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Shopping with you

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We meet in the shopping centre in the middle of town. Having talked casually at a coffee bar, we realize that we both want a good session of sex and soon the bulge in my jeans gives testament to that.

You head for the ladies toilets, and I follow at the opportune moment and skip in and find you in one of the cubicles.

On closing the door you turn and grab hold of me pushing me up against the wall, kissing me hard on the lips, while my hand massages your breast through your blouse, I can feel the already hardening nipples through the material. Pulling the shirt up, you lift your bra out the way, so that I can bend my head to suckle on your hard buds, running my tongue hungrily over the surface feeling the bullets beneath my lips, nibbling at each of the hardened centres you groan softly as I tweak a nipple with my fingers. I remove one hand and slide it down your waist, and while continuing to play with your breast I lift your black leather mini skirt and discover that you are not wearing anything underneath. A broad grin appears across your face, and crushing you hard up against the cubical wall, I explore between your legs with my hand, pushing your legs apart urgently, I rub roughly up against your mound, my fingers quickly finding their way to your very moist pussy, and push in deeply, I thrust up hard, noting how wet you already am as I ram my fingers in further, you gasp trying hard not to make any noise, as we can hear other ladies coming in and out to use the facilities.

Quickly you unzip my jeans and plunge your hand in to find my swollen cock, and release it from the confines of my boxers. You massage it hard feeling the fullness of its length, while I pump my fingers in your increasingly damp hole, your muscles bunching against my fingers making you moan in appreciation, thrusting harder with each stroke of your hand on my rampant cock. Bringing my hand away from your pussy, causing you to groan in disappointment, you slide down the wall and engulf my cock with your mouth, taking it all thrusting back and forth with great gusto, I gasp and groan, and lean against the wall for support. Suddenly I yank hard on your hair, pulling you upright. I lift you onto the top of the toilet seat and placing one boot covered leg over my shoulder, I bury my head in your pussy, opening up your lips so that I can taste your juices, nibble at your swollen bud, kneading it with my hand while my tongue explores the delights of your very wet fanny, probing into your secret hole with my tongue, circling the ring before flicking it into the depths, lapping up the juices. Wonderful feelings explode through you as you pull my head in further, but I back off slightly removing my tongue, with my head still so close I work my hand around to your arse hole and gently probe with a finger, working it in using another to probe your sweet pussy. Oh sweet Jesus, the combination of fingers working together, being thrust in your pussy and ass as I finger fuck you, sends you over the edge and you cum, flooding the back of my hand with your sweet juices.

To be continued……..

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