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Sneaking Out

Tags: sneaking, car
Sneaking out has its benefits...

Samantha paced across her bedroom as she waited for Trent to call. Thoughts of being caught sneaking out filled her head and she grew more nervous. Even though she was eighteen, her parents were still very strict. 

Suddenly her cell phone rang. Samantha's heart pounded as she answered. The caller id read: "Trent." She cleared her throat and opened the phone.


"Hey. What's up?"

"Not a lot, you?"

"Not too much. I'm almost there. Are ya' ready?"

"Pretty much. You know where to stop, right?"

"Yeah, I know."

"Okay. Um, I'll meet you out there, okay?"

"'Mkay. I'll be waiting."



As Samantha hung up the phone, she sighed heavily. Before walking out of her room, she turned off the lamp and grabbed her purse. The house was dark and quiet. Samantha worried that her stepfather would come downstairs and catch her trying to sneak out. Holding her shoes in one hand and her purse in the other, Samantha crept down the stairs leading to the family room. It was dark and quiet in there as well. She pulled her shoes on in silence and slowly opened the door. It creaked slightly. Samantha's heart raced as she closed it behind her.

Part of her felt guilty for sneaking out and disobeying her parents, but she continued on. Branches crunched under Samantha's feet as she walked up the hill alongside her house. Taking one final look back, she stared into the windows. No one. Nothing. