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She was an exceptionally small woman and the huge hangup she had about it needed fixing.
Every now and then in the summer, rather than go to the local beach near the city I’ll hop in my car and drive the hundred kilometres or so over the mountains and spend the day on the beach of a large lake by a small out-of-the-way village. It’s just a change of pace. Something that, for all of us, is occasionally needed in life to help recharge the batteries.

There are a few small beaches, all of them sandy, near the village and unless it’s a long weekend they’re usually pretty empty and this time was no exception. In fact there wasn’t a soul at the one I chose. I had it all to myself, which was a treat. Although I love the beach and sun environment my skin type doesn’t allow me to just stay in the sun so I always set up a beach umbrella to keep from frying. After swimming in the cold water and drying off I had lunch, lay back on my towel under the umbrella, read for awhile, and fell fast asleep. A big part of the recharging process was underway.

It’s possible I had been asleep for over an hour when something, a noise perhaps or just a presence, woke me. It had been a deep sleep obviously for I really felt groggy and a little disoriented when I partially opened my eyes and had some difficulty focussing them. Not far from me was a woman spreading a beach mat by a bag, getting set to spend some time there. Without moving I watched her for a minute, admiring her from the distance. She had a gorgeous figure and moved in a very fluid manner, but there was something about her that seemed a little different and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Eventually I sat up just as she started to go down to the water’s edge and only then did I realise what it was. Because the beach was empty and I had just woken up I had been unable to get a proper perspective of her against any nearby background, but as she walked it became obvious to me that she was an extremely small woman.

She appeared to be in her late twenties and I hadn’t been wrong about her figure. She was perfectly proportioned to her size. She was wearing a very brief bikini which left nothing to the imagination. Her legs were shapely, she had a lovely ass, and her breasts were full and beautifully formed. In fact they were, for her frame, large, and they looked marvellous.

She took several minutes to immerse herself in the cold water, slowly easing herself in step by step. She stopped when the water reached her crotch and I watched as she stood there splashing herself lightly and rubbing the water over her stomach, arms, shoulders and breasts to ease the shock of the coming immersion. The movement of her hands and arms were exceptionally sensual and I found myself getting increasingly aroused as I watched. She eventually ducked beneath the surface and when she surfaced she swam very well, heading straight out into the lake with smooth, strong strokes. When she returned to shore and was walking back to her things I gave her a small wave, which she returned.

I picked up my book and pretended to be reading it as she picked up her towel and dried herself. Trying not to be obvious I watched as she rubbed herself down, admiring the movement of her breasts, at least what I could see of them, as she passed the towel over them. But the thing that held my attention and fascinated me was her size. It was still difficult to judge her height accurately and it would only be until I actually stood beside her that I would know for sure.

“You swim very well,” I said in a voice loud enough for her to hear over the distance.

She looked up, appearing almost startled that someone was speaking to her.

After a pause she replied, “Thank you.” She paused for a few moments more as if gathering her thoughts then followed up with, “It’s something I enjoy and I take to it naturally.” Without another word she returned to settling in to her privacy on the beach.

I continued to watch her surreptitiously as she rubbed sun screen onto herself, reaching effortlessly around her body to cover every bit of exposed skin.

Afterwards she lay in the sun, turning occasionally, and I continued to watch her, more openly when she lay on her belly with her head turned away from me. There was something about the situation, and her in particular, that was extremely erotic for me.

The afternoon was becoming hot and after she had lain there for perhaps twenty minutes I decided to go for a swim, as much to cool down physically as sexually, as watching her had really had an effect on me.

Rather than swim around in the water in front of her, which would have appeared show-offish and immature, I swam down the length of the beach for quite a distance then returned. To my surprise, when I came out of the water and was walking up to my place on the beach, I heard her say, “You swim well yourself.”

It was my turn to collect my thoughts and came out with a simple enough reply.

“I’m definitely not the swimmer you are but I’m comfortable I the water. It’s a good place to be isn’t it?”

“It sure is.”

