Shower love

By kenneth

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The story begins as I find you in the shower, you hadn't noticed me standing in the door as you washed your self. After a while of watching you, I quietly walk up and opened the shower and quickly push my hand between your legs. I stroke your pussy a few times then quickly slide 2 fingers deep inside you making you gasp and moan.

You look over your shoulder to make sure it's me before you fully relax, bracing yourself against the wall, hands flat, as I finger fuck you from behind. Without stopping I kneel down and start to lick you, moving from right near your ass all the way to your clit, only removing my finger to let my head past. As I'm knelt there sucking hard on your pussy, I start to grab and squeeze your ass. I then kiss my way up your back, until my hard cock is pressing against your pussy and I’m kissing and biting your neck. You can feel my cock against you, as I rock back and forth but never enter you.

Then I grab hold of you and spin you around forcing a deep kiss on you, running my tongue around your mouth and sucking gently on yours, making you moan deeply into my mouth. Breaking the kiss and feeling you try to struggle to kiss me again, I lightly kiss you on the lips then trail kisses down your neck. I kiss down, all the way to your large heaving breasts and take a nipple into my mouth sucking on it hard, making it grow in my mouth. I then move to the other nipple muttering “I've got to have them even”. After making them even I can see the look in your eye, the look you always get when you’re so close. Giving you a very hungry smile I reach down with both hands, using one to lift your left leg and the other to take hold of my cock. I then tease you by running the head though your lips and pushing hard against your clit, making your moan my name.

On hearing you moan my name, I position myself right at the entrance to your tight, hot wet pussy and look you in the eyes, then in one long movement I slide all the way inside you, as deep as I can. Having already brought you so close to a orgasm before I entered, this forces you over the edge so you cum hard getting even more wet and hot. Your pussy is trying to suck my cock deeper and deeper. As your right leg gives way I quickly grab you, moving next to the wall, raising your other leg so I’m holding you there. I wait. Gently rocking until you are able to open your eyes. You do. I start to move in and out of you, making you wrap and link your feet behind my back, still trusting me to hold you while I fuck you hard against the wall.

I can feel your fingers on my back as your trying to hold onto me, but the water is making it hard so you start scraping and scratching with your nails. You move to grasp my hair and pull me into another kiss as I pound my self into you. The mixture of water and your cum makes it easier to fuck you but you're still so tight I can feel every muscle contraction. Every time your pussy tries harder and harder to take want it wants, trying to pull my cum from my body and keep it.

I lift you up slightly more allowing me to pass even deeper until you can feel my cock nudging against your cervix. You can feel my cock hardening and pulsing and knowing that I’m close and love to cum with you, you reach down and start to pull and rub your clit, urging yourself to cum for me. I can hear you panting in my ear, moaning and gasping as I bring you to one of your largest orgasms ever. You can feel the pressure building but you are unable to escape it as I continue to slam my now iron hard cock, deeper in you. I keep a steady pace of hard and fast. I know we are both near this mind blowing orgasm, I can see that we are one, through cumming together.We look into each others eyes, and keep our gaze locked on each other as your pussy clamps down hard, as wave after wave of pleasure passes through you. Each time your pussy clamps down you moan loudly, knowing that's what I've been waiting for. You feel my cock jerk and thicken as I start to pump, my seed, into your already full pussy.

We are both completely exhausted from the orgasm, slumped against the wall. As we regain our strength, I turn the water off and reach for a towel. I dry us both off, after removing my semi-hard cock from your pussy. I try to clean up as much of the cum dripping out of your pussy and on my cock, as much as I can. Once we are all dry I pick you up, and I carry you, to the bed. We fall asleep naked, with your head resting on my chest.