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Small Opposites: Part Two

She was just dirtying herself again and she was ready to have his small cock inside her tiny slit.

She watched the result of their desires that happened on the pool’s concrete deck wash off of him and down the drain of the hot shower in which they both stood. Even though having got him off happened minutes ago, the thought of it was still hot to her. She kept replaying the moment over and over in her brain as she watched the water flow over his hard body. The thought of his small cock pulsing that hot long stream of pure man-juice invigorated her. Just went to prove that a man did not have to have a big cock to produce a bucket of cum!

And she loved being nude in front of him. For once in her life, she was not naked in front of her webcam. She was finally naked with a real guy. A real guy that was her opposite. It felt good letting him see her. She had always been very self conscious about her body, especially since she was flat-chested and small-slitted. But that is how God made her, and this time, she was taking advantage of what He had given her and let her inhibitions go to the wayside for the moment.

He loved how she was watching him as he stood under the water of the shower. He loved how she looked all wet and shiny from the water also. Her nipples were still hard, even under running hot water. She was still aroused. He loved how her nipples formed the perfect tiny mounds on her flat chest. He just had to feel them a little. He could not help it. He reached out with his hands and gently placed his palms on her breasts. He could feel the small nubs pucker on his palms.

She gasped for air as he touched her flat chest. His hands felt so good on her little mounds. Her nipples were hard and erect against his palms and the heat of his hand felt wonderfully erotic on them. The shower was no use to her. She could feel the slickness form inside her tiny opening as the water fell over them both. She was just as wet now in her pussy as she was when they first entered the room. She was just dirtying herself again and she was ready to have his small cock inside her tiny slit.

She reached and cut the water off, opened the shower door and grabbed a towel. She dried him off and handed the towel to him so he could dry her off. She did this on purpose. She knew that he would get hard again doing so.

He ran the towel across her body. She even felt wonderful through the towel. Her skinny body, her tanned skin so soft, and her curves in all the right places felt right to him. He ran the towel over her ass and in the process, kneeled down to get her legs. She took the opportunity to spread her legs a little and he could not help but look up. And there it was. Her smooth tiny crevice. And it was wet too. Not with the shower water, but with her own moisture. He thought to himself how beautiful. It was definitely big enough for him.

But first, he wanted to taste it. Just like she did him out by the pool, he said, “Mm, your pussy looks so delicate and scrumptious. It’s glistening from your wetness. May I have a taste?”

She moaned from the thought of his tongue on her sexual cavity and said, “By all means.”

Slowly, his mouth covered her whole perforation. Before his tongue could actually taste what exuded it, his taste buds went into overdrive. His tongue had not even touched the tender division yet, but he could actually taste the sweetness that came from it. Gradually, he took his tongue and working from the bottom of her tender fold that concealed sexual sugar, he ran his tongue up between its seam, taking in her personal liquor. As his tongue collected the pure sexual arousal that evaded the tiny perfect crease, she let out a moan as she felt his tongue glide through her pink slot. It was a feeling that she had not had in a very long time. Just like the feeling that he had at the poolside.

Her legs started to quiver a little as he reached the top of her perfect small notch and slowly circled her hard clit with the tip of his tongue. As he circled her hard pink nub, the explosion she knew would happen had been sparked. A moan escaped her mouth followed by a short, “Oh God.” It felt that wonderful to her.

And he heard it. Slowly, he sucked her clit inside his mouth. He could feel the heat from it on his tongue. As he did, she stiffened her body. The feeling he could tell was so intense to her. He tasted her clit, along with what he had just collected by splitting her slit with his tongue slightly, So, slowly, in the same way he came up with his tongue, he went back down. Again, she began to shudder. This time, her legs literally began to shake.

It was all she could do to stand up. The way his tongue slid through her natural gash sent slivers of energy up her spine. The fire inside her was now beginning to spread and her legs were getting weak. The feeling inside her body was building faster than she had wanted it and there was no way of stopping it. She knew that at the rate he was licking her tiny slit, she was going to cum before she wanted too. She had wanted to wait to cum while his small cock was inside her, but that was not going to happen. She could feel the explosion coming and she was sure he could taste it inside her hot little hole because when she felt his tongue reach the bottom, she felt herself let go of more sexual fluid. She was sure it landed on his hot tongue.

And it did. He let her hot pussy fluid linger on his tongue, taking in the sweet flavor until he let it slide on down his throat where it burned like a fine liquor as it flowed. She was wonderful on the taste buds and knew that she would feel just as wonderful on the inside when he finally got to plunge his small cock into her tiny entrance. But first, he wanted to make her climax and he knew he was close.

She felt his tongue slowly go inside her hot cavity and that surely made her legs weaker. As he wiggled it inside her hot tight canal, she winced in pleasure and let out a loud moan that relaxed her inner muscle and released more pussy fluid onto his tongue. He let it linger on the tip of his tongue, tasting its sweetness before letting it again flow down his throat.

Slowly, he removed his tongue and again, followed the contour of her tiny slit all the way back up to her sexual nub. He touched it softly with the tip of his tongue. It was still hard and stimulated and she began to quiver as he began to circle it. That was all that she needed.

The feeling inside her began to erupt. His tongue worked a rhythm on her tiny clit that sent sensations roaring through her hot body. It was more than enough. She started to breath heavier and faster and her whole body was shaking. Her clit was so hard and sensitive it felt like it was even elongating itself further, and she fully understood how a man felt gaining an erection.

He felt how her clit reacted against his tongue. He knew she was about to cum so instead of slurping circles around it, he slowly flicked it back and forth. Each time he did, he could feel the warmth and the spasm inside her grow even more. He also heard the tone of sexual voice as he tasted her sweet pink button. She was almost there.

The tremor rippled through her now tense body. She felt it blaze a trail that started in her brain, went down her spine and before she knew it, it was in her vagina. She felt it pulse and contract once, twice, and the third time was the charm. With a loud moan on the third orgasmic contraction, she let it go. She trailed her moan off as her cum trickled out of her small slit. She felt it flow from deep inside until it made its way to the perforation that God had given her.

Her clit had spasm on his tongue as she let her orgasm go. He could smell the scent inside her hot cavity as her climax flowed to its exit. He waited and as soon as the first drop seeped through her tiny slit, his tongue was waiting. He sucked in all he could before he had to swallow. This time, her sweetness glided down his throat, not a burn, coating it all the way down to his stomach. It made him hard instantly.

Finally, her orgasm’s full effect took place and her body began to collapse. He felt it beginning to sway and immediately stood and scooped her up and took her to the bed. He lied her on the bed and she collapsed into it. The softness of it felt good to her. He climbed up on the bed with her. She looked up, smiled and immediately spread her legs. He was in front of her and she could see his small erection bouncing with his heartbeat.

He looked at her small slit, now open from orgasmic action, the tiny pinkness begging to be fucked. It was still dripping with her arousal. His cock throbbed to be inside its hot supple walls and she was inviting him inside. And he was certainly ready.

He crawled to her slowly and she opened her legs wider to accept his entrance. He looked down at her again, her flat chest and tiny slit so delicately on show for him. She smiled that sexy devilish smile again. He could not believe that his little exhibition by the pool actually turned into something huge. For the second time in his travels his show paid off. And he was about to cash in. . .

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