Rather than go back to my shady spot under my umbrella I walked up to her and sat down in the sand, wet as I was.

“I’ve never see you here before”, I said. “You’re not from here are you?”

“No, definitely not. It’s a lovely spot but it’s just too small of a place for me. I come here a lot though. The beach and the water are wonderful and I like the seclusion. It’s my get-away place I guess.”

“For me too. The city grinds me down eventually and I have to have the change.”

Her name was Lisette and after a minute of the usual ‘nice-to-meet-you’ banter I said, “I can’t sit long in the direct sun. I burn too easily. It’s already caused some problems for me.”

“I should probably avoid it too but I love lying in the sun. It feels wonderful. It’s like having my entire body gently caressed.”

The way she said it sounded incredibly sexy and I wondered whether she was making overtones towards me, but those thoughts were quickly dashed when she blushed and averted her eyes from mine.

“That’s not something I meant to say. I’m sorry. It just didn’t sound right.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with what you said. I understand exactly what you mean. I wish I could spend more time in it like you do. I went to a nude beach in Greece once and it felt wonderful being in the sun completely naked. It was like a caress, as you say. At least for a while. It turned out that I got a pretty nasty burn in places that had never been exposed before and a caress, or a touch of any sort for that matter, was excruciating for a couple of days.”

She smiled briefly at that.

“But what I was getting at is, would you mind if we moved over to my umbrella to talk? To the shade?”

“No, I wouldn’t mind that in the least.”

This was a moment I had anticipated. As we stood up together I was surprised at how truly small she was. She came up only to mid-chest on me and I guessed that perhaps she was only four feet three inches tall.

When we sat down in the shade of my umbrella and resumed talking I found her very interesting to talk to and now found myself far more focused on what she was saying rather than her looks, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cast my eyes over her body occasionally as we talked.

We had been sitting and talking together in the shade for perhaps half an hour when she suddenly stood up and said, “I have to be going now.” And that was it. She got up and left with no good-bye, no acknowledgement of having had a pleasant talk together. Nothing. I said a few parting words but they appeared to fall on deaf ears and I watched her as she quickly gathered her beach things together and walk out of my life.

Two weeks later, back in the city, much to my surprise and delight, while I was walking home from work I ran into her on a downtown street.

“Lisette? Do you remember me? We sat together for awhile on the beach at the lake a few weeks ago.”

“Oh! How nice to see you again. Of course I remember you. I had a really enjoyable time with you.”

“I didn’t expect to see you again. Do you have time for a glass of wine or something?”

A block away we found a bar with an outside patio opening onto the street and sat down. The conversation was as before. Friendly and open. She asked me more about what I did and in the process of telling her I gave her my business card.

We had been talking for perhaps ten minutes when suddenly she paled and looked down and away, obviously trying to hide her face from something.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, but it’s a guy I know. There’s nothing between us but somehow he thinks there is and he’s become very possessive and jealous of me. It’s weird and it bothers me a lot. I’m afraid of him actually.”

Just then this very aggressive looking guy walked up to the table from behind me and, looking down at her, said, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I got up from my chair and said, “I don’t think it’s any of your business.”

He grabbed me by my shirt and there was no question that he was about to hit me, as he started to pull back his free arm. It was a natural reaction on my part when I lifted my knee and brought it up hard into his groin. He grunted in pain and bent over. Grabbing his head I brought my knee up again, this time into his face and he fell over backwards onto the sidewalk, landing hard on his ass. I don’t think his nose was broken but it was bleeding pretty heavily when I yanked him to his feet by his collar and dragged him over to a nearby taxi. I opened the back door and pushed him in. Leaning in after him I put my face close to him and said, “If you ever bother her again you’ll regret it. Understand?”

He mumbled, “Yes,” in reply.

“Yes what?” I demanded.

“Yes ... sir.” His macho aggressiveness was crushed.

“Okay. Now don’t forget it.” I gave the driver twenty dollars and told him to take the guy home, or dump him out when the twenty was up.

When I turned back to the table Lisette was getting up from her chair.

