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She had it Naked and Hot at the Holiday Hotel Spa

Outside the scenery was spectacular, inside it was steamy
“We should have a massage at the spa,” said Em to Ambrose, who was leafing through some literature on Iguassu Falls. They were just a stroll away across the resort lawns and down a little track. 

“It says to be watchful for jaguars,” said Ambrose. He smiled across the ground floor suite’s living room at Em. He thought she was looking particularly sexy today in a nice pair of shorts and a little top.

The french windows in the living area were open and a summer-like breeze was wafting little zephyrs of air into the suite. It was much warmer here than it was a thousand kilometres to the south, in Buenos Aires where they had based themselves for six weeks. Down there it was the middle of the southern winter.

Em spoke. “Ambrose, I’m talking about the spa.”

Ambrose put the tourist literature back on the coffee table. “Yes. Probably you’d be better spotting cougars in there.” He picked up the spa brochure instead. It made the usual fulsome claims such places made, but the idea of a massage had appeal, he decided. He read some of the information out loud to Em. “Your choice of massage style and whether you wish for a masseuse or a masseur.” 

Em said, “I’ve read it, Ambrose. It also says they have couples rooms. Would you like that?”

Ambrose looked at Em. Generally when they took holidays together in places with spas they went their separate ways. Both of them understood why.

“I think separately is probably best Em,” said Ambrose, knowing very well that that was what she required him to say. She’d had a couple of massages on this trip and so far and hadn’t discussed them with him in any detail. Ambrose also knew that the two massages she’d had had been hot ones. He was sure she had come on both the massage couches in question and almost certain that she had been fucked by her masseurs. She did that. 

Ambrose didn’t mind. He had had a spectacularly hot ending at the one massage he’d had so far, with a delightfully lissom nut brown girl with perky tits and a very sexy bush. 

He hadn’t been expecting to get the opportunity at the little salon on the second floor of a building overlooking Copacabana Beach. The girl had appeared naked in the curtained cubicle. She had smiled at him and torn off his jocks. Then she had demonstrated her hand-job skill on his suddenly hard and very erect cock. It was plain that much more was on offer. Ambrose had availed himself of that opportunity. 

She expected him to tip her generously of course. This he did. They had then done it urgently, sixty-nine style. Her blow-job skills were magnificent, at least on a par with Em’s. Applying his tongue to her furry bush and the hotly open and wet lips that had parted her pussy hair had been magnificent too.

The girl evidently appreciated it. She had come very wetly and violently while her hot mouth was enclosing Ambrose’s cock and her salty lips and sharp little teeth were going up and down his shaft. She let him fuck her as a free bonus. Ambrose always loved fucking a full bush beaver.

She had told him to come inside her. He did.

He said nothing about his adventure when he met up with Em for a drink on the beach later. She was looking a little flushed. Ambrose knew that she had had illicit hot cock. It excited him to know this. It always did.

They had flown back to Buenos Aires after Rio to feast on the tango bars and dining experiences available in the city, where they had rented an apartment. They did a lot of exploring. Ambrose, who likes art, did a lot of gallery tours. He was certain that on one occasion, when his artistic diversions were scheduled to take him away all day, Em had arranged to be hotly attended to on their bed. 

He knew too that one night when they’d been at a tango bar after dinner and he was tired and needed to sleep and she had wanted to stay on and party, that she had had a very hot tango lesson before coming home just before dawn. He had thought that something like that had been in her mind because when they dressed to go out Em had selected a very tiny black string to wear under her flouncy skirt. 

The voyeur in Ambrose liked such concepts. They frequently fuelled his masturbation fantasies. The idea of Em thrashing noisily while some other lucky man’s hard cock hot-nailed her to a bed, or a couch, or a beach, or a car seat, gave him the biggest hard-on.

The trip up to Iguassu had been a spur of the moment thing, more a way of escaping a sudden cold spell than to look at a waterfall. They’d chosen to stay on the Brazilian side because outside Buenos Aires things were pretty staid in Argentina.

Their hotel was not crowded. Most of the other guests were Brazilians who misbehaved in exactly the way you expected Brazilians to misbehave. They did it so well.

They had looked in on the spa the first day they were there. It was very plush and the rooms were very private. The masseurs were all very fit young men. The masseuses were all sexy young women. Ambrose and Em had exchanged raised eyebrows about this. Each had already begun planning a little event.

Evidently, Em’s was to be today. Ambrose thought it would be nice not to compromise that situation, or complicate it, by being around in the spa at the same time as Em.

He said, “You have a spa treatment today Em, if you like. I might go along there tomorrow. Today I’ll go and look at the falls and spend a little time at the pool. There’s a nice bar there. We could meet there after your session and then go and have dinner.”

Em booked a two-hour session for four o’clock, an hour hence. She had a shower and came back into the living area of their little suite in a short strapless sun dress. She was wearing her little red bikini top as a bra and its minuscule bottom as panties. Both were held in place only by easy to undo bows.

Ambrose gave her a smile. “You’ll be having the resort special then Em,” he said.

She laughed. “Maybe,” she said.

An image flashed across his mind of Em lying naked on her back, legs apart, with a masseur at her head leaning forwards over her and massaging her breasts. He got hard when he thought about that and hoped Em wouldn’t notice the sudden bulge in his pants.

She did. She laughed; a throaty little chuckle really. “Your turn tomorrow Ambrose,” she said.

