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Two Lushies meet and consumate their desires
This is a work of fiction, sad to say...

That an opportunity for the two of us to be together, face to face, seemed to me to be nothing short of a miracle. For months we had been chatting, teasing, learning, sharing and loving. I had resigned myself to never being able to actually meet her. After all, we lived in different countries, lived completely different life-styles, had no reason whatsoever to think that we would ever meet.

Yet here we were – together, alone. Not just alone, but alone on a deserted stretch of sandy, coastal beach that we had hiked a short distance to down through the rocks and cedars that towered above us. The sea was calm, no breeze to ruffle its surface. With the tide near the end of its ebb cycle, we could smell the salt in the air along with that of the exposed kelp, starfish and urchins – the smell of the sea. And of course, the smell of the forest at our backs. Such a lovely and natural environment to share on this God-given day. The wash of the light swell as it eased across the sand quietly added such a peaceful aural quality to our surroundings.

Everything happens for a reason and I suppose that was true of our opportunity to share a few hours on this beach. Who knows what that reason might be or might yet reveal? Certainly not I. Perhaps neither of us was meant to know the reason. And regardless, that reason is not the subject of this recollection.

On the drive to our 'stepping-off point, Kitty and I had talked happily of many things, little things. She had also 'teased' me (although I am confident that the teasing would have escalated to a lot more if the road into the bush hadn't been so rough) by resting her hand on my thigh, squeezing, teasing and more than once groping the bulge in my shorts. But this was here and now: alone with no obstacles to prevent us from doing anything we desired, no onlookers who might react badly or interrupt what was about to transpire.

I sat the backpack on the large, exposed rock in hopes of keeping any nosey creepy-crawlers out of it, and then reached to pull you close. Looking into your deep green eyes, I saw longing and love. Tenderness and desire. We kissed. Tentatively at first then, feeling our mutual hunger, the knowledge that now was the time - more deeply. Lips parting, tongues probing lightly then more insistently until we were both almost devouring each other. Hands sliding, searching, exploring as we held each other tightly. Chests, bellies, thighs pressed together yet moving, feeling the fabric of our clothing as encumbrances, barriers to our mutual need to touch, to feel skin against skin.

Kitty wasn’t holding back (but then she had told me she wouldn’t)…she had merely been waiting for me to make the first move). I could taste the hunger in her mouth as she took my hand and brought it to her breast, squeezing lightly to show me how. As it happened, I needed no instruction. Soft, pliable warm, heavy breast...I moaned. Kitty moaned. Yes - we were good - this was going to happen.

Reluctantly, I broke the kiss with a final slash of my tongue along her lower lip as I backed away. "One minute," I croaked as I turned to the backpack to find the blanket. I shook it out and spread it out on the sand. Kitty watched quietly, hands at her sides. I turned towards her then, and facing her, I flipped open the button at the waist of my shorts then pulled the zipper down quickly. My shorts immediately dropped to the sand, bunched around my ankles. My cock, unfettered by briefs, sprang free, waving happily at Kitty. She smiled and began to lift the skirt of her dress to take it off.

"No," I told her softly, "let me do that." I stepped close to her, taking her face in my hands and kissing her deeply once again as she pressed herself against my hardness. Soft moans mingling, I reached down to grasp the fabric of her dress at her hips and began to inch the material upwards. Kitty rested her hands lightly on my shoulders as I raised the hem of her dress to her hips and upwards. As her dress was pulled up above her belly, she pressed against me again, bumping my hard cock with her belly - I gasped at the sensation of my cock touching her naked flesh. We both moaned a little louder. Kitty was naked beneath her dress, just as she had told me she would be.

Kitty's breasts fell free of the dress as she raised her arms to allow me to lift it up and over her head. Holding the garment in one hand now, I wrapped my arms around her and, pressing ourselves tightly together, kissed her deeply once again. I think I was trembling a little at this point, so hungry for her, ravenous.

