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Sky Blue Sheet

A man and a woman meet at a grocery store and go with the flow.
It had to be destiny that brought us together those weeks after the large new natural-foods grocery store opened in our town. Why else would we both have shopped the same three evenings each week, walking past each other filling our hand baskets with fresh food? We progressed from casual hellos to small chats while waiting at the deli or fish counters. It became obvious to each that we were both buying for one and by the end of the first week we each confirmed to the other that we were living alone, she with her cat and me without even my dog that had finally given up the ghost that summer. At the end of our second such week I suggested that we pool our resources and prepare a meal together. “When?” she asked.

I replied, “I am hungry now.”

“Your place or mine,” she asked with a wry smile.

“Whatever makes you comfortable,” offering that mine was less than a mile away.

“Would there be sex involved,” she asked, teasing already.

“None expected,” I replied, “but will remain ever open to possibilities.”

“Yours then,” she conceded, joking that her maid has been away on vacation.

We grilled wild Atlantic salmon for which we prepared a bed of wild rice plus asparagus and salad. In the process we talked and laughed, revealing ourselves to each other with unguarded enthusiasm that was giddily refreshing. We didn’t kiss, perhaps because I admitted even before the spring greens were washed that I wanted very badly to kiss her.

“Why don’t you then,” she asked.

“Because dinner would surely burn,” I defended. She laughed in agreement. But eventually we touched as we worked together, she lightly placing a hand on my forearm when she laughed at something I said, me placing my hand on the small of her back when I passed behind her in the small apartment kitchen. As dinner cooked our passion simmered. Once, I ran a single finger across the back of her butt. A short while later she dragged one lightly up the seam of my jeans along the crack of my ass. We boiled over into our first kiss and almost ruined dinner by giving in so completely as to practically devour each other in the midst of many wonderful foods reaching perfect heat.

We dined and returned to amiable banter, rinsing the meal down with minted spring water and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. “

“So I guess possibilities exist to include possible sex… perhaps,” I ventured awkwardly while cutting my asparagus into sections.

“A great many, I hope,” came her response with a piece of salmon tucked in her cheek.

“Dinner is early so we have plenty of time, may I suggest that we take it real slow?” I said with and air of formality.

She said she likes slow. I pointed out, judging from the animalist urges displayed only moments earlier, that slow might not be possible unless she allowed me total control.

“Could you be trusted with such control?” she wondered.

“To create pleasure… implicitly,” I said. She vowed to not speak another word unless commanded. For desert we had Baileys over ice in, save for it’s tinkling, complete silence. There was a scintillating heat in the air between us. Occasionally she would stir her drink with her finger, which she would lick clean while looking at me from the corner of her eye.

That first session of ours I can see as if it were happening right now. I made a video recording. She had, after all, submitted to my control.

A sky-blue fitted sheet drum-headed the king sized mattress of the bed in the middle of my bedroom. Stretched out on top of that was her, face down, naked. Dark blue velvety soft ropes with braided loops over each of her wrists and ankles drew them to the far corners. I completely removed the top of the container of baby powder and splashed a small loaf of it along her spine. I replaced the cap and set the container aside.

Starting at her feet with a brush of long soft bristles I spread the fine fragrant dust over her legs as I moved around her on my knees sometimes straddling one of her extremities, sometimes sliding across her back as I went from one side to the other. All the while I continued to play the brush toward her core. As I neared it I began anew at her hands and repeated the long brush strokes toward her center along her arms.

My cock, often bone hard during this process and pointing tensely up beyond making contact with her body, would loose it’s urgency from time to time and hang down a bit under it’s own weight as my attention was absorbed by the act of brushing the powder onto her creamy skin. The video camera attending from a fully extended tripod up and off to the side revealed later the tracks of precum my dragging cock left on the skin of her dusted thighs arms and buttocks as I moved into new locations along her body.

I continued to paint the powder onto her buttocks, the length of her spine, the flanks of her back and waist. The patterns of errant powder splashed upon the blue sheet were interesting and erotically abstract. With upward strokes I brushed the sidelong bulge of first one breast then the other. I collected her hair and roped it along one side of her neck gaining access to her nape.

Kneeling between her thighs again I could not bear it any longer. I sat back on my heels then ran my hands from the powdered tops of her thighs masseuse like over her buns and firmly upward along the sides of her back to her shoulders. All this while slowly lowering myself until I was fully pressing my chest into her back, my cock finding space in the crack of her ass.

We both squirmed a little and my cock nestled deeper, sliding on the smoothness of the powder between her cheeks with the top of its length pressing against my belly. I began to slowly pump it along her crack and soon the entire girth of it had sawn itself all the way into the valley between her firm cheeks. I continued to slide it back and forth, as it felt irresistibly good to me. I wondered to myself if she could feel my balls swinging gently against her pussy. I wondered if she could feel the bottom ridge of my cock gliding over her asshole. Her body began to move in a way that I believe answered my questions, but I whispered each one into her ear anyway. She moaned deliciously in the affirmative to both and before long we both needed me to enter her. Without the restraints we surely would have rushed and I would have long been pounding her like a locomotive. Such is the beautiful agony of restraint.

