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Siesta Time

On the sun bed terrace, I got a proposition that I couldn’t believe and would be mad to turn down!
Siesta Time

It was definitely a hot and sticky day, I had just got out of the pool and was hunting for a sun bed on the terrace, somewhere with a little shade. I found one in front of a family of four. Normally, I stay away from kids but these were a little older and their mother happened to be a little bit of a stunner. She had blonde hair, slim but curvaceous body and I would say medium sized breasts. Just enough to get hold of. She had on a skimpy bikini, which is always a bonus.

I thought that the bikini may be just right for a glimpse of breast or bum or something like that, so I threw my towel onto the sun bed and arranged it so that I was facing the family.

Her husband then sat down a little later having also come from the pool, he seemed athletic and not someone you would argue with in a hurry.

The kids in front of me were hassling the parents, well just a parent as it happened, and she was doing all she could to keep them satisfied. She moved around a lot, and true to style I caught glimpses of her breasts as she leant forward to put sun cream on the children’s back and front. Her husband was just lying on his sun bed, sunglasses on and staring into the sky. Doing what father’s seemed to do best, ignoring the kids.

I started to relax and take a little less interest in the family as time went on. She seemed to settle back into her sun bed, sat upright and started to read her book. I did the same. Every now and then I would steal a glimpse of her thighs or her breast. Then I caught her eye briefly. I immediately looked away. I was reading my book when she lifted both her legs up on the sun bed and rested her hands on them. I stole a quick glimpse of her thighs and bum as she shifted herself in the sun bed slightly and adjusted her bikini bottoms.

I then started reading my own book again, her movements were too exaggerated and I thought that she was watching me to see if I was looking, so I played dumb and read my book. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. She opened her legs slightly and placed the book between her knees, covering her face from me and holding it with her hands. Her bright blue bikini bottoms had slid to the side. I could see skin, or was it her blonde hair covered pussy. It seemed rather smooth in any case. I was mesmerised and was looking over the top of my book a little too much for comfort.

I glanced at her husband, yep, still staring upwards with his sunglasses on. In any case I needed to enter stealth mode if I was to look more intently at her.

She then opened her legs a little wider. Definitely shaved pussy, I thought to myself. I looked around me to see if anyone else could see the spectacle in front of me but there was no-one behind me and only a few people either side, only an older couple were facing in their direction. I then noticed some older people come up and talk to her in Spanish. By the familiarity in their voices, they must have been family. They sat closer to the pool and started to interact with her kids.

When she sat back after talking to them, I could still see her pussy. I was kind of lusting at her, looking between her legs and then at her breasts, She was absolutely gorgeous to say the least, and I was being a particularly efficient voyeur - or so I thought.

I could feel my cock start to grow as my mind started to play fantasies in my head about the woman in front of me. Not a good thing to be doing in trunks which were tight fitting. I decided that my chest had had enough sun in the twenty or so minutes that I was there and in an attempt to hide my growing hard-on and to try and get a better view, I turned myself around and lay on my stomach.

It was a much better view. From my new vantage point, I could see she was fully shaven, not a hair in sight. Her pussy looked as if it was glistening. I placed both my arms under my chin and pretended to stare into the distance hoping that my reflective sunglasses would do the trick.

Then she moved. She opened both her legs wide and sat on the sun bed, upright she twisted towards her husband and muttered something in Spanish to him. I was totally unaware of what she said. Then she spoke some more.

By the time she finished my cock was as hard as hell, her pussy lips had spread slightly apart as her thighs lay either side of the sun bed and now her breasts were dangling slightly, though they were not large enough to swing free from that angle.

I was mesmerised by the sight in front of me, my cock twitched as my mind started to make up fantasies of me licking her, or pushing my cock into her pussy. At one point I had to catch myself from extending my tongue in a licking motion.

She shifted again and stood up.

