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Sick day

A morning in bed with my fella.
I woke up at 8am to hear my fiance saying, "why does the clock say 8?" Shit, my alarm hadn't gone off again.. I really must remember to change the batteries! I got him to ring work and tell them that I wouldn't be going in. I was already two hours late. I slipped out of bed and went to the loo, admiring my handiwork from my shower yesterday in the mirror on the way back. I normally have short cut pubes but I'd decided to go Hollywood for a change.

As I climbed back into bed, I noticed my other half looking at his phone, I lent over and tried to look at it but he hid the screen and told me to hang on. A few moments later I noticed him starting to breathe a bit heavier than usual and the quilt rustling. He was touching himself and not letting me get involved! I picked up my phone and found something to get myself off to, watching him out the corner of my eye and reading some filth was really making me hot. Apparently it was doing the same for him as he put his phone down, lifted the covers and buried his head deep into my already soaking wet pussy lips. He grabbed my feet and put them on his thighs so he could get a better angle and then wrapped his hands firmly around my hips and pulled me down onto his eager mouth. It wasn't long before my phone was dropped to the floor and I began to moan and writhe with every suck and lick of my now swollen lady parts. He moved one of his hands off my hip and I thought that was going to be the end of my fun, but then he slowly slid it into my tight hole. I couldn't help it and screamed out even though I knew my neighbours were in their garden. He pumped my aching slot until I came in his hand. Then he told me to get up.

I got up, he lay down. He pulled me down onto his face then pushed me over to meet his throbbing member. I slid my hand along his shaft a few times, then ran my tongue round the rim of his cock and over the head before taking it in my mouth properly. I felt him plunge his tongue into me, which encouraged me to give his cock the sucking it needed. He replaced his tongue with a finger and started to suck and nibble on my clit at the same time. I was trying to concentrate on his cock, but his touch was too distracting and I kept having to be told to carry on sucking his dick. I felt him take his finger out my dripping slot and was about to turn round and sit on his cock when he rubbed his thumb in my juices and slipped it into my tight ass hole. Then he put his finger back into my pussy, making me moan and groan and writhe back onto his fingers. It wasn't long before I came. I felt the spasm start deep inside me as he continued to ram his finger and thumb in and out of my ass and pussy while munching hungrily on my clit, I came in a loud scream of ecstasy. I removed his fingers and slapped my ass, motioning for me to jump up.

I stood up too quickly after my orgasm and nearly fell over (I always lose the use of my legs after, my knees just don't seem to lock) but he caught me and guided me down onto his solid prick. I moaned as his engorged head slipped past my still tender lips and entered me. He lifted his hips to meet my ass, forcing the rest of his cock into me. I continued to bounce up and down his thick shaft while he took my large breasts and tenderly licked my nipples. As my grinding became more need,y he knew I was nearing orgasm and he started to grab and nibble my nipples more forcefully. I became rougher now and slammed my hips down onto his cock time after time, grinding my clit against his pubic bone as I did. He slipped his arms around my waist, pulling me forwards to kiss him just as I felt the first spurt of his load pump up his cock. I squeezed my pussy as tightly as I could- I love feeling-the jizz leave his dick- and forced myself right down onto him and felt wave after wave of his spunk being forced into me. It all got too much for me and my orgasm which had been approaching for a while eventually tore through my body and sent waves of pleasure in every direction. I collapsed on top of him in a panting heap and he kissed my forehead lovingly, lifting my chin up and planting a gentle kiss on my lips. I sat up, ran my hand down his stomach to his cock, licking the last drop of cum off his head, making him catch his breath.

I lay back down on the bed next to him and my body was just starting to relax after my orgasm. He ran his fingers tentatively over my smooth lips before parting them and slipping a finger between them. He started to rub my clit gently, pulling the hood back. I tried to regulate my breathing, my mind was still reeling from the session we had just had and he wanted more?! He propped himself up onto his elbow, his chin rested in his spare hand, looking at me and smiling sweetly. He lent over and whispered in my ear "how about anal?". I felt his solid cock brush my thigh and was immediately excited. I sat up and took his cock into my mouth once again, lapping at his bell end and working his shaft with my hand. I parted his legs and rubbed his gouch with my thumb, encouraging him to moan and grind against me. "Get on your knees, now." he demanded. Obligingly, I turned onto all fours and passed him the lube. He squirted my ass hole, his finger and his cock then worked his finger into my ass. I yelled out in pleasure and he gently slipped another finger inside me. I gasped with the surprise addition, but wanted more. "Now babe, I want you inside me... please." I begged. I felt the warmth of his sweaty body as he drew nearer to me and the hairs on my thighs stood up in anticipation. He softly pressed his swollen tip onto my ass hole and pushed a little, asking me to lean back onto it so he didn't hurt me. Soon, I was almost full of cock again and writhing around on the bed. "More, I want more. Get it all in and fuck me!" He responded with long strokes in and out, gaining in speed. I could hear his breathing changing and tightened my ass hole, I could feel his cock throbbing and knew it would only be seconds before he came. With one final stroke into me he shot his load into my waiting, aching ass. Breathing heavily and deeply, he bent over and kissed me between the shoulder blades before falling onto the bed beside me.

I might take days off more often from now on.

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