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She knew what I needed

She knew what I wanted and I was about to take it
It was a crappy day. I had just walked in the door from a funeral. One of the older gentlemen from accounting passed away suddenly. I was greeted by the stampede of lab/pitbull feet as I tried to make my way up the stairs. I felt like strangling the asshole that told me taking care of two dogs was just as easy as one. What was I thinking, getting a second lab/pit mix? I closed the kiddy gate behind me to keep the dogs down stairs and dropped my coat on the chair next to the couch. The house was dark and quiet. The flickering glow of the TV was flashing over the pictures that lined the hallway teld me she was still awake. I flipped on the kitchen light and poured myself a drink. I held the glass of Jonnie Walker Black close to my lips and let it fill my nostrils before taking the first sip. Typically I don’t spoil myself and I don’t buy in to the brand name stuff but I won’t drink cheap scotch. I leaned up against the edge of the counter and took a moment to clear my mind as I waited for the rush of heat from the scotch. I turned out the kitchen light and made my way down the hall. The bedroom door was open and I saw her lying on her stomach at the edge of the bed. She had her glasses on and a pillow scrunched up under her chest. She looked at me as I walked in but said nothing. She was wearing a flannel pajama top and white panties. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind until I saw her laying there, kicking her feet playfully. It honestly doesn’t take much to get me excited. The way her panties hugged the curve of her ass caught my eye. I knew the scotch had just kicked in because my next thought was that I was going to fuck this hot little bitch right now. My “Doctor Jekyll” was a loving husband who adored his wife but my “Mister Hyde” was a voracious bastard that thought of this lovely lady as his own personal whore. The scotch was now ringing the dinner bell for Mister Hyde rather loudly and I eyed her intently as she watched the TV. I finished taking off my suit and draped it over the footboard of the bed. She remained silent as I walked over to her. She just looked up at me clutching the pillow tightly to her chest as she propped herself up on her elbows.

“Turn over,” I demanded in a soft but deep voice.

She rolled over on to her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. I tossed aside the pillow she had been hugging and dropped my boxers to the floor.

“Open your mouth,” I said as I gently removed her glasses.

I traced the tip of my cock over her lips. Her mouth was open and the tip of her tongue reached out to touch me. She let out a soft moan as I eased the length of it into her mouth and down her throat holding it there to let her feel each dull throb as it got thicker. I eased it back out of her mouth so she could take a breath then all the way back in. I rested my hand gently against her throat as she took it all the way down. She has been doing this for so many years now she was very comfortable taking me all the way down. My other hand unbuttoned her flannel top. Her nipples became hard from the cool air of the room. I reached behind her neck to support her head as I continued to fuck her mouth.

“That’s it, all the way down,” I said as she wrapped her arms around my thighs, pulling me closer to her.

Her legs spread open as she pulled me deeper into her throat. I slid my hand down along her body, over her chest to feel her hard nipples against my palm. Sliding down over her stomach I could feel her skin getting warmer as my fingers reached downward. Her hips started to lift off the bed as my fingers reached her white panties. They clung tightly to her form outlining her beautiful pussy. The tip of my finger lightly grazing over her already swollen clit. Her hands slid up and down the back of my thighs as she continued to fuck herself in the throat with my cock. She pressed her feet down on the bed lifting her pussy into my finger tips. There is just something about the warmth of cotton over hot pussy that drives me insane. Maybe it just reminds me of the first time a girl ever let me reach down her pants.

I pressed my fingers against her clit and let her hips grind her pussy against them until I felt my cock slip from her mouth.

She slipped her panties off and handed them to me before rolling over on to her knees. Turning her ass towards me, she pressed the side of her face down on the bed and placed her hands behind her just at the small of her back. I tied her hands behind her back with her warm panties and let my cock rest against the curve of her ass. I slid my hands down along her narrow waist to the curve of her hips. I watched as her knees spread apart showing me how wet she was already. Without either of us touching it, I guided the tip of my cock to her pussy. Her wet lips pushed open as she gyrated against me until just the head of it was inside her.

“Still,” I said squeezing her hips very tightly.

She stopped moving. Wanting her to feel every throb, every detail of my cock, I eased the length of it inside her burning hot pussy. Like a thousand times before I had to fight back the urge to explode inside her right then and there from the heat and the feel of her squeezing around me as it slid inside. Holding it there, pressed deeply inside her I wondered how many other couples were as fortunate as we are to be such a perfect “fit”. Even after all the years of fucking like animals her pussy wrapped around me like a second skin.

I watched as I eased it all the way out to see how wet she had just made it. Silent and still she laid there poised to take me back inside her. I gave her a moment to wonder when I would give her what she wanted but she knew this wasn’t about what she wanted tonight. She knew the moment I walked in the door that I was taking what I wanted and my obedient little slut was more than happy to accept.

My hands still grasping her by her hips tightly I shoved it deep inside her again. Her delighted moan telling me she was ready for more than just a simple fuck. Spreading my feet a little wider for stability I proceeded to pound her hot cunt. Her moaning quickly giving way to screams of ecstasy and fueling my rhythm. The bed shook each time my hips pounded against her ass. I could feel her orgasm starting to build as she squeezed around me tighter. Her hot pussy coaxing me to fill it with cum. Grabbing her hips even tighter I slammed inside her with a final thrust as surge after surge of heat exploded deep inside her.

As the strain started to ease from my cock I let it slip from inside her. I loosened my grip from her hips to reveal warm red hand prints. I untied her hands and watched her roll over on to her side. She brought her knees up close to her chest. I leaned over and kissed her as I brushed the hair away from her face. I dragged the blanket up over her, turned off the TV and walked out of the room.

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