She looked really distressed and sounded as much when she said, “I’ve caused you enough trouble. I’ve got to get going.”

I tried to get her to stay but she insisted on going. And once again she was gone.

This was too much. It was the second time she had just walked away from me. Both times I had spoken with her she had been vague, or even evasive, in her answers concerning her personal life. As a result I still didn’t know her last name or where she lived, or how to contact her. I sat for awhile and finished my drink then walked home feeling kind of deflated.

Two days later I got a call at work.

“It’s Lisette calling.”

Without pausing for any response she jumped in to the reason for her call, but there was a hesitancy in her words.

“I didn’t thank you for what you did the other day and I feel badly about it. It was very brave what you did.” Then her voice softened. “I’d like to ask you over for dinner tomorrow, Friday, if you could make it. It’s a small way of repaying you.”

I turned up a little bit early and when she answered the door, in addition to a broad smile, she was wearing a very elegant and sexy light summer dress, mid thigh length, that exposed her entire back down to her waist. The front was kept up with thin straps tied in a bow behind her neck. The plunge in its neckline and her exposed back made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She looked extremely sexy. Without using that word I complimented her on how she looked and I could tell it was received well.

I had brought an expensive bottle of Burgundy in the hopes that it would compliment what she was going to serve.

“Oh, this is perfect! Far better than what I had for us. Thank you so much!” and she stretched up on her tip toes and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

Dinner was lovely. She was an excellent cook, with a French flair showing itself in everything she served. And, as in the other two times I had spent with her, the conversation flowed easily. But what was different this time was that her laughter lit up the room.

When we had finished eating we still had a glass of the wine each and sat enjoying the glow of its effects and each others’ company.

Suddenly her tone changed, becoming quite serious, as if there was something that she needed to speak about. And it came out quite abruptly.

“I’ve really enjoyed this evening with you. I love the stories that you’ve told me about yourself, but I’ve particularly enjoyed that you’re interested in what I have to say as well. It’s not something I’m used to. I haven’t had much success with men and admittedly it’s usually not their fault. The truth is, for the most part, I’m afraid of them.”

“Afraid of them? But they’re not all like that guy from the other day. In fact he’s a rare exception.”

“I know, but ...,” and she lapsed into silence.

“Lisette, you don’t have to be telling me these things.”

“I know but I feel a need and I find you’re easy to talk to. I like talking with you very much and I feel I can trust you.” She paused for a few moments, drew in her breath, then said, “The truth is it’s the sex and my size that’s at the bottom of everything.”

I was floored by the comment. “Lisette, you’re a very beautiful woman. Your size isn’t ...”

“No”, she interrupted. “Please, listen to me.”

Another pause, and then she continued.

“When I was still in high school I had sex for the first time. I guess it was because we were both completely inexperienced ...” She struggled to find the words in order to continue. “... and that I’m so small ... in every way ... , that .... How can I say this? Well, when we got to the point of getting it on we were having a lot of difficulty with the way it was going, or the way it wasn’t going to be more exact, and eventually he became very forceful. When it was finally ... underway ... the pain for me was excruciating. I was in severe pain for over a week. It was so bad I could hardly walk so I played sick and stayed in bed so my parents wouldn’t guess the real reason.”

Her eyes were averted from mine for the most part when she continued. “Because of all that I’ve never had sex again, and I’m twenty-nine years old. I’m just afraid of having the same bad experience. And this is what I’m leading up to. It’s what I wanted to tell you. Whenever I’m out with a man, or even spending time just talking with one, like we were doing at the beach, and I’m enjoying his company I become afraid of developing a relationship and having him eventually expect something from me. I guess that’s why I’ve just walked away from you ... twice now.” She looked me directly in the eyes. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am for having done that. You didn’t deserve that in the least.”

“You don’t need to apologise Lisette. You’ve explained yourself very well and I really appreciate that you’re open enough with me to have told me. It’s just that I find it hard to believe that you’ve never had sex again. Lisette, how can that be? You’re too vibrant a woman to have gone without all this time. I can understand that your first experience put you off. That’s not uncommon I think. Clumsy or selfish men can do that, but you must have felt the need, the desire, to try again.”

