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My girlfriend and I have been together for almost two years and are generally very happy together with a good sex life. I'm 23 and she is 22 and we are totally faithful to each other.
The trouble seemed to start when I was got evicted from my flat. The owner was selling up and seeing as though I could only afford to rent I was in need of somewhere else to live. My girlfrind lived with her mother and younger sister who was 20. Her father had left years ealier. My girlfreind (Sarah) was keen for me to move in with her, her mother and younger sister (Kate). Whilst discussing this round at their house when her older sister Leanne was there with her husband who are both 29, her mother said that there was not enough room for me to move in as the house is quite small. Sarah was pretty upset by this but I had old her ealier that her mother would probably not go for the idea.
The days went past and there was only a few days before I had to leave my flat. I was packed up to leave I just needed somewhere to stay. Sat in my lonely flat I looked how few possesions I had as the flat was fully furnished. At that moment I was feeling pretty low. My parents weren't an option as they lived half way around the world.
A knock at my door made me jump. Thinking it would probably be the owner seeing if I had left I went to open the door. My girlfriend Sarah was stood there with her older sister Leanne. I've got some good news she told me as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. Se informed me that her Leanne was willing to take me in. Leanne spoke from behind Sarah and said that her and Steve (her husband) had talked it through.
"Anyway" Leanne contined "it might be nice to have some company when Steve is abroad on business".
Although I had a few reservations about living with my girlfriends sister, I liked both her and Steve so I agreed. Steve was in his large truck outside for my things to be put in. When everything was in the truck Leanne and and Steve drove off to their house and me and Sarah followed in my car not far behind.
When we arrived and everything was put in my room. Leanna and Steve left me to unpack and get settled in with Sarah there to help. My room was pretty large with a large double bed. "This is pretty good isn't it" Sarah said as she sorted out the last of my clothes before we went downstairs where Leanne went over some information about stuff. The house, although large only had one bathroom which had toilet facilities, a bath tub and seperate shower cubicle.

As the days past, I found living there was pretty cool. I got on really well with Steve. We had a few beers on an evening and Leanne's cooking was amazing and our 3 way chats were always interesting. In my first week living at my girldfriends older sister's house there was only a few instances where someone nealry saw me naked or I nearly saw them. It was a little awkward at first but I guess it was to be expected and it was actually quite funny.

Half way through my second week there Steve had a business trip to go on for a few days meaning that me and Leanne would be by ourselves. I was aprehensive about this as I had never spent much time alone with her, however I told myself that we knew each other quite well so we would have plently to talk about.
On the first night that Steve was away Sarah came round to watch a film with us. When the film was over I took Sarah home then went back to 'my home'. I went upstairs to get ready for bed. When I had finished brushing my teeth I came out of the bathroom I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. "Night" Leanne said who was still watching TV in the lounge. I replied with the same and went to bed.

The next day it had been a cold day and the boilder in the house had been playing up meaning the house was prety cold. That night was especially cold. As I lay in bed I was half asleep. The door opened and Leanne stood there in her nightie, my eyes were only half open and it was pretty dark so I couldn't see her that well. "It's a bit cold, you don't mind if I get in with you do you?" she said. In my confusion and sleepiness and said yeah, why not. Leanne got in the double bed next to me and cuddled up to me. Her body felt small next to mine as she huddled up. I was half asleep as she cuddled up behind me. As she lay there with me my mind did not kick in and say that this was a bit weird especially as I sleep naked! When Leanne realised I was naked she seemed to recoil but did not get out of bed. Aware of what was going on but still in a sleepy haze I felt her hand reach aound my naked body and slide slowly down my toned stomach. My penis was nearly fully erect, maybe from some dream I had been having, I don't remember. As I laid, half on my back Leanne seemed to draw back as she softly felt the size of my cock even though it was still not fully erect - although it soon was. Still conscious of what was happenig but not awake enough to realise it was wrong I felt Leanne's soft palm and fingers wrap around by thick tool. I felt her begin to stroke it ever so slightly as she lay next to me. When I felt her move next to me and move the dovet a little I felt a certain coldness shrowd my body. This woke me a little more and I opened my eyes to see Leanne's face lit up by the moonlight entering the room through one of the windows. She had moved the dovet back to reveal my naked body and hard penis, her hand still wrapped around it and stroking it a little more vigorously. Her face was close to my penis, taking in it's size. She glanced up and lookd at me. I did nothing to stop what was going on although I knew it shouldn't be happening. Knowing I wasn't going to stop her Leanne positioned herself more comfortably by me and lowerd her head toward my penis. I felt her lips touch the head of my penis as her mouth lowerd over it taking most of my large thick penis into her mouth. She began to suck my penis nice and slow whislt gripping the base, one hand and pumping it at the same pace whislt her other hand fondled my balls which felt amazing. I could see as her head bobbed up and down on my cock as her mouth moved up and down along my large organ as small slurping noises came from her mouth. She used her tongue exquisitly over my dick as she licked and sucked, her soft lips wrapping around my thickness and sucking my cock like a ice pop. I gripped the sheets next to me as my balls tightened I thrust a little with my hips in to Leanne's mouth as she contiuned sucking with such skill. Eventually by balls erupted spewing masses of my warm cum into by girlfriends older sister's mouth. I heard swallowing as my cum contined to pump into her mouth. A little dribbled down her chin. When I finished pumping my cum down her throat she licked the remaining semen of her chin and licked my cock till it shined in the moonlight and I fell asleep.

I woke up the morning and sunlight streamed into the room. I expected to see Leanne next to me but she wasn't. Was it all a dream I thought to myself. I got out of bed a looked down at my naked body towards my penis which was soft and had no residue of any kind on it. I put on a loose t-shirt and shorts and went downstairs. Leanne was in the kitchen making bacon and eggs. "morning" she quipped as she put the food on some plates "sleep well" she said as she turned to me with a sly grin on her face. I was beginning to feel that last night had not been a dream and Leanne had infact given me a blowjob. I felt strange as we sat at the kitchen table watching the morning TV. "What have you got planned for today" Leanne asked as we ate our food. I hadn't planned that far ahead I though to myself "I'm not sure" I said "Sarah is going to be at work all day and then she's going on a girls night out so I know I won't be seeing her but I guess I'll find something to do.
"Well if you find time" Leanne replied "It would be nice if you could repay me for last nights act."
My jaw hung open, I couldn't belive what what my girlfirends older married sister had just said. It was obvious she was wanting a similar treatment to what she had given me last night. There was a long pause "You are grateful for last night aren't you?" she said as she took the plates and took them to the dishwasher. "Well...I...err...yeah"
"Good", she replied "then I think it's only fair if you repay me the favour, we have the whole day alone together."
With that she took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. She closed the door and lay on the bed where she commenced in taking off her nightie which she was still wearing. Underneath she only wore a little pair of knickers. The rest of her was naked. Her breasts hung in the air magnificantly and were a good size. Her nipples were a little darker and fairly large for her breast size. I could do nothing put stare as the bulge in my shorts grew.
