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Smile For The Camera - Story 2 - AMY

Spencer is reunited with a Zander woman from the past.
Nine weeks had passed since Spencer had made the audition film with Kate and she had started her 90-day program with the directors of Zander Corporation. He had seen her in the office a couple of times at a distance, but they hadn’t spoken. Once he had considered going to her office just to see how she was doing, but changed his mind deciding that it would be best to avoid her until her Zander contract was completed. He had made twenty or more audition films for Zander since he had been hired, but had never thought much about the women he filmed until his evening with Kate. In the last few weeks he had found himself daydreaming about her. On at least two occasions he had found the DVD he had made of her and watched it from beginning to end. He still thought that she had one of the best bodies he had ever seen. In his head he could still hear the incredibly wonderful noises she made while they were having sex. “I’ve got to know if she was acting or if she enjoyed it that much,” he thought to himself.

As if following a script, he looked up at the sound of a light knock on his doorway to see a smiling Kate.

“Hi, handsome,” she said as she stepped into his office. “Do you have a few minutes for an old friend?”

“For you, beautiful,” Spencer said as he stood up to greet her, “I have hours.”

Kate gave him a dazzling smile and said, “I was hoping for maybe a full weekend.”

He watched her sit down, thinking that she seemed more self-confident than the last time she came into his office and if it was possible, more beautiful. “If you want me to tell the truth, I was thinking about four or five days on the beaches in Cancun. I know a nice little shop down there that could probably put you into one of the smallest bikinis known to mankind and we could just hang out and enjoy the sun and the moon together.”

She obviously enjoyed his flirting. “I would think after the last time that we were together I might not need the bikini,” she said as she batted her eyelids at him.

“When you’ve finished your 90 days with Zander we’ll talk about it. I really do have a great place in Cancun and if you want to go I’ll make it happen.” After putting a period on that sentence, Spencer realized that he probably shouldn’t have mentioned any possibility of them getting together before her contract ended.

“I’ve got about three weeks remaining,” she said. “When I’m finished with them I’ll come back and discuss it with you.”

“Promise?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” she answered.

“Is everything going well with you?” He paused a few seconds and then added, “And with them?”

“Everything has been very good. I have been treated wonderfully and always like a lady. The men have all been gentlemen and the women friendly and enjoyable,” Kate told him. “I have absolutely no regrets about taking this on, just in case you were wondering.”

“Of course I was wondering,” Spencer replied with a warm smile. “I feel responsible for you. We made an exceptional film together and I’m willing to bet that you’ve met or will meet all of the Directors.”

“I haven’t met them all yet, but you are correct. They have all told me that they were impressed by the video and the few that I have not met are on my schedule for the next three weeks. Then I’m free and we can talk about that trip.”

“And what about the career help? Are you getting it?” he asked.

Kate leaned forward, almost whispering, “It isn’t all done yet, but I believe it will be quite soon. I’ve had three exceptional offers. Two of them are in this city and one in Charlotte. You know, Charlotte is a pretty big deal in the banking business and I’ll have to consider that one seriously. But just so you’ll know, this little experiment has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve met some exceptional people that I would not have otherwise known and they’ve all wanted to help me.” Kate looked into Spencer’s eyes and said, “I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I appreciate what you did for me and I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

“You owe me absolutely nothing,” Spencer answered with a big smile. “I’m very glad that I could help you. Besides that, how could I have ever had such a beautiful woman in my bed? I think I’ve been rewarded sufficiently.”

Kate stood up and leaned across his desk much as she had nine weeks previously. Her blouse opened and he took in her exquisite body unashamedly. “You could have had me in your bed any time you wanted me, Zander or no Zander. You are an exceptionally sexy man and no one has ever made me feel the way that you did. The day after my contract ends I’ll be here to discuss a trip. Cancun would certainly be nice, but I would settle for a few days at your place.”

Kate stood up and Spencer could see that her nipples were hard and showing through her silky blouse. He was very tempted to reach over to touch them, but decided against it. “I’ll be here and waiting to see you.”

“I wish that I could kiss you,” she said softly. “But it will have to wait a bit.” She mimicked a kiss, turned and walked out his door.

Once again Spencer thought, “Damn. What a beautiful ass!” and sat down quickly before someone noticed the bulge in his trousers.

