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Small Opposites: Part Three (The Finale)

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She loved how the tip of his hard small erection just lingered inside her tight opening.
He did not even have to guide his small erection into her tiny opening by hand. His aim was perfect and he felt the head of his hardness slowly pierce her pink cavity. He felt the warmth on the head as it sunk into soft suppleness. She sighed heavily as she felt the tip inside her opening as well.

He did not go all the way inside her yet. He took one of his hands and began caressing her hard right nipple, all the while letting the head of his small erection linger just inside her vaginal opening. He circled her erect nipple with his finger, feeling the pudginess of the soft mound that essentially made up her breast. He loved how it felt. Soft, supple, and very tender, just like the opening his small hardness was just inside at the moment. Slowly, he brought his mouth down over her nipple and sucked. He heard the heavy breath she took and the long moaning sound inside her throat as she tried to hold it back. It was no use though, the sound had been deep within her and with the feeling he was giving her, she let it resonate deep inside her.

She loved how the tip of his hard small erection just lingered inside her tight opening. It felt good there and she could tell when he decided to plunge deeper into her small depth, he was going to fit perfectly inside her. She was longing for him to do so at the moment, but she was also enjoying the plump roundness of the head of his small organ; she was in limbo. It was warm and what little movement his tip made there, resulted in more wetness inside her already well lubricated pussy. She could literally feel the sexual juices inside her vagina form and flow.

He could feel it also. He felt the warm trickle of hot fluid on his erections tip and it felt good there. What would feel better was being inside her all the way. And he knew that she was ready and his hard small cock throbbed for it. So, even as he continued sucking on her firm nipple, he arched his body, bringing his pelvis out, careful not to let the small tip of his hardness exit her, then slowly pushed downward. He felt his five inch cock slide into the depth of her small cavity with ease. He felt the warm wetness surround his hard smallness like it was supposed to be there. He fit perfectly inside her moist pinkness. He knew that he would.

As she felt his non-normal sized erection slip inside her equally sized slot, she winced once, closing her eyes as he filled her, then she winced again as she felt her vaginal muscle wrap around him. She could feel the hard ridges of his small cock and the head of him as she pulled him inside her deeper. She loved how she enveloped his small size and that she could feel every detail of his hard cock inside her. It was something that she had not often felt. Usually, it was ones way too big for her and the guy fought to get it inside her. Not this time. His was just right. It was not often that she found a cock that was perfect for her small pussy.

Immediately, as he fully entered her, he was taken back to when he was seventeen and eighteen again because of how her pussy felt inside. He was, of course, at that age, the same size he is now, and never had a sexual experience with a girl, so he had to be creative with ways in which to get off. What came back to him at that moment was how he would use an empty toilet paper roll, wrap a plastic sandwich bag around one end of it and stretch it as tightly as he could and then use packaging tape and tape around the bag and empty toilet paper roll to secure it. Once he had done that, he would cut a small slit in the plastic where he had wrapped the empty toilet paper roll on one end, and then smear the small cut he had made with petroleum jelly, enough to cover the tiny slit, but just big enough for his small erection to stretch it to the size that felt good. This device fit perfectly between the cushions of his couch and had the perfect angle to where he could actually lie on the couch and act as if he was in the missionary position with the girl of his dreams. Just as he remembered what it felt like pushing his small hard cock through the tiny slit smeared with petro jelly, her pussy felt the same to him. The only difference. . .the warmth.

Finally, she felt him begin to thrust. She could feel all of his hardness as he pulled out and pushed back into her hot wet crevice. Each time he did, she moaned a little and closed her eyes. She imagined what it looked like with his hard small cock inside her. She tried to visualize exactly how it looked each time her vertical lips wrapped around his little hardness as he pushed inside her wet orifice. Yes, she knew that it would sound stupid to imagine such a thing to some people, but to her, it made her even more horny to try and see just how the insides of her vagina looked as they enveloped his small hardness. In any case, she had reserved herself to know that it looked as good as it actually felt.

He could feel her soft supple walls slide so graciously over his small firmness. He could even feel the touch of her gentle opening lips slide over him as well as he shoved back into her. So warm and wet, hot and enticing, every stroke he made was better than the last. Her grip on him was amazing. Just enough grip to make the feeling just right. Not too tight and not too soft, it was just the right amount of squeezing.

