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She Never Learns

While the fisher is away the pussy will play
Another lonely night.. Jeremiah is on what seems like a life long fishing trip and it's been a rare treat if he has a signal. So Juliana spends her nights trying to keep her mind off sex and watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones. Well, at least she's been a good girl for him.

Restless, but knowing she needs to sleep, she turns off her iPad, but not before looking one more time to see if he has checked in... Nope, nothing... Grrrr. She'll never win any awards for patience and if he doesnt get back to her soon, she may even loose her virtue award!

Juliana's blood typically runs pretty hot, but tonight she feels it coming on strong and she's well aware of the trouble she can get herself into. Still though, shes getting a pissy attitude and thinking about how he's probably sleeping soundly and dreaming of a fucking fish. She growls and mutters her favorite curse words under her breath, until finally she decides its best to chill out and be a good girl. So she pours herself a glass of red wine for later and gets into the shower to cool off her mind and body.

She squirts Jeremiahs favorite strawberry soap on her skin. The soap she bought from Body Shop with him in mind and begins to lather up her body. The scent of strawberries, yummy and intoxicating, brings back thoughts of him. She begins to think of another shower she took, not so long ago, when he had left her for yet another fishing trip. Geezus, she really needed to get this fishing shit out of her head. So she takes a deep breath and lets her head fall back, eyes closed, letting the water relax her. Her soapy hands begin to spread the scented suds over her skin and she lets out a nervous giggle thinking again about that day. It had been early evening when she had decided to take her shower. She didn't expect Jeremiah for hours, but he had come back early and caught her masturbating with the shower head.

She was leaned up against the shower wall, legs spread, the water on perfect pulse. Fully engrossed in her fantasy, which by the way if he knew, he would have liked to wring her little neck. Just on the brink of very sweet orgasm, she heard his low, deep voice say, "Juliana, What are you doing ?" Her eyes sprung open and she let out a yelp, both thankful and terrified to see it was him.

His blues eyes had chilled and heated her in one flash. Holy shit, yikes and fuck! She knew that look and what it meant. Impulsively, Juliana blushed and giggled, hoping she could charm her way out of this little dilemma. With flirty eyes, she met his gaze, hoping for a reprieve, but the stern look he gave her back let her know this was no giggling matter. Juliana knew right then that she needed to show some due shame for breaking the rules. With quiet remorse, she looked away from him and lowered her head, but her lip deceived her. Her bottom lip jutted out slightly, revealing her true nature. Damn her rebellious mouth. As always, nothing escaped his sharp mind, especially anything concerning Juliana. Jeremiah had told her to tuck in that bratty lip and get out of the shower. NOW.

His commanding voice and the way she scrambled out of the shower, left little doubt about who was in charge. It wasn't just his size and his muscles, everything about him cried out man, masculine on every level and a naturally dominate nature. Not always the most graceful, sometimes he truly did remind her of a bull, you could almost see his snorts of breath when he was angry or very aroused. As she hurried out of the shower, she couldn't help but see the bulge in his pants and she smirked in evil pleasure, quickly hoping he didn't notice, but when she went to grab the towel, he snatched it away from her and said, "Evil little girls don't get towels." and smacked her ass hard.. He had noticed.

Now reminiscing about that day, Juliana felt that familiar ache in her pussy growing stronger. Breathing deeply she concentrated on the warm water massaging her and watched as the suds dripped down her body, causing her red rosy nipples to stiffen. Looking down at them, she admired how stiff they got, knowing the power they had over her Jeremiah. Remembering how red and swollen he'd made her nipples that day, but now again, she relented to the temptation and began twisting her nipples, imagining her fingers were Jeremiah's fingers and teeth. Closing her eyes and recalling the sight of herself, naked, wet, and shivering as he asked her to explain why she had disobeyed him. Finally admitting to him that she has no self-control, a slut who indulges herself in self pleasure and gives not a damn about the rules. Juliana reached for the shower head as she thought about his fingers inside of her, feeling her wetness. She leaned up against the shower wall and spread her legs, thinking about the burn of his hand on her ass. With the shower head on perfect pulse, she remembered the orgasm he gave her as he reminded her that she was only to cum for and with him. Just as she was on the brink of a very sweet orgasm, she heard his low, deep voice say "Juliana, What are you doing ?". Holy shit, yikes and fuck!

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