bill, I’m going to enjoy you all weekend! I hope you’re well rested and ready for me.”

“I hope so too.”

My cock was totally ready by now, so I found Michelle’s wet pussy and pushed it deep into her with one hard thrust.

“Oh God!” Michelle yelled as I penetrated her so deeply. I glanced over at Jerry and Karen and he had been momentarily distracted from Karen’s under water blowjob by Michelle’s cry of pleasure. But I couldn't worry about him. He was Karen’s problem now. I had the very horny Michelle humping my cock and that was more important.

“Bill, I’m about to cum already. Fuck me hard.”

I pushed Michelle against the side of the pool and thrust so hard into her that I was afraid I would bruise her wonderful pussy and ruin it for the weekend.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck me!”

I continued to pound into Michelle as her orgasm peaked and subsided. I was able to hold off for now. I had other plans for her.

“Oh God, Bill! That was SO good! You are so amazing! But you didn't cum.”

“No. I want you again. Let’s dry off and go inside. I want you in my bed.”

“Ooo! Sounds wonderful.”

* * * *

Karen was giving Jerry the best blowjob of his life when he heard Michelle cry out in pleasure. He knew that cry very well. She made it often during their lovemaking. But he couldn’t concern himself with her right now. Karen was right there under the water with his cock in her mouth; the fingers of both hands buried in her hair as he held her head and fucked her face.

Karen came up for air and kissed Jerry deeply, then plunged back down under water to finish him off. He closed his eyes tight as he felt his climax building in his groin and held Karen’s nose hard against his stomach. He wanted this climax to last forever. Karen was so drop-dead gorgeous and here she was giving him a blowjob just an hour after they met.

But she couldn’t hold her breath forever, so he shot his load into her throat with such force that even Karen had to gag just a little when the flood hit her gullet. He emptied himself in her throat and she came up out of the water quickly, gasping for air.

“Wow Jerry! That was great, but I didn’t think I could hold my breath long enough for you to finish!”

“Sorry. You’re just so good and so gorgeous! I wanted it to last forever.”

Karen kissed him and said, “That’s okay. I’m here to please you.”

“That’s nice to hear.”

“Where did Bill and Michelle go?”

Jerry looked around and realized that they were gone. “I don’t know. I didn’t see them leave.” He smiled at Karen and said, “You distracted me,” and they kissed again.

“If I know Bill, he took her to bed. I think that’s where we should go. Come on.”

They got out of the pool, dried off, and went to the guestroom. Karen had correctly figured that Bill and Michelle were in the master bedroom.

* * * *

Once in the bedroom, I had Michelle lay down on the bed with her head hanging over the side. I positioned myself above her with my cock in her face and bent forward to bury my face in that wonderful place between her legs.

Michelle took my cock into her tight throat and slurped it in and out like an expert. I wanted her to climax again before I let go with mine, so I went straight to her nice clit and twirled it with my tongue as her swollen folds gave way to my probing. She started to respond immediately with moans and thrusting of her hips. She was getting close and so was I. Her expert mouth and tongue had me hanging on the very edge of exploding.

Michelle suddenly stopped and cried out, “Oh God, Bill! You’re so good! Don’t stop. Right there! Right there! I’m so close.”

She sucked my cock back into her mouth just as it started to squirt my load. And I had a big load. Michelle was responsible for that. She was so good at what she was doing!

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Michelle moaned as we both climaxed together. Her pussy fluids were all over my face as I attempted to lap up every tasty drop. My cum was shooting down her unrestricted throat like long sticky streams of whipped cream.

After we both finished, I had Michelle turn around in bed and I crawled between her legs and was able to fuck her for about five minutes while my cock was still hard.

“Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! I’m cumming again! I’m cumming again!”

After I went limp and my cock oozed out of her, Michelle curled up in my arms and we went to sleep. She was just so lovely and so sensuous! How could I ever live without her? How could I ever live without Karen? Both girls are so gorgeous and so amazing in bed! I think I’m in love with both of them! Could that be possible?

* * * *

In the guestroom, Karen had to take charge. Jerry was new to the swapping scene and didn’t know that almost anything goes.

“Do you like the sixty-nine position?”

“Yes I do. Do you like it doggie style?”

“Mmm. That’s my favorite!”

“That’s the way I want you…from the back. You are so drop-dead gorgeous and such a fantastic fuck! I just have to fuck you from the back.”

Karen kissed him and whispered, “Thank you. You too are gorgeous and have a lovely cock, which I want inside me. Fuck me hard and deep!”

Then she turned around and got into position for Jerry to ravish her from the back. She threw her head and hair back, which seemed to drive him crazy.

Jerry grabbed her by the hips and drove his fat, hard cock into her so hard that it took her breath away.

