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She Heard a Hot Little Secret

His dinner table confession really turned her on
Em was intrigued. Ambrose was just back from a business trip and he seemed to want to tell her something. Normally he didn’t, not unless asked and Em rarely asked since such exchanges inevitably became two-way affairs. 

She knew that Ambrose occasionally strayed from the straight and narrow, especially on business trips. This wasn’t something she regarded as a problem. Em had her own adventures. Ambrose knew that too and it wasn’t a problem either.

Tonight though, Em decided to indulge Ambrose’s evident desire to confess. She did that herself sometimes, usually over a quiet dinner at home. As a rule it led to hot sex and she did like it when Ambrose fucked her. He was very good at it.

They were seated as usual when they dined together at home, across the oval glass table from each other, Ambrose facing the night-time city panorama that he liked so much, she the little gas-fuelled briquette fire twinkling in its grate. It was what passed for winter in their part of the world.

On his most recent trip away, Ambrose had been more or less stationary in Bangkok. He had been there for ten days, an unusually long time for him. Em’s own business trips were often longer. She liked to think this gave her greater excuse to sample the local talent.

Em had been to Bangkok too. She knew what it was like, but she doubted that Ambrose (or any husband) knew that in that sinful city what was good for the gander was also available for any geese that happened to be interested. Em was interested from time to time.

One day she might tell him. Perhaps tonight would be the time, but perhaps not. Em liked her little secrets.

They had eaten well and drunk what Ambrose would describe as a modest quantum of wine. He had cleared the table of all but the cheese platter, the chocolates and the latest bottle of rather nice red.

Em was wearing a kimono. She sometimes liked to do so and this one was very special. It was the kimono she had removed from Meiko’s delightfully hot body, with its delicate little breasts and its sexy and beautifully manicured beaver the last time she had been in Nagoya.

Meiko had wrapped it up and given it to her as Em left in the gathering dusk of a late winter afternoon, the taste of Meiko’s hotly aromatic pussy still in her mouth. Meiko had said, “Em, you are my hottest lover. I dream about you. It is so wonderful that you love my pussy and I love yours. Think of me when you wear this.”

Em thought about Meiko a lot. They had been lovers for three years, meeting whenever they could. Em was in Nagoya once or twice a year and sometimes Meiko and Em chanced to be in another city at the same time. Meiko also traveled on business. It amused them both that neither of their husbands had a clue about their affair.

Like Meiko on that very special Sunday lunch date at her house three months ago, Em had nothing on underneath. Ambrose would discover that in due course. She expected him to be excited, especially since he had been away and she had a newly trimmed landing strip in an innovative design.

She knew he’d like the new layout. She had road-tested it the weekend just gone in a hotel at the coast and it had come through with flying colours. Her dinner date had fucked her three times on the big bed in her room and once in the shower just on the strength of it.

For the moment, however, her attention was firmly on what Ambrose obviously wanted to tell her. She smiled at him over the rim of her recently refilled wine glass and said, “Okay, Ambrose, shoot. I expect that’s what you want to tell me about.”

Em loved sexual innuendo. It was a taste she had acquired from Ambrose.

She stuck the tip of her long pink tongue out. Ambrose laughed. She loved him especially strongly when he laughed.

“Em,” said Ambrose. “When did you last have sex?”

Em said, “Last weekend Ambrose. I went to the coast and had dinner with a hot date.” she smiled at him. “It was rather spectacular, but this is your confession evening, not mine.”

Ambrose smiled back at her. He loved Em’s directness. It never failed to surprise.

“No, that’s okay,” he said. “I don’t want to pry. I do want to tell you about my little event, though.”

Em raised her glass and blew him a kiss. “Go ahead. Don’t leave anything out,” she said, and raised her glass again.

“Well if I do I can fill you in later,” said Ambrose. “I’d like to fill you in later anyway.”

Em smiled. “I think you should Ambrose. I adore being fucked by you.”

They looked at each other across the table.

Then Ambrose began his story.

“Her name is Phueng. It means bee,” he said. Then he laughed. “She certainly gave me a buzz. I met her at some drinks the first night I was there. She was there with her husband, he’s European. He does something in transport.”

Ambrose paused again and refilled their wine glasses.

“The moment I saw her I knew she was not just a quickie,” he said. “Normally that would rule her out, but she captivated me. She wasn’t tall but she had a presence I just couldn’t ignore. She looked so lively and was so much fun that I decided on the spot I just had to have her."

“So...” Ambrose paused another time then said, “I set out to seduce her. I never do that. As a rule you don’t have to anyway. There are plenty of willing women on the circuit. But it had to be her and I knew if it was it would be for the duration of my time in Bangkok.”

He smiled at Em. “That also broke a rule, the one about no commitment. I didn’t know whether it would be an ongoing thing or not. I go through Bangkok quite often after all. I didn’t care whether I was breaking a rule or not.”

Em caught his eye. “Everyone breaks their own rules Ambrose,” she said. “Go on.”

She saw that Ambrose had a faraway look in his eyes, that he was somewhere else for the moment.

He returned shortly. “She smoked, unusually for a Thai woman, and her husband didn’t. He was an anally retentive Austrian. We excused ourselves at one point and went to the little area outside on the roof where you could smoke."

“It was quite crowded, as you’d expect. It was a bit like the cactus garden at Changi airport in Singapore. We both know that well,” he said with a laugh.

