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She longed for his touch and he longed for hers

Tags: lust, longing.
Two people are drawn together by lust.

She slowly walked across the paved floor, hoping she would get a good fucking tonight. Who the fuck cares about being a well brought up girl she thought. I need to be loved, by a man, a wonderful man. She stopped and stared when she saw him standing there, he was perfect, so manly, so grown up. He was exactly what she wanted, flesh and blood, she wanted it all. He had something about him that made her feel weak at the knees, something sensual.

She couldn’t help but stare at his hands as he held his beer, eventually having a swig of it every now and then. She just wanted to yell out ‘I want you, right here, right now, on the floor’. She didn’t care about her innocence, she didn’t care about anything, in that moment, he was all that mattered. Who wouldn’t want to be with this god type looking man?

His beard made her tingle and the way his sweaty smell made it’s way across the room to her made her giggle as she silently wished she could get closer to that smell. Would he come over and run his hands over her body, eventually getting to her panties and pulling them down. Oh how she longed for that, how she longed for his touch, to feel his breath against her face. She wanted his mouth on her neck, on her breasts, all over her body.   

It was a feeling of need, a feeling of longing, a feeling on pure lust. She approached him, knowing that she wanted to fuck him, hoping that he would want that too and if she was in luck, might want more.   She rested her eyes upon his face as he stood there; looking over to her, clearly noticing her and making her heart melt with pure lust. He looked at her again, his lips curving into a smile and his eyes searching hers. She longed for his touch and he longed for hers, that was clear now and she wanted nothing more than to go and hug him, to feel her body against his and to kiss him with all her eagerness.

He came and stood next to her and she smelt the smell of him, the smell of his dirty hair and manly sweat. She felt his hand and his fingers entwine with hers and looked over to him, staring into his face. As they stood there, leaning against the bench secretly holding hands, he kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth and pressing his lips softly against hers. She felt his hand move up her top and caress her breast, rubbing and pinching her nipples.

He moved his hand up her skirt, moving it up her thigh and to her panties. She felt her body quiver and slightly gasped as he put his fingers in her. They went over to his bedroom, closing the door behind them. She undid the buttons on her top, exposing her bra to him and pulling the top over her head. She undid the back of her bra and put it on the ground, watching him stare at her breasts hungrily. He took off his t-shirt and put it on the ground next to her clothes.

She took hold of the top of her skirt, slowly pulling it down to her feet and then stepping out of it. He stood there, silent, watching and waiting. She started to pull her panties down, slowly and carefully down over her legs until she was fully unclothed. He too, did the same, until they both stood naked, their bodies calling for each other.   He moved over to her, putting his hands on her and kissing her neck. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, tasting it and nibbling on it.

She fondled his balls in her hands and they pressed their bodies closer to each other, he kissed her while she rubbed the shaft of his penis, his kisses grew stronger and more intense. He pushed her up harder against the wall and breathed on her, pushing her arms on the wall too and exploring her mouth with his tongue more and more. He moved her onto his bed and continued to kiss her. She took his penis into her mouth and as a result, tasted salty semen.

He entered her, letting her feel the warm full feeling of his penis and shudders all over her body ever time it went in and out. There was a nice indescribable feeling in her stomach every time his penis went in her, it was like a relief. She tightened her muscles around his penis and they both came, holding each other close and breathing heavily. When they awoke, she went outside, desperate for fresh air. She heard a sound behind her and turned around quickly, “Hey”, she said, as she saw him standing there shirtless.

“Wanna fuck again?” he asked, letting her see the swelling bulge that was his groin. “Maybe”, she said, looking at him seductively. She felt her nipples harden as he came up behind her, hugging her and kissing her neck. “I’m definitely up for it if you are”, he said, turning her around to kiss her. “Is this going to go anywhere?” she asked, hoping he would say it would. “Yep”, he said, getting out a cigarette and smiling.

“You sure?” she said, smiling back. “Would I fucking lie to you babe?” he said, placing the cigarette on his lips. “That’s a good question”, she said, suddenly realising she only had underwear on. “I should get dressed”, she said, walking over to the door. “Why?” he asked, still smoking, “I’m liking the view”. “It’s cold”, she said, shivering, “Well we can go inside to bed soon”, he said, letting her hear the deep pleasant sound of his voice.

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