Finally, he had struck a rhythm and she loved how he felt going in and out. The walls of her inner canal collapsed over him, and joined him in unison with his strides. Not only that, every time he came down into her, he rubbed her sensitive clit, something she was sure he did not know he was doing. But he was doing it very well. Each time he connected with it, the feeling inside her grew larger, like a bubble inside her was growing. And it was an intense feeling, just like the feeling she had as he licked her clit and ran his tongue along the contour of her tiny slit. She could not wait for that bubble to burst.

He could feel a change inside her hot wet pink pliable walls also. It was a good change. There was more give in her elasticity which made it even more enjoyable. He never once shied away from the perfect rhythm he had struck inside her hot slot though. It just made him want to feel her grip even more. It also enabled him to go all the way inside her with no problem. If there was one thing he actually loved about having a small penis, it was being able to go all the way inside a woman. Of course now, it was so much better since he was actually able to fit inside the one he was in perfectly.

She knew that the feeling inside her love canal changed because she knew she was on the verge of a huge orgasm once again. She could feel this one was going to be more intense than the one she had from his mouth. It was because of two reasons. One, she could feel his whole small erection go all the way inside her and two, he was still hitting her clit with his body as he still came down into her. Those two feelings combined made the sensation inside her grow even larger. She knew that with the feeling growing as it was, and how he was hitting her sweet spot with each insertion, she was not going to be able to hold off the inevitable. And she would not want to anyway, but she also did not want to cum too quickly either; although, the actions inside her body were heading in that direction. She was hoping that he could not tell she was on the verge, but she was positive he felt the change inside her pink walls.

And he did. He knew she was on the verge of another orgasm. What she probably could not tell was he was also on the verge of one himself. He could feel his small erection begin to get even harder inside her. This enabled him to feel more of her pink walls surround him, pulling on him, which in turn made it really hard for him keep up the pace into her. Before long, he was going to have to slow his thrusts and then she would know for sure he was going to cum.

She was getting closer. She started to breath heavier and moan deeper. She was getting more relaxed while he was inside her and she could feel every ridge of his small hardness even more now. She never understood why her vagina relaxed itself before having an orgasm, but she was glad it did. It always culminated in a stronger orgasm because she would relax and then tense and then explode. And that was what was about to happen. Just when she felt the onset of the spasm that caused her whole body to tense up, she felt the sudden slowness of him into her. Immediately, she knew that he was getting close also. For the first time in her life, she was going to experience a simultaneous orgasm. She could not wait.

Neither one was able to hold it in any longer. The spasm inside both of them had grown to the fullest capacity and there was only one outlet. Just as her orgasm hit, his did also and at the same time, they both exploded. He never thought he could cum like he did out at the pool, especially since it had only been hours, but he could feel his small hard cock pumping a full load into her. His small cock throbbed inside her and he could feel each spurt exit and splash her hot pink walls.

She felt his small erection pumping his cum into her as she squeezed and came in unison. She felt his bodily fluid mix with hers. She could only imagine what it felt like to him. Her orgasm flowing all over his small hard cock deep inside her as he spurted his orgasm into her as well. The feeling was so good, it was a feeling that she could not describe. All she knew was that it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her whole life. Just the feeling of it and knowing that they came in unison was mind blowing to her. 

As soon as the last spurt exited his cock, he felt his erection begin to subside, even within her. If there was at least one thing he hated about his small penis, its that it would immediately subside right after ejaculation. He was sure that she could feel it go down. Oh well, he thought to himself. What was done, was done.

She felt his cock subside inside her and she thought it was wonderful. She loved how he felt hard in her and then began to subside to normal. It gave here the sense of a job well done. And it was a job well done; on both parts.

Finally, they came apart and both lied on their backs against the bed. Neither one covered up with the cover. He looked over at her. Her body glowed. Her nipples had returned to normal and were not erect anymore, showing her true flat chest. The sexual lips between her legs, however, were still plump, but the outline of her tiny slit was still there. She was nothing but beautiful to him.

She looked over at him and smiled. He was handsome after sex. His body was hot and shining from perspiration. She loved looking at it. But the one thing she loved looking at more was his small cock in its normal state now. It was beautiful as it laid to one side. His small cock did not have to be hard for her to enjoy it. She loved it just the way it was.

They were equal. So what if his cock was only a few inches soft. So what that her chest was flat and her pussy was small. It did not matter to them. They were happy. They had both achieved their goals tonight. And they were now in each others arms in his hotel bed. Just small opposites that found each other for the first time in small opposite heaven.
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