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Shopping for lingerie

Meeting a certain lush lady and ending up having sex in a lingerie shop.

This story is inspired by one of you lush ladies ;-)

After a few months of talking online we finally decided to go for it and meet IRL at this cute coffee shop for lunch. As we chit chat our eyes shoot hasty looks all over each other’s bodies. By now both of us realize that our online attraction not only translates to real life but in a much higher intensity. Without saying a word we quickly finish our meal and after paying the bill walk into the street where shops are aligned on both sides as far as the eye can see.
A gentle breeze teasingly cools our excited senses as we slowly walk past the shops. After five shops we come across a lingerie shop and both of us stop. I ask whether you could use some new lingerie and you playfully say that I just want to see you try out different lingerie sets. I laugh and say that a single man of my age rarely goes into these kinds of shops but that I would love to help you find something you like. As we enter the store you throw your head back and giggle, telling me you hope I’m carrying lots of money.

A redheaded saleswoman in her late 30s smiles and nods as we walk through the aisles filled with wonderful tantalizing lingerie sets on display left and right. While I take my time to check out all these wonderful sets you walk slightly faster with your head moving jerkily as if you know exactly what you’re looking for and it will only be a matter of seconds until you find it. Soon enough you look back at me and with your hand motion me to come quickly. As I let the mouthwatering lingerie slide through my fingers you tell me they don’t seem to have it in your cup size. Right at that moment we’re slightly startled by a voice behind us asking what cup size you might be. Before you can answer I blurt out “34C!” which makes both of you laugh as I blush.
The saleswoman tells us she thinks they still have that size in stock and asks you if you want to try it on. With a big grin you say “yeah I do!” to which the enchanting redhead tells us to wait for her at the changing booths.
As you walk in front of me my hands slightly touch your waist as my fingers tickle you teasingly. Soon after we arrive at the booths the saleswoman re-appears with the set in her hands and as she hands it to you says in a playful voice “enjoy trying it on!” and winks at us. As she walks away in her high heels we turn to each other and laugh while butterflies race through our bodies. “Soooo” I say, “I should wait for you here until you’ve put it on?” You giggle and answer you want to make sure you like the way it looks on you before allowing me a peek.

Impatiently waiting outside your booth I can feel my cock tingle and slowly fill with blood. I look back into the store and see the sexy redheaded saleswoman acting as if she’s busy reshuffling some stands. Just as I’m about to look away she looks up and smiles seductively.   I laugh and shyly move my head back onto your booth when you slowly open the curtain. As my eyes take in the sight of your tight teen body in that oh so seductive lingerie set my mouth falls open. I do a double take and slowly step into the booth closing the curtain behind me.
You laugh and say “You like it that much huh?” to which I can only nod and finally close my mouth to swallow my saliva.
I muster enough courage to ask you to turn around so I can see the back of it and as you do we look at each other in the mirror. I step closer to your mesmerizing body, pull your hair gently back over your shoulder as my mouth softly kisses your neck. Our eyes interlocked at each other in the mirror I tell you “I want you…” to which you smile and nod. My hands start to explore your legs and gently move upwards to your hips and your belly, soon firmly grabbing your perky breasts. I can feel your hard nipples piercing through the bra between my fingers. As you let out a soft moan we can hear the clicking of heels outside our changing booth. They stop for a few seconds, then we hear them walk to the adjacent booth and hear its curtain close quickly. While this slightly shocks you it also excites you enormously.

