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She Certainly Didn't Expect it to be Like This

Female on her first work conference
It was the first time she had been away from home for a while. She hadn't attended a work-related conference before and didn't really know what to expect.

Judging by the exterior of the hotel, it certainly did merit its outrageous expense. This was of no significance to her however, as her employer was footing the bill.

Once inside her luxurious bedroom she took off her jacket and hung it up in the mirrored wardrobe. She then went to the bathroom, turned on the mixer tap and added the creme bath, courtesy of the hotel, and watched as her bath slowly filled.

She returned to the bedroom, stood at the side of the bed and took off her high heeled, black, patent shoes. She stood them side by side in front of the mirrored wardrobe. She unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and watched it slip to the floor. She then removed her red short-sleeve, low cut top and tossed it onto the bed. Then she unclasped her bra, releasing her ample bosom, allowing them to feel the slight breeze blowing through the room.

She noticed that her nipples were suddenly erect, making her give a little chuckle to herself. She walked into the bathroom and turned off the tap. She was still wearing her black seven denier hold-ups, so she quickly removed them and lowered herself into the huge mountain of bubbles occupying her bath. She lay in the bath wondering what the conference would be like. Would it be a once in a lifetime, never to be repeated experience, or would she be eager to attend more? That she was about to find out.

As she lay in the bath, she couldn't stop herself from thinking about the man she had seen earlier today at reception during her check in at the hotel. It was his height first of all that caught her eye, then when he turned around she couldn't help but notice the wonderful smile he was sporting, courtesy of his perfect whiter than white teeth (nice teeth was a feature that she always looked for in a man). He was wearing a black suit, stunning white shirt and red tie, and black shoes that had been polished to within in an inch of their life. Wow, she thought to herself, now isn't he a very handsome specimen of a man. The fact that he was bald didn't matter to her, as for some reason she thought it made him look even sexier. She began to wonder what his reason was for attending the conference, sure she would no doubt find out tomorrow when it all began.

The longer she lay in the bath, the sleepier she felt, so she quickly washed herself, washed her long, light brown hair under the ultra modern shower then rinsed all traces of bath creme and hair conditioner from her body.

She stepped out of the bath onto the luxurious bath mat. She could feel her feet sink into it as she stood there slowly patting herself dry with the ever so soft Egyption cotton bath sheet.

Once dry she walked through to the room and stopped to admire herself in the mirrored wardrobe doors. Looking good, she thought as she eyed herself up and down, lingering a little at her newly shaved pussy. A wicked thought went through her head. Wouldn't it be fun to sit in front of the wardrobe and watch myself masturbate?

Before the thought could leave her head, she was down on the floor, back propped up by the end of the bed, legs wide open, and hand ready for action. Slowly, she started to move the middle finger of her right hand over her clitoris, lightly touching it, as if she was teasing herself. She was now regretting the fact that she hadn't packed at least one of the vibrators from her collection that she has at home. She couldn't help wondering why suddenly she was feeling a bit horny, then it dawned on her. Whilst she was lying in the bath she had been thinking about the man she had seen earlier today in the reception area. It must be his fault, she thought happily. A total stranger making her feel like this, a secret charm he must possess, and he was oblivious to this fact.

Her finger carried on gliding over her clitoris, moving downwards then up again, slowly but precise in its action. Occasionally she would stop moving up and down and linger a bit, circling it slowly, clockwise then anti-clockwise, then stop and begin her movements downwards and upwards once again.

Her movements began to quicken, exciting her as she was watching every single stroke in the mirrored wardrobe doors. She was wondering why she had never thought about doing this before; it was fun, and not only could she feel the result of her actions, she could see them as well. A sight she was beginning to enjoy.

Her pace quickened and so did her breathing. She couldn't decide what she was enjoying more, the sight of herself in the mirror or the processes that were going on down below. She began to rub frantically with delight; she was really enjoying this and becoming very excited at the thought that she would in fact be able to see her orgasm, not just feel it, like always.

