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Shipwrecked - Part 2

...the story continues where we left off, exhilarated by the fantastic climax that we had reached.

“Wow”, was all I could say as we collapsed together.

“Wow indeed”, she responded, “Maybe getting marooned won’t be so bad after all”. And she kissed me, long and languorously, our tongues tasting and sliding gently, over and over, until the sheer sensuality of this stoked the fires again, and turning her over, I slid my hard again cock into her dripping pussy. Once more our passion built, and my cock pistoned into her belly, until her body shivered and pulsated in orgasm after orgasm, and finally I spent my balls again.

This time we went into the sea, to wash and cool off, at least as much as we could, and to wash the sand from our sensitive parts. We had been oblivious to this but now we both could feel the sting of the salt sea on our various abrasions.

Taking her hand as we walked out of the surf, I said, “Three priorities – shelter, food and water, and then more of you”.

“And which one is our top priority?”, she asked.

“Shelter”, I said, “as if we made love like that again, I’d be a raw bleeding mass and no good to you or me”.

“Deal”, she said.

And so we made our first shelter — just some branches, and some leaves — and it took some time. We stood back and surveyed our handiwork, and thought that with the piles of palm leaves on the floor, we just needed some softer stuff and we would be rather comfortable.

I suggested that Angie go looking for some softer leaves or dry grass, while I went fishing. I had no line, but fashioned a point onto a slim stick I’d found, about 4 ft long, and headed for the lagoon.

It wasn’t long before I had a couple of large fish, and as neither of us were keen on raw fish, we then had to try to light a fire. I had been a boy scout, but didn’t have another to rub together, so had to make do with some dry wood, a sharp pointed stick and kindling. It took ages, but finally a bit of smoke, and then a bit of kindling caught and a flame appeared.

Drinking water wasn’t a major problem, as though the island was small, there was a small spring up on higher ground, which tasted clean so we filled a couple of coconut shells with this and took it back.

Our first meal was at least Michelin star standard, or at least it felt so to us, and as darkness fell, we made our way into our shelter, and lay down on the soft pile of grasses that Angie had collected.

It got dark very quickly, but somehow it was romantic as the moon came out, and as I lay back, Angie straddled me, and silhouetted against the moonlight, she looked the embodiment of erotic womanhood. Her breasts moved tantalisingly as she moved down on my erect cock and started to move on me. My hips moved up to meet her as she took me deeper, and then as we found the right rhythm, her body started to undulate, forward and backward, sliding her tight pussy along my length, my fat cock head rubbing against her g spot as she worked herself into a beautiful orgasm, her head going back, her eyes opening wide and a deep groan sounded from her throat. Her muscular body gripped me and milked me hard as she rode with the feelings, until my balls tightened and I pumped my load of sperm into her belly.

She collapsed down on me, and just lay on top, my softening cock still inside her, and I put my arms around her tightly. My lips kissed her forehead, and her hands gripped my sides, grabbing a hold so she could just rock her body up and down on mine, no more than an inch or two.

It was delicious, but even more so as I felt my cock getting hard again. She raised her head from my chest, and I could see her eyes glinting in the moonlight.

“Baby”, I said, “I am going to fuck you so well tonight”.

“I hope so”, she said, “but I bet you tire first”, and gave a sultry laugh.

My cock was now fully hard, and gripping her tightly, I rolled her over, and pushed up, so my cock hit deep in her body. She gasped, and raised her knees, her legs wrapping around my back, her ankles locked. I raised myself up on my hands and looking down at her, started a long and slow fuck of her tight, but now sloppy, pussy. The feeling of her all around me was wonderful, erotic, yet encouraging, and my cock, hard as a rock, slid down in an ever increasing tempo. Her breathing quickened, and I brought her to the edge of orgasm, before slowing and keeping her there for a long, long time, until she begged me to let her cum.

