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She Suggested They Might Do Lunch

He’d said yes, he’d love to eat her pussy
Em was lying on the bed in her weekend holiday hotel room wearing a little top-and-shorts beach party ensemble. Her mouth was partly open as if to invite cock and her eyes half closed with lust.

Her long legs were profoundly apart and her pants were pulled aside. She wasn’t wearing panties and her hotly manicured landing strip was erotically in full view.

A lovely long tongue, owned by a lovely young man, was hotly licking her pussy. The lovely young man had one hand on the inside of her right thigh, caressing it very sexily.

He had his other hand on her left hip clutching the beach pants that he had drawn up to keep her pussy in clear view. He was making very promising noises as well as licking her with commendable skill.

Em was moaning softly with every upward, downward and inward movement of his tongue. She would come soon.

Her pussy and vagina were tingling wetly. Her nipples, hard and erect in her little beach top, felt like hot little pebbles. She could feel her orgasm building up. When she came she knew she would scream with ecstasy.

She knew that soon as she did this the lovely young man would tear her clothes off, and his own. She knew she would then see his cock, the hot, hard length she wanted feel inside her.

She had been hotly thinking about since she first had a hot flush about it on the beach a couple of hours earlier. She so wanted to see it.

He would briefly tease her pussy with his cock. Then he would fulfil her dream and thrust it firmly into her and nail her wildly and rapidly to the bed.

She would enjoy this hugely and volubly. He would too and he would come quickly, inside her where she liked to feel the hot rush of urgent, lustful cum. She would come again.

Em had always loved first fucks. It was so exciting to get naked with a new cock. It was so hot when a man’s hot length first penetrated her vagina to experience the delights within.

It was very hard to resist the temptation to show a hot new man her pussy. Em tried very hard not to resist and usually managed to do this.

This time was no exception. She was having a weekend break alone at a big resort hotel. She had booked a junior suite that gave her entry to the club lounge and other benefits.

She’d had a hot massage in her suite last night, the first evening. She had given the hotel masseur a big tip to massage her naked (him, not her; she had opened the door to him in the buff).

A further tip for extra services rendered had not been necessary. He had licked her to heaven during her massage and then fucked her twice for impure enjoyment and she had slept very soundly that night.

Today she had gone to the beach club, installed herself in a long chair on the sand, taken off her sarong and lain totally revealed in a very tiny string bikini. The young man who had soon attracted her attention was also apparently alone and had noticed her.

She noticed this and was pleased that she had attracted his attention.

Later, he got an interesting bulge in his board-shorts when she went inside to the open-air cafe and breasted the bar beside him (literally) and suggested they have a drink together.

He was indeed alone, it seemed, a refugee like she was from a very busy work period. Em was in hunting mode that weekend. So was he. She was after cock. He was after pussy. It looked as if it could be a perfect match.

They introduced themselves. He was Max and he was in something financial. T hey had a drink. He had a Long Island Tea, she chose the slightly crass and suggestive Sex on the Beach. They had another.

He was twenty-six, she was thirty-seven. He was in some sort of relationship. She was married. They were both there for three days and they were both there to get laid.

“Perhaps we should do lunch,” said Em brightly. The young man’s bulge became even more plainly evident. He looked long and deeply at her and said, “We should. I’d love to eat your pussy.”

Em’s nipples hardened and rose. This was instantly observable since her string bikini top was merely that, the string, no fabric. Her pussy, similarly clad in only string, no fabric, got hotly wet. She shifted on her bar stool, leaving a damp patch.

She looked at her watch. It was eleven-thirty.

She said, “Come to my suite at one o’clock. We’ll have lunch. You shall have your favourite hors d’oeuvres. My suite is in the west wing, number three-zero-two, on the second floor.”

She saw that Max responded to this suggestion by getting an enormous boner. She briefly stroked its outline in his board shorts. She said, “I want that later, several times.” It got even bigger.

Max attended punctually. Em liked that in a young man. She opened the door to him clad in a little beach party top and pants. He liked that. She could see evidence of that in his chinos.

He was also wearing a black shirt. Em wanted to unbutton it immediately so she would kiss, lick and bite his nipples. She did so. Max liked that a lot.

He slipped a hand into Em’s pants and murmured “Oh god” when he ran straight into wet pussy. He massaged Em’s breasts in their little top and noticed her erect and hard nipples and murmured “Oh god” again.

Em led him into the bedroom of the suite and she lay down, propped up on the pillows. She spread her legs and said, “Lick me, beautiful boy.”

He had done so, opening her entrance with his hot tongue and thrusting it deeply inside her vagina. Em climaxed immediately, and several times afterwards in quick succession.

A little while later he fucked her with his rock-hard nine-inch cock tremendous passion and incredible strength and length and Em screamed in ecstasy just as she imagined she would.

So did Max. He shouted the room down when he began to come and he doubled and then redoubled the pace of his huge shaft thrusting into her vagina.

Afterwards they lay together, naked, on the ruined bed. Em played with his neatly manicured triangle of black hair and gave him her signature blow-job and he shouted again, in a major way. He came hotly in her mouth, just the way she liked it.

She did it again, just to make the point. She did love a young, lusty man.

The next two days were heaven.

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