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Simple Pleasure After Work

Two hardcore, magical lovers ease their office pressures after a hard day of work at the Ministry.

She smiled back and nodded, "Well shall we?" He nodded and apparated them back to their room. "Saves more time," he said with a smile then kissed her passionately, dipping his tongue into her open mouth to duel with hers. She made a noise of assent while pushing him gently towards their bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and walked backwards and fell as his knees caught on the edge of the bed, bring her down on top of him.

She got up and said, "You stay there." She pulled back to the middle of the room as he sat up and watched. She dropped the robe from her shoulders showing off her work uniform underneath, knee length grey plaid skirt, white oxford blouse, and tie. Slowly undoing the bow in the tie she let it hang as she started unbuttoning her blouse, teasingly pulling it open with each button.

The bulge in his pants grew and visibly jumped when her blue and white lace demi-bra was revealed, cupping her perfect C cup breasts. Pulling the blouse from the waistband of the skirt she left it gaping open as she unzipped the side of the pleated skirt. With the button at the top popped the skirt fell to the floor. The matching panties were a g-string that he knew drove her wild, making her giggle in her office when the other witches and wizards thought she was as proper as a saint.

The blouse followed the skirt to the floor finally and she turns, giving him a view of her backside. Reaching up she tugs her long fall of hair over her shoulder before unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor. The only thing left on was the thigh high white stockings and g-string.

Bent at her waist she slowly started rolling the stockings off, one leg at a time as she gave him a great view of her taught rounded ass. With the loss of the stockings she turned and pulled the g-string off, revealing a bare glistening pussy.

She came back to the bed, panties still in her hand to trail up his body before tossing them to one side. She straddled him as she started pulling his clothes off, the shirt tearing. Buttons went flying and she tugged the sleeves down his arms. Soon they were both naked, his clothes in need of repairs on the floor by hers.

He flipped so he was on top, his hand sliding down between them to test her readiness. Finding her dripping he grabbed both her hands and interlaced their fingers, before thrusting into her with an animalistic growl. As soon as he did, she screamed aloud as she gripped his hands, moving with him as her legs unconsciously wrapping around his.

He kissed her as if he would devour her, his tongue everywhere in her mouth. She did the same, duelling his tongue for possession of one another’s mouths. She had to break away every once in a while to take a breath and moan from all of the movements. He massaged her, his hands caressing her body as he thrust into her enjoying the sounds he ripped from her mouth. "You know...we should have...done the new ensuite" she said between breaths and thrusts.

He chuckled and his hands moved down to her hips to thrust faster and giving him more control, allowing him to hit her g-spot. She gave a little scream again as she pressed her body against his, for half an hour they shagged, with him on top at least. The way they shagged was raw and animalistic. Soon she felt him flip them over so she was on top.

She looked down at her husband curiously. "I want to see you move on top of me. Give it to me rough," he whispered in his irresistible sexy voice. What he said caused her to blush as she drove her body onto his as hard as she was able to. He moaned with pleasure as he sat up and rested his back against the wall behind the top of their bed as he massaged her breasts. Then he slid his hands down to her hips and pulled them down every time she pushed herself back onto him. With everything he was doing to her, she cried out in pleasure as she released as she rode him. Soon she couldn't stand it anymore as she put her hands behind his neck and pulled him in for a crushing passionate kiss. Smirking against the kiss, he ran a hand through her hair while putting his other hand on her middle back.

Crushing their chests together as their nipples caressed each other with each thrust he gave to her while she rode him. After a while she had to break away from the kiss for air but she went right back to kissing her husband with passion, love, desire, and things indescribable. Oh how he had missed the way they shagged like this, rough and long, until the early hours of the morning or even an all nighter.

About half an hour passed with her riding him, she decided to slow down a little bit as she rested her head on his shoulder. She was still riding him but not as fast. Noticing her slowing movements, he gently pulled out of her dripping pussy and moved her around so she was on her hands and knees. The he lifted her hips up towards him and forced himself back into her as hard as he could. Smirking as he heard her cry of ecstasy, "Oh Merlin!" when he plunged back into her dripping wet pussy.

She could feel that in the process of doing that, his cock had become harder and thicker if that was possible. Now she was whimpering with pleasure as he continued to drill right into her G-spot which drove her mad with pleasure. He knew that he was doing her good because she only whimpered like that when she was in complete ecstasy. Her whimpering only caused him to drive himself even faster but instead of doing that, he only plunged into her as far as he could go.

Then he just gave her little thrusts but they were perfectly aimed at her G-spot and he could feel it. To add to the pleasure they were both feeling, he managed to snake a hand across her hips and plunged in a few fingers to stimulate her even more. When he plunged his fingers into her, she screamed with pleasure and for the first time since they have started shagging, tears came from her eyes because of how wonderful everything felt.