“Sweetness”, I said, “Now is the time”. One hand moved to a hard nipple, and rather unkindly I gripped and twisted it, causing her to squeal. But it also caused her to tip over the edge, and I could hardly contain myself in her thrashing body, her feet beating a rapid tattoo on my back, as she gripped and squeezed me.

Having cum once already, I was able to contain myself this time, and maintain my erection, slowing down as her orgasm slowly faded, and then sliding out.


“Plenty of time for that”, I assured her, and moved to squat astride her, my slippery cock threaded between her breasts. She pushed them together and rolled them against me, until I started to fuck her tits, pushing my cock up against her lips. Her tongue came out and each time I pushed up, she would lick the tip of my cock. Such an exquisite feeling, and I felt that this should never end. But it did when, rather than just lick, she forced herself up, on one of my up strokes, and engulfed the first 4 inches of my cock, almost biting me, so that I could not move back without endangering myself.

“Oh you bitch”, I scolded her.

“Oh, I know”, she replied.

“OK, then, you asked for it”

Rising up on my knees, I grasped the back of her head and pushed her up on my cock, pushing it down a further 4 inches, deep down in her throat before she could even take a breath. She gulped, her eyes popping slightly, before she got a grip on her gag, and then started to squeeze my cock in her throat. The compression and release on my cock head, was coupled by her tongue stroking the underside of my cock, and her hands went to squeeze my balls, and then moved further to open my ass cheeks. I think she realised that I found this good, as she slid a slim finger along my ass crack, and gently probing my ass. As I moved back a bit from her throat, the movement pushed her finger into me further, until it was several inches deep, and I could feel it press against my prostate.

“Oh yes, baby, you are a dirty girl, now make me cum”, I demanded.

She redoubled her deep throating and also worked harder on my ass, stroking and pressing inside me, until I could hold back no more. She felt my cock twitch, and pulled right back, timing it so that she had just let me out of her mouth when I started to spurt, heavy threads of my sperm coating her face as I emptied my balls again in pulse after pulse.

She spread my semen over her chin and lips with her free hand, her tongue working to lick it up as she sort of shovelled it into her mouth. As she finished, she slid her finger out of me, and I bent to kiss her lips, tasting myself on them, as our tongues lazily licked over each other.

Now we slept, sated and happy, our arms around each other.

I woke at first light, and lay there without moving, savouring the memory of our lovemaking of the night before. I was hard as hard could be in no time at all, and decided to wake Angie in the best possible way. I moved so that my head was at her pubes, and without touching her, I extended my tongue and gently licked along one side of her pussy lips, and down the other, very gently. It wasn’t long before I sensed that I was getting a reaction, whether that was a waking reaction or not really didn’t matter to me, but I placed my fingers gently on her and opened up her pussy lips, so my tongue could easily lick now along the inside of each lip. She had quite puffy outer lips, and very small inner lips, so my tongue as I broadened it covered both nicely as I slowly licked her. She tasted wonderfully musty, and smelt divine, like a long night of fucking had been concentrated into the essence of taste and smell. I kept away from her clit for a long time, but as I was by now sure, from the noises and movement that she was making, that she was awake, and so I lazily circled that little nub, and marvelled as it responded and grew under my tongue.

Licking faster and more strongly, I drove her to an early morning orgasm, which I kept going for a long time, augmenting her feelings with my fingers stroking inside her vagina. I switched tongue and fingers after a while, and bent her further backwards, my fingers stroking her clit, doing the alphabet around it, as my tongue licked down and deep into her pussy, and then further down her perineum to find her tight brown hole. When I made contact, her hands moved and gripped the back of my head, almost forcing me to tongue fuck her asshole, not that I really needed any encouragement. As she came again, her juices spurted out over my hand, and dripped down to her asshole, where my tongue pushed them into her making the best lubrication.