Bollocks, I thought, that’s the end of the show. She shouted to her kids and then she got back onto the sun bed on all fours. Her breasts were facing me directly and I could see straight down her cleavage. Then she lowered herself to the sun bed, untied her bikini top and let it fall to either side.

Her face must have been only three or four feet from mine. But unlike her, I couldn’t get up with the hard on that I now had. I was hiding against the sun bed. I just satisfied myself with looking at the top of her head and her dangling legs as she waved them behind her. I eventually let my head fall to the side and closed my eyes. The show was over, I thought to myself.

“It‘s hot isn‘t it?” someone asked a question in English. I ignored it at first. Then I heard it again.

“It‘s hot isn‘t it?” I moved my face to look forward and found it was her. She was addressing me. She had propped herself up on her arms and was talking to me. The sounds were irrelevant. The first thing I noticed were glimpses of her dangling breasts as they touched the sun bed.

“Me?” I queried. She nodded “Hot!” she said, for the third time.

“Yes, very hot,” I replied, and then thought, ‘in more ways than one‘.

“Are you on holiday?” she asked.

I nodded yet again, I was not a great conversationalist, especially with someone that my cock was lusting after and whose husband was not far away from her.

“How long are you staying here?” she asked once more.

“I have four days left,” I answered.

She then started to grin and smile at me as she wriggled her shoulders which in turn made her breasts wobble slightly from side to side. She then bit her lip. I thought that this was building up to another question and indeed it was.

“Did you like looking at my pussy?” she asked.

My mouth dropped open and nearly hit the floor. I was shocked, I went as red as a beetroot as I blushed, and before I knew it, my embarrassment had already told her the answer to her question.

“Please, don‘t be embarrassed,” she continued almost immediately. “I did it on purpose, I figured you would be looking.”

I was still gob smacked and didn’t know what to say.

“Do you like my tits as well?” she asked as she again bit her lip and rolled her shoulders.

I felt I had to respond, but I was dumbstruck. I was also staring at her blatant exhibitionism. “They are very nice breasts, yes,” I said as I nodded.

“Truth is, it’s siesta time and while most people sleep, I normally fuck!”, she looked me straight in the eye as she removed her sunglasses. “Afternoon fuck‘s are wonderful, don’t you think?” she asked.

“I guess they must be,” I replied shrugging my shoulders to indicate that I had little or no experience. What I did know was that she was teasing me big time and I wasn’t sure how much more of it I could take.

“Is your cock hard?” she asked the question I was dreading. Yet the conversation that had started, provided no way out now. May as well just jump in with both feet, I thought, and hope that her kids would interrupt us or her husband would wake up. Though, looking at him, the latter seemed unlikely.

“Yes, it is,” I replied as I nodded. She smiled at my words and I saw her eyes light up.

“Is it big?” she asked.

“About eight inches,” I replied as quickly as I could.

“It would be best not to let it go to waste,” she said biting her lip once more.

I looked at her, I thought I knew what she meant but I was not all that confident that she meant it.

“Would you like to sink your cock into my pussy?” she said, “or would you like me to slip my mouth over your cock for you…”

She was definitely teasing me.

“You‘re teasing me awfully,” I replied, “you’re very naughty.”

“I’m not teasing in the slightest…“, she replied. This caused me to stare into her eyes once more. “Fuck me!” she mouthed the words to me

“Why don‘t you come upstairs with me, you‘ll get a much better view of my pussy,” she said, “then I can prove it to you!” She had a serious look on her face. Her mouth was slightly open, then she slipped her tongue through her lips briefly before taking it back inside.

My breathing had become laboured, “OK,” I replied and nodded. It was all I could say.

“Good!” she exclaimed, “wait a few seconds and follow me!” she continued.

She got up from the sun bed and straddled it - her tits were free from the bikini top which was left behind. She smiled at me, picked it up and then placed it around her and fastened the clasp. Her tits looked amazing. Then she muttered something to her husband in Spanish, I didn’t know what it was. I then saw her chat to the older people by the pool and wave to her kids. Again she spoke in Spanish, then she walked slowly and sensuously around the pool.