It wasn't long before it came, the pleasurable feeling that she had become accustomed to, the slight rise in her temperature but at the same time the cold tingly feeling she experienced when she came. Oh my God! she thought as she continued to watch her reflection, this was amazing, the sight of her orgasm at the entrance of her vagina was a very welcome sight to her. She stopped rubbing and watched her body react to the stimulation she had just performed. Something she would definitely do again, she thought as she climbed into bed.

It can't be time to get up already she was thinking as she was rudely awakened by her early morning call from reception. Then she looked at her watch, sure enough it was 7 am, the time she had previously booked her call for.

She headed for the bathroom, had a quick shower, dressed herself, then went downstairs for breakfast. The dining room wasn't too busy when she got there, she thought as she gave the room a quick glance. She began to help herself to breakfast when he walked into the dining room, the man she had spotted yesterday in the reception area.

She blushed slightly as she remembered how last night, he had made her feel a little horny. Please, she was saying to herself, don't bring that feeling upon me again. Well, not at this precise moment in time, was what she was really saying.

"Good morning," he said to her as he stood next to her awaiting his turn to choose breakfast.

"Morning," she replied embarrassingly, then hurriedly sat down at a small empty table. The table was only big enough to sit two at so she thought she would be safe enough sitting there on her own. Not for one moment did she think that the tall, bald, attractive, sexy man she spied yesterday would follow her footsteps and sit down at the table with her.

She continued to eat her breakfast and drink her coffee, giving him eye contact only to acknowledge his presence. They sat in silence for what seemed to be ages, when the tall, bald, attractive, sexy man introduced himself to her.
"Hello," he said, "my name is Maxwell, but I like to be called Max for short." 

"Hello, Max," she replied, "my name is Paris."

"Pleased to meet you, Paris," he said as he extended his right hand to her for her to shake. This she did then returned to her breakfast which was almost finished. They did not engage in any further conversation so she excused herself from the table and left the dining room and headed up to her room.

Once inside, she threw herself backwards onto the massive bed. Oh my God! she thought, why did he come and sit next to me? It wasn't as if there were no other empty tables that he could have sat down at. Maybe he just didn't want to sit on his own. Yes, that was probably the reason he came and sat beside me, she thought.

It was fast approaching 9 am, the time the conference was due to begin, so she made a few minor adjustments to her clothing and her hair before heading downstairs to the conference room. She felt that she was appropriately dressed for the day; black suit, which consisted of a black jacket and black mid length skirt, white blouse and her black patent shoes, with her hair adorned at the back by a black hair accessory. 

The room was almost full. As she clutched her programme and briefcase she began to search to find herself a vacant seat. It took her almost ten minutes before she found two vacant seats about midway in the middle of the room. She took her seat and began to wonder what the day would be like as she hadn't attended a work conference before.

Her gaze was fixed straight ahead, so she hadn't really noticed who suddenly sat down next to her. She made a quick sideways glance to her left; it was him! The tall, bald, attractive, sexy man who sat down next to her at breakfast. Oh my God! she thought, not again, surely there must have been another vacant seat somewhere else that he could have taken. Why again has he sat next to me? Her question to herself didn't linger for very long as the conference was now under way and she was giving the speaker her utmost attention.
She glanced at her watch, then the programme, it was now almost 11 am and the present speaker was due to come off stage as it was time for a break in proceedings to have some refreshments. Everyone rose from their chairs and headed into the conservatory situated towards the back of the hotel, where they were served tea, coffee, and various fruit juices. It was only a scheduled fifteen minute break, so no time for any in-depth conversation with anyone at the moment.
"Did you find that interesting, Paris?" the voice behind her questioned.

She turned around, and there he stood, looking as sexy as he did yesterday and this morning at breakfast. "Yes, I did actually, but to tell you the truth, I started to switch off as it approached break time. Must have been needing my caffeine fix," she joked.

He smiled, showing her those beautiful teeth again, fixing Paris' gaze to his mouth. She was mesmerised, his teeth were whiter than white, and his lips full and soft. I wonder what it would feel like kissing them, she was thinking. Suddenly the conservatory started to empty which indicated that the conference was about to recommence. 

