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Sleeping with the enemy..

Out of all the girls in town to lust over, Brandon knew that Alessandra was dangerous...

Brandon shut the door to his office and leaned back against it. He closed his eyes and pressed a palm against his aching erection. If Alessandra hadn't of stopped him, he would have slid his hand up her thigh. He would have pulled off her panties and had sex her right there, against the door. He would like to think he'd have had the presence of mind to lock the door first, but he wouldn't bet on it. He dropped his hand and circled his desk. Her red sweater was thrown on the floor and he picked it up before sitting in his chair to stare at the safe across the office from him. Earlier, seeing Alessandra sitting at a table, sipping a martini as if he hadn't told her to stay out of his bars, had shocked the hell right out of him. Shocked him because he had warned her. Twice. No way in hell did he want some snoopy reporter asking him questions regarding the Mccainy murder. No way in hell would she disrupt the peace and quiet of the town who had finally settled after the horrid happenings all those years ago.

He didn't feel anything for her. Except anger. And raging lust. A burning desire to bury his nose in the side of her neck while he buried himself between her soft thighs. Again and again. A few weeks ago, his life had been fairly good. He had a plan for the future that didn't include thinking about the past. A past that he'd done a pretty good job of forgetting. And now, all that had changed the day Alessandra had driven her black Mercedes into town and run his life off the road.

Suddenly, a harsh knock at the door interrupted his contemplations and crash landed him back into reality. He rubbed his hand through his hair and walked towards the door only to find that Alessandra was standing on the other side of it.

'I thought i told you to never come back here'

Alessandra pushed past him glaring at him with her beautiful brown eyes. 'My sweater. I came for my sweater. Please don't pretend you didn't notice'. She picked it up as Brandon's eyes ran down her back and down to her perfectly rounded ass. Killer body, he thought. Something that made his groin groan and desire her even more.

He took a couple of steps closer to her and watched her turn around and stop dead in her tracks. 'Move out of my way Brandon. You stuck your tongue down my throat once and i'm not going to let it happen again'. It was too late. Part desire and part rage had overcome him as he grabbed her and pushed against the wall, slamming the door in one swift action. He looked into her eyes and chuckled ' i guess i'll have to put my tongue somewhere other than your mouth'. She attempted to push away from him which only tightened his grip and when he finally slipped his lips in between hers, she stopped trying to fight him and gave in completely. He pulled the zipper down her top and glimpsed her deep clevage. His testicles tightened as he saw that she was wearing nothing underneath and saw the pale swells of her naked breasts, a few inches from his face. They were firm and pale white. He slid his hands around her waist to the small of her back and brought her closer.



"We shouldnt do this". She combed her fingers through the sides of his hair, her nails scraping his scalp sending a tingling pleasure down his spoine.

'Do you want me to stop baby?'


'Good. I've found a place to put my tongue'... He opened his mouth and rolled her puckered nipple beneath his tongue. She smelled like watermelon and she tasted so so sweet. She moaned deep and loud and pulled him closer muttering something about not stopping.  Brandon had no intention on stopping, not when he was doing exactly what he'd wanted to do to her since the day he saw her at the hardware store. He slid one hand from around her back to cup her breast and pulled back far enough to look up into her face, at her parted lips and the desire shining in her eyes.

"I want to put my tongue all over you. Starting here". He sucked her into his mouth and drew lightly. Her flesh tingled even more and he loved the feel and taste of her. His palm cupping her breast moved down her smooth flat stomach and slid beneath her loose pants. Since that night at Harvey's, he'd had wild fantasies of what he'd do to her if he got her alone again. He slipped his hand between her thighs and cupped her through her thin panties. She was incredibly hot and wet and lust twisted and tightened painfully in his groin. He wanted her. He wanted her as he hadn't wanted a woman in a very long time. He'd tried to stay away from her, but at the first excuse to see her, here he was with his mouth on her breast and his hand in her pants, and he wasn't going anywhere this time until he satisfied the lust pounding through his body.

'Mmm yes. Tough me there Brandon' she groaned as he pulled at her top, falling to her feet. He looked at her breasts and slid his fingers beneath her panties... 'Right here?'. He parted her slick flesh and touched her there. She was incredibly wet and he wanted to put more than his fingers there.

'Yes' she moaned, her breathing was rapid and her hands clung to his shoulders. He fingered her softly and first  and his rythym quickened as her moans got louder. He wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her from falling as a powerful orgasm buckled her at the knees and his fingers touched and stroked and felt the pleasure in his hand. He kissed the side of her throat and ached to be inside her, feeling her tight walls gripping him with each pulsation.

He brushed his wet fingers across the tip of her breast and lowered his mouth to her lips and fed her his need and greed and uncontrolled lust as his hard erection pressed into her.

She pulled back fro his kiss and gasped. 'You have condoms? Right?'


Bare from the waist up, she took his hand and led him out of the office and upstairs to the room where he rested after an exhausting night of work.

'How many condoms to you have on you'

Brandon took out his wallet. 'Two. How many do you have?'

'None. I've been celibate.' She closed the door behind the, then turned to face him. 'We're going to have to make those two condoms last all night.'

