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Shopping for Sex

Shopping for Sex

My girlfriend and I have hot, sexy fun at the shopping mall.
My girlfriend V. and I were in Victoria's Secret. We went there a lot. I always ended up being aroused the entire time, looking at all the panties and thigh highs and high heels. This time my girlfriend was wearing tight jeans and a t shirt, no bra, so her perky tits were on display, and just a hint of her nipples. We were both very turned on, more than usual. We stopped in front of a mannequin wearing fishnets, high heels, a very short skirt and a mesh top. Picturing her in this got my cock very hard. My girlfriend knew how much fishnets got me hot.

I pressed my hard cock against her ass. She quietly gasped. "You would look so hot in that," I said.

"I'd look like a slut."

"But you'd be my slut." I slid my cock along the crack of her ass. "Do you wanna be my slut?" I asked her.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Say it."

"I wanna be your slut." She pressed against me. She whispered, "I want you to fuck me as soon as humanly possible," and slid her ass against me. She leaned back, exposing her neck, and whispered again. "Fuck me now."

I kissed and bit her neck. I looked around, made sure no one was watching, then slid my hands up to her tits. I knew her nipples would be rock hard. I pinched her nipples through her t shirt and said, "Why don't you buy that and put it on in the bathroom?"

"You like it when I dress like a slut," she said. She was rubbing my cock with her ass, slowly up and down. I was squeezing her tits.

"Yes. I love it when you dress like a slut."

She turned around, rubbed my cock from the outside of my pants. "Fuck me like a little slut," she cooed.

A salesgirl noticed us so we had to stop. We didn't waste time. She bought the clothes, ducked into the bathroom, and when she came out I was stunned. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the mesh top. The tight skirt showed her perfect ass, and the tops of the fishnets could just be seen below the hem. She was clearly very turned on, and that was the hottest thing of all. She looked dazed with lust. She made no eye contact, just walked out of the store. I followed several paces behind. Every man she passed took a long look at her fishnets, her hard nipples, her tight ass. She swayed her ass as she walked, really getting into it. Her tits bounced. I was proud of her. Those men would be thinking of her as they fucked their wives that night.

She ducked into a hallway that lead to the women's bathroom. She bent over to adjust her fishnets, letting me see her ass as she did so. I could see she wasn't wearing panties.

I pushed her up against the wall hard and slid my hand down to her pussy as I hungrily kissed her. My fingers slid right inside her wet, shaved hole. I fingered her as I whispered what I wanted to do to her.

Her body bucked as my fingers fund her clit.

"You want my cock?" I asked her.

"Oh yes," she moaned.

"Say it."

"I want your cock, give me your cock," she begged, and reached down into my pants, her fingers around the shaft, pumping me. She smiled seductively and led me by the cock into the women's bathroom.

As soon as the door closed she was on her knees unzipping my pants, as I locked the door. She played with her hard nipples through the mesh. I rubbed my cock all over her face, leaving trails of pre-cum on her face, before I stuck in in her mouth. "Suck my cock," I told her.

I let her suck it until just before I was about to cum, then pulled out and rubbed my cock all over her face again. Her lips were wet with spit and cum.

She lifted her mesh blouse. She said, "Fuck my tits, baby. Stick your cock between my tits and fuck them."

I rubbed the head of my cock all over her nipples, then stuck it between her tits as she pushed them together, and started to pump. She licked the tip of my cock on the upswing. "Fuck my tits baby," she pleaded. "Fuck my titties."

Again, just before I came I pulled away. She climbed up on the counter by the sink, pulled up her skirt. and spread her legs. Her shaved pussy was wet and glistening, lips parted. Knowing how much I loved it, she stuck two fingers into her wet pussy and moaned. My tongue soon joined her fingers as I licked her pussy lips and her clit, and she was cumming within minutes, pushing my face hard against her hot, wet hole.

I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed her and bent her over the bathroom sink counter. I rubbed my cock along the crack of her ass, teasing her asshole and her pussy with it. Her ass was wet with pussy juice and pre-cum. I teased her ass slightly with the tip of my cock, then stuck it slowly into her pussy, until I was deep inside her. I slapped her ass.

