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Shut up, Sit down, and Hold on

She's at her wits end, trying to get him to get physical, so she takes matters into her own hands.
After months of dating, she was ready to get physical. But, it seemed that he is either very timid or not interested. She knew for a fact that he was interested, just for the simple fact that when they danced, he got hard…real hard. Afterward, he’d just jump away, as if she would be angry about his arousal. She had one more thing to try, before giving up on him totally. So, she set her plan into motion.

“Will you be here by 7?” she asked.

“Yeah. I have to finish up some work first. You won’t mind that I’ll be in my suit, will ya?” he replied.

After telling him that his suit was perfect, she hung up and looked at the clock. Two hours until he’d be here; just enough time to get ready. She ran a hot bath; soaking in the perfumed water, which helped to calm her nerves. When her legs and pussy was shaved bare, she drained the water and dried off. The scent of roses seemed to turn him on the most, so a silky rose scented lotion softened her already baby smooth skin. A dab of perfume behind the ears, on the neck, and down the center of her chest came next. Once her make-up and hair was perfect, she chose the best outfit for the night.

A pair of black silk stockings clung to her long legs, like a velvet glove. She fastened them to a matching lace garter. A tiny black G string covered her hairless slit. She turned around and looked at the string nestled between her plump cheeks. A silk lace demi bra cradled her full breasts, pushing them up high. Her coral colored nipples sat on display; the lace tickling them enough to keep them hard as pebbles. She slipped her dainty feet into a pair of 4 inch stilettos, which made her ass poke out nicely. Feeling a bit naughty, she slid into a sheer white, button down shirt, which she buttoned halfway. A simple black skirt completed her ensemble. All that was left was to waiting for him to arrive.

She went into her living room and placed the bright spot light in its place; in the corner by his chair. At precisely 7pm, he arrived. She called to him to have a sit in the chair, making up the excuse that the sofa was still wet from being cleaned. Once he was seated, she came out from the kitchen and leaned over the arm of the chair to place a chaste kiss on his cheek, knowing full well that he could see the provocative way she was dressed. She let her fingers trail along his stubbly cheek, as she sauntered over to the stereo. Sultry music with a steady beat filled the air. She clicked the spot light on, basking him in radiant white light; putting herself in shadows.

The element of surprise was in her favor. The bright light made it hard for him to see anything other than her silhouette, so when she handcuffed his wrists to the arm rest, it came as a pleasant shock. He was off balance; she could see it in his eyes. She backed away from him, listening to the beat of the music. Swaying rhythmically, she slowly began to move closer to him. His eyes bulged; never leaving her hands, as they rubbed up and down her body and cupping her breasts. He was mesmerized by her movements. Once she was close enough to touch him, she loosened his tie, pulling it from around his neck in a slow sensual move. Glad that he had removed his suit jacket before he sat down, she went to work unbuttoning his crisp white shirt.

Bending at the waist, she ran her tongue from his treasure trail all the way up to his collar bone, before whispering in his ear, “Sit back, shut up, and hold on. I’m gonna make you cum until you can’t breathe. I’m gonna love sucking your cock…and I’m gonna love licking you clean.”

She felt his body shiver; heard his raspy breathing. He was rock hard. She didn’t have to touch him to know that. Hiking her tight skirt up a bit, she straddled his lap, making sure that her moist crotch was snug against the rigid pole in his pants. As she slowly gyrated, he audibly moaned; eyes rolling back. She moved in close to his face; her soft, moist lips trailing butterfly kisses down the strong column of his neck. Unable to get his shirt all the way off, she spread it open wide, revealing his lightly haired, strong chest. Flicking her pink tongue over his flat nipples, she watched his fists clench tightly. He was trying to keep control. She sucked one into her mouth, and his back arched.

Leaving his nipple puffy and shiny, she returned to his face. Tilting her head to the side, she traced his lips with the tip of her tongue, applying teasing strokes to the top lip, and then the bottom; teasing him. She played hide and seek with his tongue; every time he’d open his mouth to capture her sweet tongue, she’d back away. Finally giving in to him, she let her tongue duel with his, as she watched the myriad of emotions flash across his face. It looked as if he was dueling with himself, as well as her tongue. She deepened the kiss by exploring the inside of his lips with her tongue and nipping gently on his full bottom lip. When they both were panting, lips shiny, she broke the kiss and slid down his legs to the floor.

Turning her back to him, she reached behind her body and slowly unzipped her skirt; easing it down her hips slowly. She bent at the waist, allowing him a full eye full, as her skirt pooled around her ankles. Stepping out of it, she kicked it to the side, before straddling his leg and bending back over to pick up his foot. Cool air caressed her moist, pink pussy, making her shiver from need. Looking back at him, she noticed that his gaze was welded to her gaping folds; his tongue darting in and out of his swollen mouth. He was straining against the handcuffs. Once his shoes and sock were off, she turned back around and tortured him with the slow, sexy removal of her sheer shirt. Standing in nothing, but her skimpy lingerie, she felt like the most powerful woman in the world.