I reached for a pillow and wedged it under her pelvis to lift her into a better angle. I couldn’t resist pushing my face between her butt cheeks. I waddled it back and forth and pressed in tight. I licked down blindly, probing with my pointed tongue until I found her anus and licked circles around it before exploring the tightness of the opening by extending the tip into it. Her moans excited me. I pivoted my body a full one-eighty around my tongue so I could continue toward the sweet, sweet nectar of her pussy. By the time my tongue reached it she was bountifully wet, dripping with desire. I lapped hungrily, slurping noisily at the fount of her. Her pussy grew wetter still as her first orgasm shuddered through.

I gave up trying to lick her dry. I moved back to her anus for a few more stabs with my tongue before positioning myself again between her legs, this time with my cock poised against her naked pussy lips. I made a fist around my shaft and wiggled the head back and forth until it nestled into her wetness. I paused just long enough to brace my hands onto the bed before I pushed powerfully into her in one smooth motion all the way to the hilt.

Her gasp, almost a scream, was rewarding to me and I ground against her for the long moment I remained motionless, my cock forcefully pressed all the way into her cunt. I withdrew slowly and thrust again. This time a harder more stabbing thrust. Again I ground against her before I set in on a rhythm of pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her exquisite wetnes at a relaxed pace. Periodically I disrupted the rhythm with a staccato of rapid ramrod action until on the third or fourth such rapid thrusting another more powerful orgasm carried her into her own frenetic involuntary quivering.

We subsided to a quiet catching of breath, me stacked on her with my cock still inside throbbing from being so close to the brink of spewing. Even just the still sensation of my cock throbbing inside her drew me even closer, excruciatingly close to the point of no return before I managed to calm myself into reserve for later. Our skin had grown moist in spite of the powder. I slowly drew my cock out and slid it again along her butt crack, sledding it easily over the powdered skin of her spine, her upper back and along her neck and cheek from behind. I reached beyond her to release one wrist so she could twist her upper body and take me into her mouth. It was not a comfortable position nor was I gentle. The beauty of her face and mouth consuming my cock wrestled for my control. My desire forced my cock beyond the gag point of her throat. She kept trying to take it all, fighting back her gag reflex, her mouth occasionally choking open wide, but each time she went right back at my cock with a ferocity I have never seen in a women before. Her face grew wet and viscously sloppy. I was once more ready to cum when I again drew away and settled down next to her, stroking her damp hair, kissing her wet face and mouth. I told her how incredible she was. She smiled and with her free hand stroked my cheek gently.

I calmly told her that I would keep her hand free so she could touch herself while I fucked her in the ass. I waited for a reaction, expecting her to break her vow of silence in refusal. She smiled again and without lifting her cheek from the mattress slid her free hand down over my back and hooked a finger into my ass and pressed hard until it popped in to the first knuckle. I winced, then nodded and promised to be gentle.

I again knelt between her knees. I pressed my face in for one last teasing lick before I used my finger to apply a little anal butter to the edges of her tight little hole. I spread the slight remainder over my cock to dull the sensation a little then pushed my index finger gently into her hole. It was slow going against the tight resistance. I watched her face wince a little. I applied just enough pressure to assure progress until it was in almost all the way. The fingers of her free hand were already massaging her pussy. After a few strokes of my finger to relax her anal opening, I withdrew it and positioned my cock head up against the spot and began leaning into her.

With all the pressure against the very tip of my cock it felt almost as if the shaft would buckle under the force of my push before she yielded and the firm ridge of the head disappeared into her ass. The rest slowly but smoothly followed and this time she did emit a guttural scream that evolved into a higher pitched squeal. Buried, the tightness around my cock was unbelievable and complete. With each of the first few reentries she squealed a little less until she was quietly concentrating on her reemerging orgasm being summoned by her own fingers and my slow, steady, relentless action.

Our skin turned a mottled mess of powder and sweat as our machine of sexual pleasure drove on beyond physical realities. She began quivering from a seemingly endless series of orgasms that she later said felt as if they were ripping fabric within her. All the while she was whimpering for me to give it to her harder. With both hands braced against the mattress I charged into her with all my might. Curling and uncurling my back as I slid my cock in and out of her ass not so much in an effort to satisfy her lustful pleading as finally to give in to my own savage release from the long effort of holding off the pleasure of orgasm.

In my mind I had imagined pulling out and standing over her spewing my creamy cum all over her back in long stringy blasts of an orgasm gone wild caught on the running video-recorder. She however, seemed to read my mind. Completely abandoning her tattered vow of silence she told me not to pull out, to fill her with my cum, to keep fucking her until the end. It was a welcome request and put me over the top, beyond any recall. My buttocks began to quiver uncontrollably for a few seconds as they pumped my orgasm up from my depths to the point of release. My toes dug into the sheet and my thrusts slowed to powerfully synchronize with each pulse of hot cum shooting from my cock deep into her ass. I learned later from the video that I made horrible savage grunting noises with each of these orgasmic thrusts. That, combined with the sweat by then dripping from my contorted face, created a recorded image that I continue to find disturbing to this day, but which she always finds erotic when we watch together.

With the hand towels I had set earlier, moistened and rolled Japanese restaurant style next to the bed, I wiped her body and mine, unhooked her remaining wrist and ankles and lay down next to her. With our faces against the sheet inches apart we looked at each other. Calm, relaxed, we smiled.

I placed my arm across her shoulders and asked if she had any ideas for round two.

“How about I powder your front side?” she said.

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