“We chatted. She was offhand, deliberately not showing interest in ... well, you know. I was more and more captivated by the minute. Eventually, over our second cigarettes, she allowed herself to get my drift.

“She was very direct, a bit like you, Em. She leaned towards me, touched my hand, smiled very sweetly and whispered, ‘You would like to fuck me, wouldn’t you?’"

“Well, what could I say? Of course I wanted to fuck her. She was the most desirable thing, apart from you, Em, that I’d seen in a very long time. So I said, ‘Yes, Phueng, I would just adore to make love to you.'"

“I was in raptures when she smiled, kissed me lightly on the lips, and said, ‘Well then you shall, Ambrose.’"

Ambrose broke off his monologue at that point. “I imagine you know how I felt, Em,” he said.

Em herself was far away at this point. She was in Nagoya licking Meiko’s pussy and listening to her hot little moans. The break in Ambrose’s tale brought her back. “Yes, Ambrose, I know exactly how you felt. Sometimes you meet people you just have to have for more than just a moment. I know that very well.”

Ambrose knew that Em knew that, and how, but he would never raise the subject. He didn’t know about Meiko, but he knew about Marcus with whom Em had been conducting an ephemeral love affair for many months.

He knew everything about Marcus too, but that was something else he had no plan to ever divulge. He knew that Marcus was much younger than Em. He knew that they believed they were very discreet and that in fact functionally they were.

He knew, too, that what they did with each other when they met and where that was, was easily discoverable by anyone with the time and the interest, and the contacts, to find out.

Ambrose went on with his story.

“Phueng gave me a business card with her cell phone number on it and said I should call her the next day. If I was free that evening, she would alone at home, her husband was going away for around ten days. The card had her residential address on it too."

“She said we should go back to the drinks party now or people would wonder. She probably meant her husband would wonder too, but I didn’t care, I was entranced by thoughts of the next evening. It was all so unlike me.”

Em loosened the belt on her kimono. She was suddenly feeling hot. It fell open and exposed her breasts. Her nipples were hard, standing out like little pebbles.

Ambrose continued his story. He had noticed Em’s nipples had suddenly hardened and become erect, but he needed to finish his tale.

“I went to see Phueng at her house the next evening. It was the night I didn’t phone you, you’ll remember.”

Em didn’t remember, though she’d never tell Ambrose that. On the evening in question Marcus was delightfully doing her hair on his bed in a hotel both she and he were staying in, separately, on a business trip.

She remembered precisely how Marcus had hotly parted her hair twice with his strong young cock and the two orgasms she had enjoyed while he was doing this. She remembered him coming noisily twice, raw cocked, inside her, and her third and fourth orgasms that resulted from his hot ejaculations.

She remembered later playing with his thick bush and rewarding him with her classic blow-job, twice. Marcus loved her blow jobs. Ambrose did too. Now and then some other lucky man discovered them too.

She remembered the hot breakfast with Marcus the next morning too. That was also two courses.

She didn’t know that Ambrose had worked out most of those details for himself because he had in fact called her and the call had gone through to her message service. He had called from a fixed line phone and hadn’t left a message.

Ambrose took up his story again.

“Phueng was naked when she answered the door. She was beautiful. Her hair was done up behind her head in European style. She had a big tattoo on her left arm, some kind of symbol I think. She had little breasts and big hard nipples and a sexy little triangle of hair on her mound."

“She took me through to the salon, the living room, and reclined on the sofa with her legs wide apart and her little feet on the floor. She said, ‘Lick me, lover,’ and I did of course. She was a little bit furry between her legs and she tasted of smoky sandalwood. She came very loudly. She was divine.”

Em had fully opened her kimono now. Her left hand was exciting her pussy. Ambrose could see this through the glass table top. He saw that Em’s pussy was pink, open and very wet. He desired her with immediate effect.

“How many times did you fuck her Ambrose?” Em asked.

“Twice that first night and seven times over the next nine days,” said Ambrose.

“I fucked her with love, Em,” he said. “That’s what I wanted to tell you.”

Em slowed her masturbation. “Did she fuck you with love in return Ambrose?” she asked with a distant little smile.

“She did, Em,” replied Ambrose. “I think she is a long-term affair.”

He made an on the spot decision. “Like you and Marcus,” he said.

Em stopped masturbating. She stood up and dropped her kimono. Ambrose looked at her, heated by her erect nipples, the aroused state of her pussy and the neatly trimmed little V of hair she now revealed to him.

“Marcus fucks me and I love it,” she said. “But it’s you I love.”

She smiled at Ambrose. “I am very wet now and very ready to be fucked by you. Slide your cock into me and make me come. When did you find out about Marcus? Have I been very indiscreet?”

Ambrose smiled back at her. Em was a cool customer, always in control. “I’ve known about Marcus from the beginning,” he said.

Then he carried Em up the stairs to their bedroom, placed her gently on their big bed, opened her legs very wide the way she liked it, and licked her lovely pussy and sexy new landing strip while he tore off his clothes.

When he had done that he presented his cock to her pussy and gently parted its lips. Em had moaned with pleasure and thrown her arms wide above her head. It was her favourite abandoned pose. Her nipples were standing high. Her vagina had opened to receive him.

Ambrose looked at her. She was beautiful. He entered her.

She came, shouting, when he filled her with hot cum. He did that several times during the night.

Em gave him two of her hot cock specials too. They were always to die for.

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