She knelt in front of him, between his legs, and with her hands, palms down, on his chest; she glided them down to his belt buckle. Painstakingly, she unbuckled it and pulled it free. Throwing it over her head, she rested her hands on his zipper. His eyes locked with hers. This time there was a very different look in them; the hungry look of a starving man. Her eyes never left his, as she pushing her hands into the waistline of his pants and pushed them down very slowly. He lifted his hips slightly to help her, as she slid them down his legs and off completely. She could see his cock bobbing madly through the loose material of his silk boxers.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” she said to him, while removing his boxers.

He was glorious in his erect state, and nothing screamed sexual than him sitting there handcuffed to her chair, with nothing but an unbuttoned shirt on. She pushed his hairy thighs open. He was so aroused that his belly was already shiny with pre cum. Her finger traced the thick vein in his shaft; his cock bounced. She cupped his heavy ball sac, pulling them down gently, thus pulling the skin surrounding his mushroom taut. His face was tight; arms stiff. Wrapping her hand around the base, she stroked his shaft, as she looked into his eyes. She pulled it up straight and teased the underside of his dick with her tongue; licking up and down his pole like he was the sweetest lollipop.

He literally yelled out loud when she surrounded his crown with her wet lips and swirled her tongue around it. His hips started bucking, as she sucked on his plum and stroked him hard and fast. She had him gasping, when she curled her tongue around the tip. The combination of her stroking and licking was getting him close to exploding. She tugged on his balls, as he fucked her mouth faster and faster. Sucking him hard enough to cave her cheeks in, she pushed his last button, just with a simple touch to his sensitive anus. He dropped his head back, yelling he was about to cum. She stayed suctioned to his cock, even as he pumped thick wads of hot cum onto her waiting tongue. Swallowing quickly, she lightly sucked on his drooling cock, surprised at how hard it still was.

She stood and looked him in the eyes. Smiling, she unlocked one handcuff and turned to walk out of the room. She hoped he got the hint. Just as she got to the door way to her bedroom, he grabbed her around the waist. He picked her up and tossed her to the bed. Her heart was pounding; she never heard him approach her. His shirt was missing, and now he was totally naked; his erection pointing stiffly toward the ceiling. Like a panther, he crouched at the foot of her bed; eyes wild with need. She felt his hands encircle her ankles and yank her downward. He spread her thighs wide and just stared at the treasure nestled there. With a quick flick of his wrist, her tiny G string was torn from her body.

She had never been so aroused. Her pussy was slick and swollen. She could actually feel her cream oozing from her hungry slit. He draped her legs over his shoulders and buried his face in her cunt. No warning at all. She moaned loudly, running her fingers through his thick hair. His mouth was like a vacuum, sucking her juice directly from her hole. With her legs over his shoulders, he controlled all movement; frustrating her. He sucked her turgid clit; shoving his prickly chin into her cunt.

“Make me cum, please!” she begged.

He ignored her pleas and continued to suck her nub like a baby nursing. She could feel the familiar tingling in her pussy, as her clit started throbbing wildly. She was so wet and was sure that she would drown him, if he didn’t come up for air soon. Her wail was long and loud, as he sucked her to a mind-blowing orgasm.

He looked up at her; his face coated in her sticky, pearly cum. Not bothering to let her legs down, he pushed her back up the bed, crawling behind her. Guiding his granite hard cock, they both groaned when his thick plum shaped cockhead pierced her tight pussy. He nudged the entrance to her slick hole; teasing her, making her beg. Finally, he grabbed her hips and set a pounding pace. She was bent in half, as he lay on her chest. His mouth captured her rock hard nipples. Sucking them in sharply, he used his chin to push down the cup of her bra.

With his mouth latched firmly to her nipple, he cupped her ass cheeks in his hands, holding her steady, as his hips pounded her cunt. She felt him squeeze her globe and pull them open. It never occurred to her how kinky he was until she felt his finger push into her cunt along the side of his cock. When he was satisfied about how lubricated it was, he pushed it inside her tiny ass hole. Her pussy literally sucked his cock, as he wiggled that thick finger inside her ass. The burning sensation skyrocketed her into overdrive, making her coat his cock in cunt cream, but still he didn’t cum.

Pulling out of her body, he gave her no time to recover before flipping her body over. His finger had loosened her ass enough for him to ease his cock into it. His body twitched, as her ass slowly nibbled its way down his shaft. Her body swallowed him whole, and he started thrusting in and out. He got faster and faster, until his balls were slapping her open pussy. She reached between her legs and frigged her clit. She wanted…no needed to cum again. His growls dissolved into ragged pants. Her soft moans turned into shrill gasps. He pumped harder, bringing them to an earth shattering peak. She felt hot cum splash her inner ass walls. Bright white light exploded behind her eyes, as she came hard enough to push his spewing dick out.

His sweaty body draped over her trembling one. He rolled them over on their side and snuggled close to her back. She listened to his breathing slow down and even out. Cum drained from her pussy and ass. She was exhausted, and it was only 8pm.

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