Silk Seduction

By HunniDew

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An evening of seduction...
A fantasy inspired by someone special…this is for you. A belated birthday present.

My eyes roam over the provocative sight before me. Your glorious naked body sprawled on the bed, your wrists tethered to the headboard, bound with black silk ties. I pause for a moment, taking in your lightly tanned skin, the swell of your biceps, the soft, downy hairs covering your chest, your taut stomach, your cock nestling between strong, muscular thighs. I smile to myself as I realise that right this very minute, you are mine; all mine.

I lean forward to kiss you, sucking your bottom lip gently into my mouth, my tongue exploring your mouth, dancing against yours. I suck on your tongue, gently at first, getting harder as my desire for you increases. As I kiss you, I reach into the bedside drawer, my hand searching until it claims what I am searching for. I break away from our kiss, and fasten a blindfold around your eyes. I want to block out the senses you don’t need, make you focus on my touch and the pleasure I am about to bring you.

I see you smile nervously, your mind racing with thoughts of what I may be about to do to you.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll enjoy this”, I whisper in your ear.

With your eyes covered, I quickly discard my clothing. I roll you over onto your front and drizzle scented oil into my hand, warming it between my palms. As I sit astride you, I start to rub over your shoulders, soothing away any lingering tension. I work my hands over your back, using long, sensual strokes, before working my way down onto your rounded buttocks, kneading your muscular flesh.

The flat of my palms brush over the backs of your thighs, my thumbs manipulating firmly as I move onto your toned calves.

“Turn over for me” I instruct you, “I want to get my hands on all of you”.

After warming some more oil between my hands, I brush over your shoulders, lowering my head to drop soft butterfly kisses along your collar bone, before suckling on each nipple in turn, nipping gently as they stand to attention. My deft fingers continue their journey, leaving behind a slick of scented oil down over your torso.

As my hands work their way lower, I use my hands to part your legs. You blissful whimpers spur me on and I turn my attention to the insides of your thighs. I leave a blazing trail of barely there kisses up the inside of each thigh, before sucking and nibbling at your sensitive flesh.

I stop at the apex of your thighs, my hot breath making your cock twitch, straining for my touch. I wrap my delicate hand around your searingly hot flesh; firm, languid strokes as I feel you pulse and throb in my grasp. The traces of oil allow my palm to glide easily over you, as they mix with the pre-cum leaking from your slit. The sight is so tantalisingly erotic I can’t resist lowering my head for a taste. I love the taste of you on my lips, I just can’t get enough. I wiggle my tongue around your crown, relishing your sweet, salty flavour.

Grasping the base of your rigid shaft, I run my tongue up and down the length of you, your hips bucking involuntarily. I continue to tease you with my tongue, a flick here, a nibble there, always leaving you craving more. I lovingly trail my tongue over your smooth balls, taking them into my hot mouth one at a time, rolling them around my tongue. My tongue continues to travel downwards, running along your perineum, darting against your puckered hole. I hear you gasp as I gently probe your hole, holding you apart with my hands.

I reach down between my legs, coating a finger in my juices before gradually pushing it inside you, feeling you tense at first, before relaxing against me. I press in further, curling my finger and pressing against your p-spot.

As you writhe beneath me, I turn my attention back to your glorious rod, sinking my lips over you. Inch by inch, I take you further into my mouth until you are buried in the back of my throat. Your pre-cum is streaming down the back of my throat as I hum against you; the vibrations sending you into a frenzy.

The moans and groans coming from you are making me hornier by the second and it’s taking every last ounce of self-control not to bury you deep inside my wanting pussy. I tell myself we have plenty of time for that later, and this is all about you.

My finger and mouth continue their assault on you, taking you to new dizzying heights. I feel your balls beginning to lift and tighten as you begin to empty your hot seed into my mouth. I eagerly swallow every last tasty drop as spurt after spurt coats my throat, your hips thrusting with wild abandon as you struggle against your restraints.

As your tremors begin to wane, I move back up your body, leaving a trail of scorching hot kisses behind. I take your face in my hands and kiss you passionately, the taste of you lingering on my tongue.

I reach down to unfasten the blindfold, watching your deep blue eyes blinking, adjusting to the light. As the view swims into focus, a delighted grin spreads across your handsome face. This is the first time you’ve seen what I’m wearing for you, and the look on your face more than signals your approval. You take in the black hold-ups, and matching black and red bra and thong, hugging my curves.

I’m sat straddled across your chest, and you can see the damp patch spreading across the flimsy material of my thong. As you watch, I reach behind me, deftly unhooking my bra, exposing my full breasts. I begin to caress them, my fingertips stroking my soft skin, before gently tugging at my nipples, which stiffen under my touch.

You watch in fascination as my hands glide lower, hooking into the waistband of my panties, sliding them down my legs and kicking them aside. I slowly crawl up your body until my glistening pussy is hovering above your lips. Your tongue strains to reach me but as much as I crave your touch, I have n’t finished teasing you just yet.

Pushing my finger into your mouth, you suckle on it, softly at first. I push in a second finger as you begin to suck harder, eliciting a small moan from me as I feel a jolt of electricity heading southwards. I begin to run my fingers down my dripping slit, tracing the outline of my hot, swollen lips. Collecting some of my sweet nectar, I press my fingers back into your mouth, letting you taste my arousal.

“Oh, I want you so much, Helen”, you groan, as the taste of me dances on your tongue.

“All in good time”, comes my breathless reply. “Just lie back and enjoy the show”.

I leisurely trail my fingers back down, cupping my smooth, shaven mound and slide a finger inside, feeling my velvety walls gripping it tightly. As I gently rock my hips, a second finger slithers inside. My teasing of you has me so turned on and I know it won’t be long before I cum. My fingers curl inside, frantically stroking my g-spot as I brush my thumb over my swollen nub. Back and forth I rock as I feel my climax beginning to build. My core turns to molten lava as I feel waves of pleasure crashing through me, my whole body convulsing.

“Oh fuck, yes”, I cry as your name escapes my lips.

My legs are trembling and can no longer hold me up. I sink onto you, your lips latching onto my clit, sucking and nibbling as I ride out my orgasm. As my moans start to subside, your eager tongue laps at my juices, savouring the sweet tang.

I collapse onto the bed beside you, resting my head against your chest, my fingertips lazily roaming up and down your thigh.

“Happy Belated Birthday, gorgeous” I tell you.

“Oh, it was definitely worth the wait” you reply, as a devilish grin spreads across your face.

I can’t help but grin myself, knowing that we are both picturing the sweet revenge that is coming my way…

Well, as soon as I decide to untie you anyway.