Thirty minutes later he had cleared his mind of Kate after making a note to check on flights and accommodations to Cancun. The idea of spending a few days with a naked and willing Kate had certainly peaked his interest. He looked up after hearing another light knock on his office door was surprised to see Amy Adams, the Zander woman that had recommended Kate just a few months ago. “Well, well,” he offered with a smile, “The lovely Miss Adams. I haven’t seen you in four or five months. Come in.”

“I’m glad to know that you haven’t forgotten me,” she pouted. “I’ve been working her for almost three months and you haven’t stopped by to say hello.”

“It certainly isn’t my style to ignore a beautiful woman,” Spencer said, reverting to his normal “flirty, single man” style. “But you know, Amy, as beautiful as you are and even though we shared a spectacular evening making your audition video, once that video is finished and delivered to the directors, my job is finished. I can’t say that it’s written in the rule book, but I should have no other contact after the film is made until the contract period is over.”

She offered him a lovely smile and said, “My contract period is over and I’m no longer associated with Zander. I’d like to think that we can be friends now.”

Spencer was certainly flattered. This beautiful young woman was probably 20 years his junior. She certainly didn’t need to be hanging out with anyone his age. There was no reason for her or anyone to believe that he had any more to offer than the salary he earned on this job. With a face and body like hers, she could be hanging with handsome young men or older, wealthy men. “I would certainly hope that we could be friends,” he told her. Then changing the subject he asked, “Are you enjoying your job here?”

“Yes I am,” Amy answered. “I’m finally getting to do the kind of work that I wanted. My contacts at Zander found me just want I wanted and I expect that if I do the kind of work here that I know I can do it will just be a stepping stone for me. I’m feeling very confident and happy.”

“That’s just great,” Spencer offered sincerely. “I know that being taken seriously can be exceptionally difficult for a woman as beautiful as you, Amy. Men in decision making positions are admiring your beauty and your ass rather than your work. It means that you have to be better and smarter than your competition.”

“That’s what I’m working on, Spencer,” she said. “But I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help. I want you to know how much I appreciate it.”

“When I say that it was my pleasure, I’m being very honest,” he told her with a sly grin. “Most of the men on the face of the earth would be willing to fight me to have a chance to film you naked. But to have the opportunity to do that and then join you in sex … well, that was certainly a big bonus. Zander hired me because I’m a better than average photographer, but they give me some truly exceptional subjects to film.”

“Anyone can operate a camera,” Amy replied. “From what I heard from the Zander Directors, they were mesmerized by the film you made. They told me that they were aware that I was with a man, but the film was made in such a way that they only saw me. They all said that the way the camera featured my face when I had an orgasm they knew that I wasn’t faking anything and that I was a real woman that loved sex. You made the film that showed that and it gave me the start I wanted.”

Spencer thought a moment before saying, “It’s all a matter of cameras, their angles and editing. The good news for me is that I use the studio that I set up and I don’t need an assistant to get all of those shots. Otherwise I’d have to hire a handsome young man to do the fun part while I filmed. I always try to present everyone in the best possible light.” He paused again and asked, “Now that your contract period is over, are you pleased that you made the decision that you did? Will this be a decision you will regret later?”

“I will never regret that decision,” Amy said with a great deal of conviction. “I met some wonderful people. I kept expecting that one of them would be a creep or a pervert, but they were all kind, thoughtful and considerate. The men were all reasonably handsome and all were well dressed. They shared great stories and offered excellent advice. I don’t know who pulled the strings to get me this job, but I feel certain that it was because that someone thought that I was qualified and not because I give great head.”

Spencer laughed as he remembered that, in fact, Amy was quite talented in that department. “I’m really pleased to know you are happy with your decision. I sometimes wonder how those that make this agreement think of it when it’s all over.”

“Do you ever see any of them after their contract if finished?” she asked.

“I’m not going to tell you how many I’ve filmed,” he replied, “But I have seen two of them afterwards. One was very happy and the other was undecided at the time. So, I’m very happy for you.”

“I have a question for you,” Amy said, now looking very serious.

“Shoot,” he said.

“That woman that works in our accounting office, Kate. Is she in the Zander program now?”

“Normally I wouldn’t be allowed to answer that question, but since you are the one that recommended her to Zander I can tell you that she is currently under contract,” he answered.

Amy told him, “I was out with a group of women from here shortly after I finished the program and spent some time with her. From the conversation I could tell that she was frustrated with her career path, she was quite beautiful and was certainly not a prude. It just struck me that she would be an excellent candidate. The fact that she worked this close to you just made it a simple thing to do.”

