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She Woke Up Feeling Frisky

She really enjoys waking him up…
It was 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday when Jane stirred under the sheets. Her eyes were closed but her mind was wide awake with sexual thoughts of the man beside her. Sean was her husband of 29 years and her lover for much longer. She’d had other lovers before their marriage but none could match what he brought, and still brings, to their loving relationship. His loving skills please her sexually and she does her best to return the sexual pleasure.

They both had slept without any clothing and Jane felt the warmth of his naked body next to hers as she thought about how he made love to her last night. They had gone out for dinner and ended up at their favorite jazz club where they met some friends for a fun filled evening. When they got home, Jane performed a sexy strip show for Sean while he stared at her mesmerized by how beautiful and sexy his wife was. He knew how lucky he was to have her as his wife and rewarded her with multiple orgasms as he always does.

Since the day they got together so many years ago, they’ve always had sex three to four times a week mixing up the action. Sometimes it would an oral only affair, hands on only play, mutual masturbation or flat out fucking each other silly. He’s had no reason to search for another lover and neither has she. They raised two great children together and continued to remain best friends and lovers throughout the process.

Jane’s hands were playing with both her full C-cup breasts as she remembered the loving she got from Sean last night. His hands were all over her groping her, loving her as he licked, sucked and fucked her. Her breathing started to become labored and she had that familiar stirring in her loins as she touched herself. Then it struck her, Sean loves when she uses her hands on him so her thoughts moved to pleasing him in return. She loved being dominated by him sexually but knew he would really enjoy what she had to offer.

Jane carefully rolled over to see her husband. Sean was sleeping on his stomach and she could see the outline of his body under the sheets. She always loved to watch him sleep, watch him breath and see his body in a relaxed state. They both kept themselves in pretty good shape by working out together at the gym. Neither of them looked their age of 52 years and prided themselves for it

While looking at Sean, it came to mind how she was going approach this morning’s love fest. Jane quietly slipped out bed and moved around to Sean’s side of the bed. She pulled out a bottle of lube from the bedside table and slowly removed the sheet covering his sleeping body.

Jane paused to watch Sean waiting to see if he was still asleep. She moved her eyes up and down his body enjoying the sight before her. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy as she focused her eyes to his taut buttocks. She loved to see his ass in jeans and couldn’t believe a man of his age could fill out a pair of jeans like a twenty-something.

Jane reached down with her left hand to lightly rub an ass cheek. Sean didn’t stir until she put her both hands on his ass cheeks and started lovingly rubbing them. He didn’t protest. He enjoyed the feeling her hands on him and his breathing told her so. He lightly moaned as her fingers started to dig in as she massaged him. It was soon after he slightly parted his legs exposing his balls. She reached between his legs and started them.

Sean slightly lifted his hips from the bed giving the opportunity she was looking for. She reached further between his legs to find his hardy cock was stiff and ready for her touch. He lifted his hips higher from the bed opening his cheeks where she could see his exposed rosebud. While she playfully teased his cock, she bent over to kiss his ass cheek before licking her way down the crack of his ass.

Sean always loved the way she played with his ass. They had accidently stumbled into her playing with his ass during one of her toe-curling blow jobs. Jane was on her knees doing her best to deep throat his thick 8 inch cock when she had her hands on his ass cheeks. While tightening her grip of his ass one of her fingers poked his asshole causing him to moan loudly and cum in her mouth where she proudly swallowed his offering. She had expanded her arsenal to include licking his ass as time went on.

Jane rimmed his tight ring and knew the response would be a cock throbbing and leaking pre-cum. She put her free hand on his hip pulling his ass up in the air. He responded by moving up to his knees to give her that better access she desired. She worked the tip of her tongue inside his ass and played with his balls before she pulled away from him and releasing his balls. She slipped her hand further between his legs to find the response she expected. Lightly teasing him with her soft hands, she pulled away and stood up.

Sean groaned his grievance when she said, “Be patient honey.”

Jane poured some lube between his cheeks and some on her hand as she moved to the end of the bed. From there, she got the visual she was looking for; Sean’s ass up with his puckered hole in view and his heavy balls and fat cock hanging down. Jane loved the fact that he keeps his balls and ass shaved. She loves the cleanliness and smooth skin when she plays with him. In turn, she keeps her pubic hair neatly cut and trimmed with her lips and ass shaved.