“Of course I have. It’s just that ...” Her voice trailed off.

She had opened up the subject of sex without reservation, so I followed up without reservation as well by saying, “If you don’t mind me asking, what about satisfying yourself, privately I mean?”

She looked me straight in the eye now. “Well, yes, I’ve tried. But to be honest it just hasn’t worked for me. I don’t know, it’s not what I imagine how things can really be I suppose.”

Once again she averted her eyes. “I’m sorry. I guess I’ve said too much now haven’t I?” and then she laughed a nervous little laugh and stood up from the table and started to clear away the dishes.

I pushed myself back from the table and was about to stand up to help when she said, almost forcefully, “No, please, you don’t have to. Please stay seated.”

She put down the dishes she was holding and quickly came around to me, and to my surprise she sat on my lap, turning to face me.

She started to speak, quietly. “No one’s ever done anything for me like what you did the other day. I was terrified you were going to get hurt, and then when you took care of the whole situation and it was over and I just walked away from you I felt completely awful about myself. When I got home I cried for ... I don’t know how long. I’m so glad you had given me your card and I decided I had to do something to make up for what I did, and here you are.” She paused for a moment then said, “So, thank you for standing up for me.”

“There’s no need. He got what was coming to ... “

I hadn’t finished what I was saying when she leaned forward and kissed me. It was a little tentative at first, and she pulled back briefly and looked into my eyes, then kissed me again. This time it was longer and with much more feeling. Her arms came up and encircled my neck and she pushed herself against me.

I put one of my hands on the bare skin of the small of her back and the other on her waist, holding her and revelling in our first contact and the feel of her pressed against me. After a few moments she reached down and took my hand that was on her waist and brought it up to her breast and held it against her softness. Keeping her hand over mine she felt the movement of my hand as I gently squeezed her breast through the light material of her dress. My cock was becoming hard and I knew she would be able to feel its movement beneath her.

She moaned softly, broke our kiss and moved her head around to my shoulder, whispering, “Oh this feels so right.”

Slipping my hand up from the small of her back I undid the bow behind her neck that held her dress up. As the material slipped down and away from her I pushed it further aside and placed my other hand directly on her bare breast, feeling the hard nipple against my palm. Her breast fit perfectly into my hand and I proceeded to gently squeeze it and play with her nipple.

She emitted a moan from deep in her throat then whispered, “Would you like to go to the bedroom?”

Without saying anything I lifted her in my arms as I stood up and was amazed at how light she was. I carried her with ease, her arms wrapped around my neck, into her bedroom and laid her on the bed. She slipped off the dress that was still draped partially around her and as she lay there looking up at me I pulled her panties down and off of her, leaving her naked before me. She looked perfect lying there, one hand on one of her breasts and the other on her thigh, her neatly trimmed bush uncovered.

Her voice was husky when she said, “It felt so good to be picked up in your arms, to feel your strength. I want to feel more of it tonight if you’re willing. Please, take off your clothes. I want you to be naked with me.”

I’m an average sized guy in every respect, including the size of my cock, but when it sprang into view, fully erect, I could see an expression of fear creep across her face. Climbing onto the bed I knelt down beside her with my erect cock facing her.

“Lisette, trust me to do the right thing, okay?”

She nodded but I could see she had tensed up. I ran my hand slowly and lightly over her breasts and down her belly onto her legs and up over her bush, avoiding slipping it between her legs, and then back to her breasts. I repeated this several times until she closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure. I gently took her hand and placed it on my cock and watched her fingers close as far around it as they could. The small size of her hand and her inability to come even close to encircling it with her fingers made my cock appear to be much larger than it is and I appreciated her concern about whether she could take it in without experiencing a lot of pain.

I have to admit to feeling a boost to my male ego concerning the relative size of my cock as it had always looked just normal with all the other women I had ever been with. Not that that had ever been a problem, it’s just that this time it looked very big.