Spencer smiled at her and said, “I’m guessing that you don’t know that you broke a Zander policy by sending her to me.”

“What policy?” she asked.

“The contract you signed said that if you wished to recommend anyone to Zander that you would submit the name and basic information to Phyllis Zander first. Since you didn’t remember that, I’m guessing that you also didn’t know that Zander pays a bonus for successful recommendations,” he said with a smile.

Amy appeared a little shocked and replied, “I didn’t spend five minutes reading that contract. I was just interested in what good having sex with a couple of old farts could do for me. Actually, I’m sorry that I didn’t do it the way I should have, but I’m glad that Kate is in the program if that is what she wanted.”

“She is in the program and she appears to be quite pleased,” Spencer told Amy. “But just so you won’t be surprised, I gave you credit for the referral. When Kate finishes the term of her contract you will be receiving a check from Zander for $10,000. Those are their basic terms in the contract.”

Amy was more than a little stunned. “$10,000! You must be kidding!”

“Nope,” he said with a laugh. “They’ve always thought that the most logical people to recommend people to the program would be those that have completed it. They know what is involved and what the payout can be. So, if you’ve changed your address since you completed the program you need to get in touch with Phyllis.”

Amy still appeared surprised and finally said, “Actually, I’m getting ready to move. I’ll have to let her know.”

For no other reason than to be polite Spencer asked, “Where are you moving?”

“I’m taking an apartment in the city,” Amy told him, beginning to recover from his shocking information. “The apartment is on 29 th Street near the park.”

This information caused Spencer’s eyebrows to rise. “You must have had a substantial pay increase. That’s a pricy neighborhood.”

“Well,” she said looking toward the door and lower her voice, “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk with you. I have a friend that will be paying the rent. I’ve signed another two year contract with Frederic Zander.”

“What kind of contract?” Spencer asked.

Amy’s face took a serious look and answered, “I’ve agreed to be his mistress for a two year period. In return he has signed a two year lease on the apartment. He will pay the rent and utilities for that period of time. In return I will make myself available to him every Wednesday night and possibly other times if requested in advance and in writing.”

“Frederic must be in his late 60’s. He’s very rich and married,” Spencer observed.

“That’s correct,” Amy offered. “He made me a business proposition and I accepted it. I’ve determined that it will be worth about $250,000 in extra income over the term of the agreement. He won’t be giving me any money, but he will pay for the apartment and buy me the furniture. When the agreement is concluded, everything there will be mine. I’ve had sex with Frederic and I’d have to say that for an older guy, he’s in damned good shape and knows how to make a girl happy. He told me that he has a sexless marriage and needs an outlet. Personally I think that story is a load of crap. He wants to fuck a beautiful young woman and keep all of his social and family connections intact. Again, I don’t care about that stuff. I see it as a good opportunity to improve my social and financial status.”

Amy took a deep breath and said, “That’s one of two things I wanted to discuss with you. Do you think this makes me evil or stupid?

Spencer grinned at her. “I don’t think it makes you either of those two things. It sounds to me like you are a very clever woman that has considered her options and decided to take a course of action that will benefit you the most. I think it is sound logic as long as you don’t get too entangled with him.”

“He has promised that my life will be my own from Thursday through Tuesday,” she offered. “He’s said that if I want to have a boyfriend in the apartment, or ten boyfriends, he doesn’t care as long as Wednesday belongs to him. I mean, it’s not like I’m a virgin and it’s not like I haven’t already spent one night with him.”

“One night?” Spencer asked.

Amy blushed a little. “Right. It is a violation of the contract rules, but we did hit it off on our one evening on the Zander plan. I’ve spent five or six Wednesday’s with him and will be moving into the apartment tomorrow after the furniture is delivered.”

“You said that you had two things to discuss,” Spencer tossed in. “I’ll assume that your agreement with Frederic is topic #1.”

“Right. Now #2. Since I’m moving into my apartment tomorrow, which is Thursday, I was wondering if you would like to come by for a visit on Saturday,” Amy said. “And to be totally honest, I was wondering if you would visit with me and we could watch the video together.”

“Are you talking about the video that I made for Zander of you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said. “But as I recall, the video was of me and you. And as I recall there was a handsome man there that was giving me instructions and gave me one of the best nights of sex I’ve ever had. And as I recall, that man was you, Spencer.”

He looked at her and cocked his head to one side. “The people contracted by Zander don’t get copies of their audition DVD’s.”