“Oh my GOD, Jerry! You’re an animal! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Jerry moved his hands to her shoulders with a handful of her hair in each one. He drove madly into her pussy, feeling like he wanted to ravish her body until she cried out for him to stop. He had lost control. He was going to fuck this Karen bitch until she couldn’t take it anymore. He did feel like an animal. He felt like a rock star who was taking advantage of a beautiful groupie…a groupie who had not expected to get fucked the way he was fucking her.

“Oh Jerry! Where are you getting this sexual energy from? You are amazing! Fuck me, you fuckin’ stud!”

That encouraged Jerry even more. He pulled out of her, spit on her anus, and started to push his cock in.

“Wait Jerry! I’ve never done anal before.”

“Do you want to try it?”

“I don’t know. You’re awfully big.”

“Do you have any K-Y?”

“Yes, but it’s in the master bathroom. I’d have to go in there and would disturb Bill and Michelle.”

“That’s okay. Sneak in there and get it.”

“Okay. I guess I can.”

When Karen opened the door and peeked inside, she saw that Bill and Michelle were sound asleep. She quietly and quickly retrieved the K-Y Jelly and left the room.

Back in the guestroom, Karen got into position again as Jerry smeared the jelly on his cock. Then he put some on her anus, smeared it around, then slowly inserted his thumb. He pushed and pulled his thumb to loosen that most important opening.

“How does that feel?”

“Okay I guess. I’m still not sure I want to do this.”

“I’ll just try and you can tell me to stop if you want.”


Satisfied that her anus was ready, Jerry pulled out his thumb and started to push his hard cock in. He was careful to go slow and not to push too hard, but was growing increasingly hungry to violate Karen’s virgin ass. He was thinking how fantastic a moment it would be to ram his cock into this gorgeous redhead’s ass for the first time. What a memory that would be!

“Ouch! Jerry, you’re too big. You’ll have to stop.”

“Okay. Sorry. I just wanted so bad to try. I’ve never done that before either and I wanted you to be my first. I’ll just fuck your pussy real quick. I’m ready to cum.

Jerry shoved his hard and well lubricated cock back into Karen’s pussy, thrusting and humping for only fifteen to twenty seconds before expelling his sperm deep inside her. It sloshed and squished and began to drip out as his cock shrunk and went limp. Finally, he collapsed on the bed, totally satisfied and totally spent.

Karen, on the other hand, was left feeling used and abused, and certainly not sexually satisfied. She thought, “Well, that certainly was disappointing! I can’t wait to get back to Bill. He will treat me right.”

* * * *

I opened my eyes and saw Karen sneak into the bathroom and then back out with the K-Y Jelly. I wondered, “What in the world does she want with that? What are those two up to?”

Michelle rolled over, kissed me, and said, “Hey lover boy! Want to fuck me?”

“I sure do, gorgeous, but I need to tell you something.”


“Karen just sneaked in here and took the K-Y. I wonder what they’re doing.”

“I think I know. Jerry is always trying to get me to try anal sex and I won’t. I wonder if he’s talked Karen into it.”

“Oh damn! You think that’s it?”

“Could be.”

“I know Karen pretty well and I don’t think she’ll do it.”

“Well, don’t worry about it now. I want you inside me again.”

“Yes ma’am. How do you want me?”

“I think I want you from the back.”

* * * *

It was six o’clock and time to start the grill and get dinner going. Karen got up and left Jerry snoring in bed, went to the master bedroom and listened to see if anything was going on. She didn’t hear anything, so she quietly knocked on the door.

“Bill? Are you awake? It’s time to get the steaks going.”

Bill came to the door and said, “Hi Honey. I’ll get dressed and be right out.”

“Okay. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

* * * *

The atmosphere at dinner was a bit awkward. Karen and I were inseparable. Jerry and Michelle were cordial and friendly, but didn’t seem to be “a couple”. Everyone could tell that something was going on with Jerry and Karen.

Karen finally spoke up. “Michelle, I think we should stay with our own partners tonight.”

“Okay. Is there something wrong?”

Jerry jumped into the conversation, “I’m afraid I’m to blame for the uncomfortable feelings that are in the air tonight. I tried to have anal sex with Karen and she wasn’t able to. Truth be told, she really didn’t want to.”

“Well, Jerry, that’s not entirely correct. I did let you try, so you can’t take all the blame.”

“Thank you, Karen, but it was my idea. Anyway, that’s what’s going on and I dearly wish I hadn’t done it.”

“It’s okay, Jerry. Really. Now let’s just forget it.”

Things were much better after clearing the air.

* * * *

That night in bed I had to ask Karen, “What really happened with that whole anal sex thing?”

“It was exactly as Jerry described it. He tried, it hurt, and he stopped.”

“But you’ve never wanted to do that with me.”

“Well, you’ve never asked me to.”

“So, are you saying that you’d like to try it sometime?”

“If I’m really aroused sometime….yes.”

“Hmm. Okay I’ll have to remember that. I’ve always thought it might be stimulating.”