You throw your head backwards onto my shoulder and whisper that your pussy is very wet and that you’re starting to soak the lingerie set’s panties. I answer that I better take them off before we create any suspicion about it and while our eyes keep looking at each other as if hypnotized my hands slide down the panties and you step out of them. I moan approvingly of seeing your waxed pussy which glistens at me in the mirror. My hands move upwards to remove the bra and free your perky boobs. My hands finally feel your soft skin and with my fingers I gently rub and pull your nipples. As my left hand slowly travels down you slightly shiver in anticipation. First I play with your clit which is very hard and throbbing against my index finger. As I teasingly rub my index finger over your pussy lips you moan and I can feel your juices run over my fingers. Sliding in one finger you moan harder and push your body against mine. I take out my finger and while continuing to look at you in the mirror push it in my mouth and lick and suck your creamy juices off of it.
I motion you to sit down on the leather seat and as you do we can hear soft rhythmic moans coming from the adjacent booth. As soon as you sit I drop to my knees and move my head towards your sultry pussy. Your scent, the warmness of your soaking cunt washes over my face and arouses me so much I lock my mouth over your labia and start to lick. Your pussy feels so soft and warm, juices quickly running into my mouth and over my face, down my neck.
I move my hand to play with your hard throbbing clit and you let out a loud “oooooooh” as my tongue feasts on your soaking pussy. You grab my head and push it onto your groin hard moaning loudly now. I insert two fingers while licking and sucking your clit as your body starts to twitch and you grind yourself onto my mouth and fingers. We can hear the moans from the booth next to us become louder too which pushes you to the verge of cumming. As I look upwards I can see your eyes swimming in utter ecstasy while your body twitches heavily and you exhale a long loud moan. Your hands’ grip on my head loosens and as I move my head up, juices dripping from my chin, you look down at me in an absolute state of bliss. You grin and say “Your turn!” to which I take off my sweater and drop my pants and briefs.

My hard throbbing cock is shiny from oozing lots of pre-cum. While your hand firmly grabs its shaft another stream of pre-cum runs out over your fingers and hand. You drop to your knees and your mouth soon finds my cock’s head, your tongue licking, lips sucking on my throbbing cock as I moan. Your hand moves to my balls and starting rubbing my own pre-cum all over them. We can hear the moans from the adjacent booth become louder which makes me even harder. With a hoarse voice I tell you I need to fuck you and as I sit down on the leather seat you quickly place your pussy over my throbbing cock. As you slowly lower down to sit on my cock we both moan loudly. I can feel your warm pussy enveloping my cock, your lips tighten around my shaft and juices running down my balls and thighs. “Mmmmm fuck” I moan as you start to ride me hard and deep.
Our juices intermix and soak my balls and thighs making them stick to the leather seat. With each bounce we can hear the sticky juices making slight sloshing sounds on the seat which makes us even hornier. You moan loudly as you arch your back, your hands on my shoulders with your nails driving into my flesh. Both of us are close to cumming and as I tell you I need to paint you giggle and tell me to paint deep inside your pussy.
At this point all three of us are moaning loud and getting ready to cum hard. You pull yourself closer to me as your body twitches on my cock, juices soaking both our groins and legs. We look deep in each other’s eyes as I moan “oh god here cums the paint!”. As I start to shoot my load deep inside you I can feel your pussy lips’ grip tighten and you scream out loudly “ooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuck”. We can hear the person next to us moaning “mmmmmm fuck yeeeeeeeeess” in a husky voice as she explodes into an orgasm.

We remain seated and slowly catch our breath as we passionately kiss long and deep. Our groins are soaked and we can feel our juices and cum dripping onto the floor. As my cock softens and slips out of your pussy we hear a splash of more cum hitting the floor making us laugh as we exhale deeply. We can hear the heels in the adjacent changing booth click again and hear them move quickly out of the changing area back into the store.
We slowly get up and start to dress even though our bodies are sticky and wet. We’re in a pure state of satisfaction and feel as if walking on air. As we finish getting dressed I say: “Not bad for an old man huh?” You scoff teasingly and as you walk up close to me, your hand on my cheek, thumb playing with my lips and reply: “It was the best I’ve ever had.”

We smile and kiss while exiting the changing booth and walk back into the store and up to the cash register. The sales woman’s cheeks are still flushed and her clothes and hairdo slightly disheveled. Despite her appearance she’s not letting on and acts like nothing happened much to our amusement.
You tell her we’ll take the lingerie set which still has a few glistening spots on its panties. While she packs the set with great care she informs us of membership discounts and how she hopes we will come back to purchase some more. When she hands you the bag she writes down something on the shop’s business card and hands it to me. With our eyes blissfully lusting of things to come we say goodbye and exit the shop.
As we turn the corner outside the shop I take the card out of my pocket and on its back are her name and cell phone number…

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