“I know that,” Amy said with a smile, “But I’m guessing that you have a copy.”

“I do,” he said. “I have the DVD that the Directors saw and the entire video clip made with my cameras. I’ve never thrown one away.”

“That’s quite a porn library,” Amy said with a sly grin.

“It’s not the world’s largest collection, but I’d bet there aren’t any that are better,” he told her.

“Do you ever watch them?” Amy asked.

He glanced in the direction of his door, then turned and said, “Once in a while I review one, but that’s generally when I’m getting ready to do a new one. I sometimes like to take a look at what I did during the previous audition so that I make them differently. I want to make certain that the directors get the best views of the candidates.”

“Do you ever watch them just to see the bodies and the sex?” she asked.

“Not often, but I have,” he told her truthfully.

“Have you watched the one you made with me?”

He looked into her eyes and replied, “I reviewed it before I made the audition tape with Kate.” Before she could ask the next question he added, “And yes, it did excite me. I did get an erection and I did think that you were incredibly sexy. Is that what you were going to ask?”

“Something like that,” she responded. “Don’t you think it would be fun to review it together? Then if we got excited we would have someone to share it with. Does that sound like a good idea?”

Spencer simply sat there and stared at her for several seconds before he answered. “What time on Saturday?”

Ten minutes later he had her address after he agreed to meet her at 7:30. That night after he had arrived home and poured himself a double single malt scotch, he took the glass and went into his studio. He kept his films in a vault that was designed to keep firearms. It was a ‘walk in’ vault that was about six feet square. He kept video tape and his newer digital recordings on one side and his DVD’s on the other. It took his less than 30 seconds to find the DVD of Amy. He left the vault, locked it and moved into his entertainment room to view his edited version of Amy’s audition tape that he had made over six months ago.

Putting the disk into his DVD player, he turned it on, sat back in his large leather chair and waited for it to begin. He took a long pull on the scotch as Amy’s face lit up the screen and he heard his own voice as the voice-over saying, “Directors, may I present Amy Adams.” As he spoke the photos on the screen changed as he had built in cut pictures of Amy from throughout the video. In the first ones she was completely clothed. By the time he concluded the introduction she was completely naked. He heard himself saying, “Amy is 30 years old. She stands 5’ 7” and weighs 137 pounds. Her measurements are 36 – 25 – 37. As you can see, she is all woman. Amy has never been married, but claims to have had more than eight lovers as well as being engaged once. She has a degree from …” Spencer listened to the voice without really listening. He was sipping on the scotch and looking at his own photos of Amy.

As he sat there watching the stills, the little voice in the back of his head spoke to him when the nude photos began to flash across the screen. “Have you ever seen a better body than that?” He watched the photos of her standing, seated and on her hands and knees before he spoke out loud to no one, “No. I’ve never seen a better body than that.” The still shots ended and Amy was standing live in front of the camera, answering his questions and removing her clothing as he instructed. By the time that she was naked and sitting on her knees in the middle of the bed, Spencer’s cock was so hard that it actually hurt. He remembered every second of his interview and the filming. He knew what was going to come next and when his body came into view on the screen and she sucked his cock into her mouth, Spencer unzipped his pants and tossed them onto the floor. The remainder of the video he watched with his rock hard cock in his hand, stroking it as he viewed this beauty having sex with the man in the film in every imaginable way.

The film ended with the man’s body above hers and spraying cum over her breasts and down onto her belly. The camera watched her smile as she ran a finger through the pool of white fluid, put it into her mouth and gave a look of complete pleasure. In the film he had covered her with cum. Sitting in the chair he had covered himself with cum. Holding a cock that refused to go soft he watched the closing shots of Amy and heard, “Directors, you have just seen Amy Adams. Please contact Phyllis to make your reservations to meet Amy personally.”

He stared at the final still shot of Amy. “You gorgeous bitch,” he said out loud. “Why are you back in my life?”

Saturday night at 7:32, Spencer raised his hand and knocked on the door of apartment 1132. He had followed the directions Amy had given him and stood there wondering what she had planned.

After only a few seconds the door opened and Amy was standing in front of him wearing a short robe that didn’t cover her knees and easily showed her nipples through the fabric. They exchanged smiles and he walked inside the apartment not knowing exactly what to expect. Inside he saw a nicely decorated and large living room done mostly in white. The floors were hardwood covered in places with white carpeting that resembled polar bear fur. Most of the furniture was modern and covered in white leather. There were a few pictures on the walls, but it looked unfinished.