Leanne raised her legs together high in the air whislt on her back and proceeded to take off her little knickers. She bent her legs a little so she could remove them completely. She threw them to the side and lay back on the bed with her legs open exposing her plump shaved pussy with the inner folds protruding a little. I looked at her pussy which did look inviting. I had never known Leanne would be like this as she sat back on the bed with her legs open inviting me to come and give her oral pleasure. I walked fowards knowing that it was going to happen I removed all my clothes as there was nothing new for her to see and positioned myself between her legs. Her cunt was now right in my face as I stuck my tongue and stroked the tip of it softly over her plump smooth labia. I moved my tongue teasingly to the middle of her pussy where the inner lips protruded a little. Softly I movedmy tongue ove them before sticking my tongue between them, feeling them part willingly, revealing the sweet pickness inside. I began licking her pussy more vigorously now which got Leanne going a little more as she pinched her nipples. My suckingand licking contined as stuck my tongue into her pink hole. I felt some of her natural juices run over my tongue as her wetness increased. I moved my mouth a little upwards now towards her little hood which covered her clit. I placed my right hand just above her vagina on he chaven mound and pulled upwards a little reavealing her clit. I took it in my mouth and sucked on it swiling my tongue over making Leanne now become vocal "Oh yes!" she whispered then moaning "oh...oh...ohh" getting louder and louder. I removed my mouth and began working my tongue on her clit flicking it softly then licking with my whole tongue. As I contined this, not letting up as Leanne writhed in pleasure moaning the whole time, I moved both of my hands up her slender stomach reaching toward her breasts. I a boob in each hands and admired their shape and feel as my tongue continued to stimulate her clit. With my left hand still fondling her right breast and twisting her nipple I moved my right down to he vagina and felt her pussy and how wet I had made her. I moved to her sweet hole and slowly entered two of my fingers into her. I began pumping my fingers in and out of her as my tongue did not relent in licking her engored clit. Her moans and grew louder now and he became mor vocal. "Oh shit..oh,oh, hmmmm...oh fuck...oh yes make me cum...ohhhh!" I was loving tasting this pussy as Leanne writhed beneath me, her body in so much pleasure. I kept going and going until her pussy clamped over my fingers and her back arched as an orgasm took over her body. After she had calmed down I did not. I removed my finger from her cunt and replaced it with my mouth forcing my tongue deep inside her so I could truly taste her as I felt her juices run over my tongue and lips. I contined to move my tongue wihin her tight wet hole which kept Leanne moaning in pleasure. After a few minutes Leanne seemingly wanted more "Fuck me" she moaned "Please fuck me with that big goreous cock of yours!" I was only too happy to oblige. I was super horny now and my dick was rock hard, I needed Leanne right now. I rose from my position. My body in a more up right position I grasped each of Leanne legs near the middle and rose them in the air exposing her pussy even more. Staring into her hazel eyes as she lay there exposed to me I saw a look of sheer lust in her face. With that I aimed my cock at her pink hole and shoved it in, in one swift motion. I instantly felt her pussy walls expand to accommodate the size of my cock. As I buried my cock up the base in her pussy Leanne moaned loudy and srceamed "Oh yes..fuck the shit out of my pussy". Again, only to happy to oblige I began sliding my hard cock in and almost the whole way out of her stretched cunt. Each time my cock was nearly all the way I would slam back into her feeling my many inches be englufed in her pussy. Her soft interior walls and pussy lips felt awesome around my cock and the warmness I felt deep inside her thrilled my cock. I looked at Leanne's face as my cock continued to pound her cunt. Hr eyes seemed to be glazed over. I began pounding even harder to make sure that Leanne would cum harder than she had before and as my balls began to tighten I lasted just long enough for her body to explode as her second orgasm erupted from her cunt and coarsed through her body like some drug. As her body moaned and and wiggled in orgasmic pleasure I started to cum, pumping my spunk deep inside Leanne's body until we were both spent and we both slumped on the bed with me on top of her and her breasts pressing against my chest.

The rest of the day and following day was spent in much the same vein as we fucked in the shower, over the kitchen table and on the couch before Steve came back off his trip. After he was back the sex stopped and although I was a little dissapointed as Leanne was a good fuck I knew it was for the best, afterall I was in a relationship with her sister and she was married.

The following week had started off awkwardly but as it progressed the awkwardness seemed to cease. However by the end of the week it was nice to stay at my girlfriends. This partiular weekend was good becasue her mother was away visiting some old friends. That meant that my girldfriend and her sister Kate had the house to themselves. Sarah asked me to stay over as her and her sister would get nervous in the house by themselves even though they were 22 and 20 respectively. That night we had a few dinks each before going to bed. Sarach asked me to make sure everything was safe and the house was locked up before I came up to join her in bed. After completig all the checks I went into her bedroom, stripped naked and got into bed with her. Unfortunatly when I got into her bed behind her she was already fast asleep so there was no chance of any nookie.

