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shower anyone?

It was a scorching hot summer day as I stood outside with the water hose, washing my car. I was wearing a black bikini that was all too small for me, and hugging all my best assets, not to mention really bringing my tan out.

I smiled as I watched your car pull up onto the side of the curb since I was occupying the driveway. I smirked and leaned over the hood of the car, standing on my tip toes to wash the top of the hood. I giggled quietly to myself knowing you were checking out my ass as I did so.

I heard you get out and close your car door, walking up the driveway, I shivered as I felt your strong arms embrace my waist, molding my body into yours. You dipped your head and splayed feverish kisses down the side of my neck. I pushed my bottom against your slight arousal.

You growled softly into my neck and whispered huskily into my ear "tease," I laughed and turned in your arms, kissing you gently. You tried pulling me closer and I moved out of your arms.

I went back to washing the car, purposely getting water on my body, leaning over, exposing myself to your lustful stares. I smiled and licked my lips, before walking slowly into the house.

As soon as I entered the house I dropped my bottoms onto the floor before moving towards the bathroom. I heard you enter the house and close the door as I dropped the bikini top in the hallway. I walked into the bathroom that was right in front of me and leaned over the side, turning the water 3/4 of the way to the hottest point it could get.

I smiled as I listened to you step into the bathroom with me, I turned around and walked over towards you, placing my fingers through the loops on your pants, and pulling you against me. You let out a soft sigh as you moved your lips down onto mine softly.

I smiled and pulled your shirt off, tossing it down on the floor. I placed love bites across your collar bone and bit down on the flesh of your shoulder. You gasped and pulled me roughly against you, grinding your hips onto mine.

I chuckled and ducked under your arms before you could wrap me in them and stepped into the shower. You just shook your head and took off the rest of your clothes before following me in.

I sighed happily as the hot water rushed over my skin. You stepped forward, hands on my arms, and rubbed my skin, relaxing me all the more. And you touching me reminded me that you were there, naked and right behind me, and that was certainly enough to make me feel hot all over.

Your hands moved up to my shoulders, kneading my flesh until I felt my shoulders slump, feeling completely at peace even though I had not even known I was so tense. I reached for the shampoo and started doing my hair, as you did yours, and I realized that we weren't touching again. And frankly, it was killing me.

My whole body was hyper aware of you just behind me, and I was dying to just turn around and touch you, kiss you, have you.

I washed the shampoo out of my hair before I stepped out of the spray and pulled you under it, helping to rinse your hair out. You pulled me to you, crushing me to you tightly. And I knew that you felt just the same that I did.

But you did not kiss me, you were waiting. Waiting for me to decide. And I did.

I reached up and kissed you hard on the mouth, and just like that all thought was gone.

Our kiss was rough and passionate and it was incredibly hot in here. You pushed me back against the wall of the shower, bracing me against it while the hot water hit your back. I could not focus, your lips were everywhere now. My lips, my cheeks, my neck, they were moving across my skin rapidly, greedily.

I pressed to you tightly, groaning at the pain of so much wanting, with no idea how to satisfy it. You heard me and kissed me again, hands sliding across my chest and stomach, down to more dangerous territories.

A whimper escaped as your hand slid down, and my legs were trembling, this time it was all this pent up energy and tension.

I moaned softly in your ear, grabbing your hair tightly in my hands. You wasted no time with my request, your hand sliding between my legs just like I wanted. I gasped and you covered my mouth with yours again, hand smoothing and touching me in such a way that my knees were threatening to buckle beneath me.

The water started to run cold and I shuddered in discomfort. You let out a growl, reaching behind you to turn off the water. “Out,” you said roughly, hurrying me out of the shower.

I eagerly agreed, grabbing a towel off the towel rack. My legs were shaking and my whole body felt electric. You took the towel from my hands, locking my lips with yours as you kept one hand on my back and dried me off with the towel in your free hand.

Goose bumps rose on my skin from the cold air hitting my heated skin and my lips started to tremble. You let me go, hastily dried yourself off before you picked me up and carried me to bed.

As soon as we hit the bed, your mouth was back on mine, our hands all over each other. You braced yourself over me, trying not to crush me while also trying to keep our bodies touching; it was too agonizing not to be.

You exhaled loudly as I wrapped my legs around your waist, crushing myself against you desperately. With a throaty groan, you slid into me swiftly, burying yourself all the way in, and began to work your hips into a steady rhythm as you leaned your head forward to nip at my neck.

I whimpered as heat smoldered in the pit of my stomach, fanning outward with every pump. And as your hips struck firmly against mine I ground my hips back into yours and started to bite and suck on your lower neck.

You bucked your hips sharply upward, ramming into me harder than before. You delivered another powerful thrust, hitting most sensitive places and making me cry out.

You grunted as you kept moving against me, I held tight to your shoulders, my body bouncing rhythmically with every push of your hips. "Oh, God," you mumbled as you pulled me tight against you, then you sat up, pulling me with you, planting your knees in the mattress.

The movement caused your solid length to strike me at new angles, and I threw my head back, moaning deeply as my body shuddered beneath the delicious onslaught. My back arched, pressing my body tighter against yours, my legs hitching higher around your waist.

An incoherent slew of whimpers bubbled from my lips, you responded by shifting forward, hitting the one spot that was sure to undo not only me, but you as well. And it did just that, we cried out in pleasure as our bodies succumbed to all the pleasure time and time again.

By the end of it all, we were sprawled out in each others arms on the bed, the sheets were wrapped around our legs at awkward angles. And our breathing was still slightly, well, gone. You kissed my forehead and pulled me closer. I smiled and looked into your eyes. "Looks like we're both ready for another shower," I said playfully, and I couldn't help but smirk as the fire roared to life in your eyes yet again.

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