Jane satisfied that she had enough lube in her had reached for his cock to slicken it up. She also used a middle finger between his ass cheeks to spread the lube around his asshole. She started stroking his slick, stiff cock as if she was milking a cow while rimming his wet ring with her finger.

Sean was breathing heavy and his mind in sensory overload from Jane’s hand and finger working him over. He is not bi-sexual by any means but he loves it when Jane takes the initiative to please him this way. She knows this is an act that only the two of them can enjoy together and will continue on in the future.

Pushing his butt towards her Sean said, “Take me baby, make me cum…”

Jane replied, “I’ll make you cum baby, but when I’m ready.”

Jane varied her strokes as she rimmed his ass. Her strokes were long, slow strokes and then she would mix in short, quick strokes. She stopped stroking him and held his throbbing cock in her hand long enough to slide her finger knuckle deep in his tight asshole. She teasingly fingered him and restarted her stroking of his slick cock. He moaned loudly and she could feel him squeezing her finger.

“Baby likes when Mama plays with his ass, huh?”

“Ohhh, yesss…It feels sooo good,” Sean replied between deep breaths.

Jane removed her finger and he groaned at the empty feeling. She slid her thumb up and down his slick ass crack before inserting it into his empty hole. He moaned, “That’s it”, as she penetrated him. She used the fingers from the same hand to tease his balls.

Sean moaned louder and started moving his hips back and forth. He could never get tired of her invading fingers or thumbs during a hand job or blow job. He also enjoyed it when she used a small toy but this morning was to be fingers or thumbs.

Jane knew Sean was getting close to his release and she couldn’t wait to drain him. Wedging her thumb deeper inside him to rub his prostate she started stroking his cock faster.

In a sexy voice she said, “C’mon baby, give Momma your cum…”

He was moaning louder and managed to say, “Oh yeah, I’m almost there…”

Jane leaned down to kiss and lick his bare ass cheek when she felt his asshole ring squeeze really hard on her thumb. He screamed, “OOOHHH MY GAWD”, as he release his first shot of thick cum into the sheet covered bed.

Jane continued stroking him as she watched his cock release thick gobs of cum. She loved the feeling of his cock in her hand but she loved it as he came. She knew she instigated this intense orgasm for him and proudly smiled as he moaned loudly leaving a pool of cum on the sheet below.

Jane released his deflating cock and slowly slid her thumb from his ass after she was satisfied he was done. She moaned a bit looking at his slightly gaped asshole above his empty balls softening cock. She was proud to be the woman that pleases him.

Sean moved his body forward dropping his hips and stomach down on the bed as he tried to regain his composure. His breath was erratic and his mind numb…

Jane watched as Sean fell back asleep. She was satisfied that she had please him but needed a quick relief. She put a foot on the bed and spread her legs. She reached down to find her pussy was not only wet but had leaked her sweet nectar down her thighs. She was in a high state of arousal and when she touched swollen lips with her middle finger she shuttered. She spread herself with her index and ring finger as she penetrated between her lips with her middle finger.

Jane loved to masturbate, especially in front of Sean, whether he was asleep or not. Fingering herself always brought her great pleasure and this time would be no different with the exception of the time it would take to climax. She fingered herself for less than 30 seconds before she moaned loudly and released. She didn’t squirt but she released a good amount creamy cum that she had worked up inside playing with Sean.

Jane licked and sucked her wet fingers clean before quietly finding the shirt Sean wore last night. She loved the way she tasted and after seeing herself in the mirror with his shirt on she knew he would be back for more. She left the bedroom and went to the kitchen to start breakfast.

As Jane was finishing up breakfast Sean quietly looked into the kitchen to see his lovely wife. He took in her beauty for she was barefooted and only wearing the dress shirt he wore last night to dinner and the jazz club. He loved that look and to him, she was the woman that epitomized a woman in a man’s dress shirt. She gave him an early wake up call this morning that he was really grateful for and now she was cooking breakfast. “What a woman,” he thought.

Sean walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her slim body and kissed her neck, “Good morning, Darling.”

“Good morning,” she quickly replied.

As Sean held her, she felt his cock hardening between her bare ass cheeks. Jane loved that feeling but couldn’t believe he was ready to go again so quickly. After a hand job, like the one this morning, it usually takes him a while to recover and it had only been 30 minutes. But she didn't mind at all for she was more than ready for him.