I swivelled off the sun bed and grabbed by book, keys and towel to indicate that I was leaving. I had to grab my towel, it was the only thing that was preventing the whole pool-side from seeing my raging hard-on.

I followed her as best I could. I rounded the corner and made my way up the steps. She was waiting at the top for me. Once she had realised I saw her, she continued. I followed. At the top of the steps I turned right and saw her by the apartment door. She entered. I followed her. The door was half closed when I got there and I pushed it open before going inside. I looked around me to make sure her husband was nowhere to be seen.

I went inside, and closed the door. I saw her standing by the bedroom door - naked.

I looked on her body in awe, it was fabulous, wonderful, you name it, it was it.

I dropped my gear by the door as she walked towards me. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy.

“Touch me,” she said, “It‘s nice and smooth…isn‘t it!” she exclaimed.

I had to admit it was, and it was the first smooth pussy I had felt in my life. My finger almost disappeared up her slit as I found out how wet she was.

“Oh! Yes, I forgot to tell you…I am dripping with anticipation. I can’t wait to suck your cock,” she said.

With that she pulled my trunks down to my knees and grabbed my cock with her hand. I pushed my trunks down further and wriggled out of them as fast as I could. She was taking me, cock-in-hand, to the bedroom.

My cock had certainly got back to full size. I watched her arse cheeks sway from side to side as she walked awkwardly. Her body slightly twisted as she held onto my cock and guided me. It was hard as fuck and I couldn’t wait to sink it into her. Thoughts flew around my mind as to what position it would be in. Then we reached the bed. She pushed me onto it and knelt on the edge. With her hand back on my cock, she stroked it vertically. Her other hand was fondling my balls as she looked at my cock.

“Fucking wonderful,” she announced, as her hand travelled to the top and then back down to the base. She looked me in the eye again, “Fucking gorgeous cock!” she exclaimed, “I am going to have a wonderful, fucking siesta,” she said, as she licked at it while watching me.

I felt, and saw my cock disappear into her mouth and down her throat as she sucked on it. It was too much for me to take. I couldn’t watch her for long, if I did I would cum and cum hard in the first few seconds. It didn’t help that there was a mirror on the wardrobes behind her and all I could see was her beautiful arse. Then I watched her suck on my cock again. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes. I had to think of something else, I wanted to wait until I could fuck her wonderful pussy before I spunked up. I just lay there savouring the feel of her mouth on my cock, up and down, up and down, then licking all around it, then sucking on my balls. It was all a bit too much.

Too much that is until I opened my eyes. I jerked upwards as I propped myself up on my arms and saw her husband standing behind her. “Oh! fuck”, I cried out in an attempt to let her know that something was wrong but she grabbed my cock harder and sank her head down on it. I was going nowhere.

Then he spoke in Spanish and she raised her head off my cock and smiled at him.

She rose from kneeling on the floor and motioned me up the bed. I looked from her to him and then back to her. I wriggled up the bed not taking my eyes off the both of them. Then I saw her tits wobble as she knelt on the bed. That wobble was so fucking nice to watch.

She grabbed my cock firmly in her hand to stop me from moving any further. I had to stop, it was a firm grip. Then I saw her sink her head back onto my cock. I watched as her husband dropped his trunks. His cock was as hard as mine and just as big. I could see her wonderful arse pointing into the air as I looked past him to the mirror. I watched as he stroked his cock and then stood behind her.

In one motion, he levelled his cock and slid it straight up her cunt.

She groaned on my cock, but she never stopped her sucking. Her husband grabbed her hips and fucked his cock into her. He had a very lusty attitude about him, like she was going to be fucked, and fucked hard. I heard her groan with every thrust he gave her. He backed his cock out and then with a hard grunt, he rammed it straight into her.

Every time she gasped as her breath seemed to leave her entirely. At one point her mouth flew open, still around my cock and she groaned before she clamped her mouth firm around it again.

