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Sexcapades with Sarah 1

Tags: real, tent, shower
Like any true story I will write, this one has the names changed...

Sarah was a girl I had met just a week before. She had beautiful blonde hair and eyes that I could get lost in. As strange as it seems, we met at a Boy Scout camp where we both worked. And having to live nine weeks in the woods without very much contact with women takes a toll on a man, but luckily Sarah was happy to help. We had taken every chance we would risk to sleep together overnight in the tents at the staff area. This being forbidden made it fun but also a challenge.
One night in deep slumber I had a feeling like I was having the best dream ever. I was floating and smiling and I felt an odd sensation coming from between my legs. Quickly I realized that sensation was not a part of the dream. I opened my eyes and looked down onto the top of a beautiful blonde head taking my cock deep in her mouth. Sarah looked up at me with a devilish look in her eyes. "Finally you woke up. I thought I was going to have to make you cum first." Hearing her talk like that was the first dirty thing I had heard her say and god did I love it.

She plunged her mouth down on my cock as she stared deep into my eyes as if saying, "Look I can take it all." Pulling her head back, she started to pump her hand up and down my glistening shaft. I could hear her hands as my slippery shaft slid effortlessly through her hand. Leaning down her tongue darted across my balls until she started to take my sack in her mouth...

The sight of a sexy girl doing this almost made me send waves of cum across her hair right then. Looking up, she begged me to cum for her and she bobbed her head on my cock taking a little more of it every time her head went down. Finally I couldn’t take much more and I sent streams of cum shooting back her throat. Taking it like a pro, she swallowed the whole load as it came out. I then made the mistake of thinking that we were done and I could go back to bed.

Sarah looked at me and said, "We aren’t done yet; I've got your handle." By "handle" she meant my cock. Grabbing hold of my penis, Sarah pulled me out of the tent in the dead of night and led me on a half mile walk through the woods using it like a leash. It became apparent where we were headed and I hoped that no little campers were out.

The camp had a shower house where campers and staff could take showers. Luckily there aren’t many female campers at a Boy Scout camp so we went into the women’s side. The moment we got inside, her mouth met mine and our tongues started to explore each other’s mouths as we stripped each other down. Sarah had some nice tits. They were high and firm and were a solid D cup.

I kissed my way down her neck to her collar bone. I couldn’t keep my hands off her amazing tits but decided it was time my mouth got a turn. I darted my tongue across her nipples making them stand at attention before taking them into my mouth, eliciting a moan from her lips. My hands drifted between her legs as I slowly teased her inner thigh making her squirm...with my other hand I turned on the shower. If I thought she had looked good before I was blown away by how sexy she looked with hot water splashing over her soft skin and big tits. With that sight before me my cock decided it was ready for Round Two.

Sarah eased herself down onto the handicap seat and put her one leg up while her fingers started to play with her shaven pussy. I took this opportunity to bask in her wet body before dropping to my knees. Without mercy I furiously attacked her clit with my tongue. Screaming aloud, Sarah threw her head back in sheer ecstasy. I talk a lot in life so my abilities with my tongue are more than she had expected. Her fingers ran through my hair as she shoved my head harder down on her cunt making me bring her to an orgasm without any sort of break. After feeling her juices on my face I could feel her grip loosen.

I stood up and leveled my now hard cock with her pulsing pussy. I slowly made circles with my cock at the entrance of her pussy until she could take no more and grabbed my ass and forced my cock deep into her cunt. I started to thrust deep making her tits bounce and her moans get loud. Reaching down I played with her clit as I pounded her so deep my balls started making a wet smack on her ass as I thrust as hard as I could. She took it for as long as she could before getting down on her knees and plunging her mouth once again on my hard shaft. Pulling it out with a pop she stroked the shaft until I felt the build of my cum.

I barely got out an audible warning before the first stream erupted from my cock and landed on her perfect tits. The second streams hit her neck and chin while the rest went either on her tits or stomach before she ran her fingers through it and licked them clean. At that moment I knew it was going to be a great summer.

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