As so often happens with us - we both realized that we were rushing, getting ahead of ourselves. Not surprising, given the months that had passed while we built our relationship, fueled our desires. And while there certainly was nothing at all wrong with a "thunder fuck" to take the edge off, this was not what either of us wanted with our first time together. We broke our embrace and each took a step back, smiling happily. I turned to drop her dress on the blanket as she playfully flipped the hem of my t-shirt then slapped my naked ass. I laughed and took her hand, leading her naked, down to the waters edge.

The sand turned to wet, greasy gravel as we reached the water. We stood there, looking across the straits at the glass-like water, shimmering in the summer sun. A soft mist spouted in the distance as the whale exhaled and seconds later we heard the soft 'whoosh' of breath escaping. In silence, feeling the very real closeness of our bodies, we watched the whales progress until she raised the flukes of her gigantic tail in the air as a final farewell wave to us. Beside me, Kitty clapped her hands and jumped up and down excitedly, her heavy tits waving back at the whale - a most alluring display, believe me!

"That was amazing," Kitty cried, "I love a whales tale!" Her smile of pleasure outshone the sun, her green eyes out-sparkled the sea before us. A magical moment in a series of magical moments.

I chuckled at Kitty's excitement although I confess that I found the whale's display equally enjoyable. We stood there a few more moments, allowing the cool water to gently lap at our feet. The excitement of the whale was replaced by the excitement of being there together on the beach, naked. Well, almost naked. Kitty wrapped her arms around my waist, leaning in close, saying softly, "This is so good, Bill, but this t-shirt has to go."

I chuckled again, agreeing with her as she turned to face me, expertly pulling my shirt up and over my head. She tossed it up towards the blanket, then ran her hands over my chest, caressing my very sensitive nipples. She leaned in and kissed me warmly, lovingly, as I felt my cock respond to her and to the feeling of her breasts against my chest.

This time, Kitty took the lead, taking me by the hand and towing me willingly back up the beach to the blanket, her ass swaying seductively. Standing on the blanket we kissed: passionately, hard, deep...alternately fucking each others mouth with our tongues. I don't know if her knees were getting weak (I like to think they were) or if she was feeling the urgency of the moment but Kitty began to lower herself to her knees. She left me standing there as her hands slid down my chest, over my belly, out and over my hips, coming together again as she cupped my gear gently in her hands. Looking up and into my eyes, she hefted my balls lightly with one hand while stroking my rapidly-hardening cock with the other.

Kitty smiled, her green eyes twinkling as she opened her lips. Her tongue moistened her lips then darted out to lick the head of my cock. Swirling, lapping, teasing and probing - I was hard - as hard as I was going to get in only seconds. Kitty took me inside her warm, wet, hungry mouth. She bobbed her head up and down half a dozen times before pausing to lick again. When she returned to sucking me, my own knees got weak. I had to rest my hands on her head. I think she took that as an act of encouragement because she started sucking more urgently, moaning and twisting her head as she slid up and down my length.

I don't normally cum very quickly but this woman was GOOD! I could feel my balls tightening as Kitty focused on the head of my cock, milking me of my pre-cum. Reluctantly, I pulled back away from her marvelous mouth. Cocking my head to the side I explained, "I don't want to cum yet, lover, and you are getting me really close."

Kitty chuckled a little - fully aware of the quality of her specialized talents. She reached up, gripped my hands and pulled me down onto the blanket with her. I knelt facing her, fondling her tits, teasing her nipples then leaning forward to suck and nibble each one in turn. Kitty held my head, watching as I made love to her breasts. Coming up for air, Kitty asked, "Ya wanna?"

My turn to laugh - this was a question Kitty had often asked me online. This was different though - this time I could show her that I did 'wanna'. And I did. Want to.

Kissing again, we toppled over on our sides on the blanket. "You know I want you. I know that you know, but not before I taste you, Kitty." She caught on immediately and pressed down on the top of my head, urging me down her body. I really didn't need any urging but I did appreciate the gesture. I laved her luscious belly with my tongue and butterfly-kissed my way down to her sliver bush. Even over the odour of the nearby sea I smelled her delicious scent. That excited me even more - I was finally going to taste my lover, here on the beach. Kitty obligingly opened her thighs for me, bending her knees to give me room so I could give her pussy the attention it so very much deserved.