She started moving her hand slowly up and down its shaft and as I ran my hand over her forehead and stroked her hair I said, “That feels wonderful. Keep doing it ... slowly. You like the feel of it in your hand don’t you?”

“Yes, I love the feel of it, but ... I’m afraid.”

“Then we’ll take our time won’t we. Get used to it and let me get used to you. I love the feel of you, the look of you. Everything about you is so beautiful. You’re breasts are perfect. I love how you’ve trimmed the hair between your legs. It’s very sexy. Very inviting.”

“Thank you ... so much. I really needed to hear that.”

“And do you like the look of what you’re doing? I don’t think you’ve been watching.”

She hadn’t been looking at her hand stroking my cock. Now as her eyes looked down at her hand on my cock she squeezed my cock a little tighter, and in the process she slowed its stroking movement even more, pulling the foreskin up and almost completely over the engorged head of my very hard cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip and spread onto her fingers.

“Oh, look at you,” she whispered. “Please, make a woman of me with it.”

“First spread your legs a little and let me do the same for you that you’re doing for my cock.”

As she did I slipped my hand between them and gently started stroking her pussy with my fingers. I could feel the tension leaving her as I continued what I was doing and soon I could feel her juices starting to wet my hand. When the moistness spread over her pussy her hips started moving in rhythm against my slow rubbing motion. Eventually, as I continued rubbing her pussy, I started slipping my middle finger in and out between her pussy lips, penetrating her a little further each time. She stopped stroking my cock and her eyes were closed as she focused on my actions. As I slipped my finger ever deeper inside her I felt how tight she really was. Everything about her truly was small but it didn’t detract in the least from the woman she was. If I was to have sex with her I realised that it would take a lot of time and consideration on my part.

With my finger buried deep inside her I stopped the rubbing motion of my hand and let it remain still for a minute, then slowly started working it around in circles, pushing against the walls of her wet, very tight cunt. She spread her legs wider and I could feel the loosening effect my movements were having and when I felt it was right I slipped it out and re-inserted it along with a second finger. It was back to very tight again as I went through the same motions, with both my fingers this time, in and out and then rotating them. She still had her hand on my cock but was too transfixed on what I was doing to her to carry on with what she had started to do, and that was just fine by me as I had no desire to cum for quite some time yet.

There came a point where I thought she might be about to cum. Her hips were rising further against the actions of my fingers and her breathing was becoming deep and rapid and interspersed with breathless moans. I didn’t want her to cum yet so I removed my soaking wet fingers from her cunt and brought them to my cock. Pre-cum had drenched her hand by now and she opened her eyes and looked over as I squeezed a large dollop of it onto my already-wet finger.

“I want you to taste the two of us,” I said quietly and brought my finger to her lips. Her face was flushed from her arousal and without a word she parted her lips and I slipped my finger into her mouth. As she closed her lips around it I could feel her tongue move around it, her mouth gently sucking it, cleaning it, and I slowly slipped it out from between her lips as she swallowed.

“Oh that tastes wonderful,” she whispered dreamily, and she surprised me by following it up with, “It’s a love cocktail.”


“Yes ...please. More,” she breathed, and I readily obliged her.

“Now I’m going to have a drink as well,” and I slipped down the bed. I looked back at her and saw her lick the abundance of my pre-cum from her wrist and hand.

Slipping over the end of the bed I knelt on the floor, reached out and took hold of her ankles and easily pulled her towards me until her ass was close to the edge of the bed. I lifted her legs in the air, pushed them back over her a ways and held them there as I lowered my head to her openly exposed pussy.

This was the first time I had been able to really look at her pussy. The hair around her lips was very fine and trimmed neatly, and like everything about her it appeared very small in spite of the lips being swollen from the attention I had been giving her.