Brandom half smiled at the thought. 'And what baby doll did you have in mind?'

Alessandra pushed him against the closed door, pulled his shirt over his head, and tossed it aside.

'Something you should not have started'.

She took control and her impatience got him so hard, he thought he might burst the buttons on his Levi's.

'But something you are going to finish' she continued as her breasts brushed his chest as she kissed his neck and shoved his pants and boxer briefs to his knees.

'You don't mind do you?'

'GOD no' he breathed as his dick poked her stomach and she took him into her warm hand. She cupped his balls and stroked him up and down, pressing her thumb into the corded vein of his shaft.  Brandon sucked in a breath as she slowly sank to her knees, kissing his hard stomach and abdomen on the way down. Oh God. She was going to use her gorgeous mouth on him.

'You don't mind if i use my tongue on you?' She knelt before him and looked up, a little smirk on her red lips.

'Christ no' Brandon managed to say as her gaze locked with his as she ran her velvet tongue up his thick shaft and he locked his knees to keep from falling. She licked the cleft in the head of his cock and was driving him INSANE and then parted her lips and she took him into her warm, wet mouth, drawing him to the back of her throat. 'Holy shit' he whispered and placed his hands in her hair. Most women were hesitant to take a man into their mouths. Obviously she wasn't one of them. She sucked him into a sexual vortex that left him oblivious to anything but her. Anything but her warm hands, hot liquid mouth, and soft tongue giving him raw carnal pleasure.  Women always stopped but she didn't.  She stayed with him as he came, an intense, powerful climax that squeezed the breath from him and hit him like a freight train. She stayed with him until the last flush of orgasm stopped and he was able to breathe.

'So you liked that then?'

He reached for her. 'You know i did.'

Alessandra wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her nipples brushed against his chest. He took her in his arms and kissed her and then raised a hand to her breast. He took her over to the small bed he used to power naps and laid her down as he rolled on top of her kissing her almost everywhere. She looked up into his blue eyes surrounded by thick black lashes. 'You feel so good' she said as she ran her arms up his arms and across the hard muscles of his shoulders. He bent down , lightly bit the ball of her shoulder , and his penis touched her between her legs. He pressed his erection at the entrance of her wetness as he kissed and teased and tortured her with his hands and mouth, bringing her to the point of climax and then backing off. Just when she thought she might have to pin him to the bed and jump on him, he reached for the condom on the side table. He slowly slid it down his long and hard dick and pinned her to the bed and knelt between her thighs. He wrapped his hand around the thick shaft of his penis and brought the broad head of his penis to her slick opening. He pressed into her, hot and enormous and she gasped from the sheer pleasure of his entry.

'Are you ok'

'Yes i love this part...'

He pulled out out and plunged a little deeper. 'This part'

She licked her lips and nodded. She wrapped one leg around his waist and forced him even deeper. His nostrils flaired slightly as he pulled out, then buried himself to the hilt, thrusting into her and shoving them up the bed. Alessandra cried out, whether in pain or in intense pleasure she was not quite sure. She only knew she didn't want it to end. She moaned as he thrust into her again and again, pounding her wet pussy harder and harder as she clung on his back moving with him.  He groaned deep, deep within his chest and placed his hands on the side of her face. "You feel tight around me". He kissed her lips, still pumping her said above her mouth "and so damn good'.

Heat flushed her skin, radiating outward and slipped her fingers from around his shoulders to his hair. 'Faster Brandon' she moaned, loving the feeling of him touching her deep inside, the plump head of his penis touching her G spot then pushing into her cervix. Without missing a beat of his pumping hips, he ran his hand down her side and bottom to the back of her thigh. 'Put this leg around my back' he said just above a whisper. He pressed his forehead into hers and his breathing rasped against her temple. He plunged faster. Harder.

'Brandon' she cried out as he thrust in and out, pushing her closer an closer toward climax. 'Please don't stop'

'Not a chance'

Like a flash fire, heat spread from the apex of her thighs, across her body and she was completely mindless of anything but Brandon and the pleasure of his body. She called his name once, twice, maybe three times. She tried to tell him how good it felt, how much she loved and missed sex, but her words came out short as he relentlessly thrust his erection into her and slammed her into a pleasure so intense she opened her mouth to scream. The sound died in her throat as wave after luscious wave rolled through, and her vaginal muscles pulsed and contracted, gripping him hard. On and on it went as he plunged into her, his laboured breath hot against her cheek until finally he shoved into her one last time and a long tortured groan died in his throat.

'' she whispered when she could catch her breath.

'Yeah'. He raised up onto his elbows and looked into her face.

'i don't remember sex being that good'

'It usually isn't'. He pushed a few strands of her hair off her forehead. 'In fact, i don't think it's ever been that good'

'You're welcome'.

He laughed and his two dimples dented his cheeks. He pulled out of her and moved off the bed walking into the bathroom. Alessandra rolled on her side and closed her eyes. She sighed and settled within a nice comfy bubble of afterglow.

The repurcussions of what had just happened would hit her soon enough... but she figured she'd deal with them tomorrow....



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