Spencer turned to Amy and handed her the bottle of wine he held under his arm. “I really didn’t know what I should bring with me, so I guessed that a bottle of wine would be a good choice.”

“It’s perfect,” Amy said with a smile. “I’m so glad that you could come tonight. I’ve wanted to spend some time with you ever since we made that video together. Does this wine need to be chilled?”

“Not really,” Spencer said as his eyes moved from the top of her head to her toes. “It’s best served between 65 and 70 degrees, so chilling it is not necessary.”

Amy clutched the bottle and said, “Please come inside and make yourself comfortable. I haven’t had a lot of time to get things quite right, but it isn’t bad.”

“It’s really very lovely,” Spencer told her. “I know that you’ve only been here for a few hours, but you’ve really made it look like you in a hurry.” He turned and looked around the room. “This is just great!” he told her as he walked toward the windows. Reaching the sliding glass door opening onto the balcony he opened the door and stepped outside. “Damn, Amy” he said. “This is just terrific. I am totally envious of this. Your view is great and your location is simply great for someone that works downtown.”

“Do you really like it?” she asked.

“It doesn’t really matter if I like it,” he said honestly, “But I think this is a great location to live and I’ll bet that you are going to love it.”

She stepped in front of his and put her hands on the railing around her balcony. Without turning around she said, “I’ll bet that after dark we could come out her and you could take me from behind.”

Spencer took the two steps to reach her and put his hands around her, taking a breast in each. He put his mouth beside her ear and said, “Why do we need to wait until dark?” He pressed himself against her so that she could fell the erection that he had already sprouted. He rubbed it into her as he squeezed her full breasts. His lips found her bare neck and he kissed her skin before running his tongue up to her ear. “Isn’t that why you invited me here, Amy? Don’t you want to recreate the night we had in front of the cameras and fuck like a couple of animals?” His left hand found the tie around her robe, undid it quickly and slipped it off of her shoulders, leaving her standing, facing out on her new balcony wearing nothing but a very small black thong panty. He felt her shiver as he covered her breasts with his right arm and dropped his left hand down between her legs. His fingers quickly found her sex and the hot wet spot he knew would be there. “I’ve been thinking about your delicious body all day and I don’t want to wait until I enjoy it, but I’m thinking that you are going to make some noise, so maybe you should show me your bedroom.”

Amy spun around and kissed him. The kiss was filled with passion and wanting. As Spencer filled his hands with the beautiful rounded cheeks of her ass he thought to himself, “If the guy living across the street is looking at this he will be out buying a telescope tomorrow.”

Amy broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. “You can bet I’m going to make some noise. If you are going to do to me the things you did the last time we were together, I promise that I’ll raise the roof with noise. For the last several months I’ve been thinking about what we did while making that video and I can’t wait to get another shot at it.”

Holding her in his arms Spencer said, “So, I’m taking it that you approved of what we did while filming?”

“Are you kidding?” Amy said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited and it had nothing to do with making the video for Zander. I was excited because of what you were doing to me and now I want some more of that. You are the sexiest man I’ve ever met and I want you to take me tonight in any way you want. Tonight my body is yours and I don’t care what you do … I’m yours.”

“Whatever I want?” he asked.

“Whatever you want,” she said. “If you want to bring in 10 men and have them take turns with me, I’m good with that if that’s what you want. I’m just convinced that whatever you want will make me crazy with lust. Whatever you do with me will make me cum until I can no longer move. I’m yours, Spencer. Take me.”

He looked into her eyes, listened to her words and believed every word she said. “There won’t be any other men here,” he told her. “I’m not into sharing. Now show me your bedroom.”

Amy took him by the hand and led him back into the apartment, through the large living room and into her bedroom. Like the living room it was spacious. The room seemed to be centered on the large, king sized bed. The headboard, dresser and lounge chair were all white. The bedspread was several colors, but most white with various shades of brown and was pulled back to show chocolate brown sheets. Spencer was glad that he had remembered to put one of his small cameras into his jacket pocket before leaving home because he knew how tantalizing her naked body was going to look on the dark sheets. “Oh yes,” he thought to himself, “I will most certainly get some shots of her before I leave here.”

Stepping behind him, Amy slipped his jacket off and hung it on the bedroom doorknob. Moving in front of him she began to unbutton his shirt, pressed her face against his chest, looked up and said, “God, but you smell good.”

