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Silver to Gold

Tags: oral sex
A short story about oral sex

Standing before me silently stroking your erection to life with one hand and guiding my mouth to you with the other I begin a course of kisses at your navel meeting your swollen dick rising over your belly competing for my attention. I linger slowly over the glistening head and a deep pleasurable sigh escapes you while you penetrate my mouth and watch me swallow the shaft on the cushion of my tongue, wetting the entire length sliding it easily between my lips. I look up into your eyes then grasp the thick base, my fingers deep in the matte black hair accenting the space between the wide stance of your strong thighs. Stroking up and down matching the rhythm of your thrusting, seeking to accommodate you as deeply as you wish I force my throat to relax, to take it all. With my free hand on your ass I pull you toward me. My hardened nipples grazing your legs, saliva running down my chin and the delicious friction of your soft testicles wetly spanking my face make me work my tongue and suck my cheeks to caress you further. My jaws are practically numb but you taste so good and give me such sexy encouragement and reward that nothing else matters. 


You’re speaking my name softly lucidly to me through jagged breaths but growling unintelligible and rough at the same time causing my drenched pussy to tighten at the deep sound of your voice. Shoving into me involuntarily, faster, harder, and passionately I swallow against your pounding laboring for breath as I know you are nearing orgasm In... Then out... In, then out. In then out. In. In. In. In... I start to taste the earthy drops of your cum on my tongue, your moment is here, I want to bring you to it and meet you there. Calling out exclamations of ecstasy as in a trance your cum fills the recesses of my mouth. I take all you have. You moan, and I can feel your torso and legs constrict in a tight muscular grip of relief, afterward I stand up to support you swaying slightly in my arms like light over a blade, a glimmer reveals the perspiration on your forehead, shoulders and chest falling like rain over me fusing us together.


It pleases me to please you. We stay languidly together and your hands are permitted to roam an anointed a path upon my breasts, my navel, my waist, down to my inner thighs. Finding me ready spreading my slickness and intensifying my sensitivity with the wetness on your fingertips I feel the unmistakable re-awakening of your dick against my thigh. You immediately change our positions and pin me face forward to the wall holding my hands over my head, my small wrists in the palm of your hand bound with just your fingers. Pulling my hips away from the wall with your arm around my waist, carrying you on my back my breasts against the cool wall I'd waited for this moment. I arched my back to try to take the size of your bigger wider dick contrasting your fingers previously inside me, and when you thrust forcefully between my parted thighs, I closed my eyes and opened my senses. Silver turns to gold. 


You dominated me with an uncompromising rhythm. Your stroke wedging you deeper inside of me, your weight upon me, a feeling of pleasure-pain as even the slippery wetness of my body didn't dislocate the strong grip of your hands on my hips. Again I cannot breathe but only for you do I spread my legs, round my ass, and submit. Still I am moving against the luscious roughness of you inside of me and the smooth even wall outside of me I climaxed without shame the soft slick sucking sounds of a cleft stretching wide as you give me all until my legs can no longer support me. Light-headed, my head falls back against your shoulder and it is several seconds before I can hear your reassurance in my ear and I realize that I am finally breathing the air I was missing through my open mouth. 

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