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Shower Fantasy

Nothing like surprise sex in the shower after an exhausting day
It had been one of those days. Those exhausting days where the brain feels numb, and thinking about anything more is impossible. The only cure for days like those is a hot steamy shower.

She peels off her clothes which get scattered in no particular direction, all over the bathroom. All this while the shower heats up and the steam starts welling up from the cubicle. Naked, she steps inside and immediately submerses her entire self under the torrent. With her hands up against the wall, the water flows over her hair and down over her milky skin. All she hears is the water in her ears as it bubbles and splashes, and massages her tired body.

She doesn't notice the bathroom door open and shut. She doesn't notice as the shower curtain is slowly moved to one side. The first she notices is the warm hard naked body of her lover pressing against her from behind.

He wraps his arms around her body and grabs her breasts, while pulling her close against him. The water cascades around them, the steam envelopes them. She reaches up so that her hand can touch his face as he presses his mouth to her neck. Her head arches back eagerly, and goosebumps run down her body.

Her other hand grabs his muscular thigh, pressed up against her. She can feel his hard erection against her back, and instantly she can feel her pussy lips swell and start to get wet - and not from the shower. His arm crosses over her so that his right hand is over her left breast. Feeling the fullness of the whole breast in his big strong hand. With slight pressure he squeezes and fondles it as his now free hand slides down her side, over her tummy, to her hips, and then slowly reaches between her legs. His hand cups her hairy mound, and just the finger tips reach into her wetness. Again he squeezes, awakening the burning desire inside her.

All of a sudden she doesn't feel so tired anymore. Her breath is fast now, and in the steamy room, it all feels like a dream. A wonderful, exciting, erotic dream!

He continues to firmly hold her against him, squeezing her lady bits, while kissing her neck, and shoulders - driving her wild! But with the water pouring down over their faces, breathing is becoming difficult. He spins her around and catches her mouth with his, still holding her close he presses her against the cold tile wall. She gasps from the cold, but is too lost in the moment to protest. She wraps her arms around his torso, and grabs the skin of his back, and shoulders, slightly digging her nails in with pure lust. Her leg comes up and settles around his hip pulling him in closer still. The kissing is deep and intense. Maybe it wasn't the torrent of water making it hard to breathe after all.

Gasping for air he breaks the kiss and places his hands against the wall slightly above and on either side of her head. Panting, they look into each others eyes, and faces and smile. Her smile turns mischievous, as she sees an opportunity and she takes it. Before he knows whats happening, she slips down his body searching for his hard cock with her hands, and ultimately her mouth. His hands still up against the wall, he groans as she finds what she is looking for. Her hot wet mouth devours his cock, as deep as she can go. Her hands are on his thighs and then move around to his ass. Again she digs her nails in just a little as she starts riding his cock with her mouth. Her tongue, licking and teasing as she sucks up and down his shaft.

On her haunches, her pussy pulled open and exposed, she can feel how wet and hot it's getting, as she hungrily eats his cock. He pulls her up, back to her place against the cold wall and leans in against her, slipping his wet erection in between her legs, so that the hot throbbing skin is teasing her clit, and her aching snatch. He kisses her while intertwining their fingers, which he then slams against the wall above her. Slowly he starts rocking his pelvis, his manhood rubbing up against her hot, wet, pink flesh. She can feel the passion deep inside her ignite and start to grow. Unable to move, she is at his mercy. The kissing is frenzied, but then it stops all together, as they are breathing too heavily. He pulls away and puts his hands under her butt. Lifting her, so that her legs and arms are wrapped around him he penetrates her in a gasp of pleasure.

He fucks her slowly at first, but then with abandoned control. She can feel his cock slipping in and out of her pussy as they both ride to orgasm. They both scream with lustful pleasure as the orgasms rip though their very souls. They slump against the wall and then collapse into a heap on the shower floor. Panting, exhausted, sublimely happy. The shower is still running, washing away the sticky love juices they just shared. Maybe they'll get up and turn it off just now. Maybe not. They don't care. All that matters is the right now. And right now they are happy, in love and utterly spent.
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