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She's Mine

An encounter in a bar, leads to a quickie in the alley
Jared walked into the bar, and there she was. Her back was to the door, preventing her from seeing him enter. Men surrounded her with several drinks in front of her. Apparently she had attracted quite a bit of attention.

Jared fumed at the site. As he scanned the length of her body, he saw the reason for the attention. She had on a pair of low rise jeans, that had ridden even further down her hips. They showed the tattoo on the small of her back, along with the top of the black lace thong she was wearing. No wonder men surrounded her.

Jared felt the tightening between his legs. Any time he looked at her, his cock hardened. Seeing her receive so much attention made him angry, but he also felt pride well us in his chest.

Jared the approached the group, placing his hand on the small of her back, covering her tattoo, dipping a little further to finger both the bare skin and the black lace.

He turned her around, planting a long, hard kiss on her. She leaned into his kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him closer.

“Hello lover. I was wondering when you would get here,” she said.

“I see you haven’t been lonely,” he replied.

‘These gentlemen have been keeping me company, but you know you’re the only man for me,” she responded as her hand snaked down his stomach reaching the treasure she was seeking. She smiled as she reached her hard reward.

“Let’s get out of here so you can fuck me,” she whispered into his ear.

Jared didn’t need to be convinced. “Sorry boys, you’ve had your fun, but she’s all mine.”

Jared grabbed her hand, leading her outside. They rounded the corner, where he pushed her against the building, crushing a kiss on her that made her weak in the knees. His hand slipped inside the fabric covering her center. He was pleased to find her wet and waiting for him.

“Did all those men around you make you this wet?” he asked.

“The attention was flattering and yes, it made me wet,” she answered as she ground against his hand. Whispered innuendos before he arrived had gotten her juices flowing.

Jared pushed her top up, revealing her creamy tits, unrestrained by a bra. As his mouth clamped down over one of her sensitive nipples, she arched toward him, allowing him to fully take her into his mouth.

He continued fingering her wetness, while suckling her tits. It didn’t take long for her to hit her peak. Her screams of ecstasy pierced the night air. She was lost in the orgasm, not for one moment caring if anyone heard her. All her attention was on the sensations sweeping over her body.

Jared removed his hand from her panties, pressing his fingers to her mouth. She eagerly sucked them, tasting the juice he had made flow so freely.

“I need to suck something else. Drop those pants for me,” she instructed.

Jared quickly unbuckled his belt, shoving his own jeans and his boxers down, giving her access to his now free rod. Her mouth engulfed him fully. She was not in the mood for slow and teasing. Jared’s head fell back as he let himself go with the sensations her expert mouth delivered.

Her tongue slid over the bulging vein on the underside of his shaft. This was one of his most sensitive spots. She alternated between lavishing attention to his favorite spot, and taking his full length deep into her throat.

Jared knew he was close to cumming, and while he loved her mouth and her ministrations, he longed to bury his cock in her slick pussy. He knew he’d slide in easily. He reluctantly pushed her back off his throbbing cock, pulling her up to give her a quick kiss before turning her around.

Her soft tits pressed against the hard brick wall. Jared undid her jeans, eagerly pushing them down to reveal the black lace. He pulled it to the side, sliding his fingers into her wet snatch. She bucked and ground against his fingers, loving the feeling, but wanting much more.


Jared spread her legs, entering her in one swift motion. She gasped as he buried his full length deep inside her. He stroked in and out of her slippery hole with the urgency he felt when he walked into the bar.

She received a slap across her ass, leaving a bright red print. “You liked all those men staring at your tits, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, it made my pussy hot,” she confessed.

Another slap as he plunged in again. “Did you check out their cocks?” Jared asked.

“Yes, I looked and some looked so yummy I imagined sucking them and fucking them.”

Another slap, and he stroked faster still. “You love cock. You like being fucked in the alley where anyone can walk past and see us.”

“Oh yes, I love it. I’m going to cum soon. Fuck me harder. I want your hard cock to cum inside me.”

Jared moved his hands. One pinched a nipple, while the other worked her sensitive clit. Only a few seconds of his added sensations gave her the orgasm they were both waiting for.

“OH FUCK YES! FUCK ME! SHOOT THAT HOT CUM IN MY WET PUSSY!” she screamed as her pussy gripped him, pushing him over the edge. He pumped her pussy full of his own juice.

When the last drop had been drained, he withdrew, turned her around, pushing her down to suck their combined juices from his cock. He relished the feel of her mouth on his now semi flaccid cock.

She looked up at him and smiled. “This is why I love being your wife.”

“Shall we go inside and have dinner, or would you like to eat something else?” Jared asked.

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