“Bill, I’m getting aroused just talking about it.”

“Really? Me too.”

We started to kiss hungrily and Karen was all over me! She was more aggressive than I think I’ve ever known her to be.

“Wow, Sweetie! You are really turned on tonight.”

“I know. I want to try it.”


“I’ll get the K-Y.”

After returning with the K-Y, we kissed and had some sixty-nine until we were both extremely ready.

“Okay. I’ll put this stuff on me.”

“Use your finger or thumb first.”


After getting myself lubricated, I rubbed some on Karen’s little asshole and stuck my thumb slowly in.

“How does that feel?”

“It feels kind of good.”

I started to probe around and work my thumb in and out to stretch her hole a bit. I could feel it stretching and relaxing as I moved my finger. I thought, “Maybe this is going to work.”

“That’s not too bad. Try two fingers now.”

So I slowly pushed my index and middle finger into Karen’s ass and she didn’t resist.

“Is that okay.”

“Yeah. It’s actually feeling good. I think I’m ready to try it now.”


Karen had her ass in the air and was in the perfect position for me. I grabbed my well-lubricated cock with two fingers and guided it to her asshole and slowly pushed. It seemed to open for me as the head slipped in easily.

“How is that? That’s just the head.”

“You can put more in. it doesn’t hurt at all.”

So I pushed about an inch of my cock into her virgin ass. The thickest part was yet to come. But it felt really tight and really good, and I had a growing anticipation that it was going to be great if I could just get past the next couple of inches.

I slowly pushed another two inches of my hard cock into Karen’s tight ass.

“Mmm! It doesn’t hurt, but it feels funny…like I need to go to the bathroom.”

“I’m sure it would. Should I continue?”

“Yes, but slowly.”


I slowly pushed more of my ten-inch cock into Karen and had to bite my lip to resist the urge to start pumping on her. Her ass felt SO tight and SO good and smooth inside. It was the best feeling I’d had since the first piece of ass I had when I was sixteen!

“That’s about half of my cock. How does that feel?”

“It feels good actually. You can fuck me now, but slowly.”

So I started to slowly fuck Karen’s ass with half of my cock. My God it felt so good! Her rectum felt like tight lips gripping my cock.

“Mmm, Bill. That’s not too bad. Give me more.”

So I pushed more of my cock into her ass and pumped her a few times. She started to moan and push her ass against my thrusting, so I knew she was liking it.

I decided to go for broke and pushed the final inches of my cock into sweet Karen’s virgin ass.

“Oh God! You must have put it all in me. I feel so full of your cock. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I start to fuck her harder and more rapidly. She felt so tight and warm that I knew I couldn’t last very much longer.

“Oh God Karen! You feel so good! I’m going to cum in your ass!”

“Do it, Bill. Fuck my ass and cum in me!”

I started to shoot my load deep in Karen’s ass and didn’t think I would ever stop. It felt like I had a gallon of cum shooting into her.

“God! Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck me!”

I continued to thrust and hump Karen’s ass until my cock went so limp that it wouldn’t push anymore. Karen strained her muscles and pushed it out like a soft turd.

I collapsed on the bed beside her and said breathlessly, “That was great, Sweetie!”

“Yeah it was. I never in my life thought I would do that or that it would feel so good.”

We lay quietly together for a while and I started to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“It just occurred to me. Now that we’ve done that, you can experience double penetration.”


“Yeah. You know…my cock in your ass and a cock in your pussy…all at the same time. I would think that would be great for you.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“Well, I wasn’t proposing it. I was just making the observation.”

“Oh. Okay.”

We went to sleep and slept all night. I woke up when Michelle slipped into bed beside me.

“Hi lover boy. I’m horny this morning.”

Karen woke up and said, “Hey Michelle. So am I. Where’s Jerry?”

He went home. He felt so bad about what happened yesterday. He felt he couldn’t face you guys again.”

“Oh, I’m sorry he felt that way. It really wasn’t as bad as he let on.”

“Yeah I know, but I couldn’t talk him out of it. So, now here I am with only you and Bill and his nice cock to fuck me.”

“Let me tell you something first.”


“Bill and I did it last night. We had anal sex…and it was fantastic!”

Michelle looked at me, then back to Karen, “You have GOT to be kidding!”

“Nope. We used lots of K-Y and went really slow and we did it. It really was great.”

“Well, now I’m jealous! I thought I could keep up with the Jones’s, so to speak, but now I can’t.”

I decided to jump in and said, “I have a remedy for that.”

Michelle gave me that naughty girl look and said, “I’ll just bet you do.”

Karen said, “I’m going to take a shower and leave you two alone to discuss whatever.”

I yelled, “Maybe we’ll join you.”

Michelle whispered, “No we won’t,” and reached for my cock.

God! What am I going to do with my two gorgeous redheads?

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