I was watching them both and by now decided to give her the same as her husband was. I placed my hands on the back of her head and in one go I thrust my arse upwards, powering my cock into her mouth.

“Together…” her husband announced.

I watched him as he took the lead with his cock out, I pulled mine downwards, then we both thrust into her at the same time. She groaned.

“More, more, more…” her husband was encouraging our double act. We both stepped up the speed and we both fucked our cocks into her. She seemed to love it all. The intrusion into her cunt, and my cock hitting the back of her throat, sometimes making her gag a little.

We must have fucked her fast like that for about thirty seconds. It was thirty seconds of exquisite sensations and horniness that took its toll on my cock.

“I’m fucking cumming…” I announced. She moaned into my cock as I fucked it into her mouth. Her husband then fucked her wildly from behind. He was plummeting his cock in and out of her cunt at a phenomenal rate. Grabbing her waist all the time as he pulled her backwards. At one point he almost pulled her off my cock. But it was too late - I was spunking down her throat as gush after gush of spunk left my cock and shot into her mouth. She swallowed just about everything I could give her at first, but eventually, as she panted and moaned as I filled her mouth up, I saw my spunk dribble out of the side of her mouth. Then a gush of spunk flowed from her as she opened her mouth and gasped for air.

She was screaming by now in both Spanish and English, her husband was still fucking her hard as her orgasm sent spasms through her body and took her to her sexual high. It was one hell of a siesta fuck, I thought to myself.

I watched as she juddered beneath her husbands pumping cock as he finally spunked inside her with exaggerated thrusts before he buried his cock deep and kept it in her.

As she came down from her high, she slumped on the bed, then finally crawled up to me and kissed me on the lips.

“Thank you, that was just what I needed,” she said. It was the first time I tasted my own spunk from her lips.

She slumped back down next to me, “I need to sleep now,” she said.

Her announcement for sleep meant we had to leave, both me and her husband left the room, though, I sneaked a look at her lithe and serene body as I left. Outside her husband slapped me on the back.

“Good!” he said, then headed off back to the pool. I headed to my room for a wank and to replay the whole scene in my head. It was surreal, I couldn’t have made a story up like that in my entire life.

The following day, I was by the pool again waiting for her. She was nowhere to be seen. I waited. I must have waited a good while as I must have fallen asleep.

As I awoke I heard some kids next to me playing. I looked up and saw her two kids and the grandparents again. I looked behind me and there she was reading her book on her side.

I watched her, not knowing what to say, which was strange, as only yesterday she sucked my cock dry and drank my spunk. So I just watched her. There was no sign of her husband this time.

She twisted on her sun bed and she caught my eye.

“Oooo, you‘re awake, ” she said, “good timing…” she continued.

She eventually rose from her sun bed and announced something in Spanish to the parents. As she got up, she leant in towards me.

“Siesta time,” she whispered as she smiled. She made a motion with her head that I should follow.

I did just that. I waited for her to leave. I knew where to go this time and I was not so apprehensive of her husband. I left it about a minute before following her.

The door was open and I went in and closed it. I dropped my trunks in anticipation and pulled on my cock to make it hard. It didn’t need that much encouragement and I walked into the bedroom, naked and with a full erection.

I was greeted to her on all fours on the bed. Her arse pointing in the air with her legs slightly open, I could see her wet, glistening pussy lips, slightly open. Her husband was underneath her and I watched as she sucked his cock all the way down, as she had sucked mine the day before.

I walked up to her and placed my hand on her soaking wet pussy and let my finger slip between her lips. She raised her head up from her husband’s cock and looked over her shoulder. If only she knew how fucking horny she looked and how randy that made me feel. Then I slipped my cock into her - in one easy go.

She let out a long drawn sigh, looked at her husband, held his cock firmly upright, opened her mouth and sank down on eight, maybe more, inches of hard cock.

At last I got to do the fucking…and her beautiful body was certainly going to be fucked!

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