I woke up in the morning and I was in the bed alone. Sarah would have already gone to her volunteer job at  local animal centre. I remained in bed as I was comfortable. After lying there for around five minutes I heard someone come quietly into the room. My initial thought was that Sarah hadn't gone to the centre but as I lay there not moving, I saw her younger sister Kate. I could only see part of her body as from my position the covers blocked my view. She began looking through a few cupboards evidently looking for something. As she moved along she came more into view and I now saw that she was only in her bra and panties. I looked on as as she searched in the lower cupbards bending down slightly. I could see the outline of her bum through the thin fabric of her knickers, it looked small and rounded like a peach. Her body was slender with her skin being a slightly darker skin tone than her two older sisters. As my girlfriends pretty 20 year old sister turned round I saw her breasts that were encased in her white bra. I would have guessed that she was a C cup which was a good size when compared with her slender frame. Through the thin material of her bra I could aslo make out her dark nipples which stuck out through her bra. From my vantage point Kate could not see my face so probably thought I was asleep and definatly wouldn't be checking her out. As she contined looking for whatever she was looking for she moved round slightly so her whole body came into view. My eyes moved from her chest to her feet and moved up her long tanned legs until my eyes reached her white panties. The sight which greeted me there was mesmerising; Kate had a bit of a camel toe going on. Her tight, thin white panties had clung tightly to her pussy and I could clearly see the ouline of her vagina on her panties including the central slit. As she fumbled around in one of the cupbards I couldn't take my eyes off her camel toe, that coupled with the rest of her sexy body had given me a rock hard erection that was almost aching from the strain Kate's sexiness put on it.
As I lie naked in bed, she closed the cupboard she was looking in and came over to the drawers next to me. Reluctantly I closed my eyes so as she bent down to open the drawers she wouldn't notice I was awake. She was right next to my face now as I lay there pretending to be asleep. I opened my eyes a fraction and noticed she was looking in the bottom draw next to the bed, her head a little lower than mine. I opened my eyes fully knowing that she couldn't see them as I was a little higher up than she. I was literally inches away from her. I moved my head slightly to gaze down at her breasts as she knelt looking for the elusive object.
As she was so close I could smell a faint aroma from her which made my cock even harder than it was.
All of a sudden, with a agitated moan, Kate forcfully shut the drawer and stood up. She was right infront of me now and although I knew I shouldn't look I couldn't help myself. Still obviously thinking I was asleep she stretched her arms upwards, probably due to being in a small sapce crouched down for a few minutes. The sight was amazing. Due to her position, her breasts pushed outwards making their size and shape truly show. Her hips also moved forwards little as she stretched, making her camel toe a little more predominant.
I was in awe as I took in the site of her perfect body.
Before I realised that Kate would surely see me gawping at her body her shocked voice broke my stare.
"Hey, you having a good look" she said as she stared straight into my eyes which had now moved to her face which had an expression of inquisitve confusion (the best I can describe it).
Funnily enough however she didn't seem too angered or embarrassed, although with a body like hers she didn't need to be.
Without answering her question which seemed more of a rhetorical question shhe said "So, have you been awake all this time I've been in here cheking me out?" 
From the look on my face she knew the answer was yes. She smiled a little, obviously knowing I had liked what I had seen. I sat up a little in the bed, as I did my chest came into view which was naked like the rest of my body which was still under the duvet. I finished adjusting myself as I sat up a little. My chest was visible to just below my belly button. I was was quite muscular and my upper body was pretty well shaped.
I was feeling pretty embarrassed about the situation as Kate was still stood in the room looking at me. I didn't know what to say " what were you looking for then?" I managed to ask.
"Doesn't matter" Kate replied as she picked up a hair brush and started brushing her hair. She was looking at at me more intently now and I still felt awkward that my girlfriends other sister had caught me checking her out, nevertheless I found that my eyes kept wandering south towards her panties where her camel toe was still visible. I wondererd why she was still in the room, She was brushing her hair but she didn't necessarily need to do that in this room.

