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Silken Curves

With one look across the barroom he couldn't resist making her his...
Silky, soft skin under the calloused pads of my fingertips as I stroke them down the elegant length of her throat. She had watched me shyly from under long lashes, when I had cupped her cheek the thick fringe of those lashes had fallen to cast shadows upon her cheeks. My thumb stroking across her lips, the rough pad pulling her lips apart and I groaned deep in my chest when her lips surrounded the tip and sucked lightly. Her tongue swirling around it. She’s beautiful. Innocent. I push her head back, exposing her throat to my lips. I suck lightly at the strong beating pulse, her skin feeling like satin against my tongue.

She hadn’t protested when I had wrapped my arm around her waist and led her from the dark smoky bar earlier. The light had caught in her blue-black hair that had swirled around the generous flare of her hips. My cock had instantly hardened thinking about what that soft hair would feel like pooling around my hips as her plump lips circled the flared head sucking gently and shyly. Growling deep in my chest, I gripped those soft curves in the palms of my rough hands and pulled her snugly against me. Her back arched pushing that plump ass against me.

Fingers knot in her skirt slowly easing it up her shapely calves then her rounded, pale thighs. I whisper gruffly in her ear to hold her skirt as I move my big body around hers until I fall to my knees at her feet. Looking up into her heavy lidded, passion filled eyes, I hook my fingers into the sides of her conservative white lace panties and slide them slowly down her legs, lifting one foot then the other until I toss them aside. Leaning in I rub my cheeks over the neatly trimmed curls, inhaling the sweet spicy scent of her arousal. Even now, I could see the dim light glistening off damp curls.

Wrapping my hand around her left ankle, I place biting kisses on her inner thigh, tonguing the sensitive hollow behind her knee and leave a wet trail with my tongue to her ankle. Growling again, I sink my teeth in the well-rounded curve where ass meets thigh and place her foot on my broad shoulder. I bury my face between those beautiful thighs licking slowly from weeping pussy to tight pulsing clit. Gathering her wetness on my tongue like the most decadent ice cream. Remove your shirt, the words were a growling order made against her fragrant flesh.

I didn’t wait to see if she obeyed wrapping my hand around her lifted thigh and my other gripped her ass sinking into the roundness. I lapped greedily at the constant flow of slickness, a deep male satisfaction washed over me as those hips began to move. My tongue slipping into her pussy before retreating to circle that tight little bud again. Pushing the delicate hood back to flick the hard tip of my tongue over the ultra-sensitive bud. I revel in her panting moans mixed with pleas for release, but I ignore them wanting nothing more than to hear her scream and beg for me before I take her.

My teeth bite down, gentle but enough to elicit the right amount of pleasure/pain. Rolling my eyes up I nearly give in as I watch her cup her full breasts pinching the elongated nipples. Her head thrown back. Fuck, she is beautiful. I stroke my hands up over her hips, the small waist and her ribs to brush her hands aside. Plucking and twisting her nipples and ease my tongue as far into her wet, dripping pussy as I can get. The delicate muscles squeeze around my flicking tongue and my nose teases her clit. Her smell, taste and the feel of her takes over my senses nothing in the world exists but her fucking herself on my tongue.

Her soft, slender finger fist in my thick hair and pulls me deeper into her. The keening little cry that comes from her parted lips means she’s close, but I pull away blowing over her heated pussy. I smile savagely at her bucking hips and ease her foot to the ground as I straighten to look down at her. My lips come down on hers, thrusting passed her parted lips. I let her taste herself as I release the button of her skirt and push it off her hips to fall around her feet. Every voluptuous curve exposed and I step back to let my eyes roam over her.

Perfect, at her gasp what I thought I had said silently made her pale skin flush even more. I take her hand leading her to the bed, moving back behind her and resting my hands on her shoulders, I gently push her forward until she bends resting her hands on the mattress then lowering herself farther. That gorgeous ass high in the air. I order her to stay and bring my left hand up and then down hard on the curve of her ass. She jerks, but only moans so I repeat on the opposite cheek, I continue repeatedly until her porcelain skin is hot and red. Her fingers are gripping the comforter and she is begging, desperate pleas passing her lips, mumbled from where she has her face buried in the thick cover.

My cock is flexing painfully against my zipper as I release my belt, slipping it through the loops and it makes a hissing sound. Popping the button, then easing the zipper down slowly and I push my jeans down to mid-thigh to release my straining cock. Taking it in hand, I give myself a few quick strokes watching pre-cum gather on the blunt, wet tip. My right hand goes to the small of her back as I run the broad flared head along her slit, nudging against her clit then back up until I push against the super tight entrance. Gritting my teeth, a curse and a prayer rumbling in my chest and I take her with one hard thrust until the hot skin of her ass is cradled against me.

I whisper brokenly to her as I curl my body around hers, biting down on her sensitive nape, licking the small mark left behind. Wrapping my arms around her, cupping her swaying breasts, gripping them tight as I retreat and then slam forward with controlled brutality. Pumping my hips, wetness flowing out of her coating her thighs and mine. Skin slapping against skin. Panting moans and guttural groans. Her neck arches back until her head rests on my shoulder.

Perfect, tight and ultra-wet. Pressure built in the base of my spine signaling I was too fucking close. I straighten, gripping her hips and pulling her into each forward movement of my hips. Her pussy tightens like a vise around my cock, pulsing, moisture pouring out of her. My fingers grip her hair pulling her head back, arching her neck and bend forward to lick the salty tears from her cheek as she trembles in my arms letting out a scream.

My sac draws up tight as spurt after spurt of hot cum shoots from my cock joining the wetness on her thighs and mine. Growling my arm goes around her waist crushing her to my chest, my teeth sinking into her shoulder as I continue to ride her curvy ass until she’s begging me to stop. Pushing her to the bed, curling us on our sides, my cock still deep inside her. Her eyes are closed, I lean in, whisper is she ready for round two, her lips curve into a wicked grin, and her only answer is a moan and a roll of her hips.

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