“It’s called, Boss,” he told her. “It will probably smell a little better after I get heated up."

“Oh, you’re gonna get heated up, big boy,” she said offering him a sexy smile and she began pulling his shirt off. Without letting go of him she pitched his shirt onto her dresser and began to work on the buckle of his trousers. She looked up and said, “There seems to be a bulge in your pants. I’m thinking that I need to find out what’s causing it.”

“I’m thinking that you should,” he said with a throaty chuckle.

Dropping to her knees, Amy opened his zipper and let his pants fall around his ankles. The bulge was now directly in front of her eyes. She grasped his boxers by the bottom of each leg and pulled them slowly until his hard cock jumped out at her. She let the boxers slide down on top of his trousers and looked up at Spencer. “I didn’t forget how beautiful you are when it hard and angry looking.” She took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around a couple of times before saying, “And I didn’t forget how good you taste.” She ran her tongue the full length of his shaft. “The last time we were together you shot your cum all over my chest for the cameras. Tonight I’m gonna get the entire load in my mouth,” she said with a wicked smile.

“We’ll see about that,” Spencer replied, put his hands into her hair and pulled her up to her feet. “We’ll see if that happens a little later, but right now I’d like to get my shoes off. Why don’t you go lay down on that bed so that I can see your marvelous body stretched out and ready.”

She turned around and slowly walked to the edge of the bed, giving him a chance to enjoy the view of her ass. Amy hadn’t spent a lot of time with Spencer, but she already knew that he was an ‘ass man.’ She reached the edge of the bed, slowly turned and waited until he motioned for her to lie down.

As he was removing his shoes and the clothes hanging around his feet he told her stretch out and put a pillow under her head. Once he was completely naked he placed himself between her feet, quickly pulling her legs up into the air and stripping the tiny panties off of her. He tossed them aside, quickly dropping he face between her legs. Before she could think about what he was doing, his tongue was running over her hairless pussy, darting in and out of her sex and around her clit.

Just as quickly he was up and beside her. Taking her face in his hands he gave her a kiss filled with fire and desire. He broke the kiss and looked into her dark eyes. “And I haven’t forgotten how good you taste.” He placed his hand over her sex and began to rub it with his palm and fingers. “But what I remember most,” he told her, “Are the wonderful noises you make when you cum.”

Her eyes locked onto his and she asked, “Are you going to make me cum?”

“You can bet that fine ass of yours that I am,” he told her as one of his fingers slipped inside her very wet hole. He watched the look of pleasure cover her face as his finger began to slip in and out. “I think that I’ll make you cum twice before I fuck you.”

Amy opened her eyes and said, “You are pretty confident aren’t you? You think you can make me cum twice?”

“I know that I can,” he said before moving a second finger inside her. Both fingers began stoking in and out of her ever increasingly wet pussy, running over and around her g-spot and taking her to a collision course with a massive orgasm before she knew what was happening. As his fingers moved faster he could hear the sounds of her wetness as well as the sounds coming from deep in her chest. Spencer could see that her nipples were erect. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated her mind on what he was doing between her legs.

Then he added to the sensations by softly speaking to her in his deep baritone voice. “Oh yes, baby. You are going to cum for me and cover my fingers with your juices. Once you’ve stopped shaking I’m going to put my tongue inside you and get you ready to start all over again.”

“Cum for me baby,” he whispered as she lifted her ass off of the sheets. He could see the muscles twitch in her legs. He watched her mouth open in a silent scream and her eyes pops open just before she began to shake as she squirted her juices all over his hand. Her entire body shook and she screamed a moan of complete satisfaction. A few seconds later her butt touched the bed again, but her body continued to shake. Spencer’s fingers didn’t leave her until he moved between her legs once again and placed his mouth over her pussy and began to lick it.

“Oh my god!” she groaned as she ran her fingers into his hair, “That was incredible.”

“You aren’t through yet,” he said.

As his tongue ran around her clit and he sucked it into his mouth she groaned once again and dug her fingers into his hair, pulling him into her sex. As if her body was self-directed, her legs wrapped around his shoulders and her hips began to move as her body began to fuck his mouth. “Oh my god!” she shouted as once again she began to lose control of her own body. Once again her lust and need for orgasm had taken over. Only two minutes after a huge climax, her body was rushing toward another one.