Kissing and licking the inside of her thighs I closed on her pussy and ran the flat of my tongue from her asshole up along her slit, completely covering her pussy’s width as I went. I was rewarded with the sound a deep groan and the placement of her hands on the back of my head. Pulling my head back enough to look at her pussy again I released her legs and, spreading her lips apart with the fingers of one hand, I inserted a finger of the other deep inside her. She had tightened up again but not as much as at the beginning. Her clit was protruding from under its hood and shone invitingly with her wetness. I ran the tip of my tongue around it several times as my finger moved slowly in and out of her. As she lifted her hips in response I pulled my finger out of her and inserted my tongue into her as far as I could. The response was immediate.

“Oh god. Oh my god!” and she thrust her hips up into my face.

But before she could come I slowed things down. My intent was to have her begging to come. Not because of any kind of macho foolishness on my part but for her to have some kind of control over when it was time for me to fuck her.

It was a game of hide and seek. I brought her to the edge several times but I wouldn’t allow her to find what she wanted when she got close, but eventually I had to relent. When I slowly drew her engorged clit into my mouth and flicked at it with the tip of my tongue she came with a shudder, clenched my head between her legs, and emitted a long hissing sound from deep in her throat.

She was still panting heavily when I moved back onto the bed beside her and took her in my arms.

When she had calmed, and after a long period of silence, she finally spoke, quietly.

“I had no idea it could be like this. That’s the first orgasm I’ve ever had. I just had no idea.”

After a minute of silence she said, “But you. What about your needs? So far it’s been all about me.”

“That’ll happen when it happens.”

“Well I want it to happen now,” and she placed her hand on my aching cock and started slowly running her small hand up and down its length again.

“Do you really want this Lisette?”

“You said for me to trust you to do the right thing. I know that you’re going to do the right thing. I want you to fuck me now. There’s no question in my mind that this is what I want. Please. Please fuck me now.”

“Promise me one thing. Promise me that you’ll tell me to stop if it’s not working for you, okay?”

“Oh god. Where were you a dozen years ago?”

“I mean it Lisette. I want you to tell me.”

“Alright. But I know I’ll regret it if I do.”

I rolled her over onto her back and lay on my side beside her with my cock laying across her thigh. She was so small beside me and my cock looked so big against her. I decided I wanted to see it against her face so I moved myself up and straddled her so the head of my cock was just above her mouth.

“I want you to kiss my cock. I want you to take it in your mouth and suck it. Will you do that?”

“This is new to me, but yes ... yes, I want to suck your cock.”

I shifted myself a little and the tip of my cock touched her lips and pre-cum spread onto them. I watched as the tip of her tongue protruded between her lips and licked my dripping slit. She pulled back her tongue and her petit lips pressed forward and lightly kissed where her tongue had been. I watched as her lips parted and moved up, covering half of the swollen, purple head and softly sucked at it. I felt her tongue flick at the tip then she opened her small mouth wider and took the entire swollen head into it. I felt her tongue moving around it, lapping at it and I pushed my cock a very short ways into her mouth.

She sucked and licked me for a minute then I withdrew, not wanting to cum, sliding myself back and I kissed her.

“That felt wonderful Lisette.”

“It felt wonderful to me too. It’s so big and smooth and it tastes so very good. But please, please fuck me now. I’m so ready.”

She had spread her legs wide and I positioned myself over her, the head of my cock touching her pussy.

“Take my cock and move it up and down your pussy.”

She reached between her legs and gripped my shaft with her small hand and started doing what I had told her. I watched as her pussy lips parted and the head of my cock slid up and down between them, the mix of her juices and my pre-cum immediately making it shiny and slippery.

“You like the feel of that don’t you?”

“Oh god, yes. I’m going to cum again soon if I keep this up.”

“I want you to. Keep rubbing my cock against your pussy. That’s it. Now cum for me. Cum!”

She came again with a long drawn out groan.

After a few moments she panted in a small, whiny voice, “Please, please fuck me now. I want to be fucked. I need your big cock inside me now.”

Still positioned above her, my cock at the entrance to her pussy, I slowly started to push forward into her. I watched as the head of my cock spread her lips and started entering her, and then ... it wouldn’t go any further. In spite of her being very wet it just couldn’t go any further. She was just too tight. I took my shaft in my hand and started moving it around, as I had done with my fingers earlier but each time I pushed forward it went nowhere. Throughout this she had a pained expression on her face.