They returned to the conference room where the second speaker of the day had taken the stage and was about to commence his talk, when he was beckoned over to the right hand side of the stage. He quickly returned and proceeded to announce to the room that due to unforeseen circumstances the conference would unfortunately be finishing immediately after his scheduled talk, but guests were still invited to stay and have lunch.

The announcement caused the room to erupt into a chorus of whispers. Paris glanced to her left to look at the tall, bald, attractive sexy man and they both shrugged their shoulders in bewilderment.

The last talk of the morning, and subsequently of the conference, lasted for 45 minutes, finishing just after midday. As soon as his last words were spoken, the speaker thanked the guests for their attendance at the conference and reminded them to stay for lunch. The audience erupted into a huge round of applause. A mass exodus of bodies made its way to the dining room. Unlike breakfast, where it had been a "help yourself" affair, lunch was waitress served.

Paris noticed that the table where she sat to have breakfast was vacant so she made her way over to it. No sooner had she sat down at the table when she was immediately joined by Max. Oh my God! what was wrong with this man? she was thinking to herself, but to be truthful she was rather excited at the prospect of having lunch with him. It was blatantly obvious to Paris that she found him very attractive and she was hoping that he felt the same. Maybe during lunch she would find out.

Throughout their meal the conversation flowed, and although they had absolutely nothing in common, there was something drawing them together. Once their dining was over Max asked Paris if she would like to join him in the lounge for a drink. This was definitely a no-brainer. "Yes," she replied without hesitation. 

Max returned to their table in the lounge with two glasses of wine, one red and one white. Whilst Max was standing at the bar Paris took stock of the situation. It was now 1.30 pm, her train home wasn't until 6 pm, she was about to spend at least four hours enjoying the company of this tall, bald, attractive sexy man. She was intrigued as to how the rest of the day was going to materialise.

They stayed in the lounge for the next hour, but as it became busier and noisier, Max asked Paris if she would like to continue their conversation in his room. She nodded in agreement and followed Max as he led the way.

As soon as she stepped in the door, she spotted an ice bucket with a bottle cooling in it. Well done, Max! she thought, as he proceeded to pour her a drink from it. She was just about to remove her jacket when Max walked slowly towards her and removed the jacket for her. She thanked him and lowered herself to sit on the bed when Max suddenly placed his hands on either of her shoulders and started to slowly massage them for her. Wow! she thought, this feels very good, I wonder if he is a masseur? If he isn't then he should be, was her verdict.
The more he massaged, the more she quietly purred. This was amazing, but she was too caught up in the moment to verbalise her feelings. Then his hands suddenly disappeared from her shoulders and she could feel them on the her upper arms. He spun her around quickly and she found herself standing staring straight up at him, admiring his lovely blue eyes and his amazing mouth.

Then it happened, the moment she had been hoping for; he kissed her, soft, slow and ever so gentle - no tongues, not at this stage anyway. She responded effortlessly (would have been very rude of her not to!). The kiss seemed to go on forever, but there was no indication that it was going to stop. Tongues were now involved and they slowly caressed one another as the kiss grew in strength and longevity. This must have been my longest snogging session ever, she was thinking, when it began to slow down and eventually cease. More, I must have more, the voice in her head was saying.

Max then took her right hand and guided her to sit, then lie down on the bed. He knelt on the floor beside her and began to unbutton her blouse. As each button was released from its slit, the faster her breathing became. She was enjoying this but was wondering how long it would be before she was able to do the same to him.

Once he had removed her blouse, he climbed onto the bed beside her and proceeded to caress her heaving breasts, heaving through trepidation and pleasure. He was kissing her now naked breasts, as he had removed her black lacy 38C cup bra with such ease. Each kiss was so gentle, so delicate, as if he was kissing something very fragile. Her upper body arched and fell at every kiss, every stroke and especially every time he bit her erect nipples - this she particularly enjoyed.

She was aware it was happening, but could do nothing to stop it. Her matching black lacy panties were not just damp, they were sodden with her wetness. She was wet to a degree that she had never felt before. Boy! this man did have quite an effect upon her.