While she was still in the midst of her orgasm, I moved back, and sliding my cock along her pussy slit, to lubricate it, just a couple of strokes, and then slid my cock through her now well lubricated asshole. I thought she had tensed at this, but it was just another orgasmic spasm, and somehow she actually moved down on me, so before I knew it I was balls deep inside her.

If I had thought her pussy was tight, her asshole was even tighter, and I told her so. She laughed and said that she had hoped I was up for this, as she loved her anal passage being filled by a large fat cock. The heat of her, and her tightness, and as she told me dirty things, I realised I wasn’t going to last. I asked her where she wanted me to cum, and she replied by giving my cock a series of really tight squeezes, enough to make me cum hard, and once again my cum filled one of her orifices.

“Now Angie”, I asked, “Is this what life is going to be like for now?”

“Well”, she replied, “At least we know how to pass the time until we get rescued”.

“How long do you think that will be?”, I wondered.

“No time soon, I hope”, was her response, “we have plenty more fucking to do first”.

We got up and went hunting for some food. We’d noticed yesterday on our tour of the island that there were some trees a distance from the shore that looked as though they had some fruit, and we strolled along hand in hand to about where we had seen them. Yes, they were there, and though difficult to get to, I managed to struggle through the dense grasses and bushes to reach the. They turned out to be mangoes, which would be a nice change from coconut. I’d lost sight of Angie, who decided she would wait on the shore, and holding as many fruits as I could, I finally burst through the undergrowth and saw her some distance from where I had left her.

She wasn’t alone! I yelled to her, and she turned round, and jumped in the air, waving and shouting. The other person was crouched down beside her, and it was only when I got close that I saw that it was Terry, but unconscious. Angie said that she had seen a lump along the beach and found that it was Terry. I felt for a pulse, and there was one, but rather weak and thread. I felt her arms and legs to see if there was anything obviously broken, but she seemed sound. We couldn’t leave her there, so I handed the fruit to Angie, and lifted Terry up in a fireman’s lift, and took her back to our shelter, where I laid her down on the bedding.

Angie kept asking if she would be OK, and though I really didn’t know, I tried to reassure her, and just tried to give Terry some water. Although she still was unconscious, it seems as though she would accept some water, so we took that as a good sign.

The rest of the day passed in somewhat of a blur, until it was time to go fishing again. When I returned with a couple of plump brightly coloured fish, Angie met me with a broad smile, and I saw the reason why: Terry had woken from her coma.

We pressed her for what had happened, and it seemed that after I had been swept away, shortly followed by Angie, the boat had righted itself, but the sail, such as it was, was loose and flapping, and she was helping get it under control, when a boom must have got free as she had a second only to realise that this large bit of wood was swinging at her, and then she woke up here. We were all amazed that she hadn’t drowned, but she had her lifejacket, and this must have kept her sufficiently above the water.

“So the boat is OK, and the rest of the guys?”.I asked.

“As far as I know”. She said, “but of course they could be anywhere”.

That of course, was true, though it kindled in us the hope that now that the weather had settled, rescue might be possible. In the meantime, we now had an intruder in what had just become a very sensual interlude. Not that Terry was unwelcome, in fact she was lovely, as tall as Angie, but altogether a different woman, with softer curves, fuller breasts, and a wonderful bubble butt.

As darkness fell, we all just turned in to sleep, the three of us on the dry grass. Somehow Angie ended up between Terry and me, and she turned to me, put a finger across my lips, while her other hand sought my cock and gently jerked me off. I returned the compliment and rubbed her clit until I felt her stiffen and breathe raggedly. We thought that Terry was asleep, until she asked if she could join in as well.

Angie turned to her and folded her in her arms and the girls kissed deeply.

“Are you sure you are fit enough for this so soon?”, I asked.

“I think so, so long as you are gentle. I know that Angie can be, but we’ve never done the deed, though I have often wanted you to”.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, I responded. “I have been aware of you, for sure, but somehow none of us ever had the time or space”.

“And now we have”, she said. “Have I much catching up to do?”.

To be continued.

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