I tried refraining from looking at her camel toe but I couldn't help it. I tried looking away but my eyes would drift back everytime. Kate's camel toe wasn't really really predominant, but looked kind of cute encased in her thin white panties and didn't bulge out disgustingly, it was just the faint yet still enthralling outline of her vagina.
After my eyes had made their way back to her panties a number of times, it bcame obvious to kate that I kept looking at something "What do you keep looking at" she almost muttered to herself as she looked down her body before it dawned on her. From her reaction she clearly hadn't realised that her vagina was outlined in her white panties creating a camel toe. Although her panties were not see through, the outline was still obvious. Her hands went to cover herself in a not so discreet manner which is what she had seemed to have wanted to acheive to save further embarrassment for herself. As she covered she leant forwards slightly making her cleavage more visible from where I sat. She looked at e with slightly blushing knowing that I had seen her camel toe. I was surprised that she didn't leave the room. Knowing that I had seen her body in a more intimate way than most already, she stood up again removing her hands from covering her crotch. I tried to glance down slyly. Her camel toe was less noticable now. Kate obviously noticed me looking again.
"So you enjoying the view you've been given this morning then?"
Before I could reply Kate contined "I don't think it's fair that you've seen most of me but I haven't seen you"
She had a sort of mysterious look on her face before she grabbed the duvet. I though she was going to pull it away to expose the rest of my nude body underneath but she didn't. As this happended my arms instinctively shot down to hold the duvet from moving away. Not having original intention of pulling way the duvet Kate giggled saying "Don't worry I wasn't going to"
Nervously I removed my hands "You're not naked under there are you"Kate said still giggling. "Yeah...actually" I replied.
"Oh..right" Kate said "Well I leave you in peace"
Kate turned around and before she started to walk away she had a quick look in the wardrobe which was slightly open. At looked at her cute round ass before closing my eyes and thinking to myself how crazy this situation had been and how Sarah would act if she found out - which would however be unlikely.
With my eyes still closed I heard Kate begin to make her way out of the room. As I was about to open eyes again after thinking how strange this whole endevour had been I felt The duvet rush away from my body and be dumpd onto the floor. I was shocked and about what had just happened. Kate had infct not left the room but was stood at the side of the bed near the end staring at my naked body. Realising I was naked, my hands fumbled into action and I tred covering my penis which proved difficult as it was still mostly erect. After I conceiled myself I looked at Kate who was staring back
"What the hell Kate!"
"I figured it was only fair I got to see you" she replied calmly.
"But I'm naked" I said "You're not, how is that fair"
"Oh..." Kate said "So you wanna see your girlfriends sister nude do you?".
Again the question seemed rhetorical. KAte walked a little closer. "Anyway" she said I can still see your..umm..your...erection. You may as move your hands, I've already had a good look at it." he contined talking reletively calmly "so why is it erect, did looking at me cause that it?
Feeling I had nothing to be ashamed of I removed my hands. I knew I had a large impressive looking cock. I laid my legs straight giving Kate a good look. Afterall I was pretty proud to have a tool like this. KAtes eyes fixed on my cock, the situation although crazy sent the last bit of blood into my cock making it grow that little bit more to it's longest, fullest and thickest. Kates eyes widened as she stood at the side of the bed "Christ, it's massive!" she said. After a moment her eyes turned to me, she looked serious and nervous. " you want to see me...fully nude. I smiled slightly "I think it's only fair"
Kate reached behinf her back slowly and unclasped her bra. She took each strap from her shoulder and let it drop to the floor realealing her nicely sized and shapely breasts with perky nipples sounded by perfectly proportioned and slightly darker areolas. Her sights were truly a sight to behold.