Having kissed each and every inch of her breasts he softly kissed down her torso, heading towards the waistband of her skirt. He snuck his had round her waist and undid the button and zip simultaneously, then began to slowly tug down her skirt at either slide, removing it swiftly and throwing it down to the floor as if it were contaminated.

He placed his hands upon her abdomen and began to kiss, lower and lower until he reached her cherished place, her very own secret garden of pleasure.

He then placed his mouth over the top hem of her panties and began to remove them with those teeth, the teeth that were whiter than white. Slowly but surely the panties were removed and Max held them to his face to inhale her lady scent. Paris felt a bit embarrassed as he did this, then her feeling of embarrassment changed to amusement, amused that her aroma would have such an immediate effect on his manhood.

Max ignored his erect state and began to slowly lick and touch her optimum pleasure area. This drove her wild, there was nothing Paris liked more than cunnilingus. Ever since she had first experienced it, it was something that she could not live without and Max was giving it his utmost attention.

With every lick and every stroke she sighed, each sigh louder and longer than the one before. He then inserted one of his long fingers inside her. She gasped in surprise, as it had been quite an unexpected movement at that moment in the proceedings, but a most welcome one at that.

One finger became two, then two became three, then she lost count, she no longer knew nor wished to know how many fingers were inside her. Her thoughts were on the pleasure principle and at this very moment in time, the pleasure principle was almost at its peak.
The longer and harder he finger fucked her, she knew that it was more than certain that she would soon be squirting all over the long fingers of his right hand. And true to form she did, not once but twice, a new experience for her, as usually she only squirted once. This man certainly knew how to get the best out of her!

Max then removed his hand from the pleasure dome and started to lick her fluid from it, offering it to Paris to lick also. This she did without hesitation, one thing she also loved, was the taste of herself.
He then proceeded to unbutton and remove his shirt. He was about to commence unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers when Paris sat up and took over this task. She liked to undress a man, something she hadn't done enough of, she thought.

Trousers removed, she began to softly rub his very erect manhood through the crisp cotton material of his boxer shorts. Max began to moan, quietly, then not so, each moan rising in volume each time she caressed him. She very quickly removed his boxer shorts, and took his fully erect penis in her right hand.
Slowly and gently at first, she moved her hand from the base of his shaft to the head, and each time she reached the head, she would very softly rub her teeth over it, waiting for Max to either approve or disapprove this motion. Judging by the noises he was making, Paris concluded that he very much approved of it! She would alternate between her teeth softly rubbing the head, then licking the head with her very eager tongue.

She could tell this was pleasing Max a lot, as his moans were louder and longer than the ones previous. She then began to lick his penis from the base of the shaft to the tip, slowly, very slowly, over and over again, gently teasing the tip with her tongue and gently squeezing his balls at the same time. This was driving him wild!

She decided to put Max either out of his misery, or to prolong his ecstasy, (whichever state he was in, as only he knew), by taking him into her mouth. Cautiously at first, then quickly accelerating the speed at which she was sucking him, which resulted in Max beginning to thrust at her occupied mouth.
To her complete surprise he began to fuck her mouth, her second new experience of this afternoon. Harder, faster and deeper he went, time and time and time again until eventually he came. And boy, did he come, she didn't think he was going to stop, but regrettably for Paris he did.

She removed her mouth from his semi-erect penis and kissed him, letting him taste himself, waiting again for his reaction. Paris could suspect from the wide grin on his face that he wholeheartedly agreed with this kind gesture.

Paris began to get dressed, it was now 5 pm and she would have to shower and change before leaving to catch her train. She thanked Max for the lovely afternoon and made her way to her room.
Once inside she undressed and made her way to the bathroom.
As she stood under the luke-warm water of the ultra modern shower she started to question herself. Did that really just happen? Or was it my very over active imagination?

YES, YES, it most definitely did happen the voice in her head kept telling her over and over again.

Overall, she concluded that her first ever attendance at a work conference was very enlightening and one that should would definitely want to experience again, especially if the outcome would turn out to be as enjoyable as it had been today.

She never did find out the reason for Max's attendance at the work conference.

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