And then to my complete dismay I started to lose my erection.

“Oh god Lisette, it’s not going to work this time. My cock’s going soft. I’m really sorry.”

Her voice was exasperated. “It’s alright. Please don’t worry about it. Everything tonight has been more than I could have hoped for. You’ve been able to make me cum for the very first time. It’s been marvellous.”

I lay beside her again, holding her, stroking her body. I know it happens sometimes and probably every man has, or will, experience it at one time or another, but just the same losing a hard-on during sex is a bit of an ego buster.

“But you haven’t been satisfied yet. You’ve done everything for me. I want you to be satisfied. Let me satisfy you. I loved the feel of your cock in my mouth. Let me do it again. Lie on your back and let me suck your cock again.”

She slipped down alongside of me and as I watched she took my softened cock in her small hand and lowered her head and licked its head, which was still slick and shiny with her juices.

“This is so nice having my taste on you. One time soon I know I’ll be able to taste myself along the whole length of your cock,” and with that she licked the entire underside of my cock.

“Does that feel good? I think it must because I can already feel your cock starting to grow again.”

Returning to the head she kissed it then parted her lips as she took it deep into her mouth. Before long I was fully hard again, revelling in the sensations her mouth provided as she quickly got used to sucking a man’s cock for the first time. Lost in my pleasure I don’t know how I was able to find myself enough to say, “Lisette, let’s make it for you now,” and I slowly pushed her reluctant head off and away from my cock. “Let’s try it differently. Climb on top of me.”

She did and, straddling me, she moved back until the tip of my cock touched her pussy. Reaching between her legs she took hold of it and pushed down a little as she started to move it up and down her slit. As she pushed a little harder I could feel its head start to slip inside her. Letting it go she supported herself on both hands and lowered herself a little further. I could feel her tightness engulf my cock’s swollen head and she pushed down harder but she couldn’t get me in any further.

With a hint of desperation in her voice she groaned, “Oh god, it’s not going to work.”

“Do you have any kind of lubricant? Vaseline. Anything.”

She got off me and hurried back a moment later with a tube and a towel. She squeezed the grease onto her fingers and then started to smear it over my cock, and when she was done she inserted a large amount around and into her cunt. She climbed back above me and lowered herself onto my cock again. This time I could feel myself slipping inside her. When she had a couple of inches of cock in her cunt she stopped, her eyes closed and a tight expression on her face.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I just need to take my time with this.”

She was determined to make it happen and when she moved up and down a little again then pushed some more I felt myself slip deeper inside her cunt, but perhaps only half of my cock had been consumed. She stopped again, breathing hard with a soft whining sound coming from her throat.

She was incredibly tight. I had never experienced such a feeling before and I knew I was on the verge of cumming.

“It hurts ... a lot ... but it feels so good. Your cock feels so good in my cunt. I feel so incredibly full.”

“Don’t move. I want you to stay still for a bit longer because if you move I’m going to cum.”

That was all it took for her to continue. “Oh yes. I want you to cum inside me. I need you to cum inside me,” and with that she lifted herself up a little then lowered herself down hard and my cock pushed deeper, but not all the way, into her cunt.

“Oh... oh ... oh god, this feels incredible,” she panted and then there was no stopping her. She started fucking me and in a few moments I came inside her, in a way I’ve never felt before, my cum filling her as she fucked me.

She must have felt the change inside her when I came. “Oh yes. Oh god yes. Fill me with your cum. Oh fuck! Oh fuuuuck!” and she continued fucking me, her movements increasingly faster until at the moment she came she pushed down hard and with a shriek took my cock deep inside her, as far as it would go.

Later, as we lay there with her snuggled up to me, she spoke.

“It’s only Friday you know and I’m going to need more of this to make up for all that lost time”. She slipped her hand over my cock, squeezing it. “If I said that I love the feel of your big hard cock in my mouth and want to suck it again would that convince you to stay for the weekend?”

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