"Do you want my cock, baby?" I asked her.

"I want your cock. Oh give it to me. Give me your cock. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard."

I began to fuck her as hard as I could, shaking the cabinet against the wall. I stuck my hand in hard mouth to keep her from screaming. I slapped her ass as I fucked her and soon she was coming again, her body shaking and arching, and as she came her pussy grabbed on tightly to my cock, and I knew I was about to cum too. I pulled my cock out of her hot pussy and rubbed my cock against the crack of her ass as I came, rubbing my cum into her pussy and her asshole with the tip of my cock.

Someone began knocking on the door, so she quickly pulled her tight little skirt over her ass, which was now wet with cum and pussy juice. It soaked through along the outlines of her ass.

She left first, unlocking the door. I walked a few seconds after, walking past a very cute young blonde, wearing a low cut sweater and a short denim skirt. She met my eyes and smiled widely as we passed. She knew what was up. I almost asked her to join us. I bet she would have.

My girlfriend was walking several paces ahead of me, her ass wet with cum, her hair dishevled, her skirt hiked up and fishnets ripped, her nipples hard, and that just fucked expression on her face. Men were staring in lust, and some women too. She was really swaying her ass as she walked, making her tits bounce, playing her slutty hotness for all she could. She was my slut. I was already hard again, and ready to fuck her.

We met out in the parking lot and I pinned her against the car, my fingers pinching her nipples under her mesh top as I kissed her. We tumbled into the car and realized it was too crowded a place to fuck. I started it up as quickly as I could and took off toward home.

She looked at me and said, a little more seriously, "I've never been this horny in my life."

"Me either. My cock has never been this hard before." I wasn't lying.

She had her legs spread, she was splayed out on the seat. "I'm so horny," she moaned. "My pussy is so wet." She smiled at me wickedly. She caressed her tits over the mesh as I drove. Then one of her hands snuck down to her pussy, and soon she had two fingers deep inside her wet, shaved hole, arching her back as she moaned. She began to slowly slide her fingers in and out of her pussy and I knew I'd never be able to drive all the way home.

I swerved onto an off ramp as she slid her hand over to my cock, her other still on her pussy. I pulled into a random parking lot, as far away from the other cars as I could. At this point I didn't care if anyone saw or not.

She had her seat lowered all the way down by the time the car stopped. She got down on all fours so her ass was facing me. She slowly reached behind her back and began playing with her asshole.

"Do you like that baby? Do you like my tight little ass?" she teased.

"Oh yeah. Touch it baby," I ordered her. "Finger your asshole."

She slid the very tip of her finger inside her ass. "Is that what you want baby? You want me to finger my tight little asshole?" She began to slide her finger inside her asshole and moaned, very loudly.

I began to lick her ass and finger as she slid it all the way into her ass.

"Fuck my ass," she commanded me.

I slapped her ass and pushed her forward. "I'm gonna fill your ass with cum."

I pushed the head of my cock against the rim of her ass and slowly slid inside, working my cock in inch by inch. She begin fingering her pussy, whimpering now, give it to me baby, fuck my ass baby, I need your cum baby. Soon I was deep inside her, all the way.

"Take it baby. Take my cock." I began to pump her ass slow but deep, as deep inside her ass as I could shove, and I began to feel my cum begin to build. She knew it too, and began to pump against me.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum baby. I'm gonna cum in your ass."

"Oh yeah I'm gonna cum too. I''m gonna cum like a little slut. Give me your cum baby. Fill me with cum."

Her ass squeezed tight around me as I pushed deep and shot my cum deep inside her, my cock spasming along with her tight asshole, her fingers jammed deep into her dripping pussy as she moaned low, cumming right with me.

We lay together, catching our breath. Then we got back in our seats and looked around. We were about 20 feet away from a McDonalds. Our sex would have been visible to anyone at the window. Thankfully there was only one person there. She was the blonde from the bathroom, wearing that low cut sweater and a short denim skirt. She was idly fondling one of her nipples through her thin sweater. She licked her lips and smiled at us.

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