As I reached her thin patch of silver pubic hair, I teased her by gripping several strands between my lips and tugging lightly. My tongue traced a line downwards, following the crease of her gloriously fragrant pussy, now probing, now licking. Back up, I was able to quickly find her glistening pink clit and flick, lick and suck it to elicit several satisfying moans from her. I could hear her mumbling but could not make out what it was she was saying. Nonetheless, her grip on my ears told me that I was doing well enough for the moment. I attacked her clit with my lips, sucking it into my mouth, my tongue flicking it repeatedly while I sucked harder, softer, harder, softer... Kitty began to rotate her hips back and forth horizontally and as our mutual excitement built, her movement changed to rotational and finally vertical jerking as she raised her ass off the blanket. I slid two fingers deep inside her drooling pussy and started a fucking motion with my hand while humming and moaning against her clit, sucking furiously a looking for that explosion, that wasn't far off!

Kitty's own moans were increasing rapidly in frequency and volume. Her back arched, hips jerking spasmodically as she humped against my face in rapid, jarring paroxysm's of orgasmic contractions. Kitty came hard and for a long time. I started to think that maybe she was trying to shake me off but no, she was merely out of control, lost in cumming in her lovers mouth (just as she should have).

With her convulsions finally subsiding, I sat back up on my knees, hands caressing her inner thighs as I watched her face. She appeared to have vacated for the moment - still shuddering from her orgasm. She was so beautiful in that moment. Kitty is a beautiful woman regardless but in this particular moment, her beauty radiated from her, almost like the rays of the sun.

She smiled, I smiled. I crawled up beside her...more 'on her' actually - loving the warmth of her soft body against mine. Several tremors ran through her as I lay there looking into her eyes as she looked into mine. We kissed as I brought my pussy juice-glazed mouth to hers. A tender kiss. Not rushed...lingering, peaceful, loving.

But Kitty was not ready for 'peaceful'. She pushed on my shoulder, rolling me onto my back. Following me, she quickly straddled my hips, settling her wet cunt on my engorged cock. Smiling down at me now, she lowered her nipples to my waiting mouth (being a gentleman, I raised my head to meet her half-way). As I suckled her nipples, Kitty slid her wetness up and down the length of my shaft. What an especially erotic sensation!

She sat up straighter then slid herself down my legs. I assumed that she was going to take me into her mouth again (and she did, but not quite yet) but the clever woman tricked me. It was a good trick - she leaned down to bring her breasts over my hard cock, squeezing them together, lifting them up and down - fucking me with her tits. I moaned again. Kitty caused a lot of moans.

I'm not sure who enjoyed that bit more - but that wasn't important. And regardless, Kitty proved to have an excellent sense of timing. She released my cock, slid her ass back up my legs and hovered above my standing shaft. With one hand guiding me and the other helping her balance, Kitty lowered herself onto me, taking my entire length inside her drooling cunt in one delightfully slow motion. More moaning and several gasps from both of us.

"Oh fuck, yes," I gasped.

Kitty smiled and looking into my eyes, began to fuck me slowly. Or wait - maybe she was fucking herself with my cock...does it matter? I think not and I wasn't thinking that at the moment either. I was lost inside her, lost in her heat, her wetness, her tight velvety soft pussy. As she rocked up and down on me, she squeezed and released - milking my cock as she rode me, faster and faster. She was getting there again, letting herself go...using me as I wanted her to use me, thrilling me beyond comprehension - virtually nothing but sensation as I felt my balls tingling yet again.

I watched her face above me, seeing the blush rise, hearing her rapid breathing and those quiet little whimpers. She gripped me tight and hung on, her ass moving rapidly, grinding down on me, rising, then grinding down again as her orgasm shook her hard. Panting above me, I felt my own climax rock me, shock me - cum jetting out of me and into Kitty. Molten me inside my lover...

Spasm after spasm, mental fireworks, physical jolts, emotional volcano..."oneness."

I realized that I had been screaming as I came - my throat was suddenly dry and scratchy. Kitty was still now...mostly still...she was heaving in huge breaths, just as I was. Her eyes were wide in wonder. A smile spread across her lovely face....

...I wondered if I would have the strength to make the hike back up to the truck...

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