He whispered in her ear, “Breakfast can wait.”

Jane quickly responded using her free hands to quickly turn off the stove top and guided Sean to a side counter where she teasingly pushed her bare ass against him. He moved his hands inside the unbuttoned shirt to find her bare C-cup breasts and hardened nipples. Sean was a leg and ass man but he also enjoyed playing with her full breasts.

Sean cupped her breast in his hands and lightly squeezed them as he licked and nibbled the side her neck and ear. Sean was already breathing heavily but Jane was breathing deeply. She loved having him cup and work her breasts, especially while he was teasing her ass with his cock. Her pussy was once again getting wet and swollen from his breast stimulation.

Jane bent over the counter and pushed back against him to offer herself to him. Sean released her breasts and kneeled down behind her. He could smell the sweet aroma of her arousal. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks to spread them as if to see what was she was hiding.

Sean saw her swollen nether lips and her puckered back door. The view was inviting and had to have a taste. He leaned forward burying his nose between her cheeks as his lips and tongue touched her sweet pussy. He licked around her lips before targeting her swollen clit. She flinched and moaned at the touch.

Sean loved her taste and devoured her womanhood with his tongue. After licking her clit, he licked around her meaty lips before penetrating deeply into her pussy. She wiggled her ass during his oral assault. She loved his oral talents but wanted his cock.

“C’mon baby, give your cock,” between heavy breaths.

Sean ran his tongue up and down her backside a couple of times from her clit to her asshole where he stopped to rim her as she moaned. He then stood up taking his cock in hand and placed the head at the entrance of her wet pussy. Jane pushed back and filled herself with his 8 inches of man meat.

Jane would normally need more foreplay from him but she was so wet she knew she could take him without further a due. They both moaned loudly when he was fully inside of her. Sean put his hands on her hips and started pumping his cock in and out with long, slow strokes. His strokes caused his fat head slip out before being pushed back in.

Jane loved the feeling of being filled and grinded back against when he was fully inside her. Sean loved being the one filling her. He reached up and grabbed her sexy red hair as he moved back and forth behind her. She was so into him that she was leaking her juices. He could feel them covering his cock and balls as he fucked her.

Without a word, Sean released her hair and pulled out of her leaving her to feel empty. He spun her around, lifted her up on the kitchen counter and leaned in to deeply kiss her. Carefully not to break their kiss, he used his hand to guide himself back into her. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed tightly to push him deeper. This resulted in more juice being pushed out.

Sean broke off their kiss and leaned back. Using his hands he took her legs and placed her feet on his chest. Jane slid her ass closer to the end of the counter and Sean started power driving into her. Their breathing was heavy as they looked into each other’s eyes while he deeply penetrated her pussy with his meaty cock.

Jane was tightly squeezing Sean’s cock with womanly muscles when he pulled out and in one move penetrated her slightly open asshole causing her to squeal, “Ohhh Myyy GAWD!”

Sean knew she was wet enough for this move and he was right. He slipped halfway in with no problem but stopped upon entering to allow her to get adjusted to the anal invasion before going further. He took her ankles in hands and brought one of her feet to his lips. He kissed and licked the sole before sucking her toes as she moaned loudly and squeezed his cock in her ass. Jane was lost in the moment. She loved anal sex and loved when he worshipped her feet.

Having both acts taking place at the same time caused Jane to squirt on Sean when he started pumping in and out of her tight ass. They discovered Jane could squirt in her early 40’s and he knew anal sex would definitely induce it. She put her hands on his bare chest and repeatedly told him, “fuck me”, as he penetrated deeper into tight her ass.

Jane squirted a second time causing Sean to lose his load. He felt his cock swell against the tight ring of her ass as she squirted and joined her screaming climax. He pumped harder as they both screamed “fuck me, fuck me” during their climatic moment.

Jane and Sean were breathing heavy while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. He released her ankles and she wrapped her legs around him again. He fell forward into her awaiting arms where their sweaty bodies joined and they fell back against the backsplash. He buried his face into the nape of her neck and he couldn’t move. They both felt the wetness of sweat and cum throughout their joined bodies. She didn’t want to move as she loved having his cock in her ass and him in her arms after a strong climax.

Jane thought to herself, “And this morning started with a hand job…”

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