She checked the digital clock on the desk, the one that also told you the inside and outside temperatures. The time was three-fifty and the temperature outside was just right for a stroll to the falls.

“Time to go Ambrose,” she said, giving him a peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you at pool bar around seven. Be ready to go to dinner. I’ll shower and dress for dinner before coming to the bar. Have fun at the falls.”

At three-fifty-five Em walked into the spa reception. Her masseur was waiting for her. He was tall and well built, around thirty she thought, and dressed in an open neck shirt and slacks.

He welcomed her with a firm, dry handshake, smiled and said, “Hello. My name is Ramón.”

Em smiled back. “Em. It’s nice to meet you.”

They did the check-in formalities quickly. Em chose the full sandalwood oil massage. Ramón looked as if he approved. He walked her along the quietly carpeted passageway to the massage rooms.

“You are not a stranger to massage, Em?” he asked, although she thought he’d already worked that out.

She said, “No, I like massage very much. I have regular massages at home.”

Ramón said, “Perhaps you are looking for a new experience today then?” It was a question, but it wasn’t a question. He had already worked that out too.

They stopped at a door near the end of the passage. Ramón opened it and ushered her inside.

The room was lit with very low lighting, was pleasantly air-conditioned to a naked temperature, smelled of jasmine, and was set up like a hotel bedroom. There was a king-size bed along with a wide massage couch. Through another open door was an en suite bathroom.

Ramón said, “We are fully equipped for massage and anything that you might like to follow.” He smiled. “I think you know what I mean.” He smiled at Em again. “Our full sandalwood oil massage is two hours or ninety minutes for ladies who might want something to follow.” 

Em looked at him. Her mouth was suddenly dry. Her pussy was equally suddenly wet. Her nipples were trying to break out of her bikini top.

“I’ll take the ninety minute massage Ramón,” she said.

He said, “I thought you would. It is all inclusive, the price. After I have massaged you very fully on the couch and you have climaxed at least once I would very much like to carry you to the bed and delight you fully in other ways.”

Em said, “I would like that very much Ramón.”

She stripped off her sundress. Ramón visually appreciated her body.

He said, “Keep your bikini on and lie face down on the couch. I love to strip special ladies during their massages.”

Em said, “Oh god!” She lay down as instructed. Her pussy and her nipples were on fire.

They burned with even greater intensity shortly after this, when Ramón gently moved her legs wide apart and ran a finger through her wet slit, pausing briefly at her entrance.

Ramón was a master masseur. He was expert too at sexily removing bikinis. Em shouted and came the first time when he untied the bow strings on both the bra and the panties, just after he had pinched her nipples and gently eased three fingers into her vagina.

He bit the back of her neck gently in reward.

He oiled and massaged her very fully. She moaned softly when he drew away her bra, further arousing her nipples. She cried out with pleasure when he did the same with his bikini pants and he played briefly with the trim hair on her mound.

She came for the second time when he slid his tongue into her vagina and disturbed her clit.

He bit her gently behind her knees and on her buttocks as another reward.

Then he turned her over. Em spread her legs wide and put her arms out at an angle from her body.

Ramón then licked her nipples and massaged her mound. He said, “You are a very hot lady, Em.”

Em said, “Aah!”

Ramón massaged her legs and pussy, then her tummy and her breasts. Then he said, “Sometimes we make the massage only seventy-minutes, if the lady wants a longer time for anything else. Would you like to do that?”

Em didn’t hesitate. “I think forty-five minutes of anything else would be lovely, Ramón. I would like you to fuck me twice and I have a special treat for you. It’s one I give my husband and my lover and sometimes a lucky man who intrigues me.”

Ramón ceased his massaging. Em heard him stripping naked and pulling back the duvet and top sheet on the bed. Then he placed three gentle fingers back into her vagina and she came again.

She felt him pick her up. He was very strong. She was vaguely aware that he was carrying her to the bed and that he was placing her gently on it, on her back, and moving her legs wide apart.

Then she was instantly back to full awareness when he cupped her breasts in his big hands and kissed her on the mouth. She opened her lips and his tongue plunged in and out, as if he was fucking her.

He stopped and pulled away and said, “I must fuck you immediately!”

Em felt his big cock part her pussy lips and tease her entrance. Then she felt his whole huge hard length slide in and begin to fuck her furiously. She shouted and flung her arms wide and threw her legs in the air. She came when he did, thrashing wildly under him after two minutes of hot fire.

Afterwards they lay quietly for a while, side by side, head to toe. Ramón played with her pussy and nibbled her neck. Em licked his big cock and roused it to full erection.

She moved above him, her wet pussy just above his mouth. She said, “Now my treat for you hot man.”

She sank her lips and teeth onto his cock, gripping tightly. Her shoulder length hair teased his cock. Ramón shouted. His tongue found her clitoris. He licked it furiously when he was introduced to the full hot delight of Em’s special blow-job.

When he cried out in ecstasy and came in her mouth she felt his long tongue thrust fully into her vagina and shaft her wetly until she in turn came again.

Then Ramón fucked her one more time, quickly, doggy style, over the end of the bed. The rumpled bed covering massaged her mound as his weight bore down on her. It was making her come..

Em was already shouting in ecstasy with a clitoral orgasm when she felt him stiffen further and shout her name over and over and fill her with hot gouts of his cum. She came in her vagina too.

Afterwards she thought, “Now that’s a rare double.”

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