Spencer was ready for her. In fact, he was expecting her reactions. After watching the video of them having sex made many months ago he had come to the conclusion that there was a wildness in her that needed to be released. He suspected that she would squirt with her orgasm if lead to it, which would make her climaxes stronger and better. For him, nothing gave him more satisfaction than bringing a woman to a screaming orgasm. “Here we go, baby,” he said against her dripping pussy. He knew that she didn’t hear him, but it wasn’t important.

As his tongue lashed her most sensitive parts, his fingers found her opening once again and quickly located that spot that he knew would send her out of control. While his mouth was sucking on her clit, his fingers were fucking her pussy hard and fast. He could feel her fingers tightening on his hair and hear that hear her breath coming more like panting as she began to groan once again.

It took only another 30 seconds before he felt the muscles in her vagina clamp down on his fingers. This time she ejaculated her love juices over his chin and covered his hand. Her entire body shook and the sound from inside her that came out of her mouth was a gasp. Her thighs pressed against his cheeks and held him in a vice until her shaking ended and then she collapsed in exhaustion. Her body fell limp on the bed.

Once more Spencer ran his tongue over her clit and felt her jump underneath him. He smiled to himself, pleased that he had read her correctly, but knowing that she still wasn’t finished. He rose up, putting his arms behind her knees and spreading her legs apart. As wet and relaxed as she was, he buried his rock hard cock inside her in one swift move. Amy opened her mouth in a gasp of pleasure only to have him put his juice covered fingers inside and ask, “Do you like the way you taste, baby? Do you like the way my cock feels inside your pussy? You didn’t think that you were through, did you?”

She was still out of control. Her mouth closed around his fingers and she sucked her own juices off of him. Within seconds her legs were wrapped around him as he hammered in and out of her.

“Do you like this?” he whispered as he put his mouth near her ear.

“Yes!” she responded in a voice that sounded like a whimper.

“Do you want more?” he growled.

“Oh god yes,” she managed. “Fuck me, Spencer. Oh god, just fuck me and don’t stop!”

As he continued to hammer her he dropped his mouth to her left breast, sucked the nipple into his mouth and bit it hard enough to make her sink her fingernails into his back. He moved to the right one and did it again making her cry out in pleasure. His thick cock stretched her pussy as it slid in and out of her making her noises louder and louder as he brought her ever closer to a third orgasm in just a few minutes. He could hear the noise of his balls slapping against the wetness between her legs. He remembers seeing in his video how her juices poured out of her and coated has ass hole. The image in his mind drove him to the brink and he growled in her ear, “I’m cuming, baby. I’m going to fill you up right now.”

He didn’t stop pumping into her, but she could feel the heat of his cum as it poured into her and his groan of pleasure was in her ear. Amy squeezed her legs around him and reached her third orgasm as her body shook and she whimpered out of ecstasy because she was simply too tired to cry out. Finally he stopped moving, but she kept her legs locked around him.

To Spencer it felt like a long time before he rolled off of her, but in actuality it was a little less than two minutes. As he rolled to her side, Amy opened her legs and released him. They lay there, side by side for nearly ten minutes without speaking. If Spencer’s cameras had been filming they would have shown two beautiful, naked people gasping for breath and trying to get control of their minds and bodies.

It was Amy that moved first. She rolled over to look down on Spencer. “My plan was to drive you crazy, but you stole my plan. You are a bastard, Spencer,” she said. “And I will not have sex with you again.”

“You won’t?” he asked a little surprised.

“Absolutely not,” she said with a smile. “At least, not until we’ve had dinner and I’ve regained my senses. You are amazing, Spencer. I’m thinking that I’m sorry that you came here tonight.”

“Why?” he asked very seriously, feeling quite confused.

Amy rolled on top of him, pushed a finger into her pussy, pulled it out and put it into her mouth, sucking her fingers as if they were coated in chocolate. “Because you have just ruined me for any other man. No man has every fucked me like that and I don’t expect it will ever happen again.”

Spencer smiled broadly and said, “The night is young, darlin’. That was just the opening act. By the time you feed me breakfast in the morning you will be issuing me an engraved invitation for weekend sleepovers. You haven’t seen my good stuff yet.”

Amy’s eyes were wide with excitement and wonder. She could taste his cum on her tongue and knew that she was going to want more. Her left hand slipped down his belly and found his still hard cock. Taking it in her hand she looked into his eyes and said, “I think that I’m in a lot of trouble … a lot of trouble.”

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