Kate began takeing down her small, thin white panties and when they were removed she stood there fully naked and my eyes locked on her crotch. She had a small short triangular patch of hair above her actual vagina which was cleanly shaven, her labia was also reletively plump. Although I couldn't take my eyes off Kates exposed pussy I knew her eyes were locked on my rock hard cock. Her pussy lips were engorged and her slit looked almost shiny.
"Fucking hell, your cock is making me wet" Kate said.
"Shit Kate, I need your sweet pussy"
With that Kate got the bed and sort of sat on my lap with my cock pushed betwen our bodies. We started to kiss passionatly whilst I reached my hand and started working her pussy which felt soft and smooth. I worked her clit before thrusting a couple of fingers into her tight pink hole. We continued to kiss passionatly as I forced a third finger into Kate's pussy which was soaking by now, drenching my fingers. I stuffed them hard into her before removing them and placing them in her mouth so she could taste herself. With that she rasied her body slightly and grasped my cock with her soft fingers and placed it by her awaiting hole. She began sitting on my cock and although she was really horny and her cunt was soaking, my cock still didn't go in with ease. Kate didn't seem to mind as she forced her small frame onto my cock wanting more and more of it inside her. She forced her body downwards as more of my cock sank into her pussy slowly. The feeling of being stretched beyond normalthrilled Kate as she became more ferocious in trying to get my entire cock into her gaggin pussy. Eventually it was all in. Kate gave a low moan as she found the feeling of being so full highly stimulating. She wrapped her arms around my neck as she grinded her pussy on my cock slowly lifting her body upwards before sliding back down my pole, the feeling of her pouting labia stretching around my now slick cock was one of the best feelings ever and was greatly hightened by Kates soft lips pressed against mine as our tongues danced in each others mouths, all the time she rose and sank o my cock.
I placed my hand on her hip on the other on her right breast and played with it as she contined to bounce on my cock. I found myself thinking how exquisite her body was on how instead of this being just another fuck, she acually made love to my cock, expreciating everytime it sank into her bulging pussy lips stretchig them open and sending shivers of delight through her body.
As her pace quickened, I kept one hand on her hip but moved the other to her butt. With one butt cheek in my hand I squeezed it slightly feling how firm and cute it felt. The smoothness of her but felt good in my palm as Kata rode my cock harder and harder now, her body slamming down hard everytime she decended to engulf. Her smooth pussy sliding along my shaft time after was getting too much and as Kate arched her body backwards so her head was almost facing away from me and found myself ready to cum, I held off fo as long as possilbe but the sublime feeling of Kates body slamming down onto me whilst my cock decended deep into her tight pink hole was just too much and just as Kates body began to buck around on my cock uncontrolably my dick erupted as thick white jets were traveeled from balls, up the length of my cock and out of the tip into Kata's pussy and far into her womb. We came hard and loudly together, both of us not wanting it to end.
After our bodies calmed down we held our embrace for a few minutes until Kate slumped to the side and half back on her back and side. I looked at her amazing pussy, he oute lips shiny with her own juice and mine, my penis had a similar shine to it.

That day was a turning point in my life. We contined to make love all over the house until my girlfriend came home. I had cum so many time inside Kate that I was exhausted as was she from the multitude of orgasms she had had thanks to my cock. However around two month later Kata informed me she was pregnent and that it was mine. I was stunned, I didn't know what to do or say - she wanted to keep it even though her sister was my girlfriend.
Anyway she eventually had to tell her family and needless to say they hated me and Sarah dumped me. Her family also just about disowned her. We were in the same boat as I was thrown out of Leanne's and Kate couldn't bare to stay with her family. After renting a flat for a few months a bought a house with the savings I had accumulated. With Kate heavily pregnant I asked her if she wanted to move in so I could make sure she was OK with the birth closing in. She accepted the invitation and I helped move her from a friends house where she had been staying. We had lengthy chats how things would work with us having a baby together and now living together. We decided we should give a relationship ago. That was two and a half years ago and we havn't looked back since and are now married with a beautiful baby boy.
Kata still has an amazing body after being pregnant and the sex is better than ever!