Her breathing was extremely heavy as she continued to move with him. Soon though, she had to take his other free hand and pull it up to one of her breasts to tell him she wanted even more than what he was giving her. He knew what she wanted so he let her drag his hand to her breast and he pinched and pulled at her nipple as well as gently massage her breast until he used something else for the first time. He conjured up a muggle device that is specially designed for clit arousal.

"Let's try something a little different," he whispered huskily into her ear as he attached the arousal device onto her clit. He smiled when he felt her shudder and was surprised that she was able to throw herself back against him, making him sit up. As she sat upright, she felt his pulsing and thickening cock deep inside of her. Deeper than any other time he had ever been. The device he had conjured up did many things and the setting he had chosen for her at the moment was a little wet head that vibrated and moved all around her clit until it detected where the most sensative spot on her clit was. She cried out louder than she had ever before when the head found the sensitive part of her clit.

He smiled as he pulled out his fingers and conjured up another muggle device. This time it was a small vibrator then he turned on and carefully placed it inside of her pussy as well. "This will give both of us even more pleasure," he whispered into her ear again as he turned the vibrator on high. She screamed even louder than before when he turned on the vibrator and she threw her head back onto his shoulder as her body was paralyzed with pleasure. She wasn't able to move any part of her body at the moment because of the pleasure rippling throughout her body.

Not knowing how he was doing it, but she felt him move her up and down upon his hard cock and managed to keep the vibrator inside of her. Happy that he was able to keep the vibrator inside of her, he looked at the clit vibrator and smirked as he turned it on to the highest setting and saw his beautiful wife clasp a hand over her mouth as she screamed once yet again. When he turned down the clit vibrator, then quickly snapped it back to the highest setting, she used all of her strength to clasp her hand over her mouth as she screamed once again as her body was being wracked with pleasure she didn't know she would ever feel. With all of the stimulation he has been giving her, he just had to add more.

Since he wasn't able to reach her mouth at the moment, he licked all around her shoulders and paid special attention to her hot spots. Then when he couldn't stand it anymore, he gently pulled her mouth to his and kissed her hard enough to bruise her already kiss swollen mouth. She instantly closed her eyes when she felt her lips connect with his. Her releases, thanks to all of the stimulation he had been giving her, seemed to be one constant flowing release. Never giving her a chance to fully rest but she wasn't complaining as she loved the way her husband shagged her.

Finally after at least an hour of this, he gently pulled the vibrator out of her pulsing pussy as well as his own swollen cock. Then he gently laid her down on her back on the bed before he plunged himself into her once again. He left the clit vibrator on so he didn't have to worry about it himself as he massaged her breasts for the finale of their shagging. Crying out yet again in pleasure, and slight pain, she wrapped her legs around his and let him do whatever he wanted to do to her for the rest of the time that they had left. She was too tired to do anything else to him anyway. Well too tired to ride him the way he would like that is, but she had no problem letting him shag her the normal way for the last minutes of their time alone. Glad to have this time with her, he plunged a bigger vibrator into her pussy. This one was specially designed for stimulation of the G-spot and also for stimulation of the cock when fully inserted into the pussy, which he was at the moment. She whimpered once again as he shoved the vibrator into her pussy alongside his cock, but loved it at the same time. "I love you so much," was all she managed to get out before yet another scream escaped her lips.

Thankfully she knew that he was almost done for if he was to continue, she would have definitely passed out from the pleasure. "I love you so much too, my beautiful, sexy, shagalicious wife," he said. Finally he felt his last release coming and he knew it was a huge one. He was right because he released hard and long into her for a straight two minutes which completely exhausted him. Just as he released, she did as well and she screamed for the first thirty seconds. Then for the rest of his release, she was just moaning and wondering how she was keeping all of his semen inside of her. When his release was finished, he flipped the two of them over so she was on top. Then he cast a spell over his wife so his semen would stay inside of her until her body had absorbed it all. She squirmed on top of him while he did that as she breathed heavily. When he got enough strength back, he gently took the vibrators out and off of his wife and laid there underneath her. At the moment she was trying to calm her breathing down as her entire body finally rested after he took off the vibrators. He had a hand resting in her hair the other on her lower back. Even though he wasn't doing anything to her at the moment, he made her body shiver. He was trembling, his breath falling out in shivers. "You're trembling," she whispered looking into his eyes a little worried. He chuckled. "I'm fine. Promise, just worn out," he said with a smile. She sighed and nodded as she rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying this time alone with him.

~*Thanks to Iauraha for editing and helping me with ideas*~

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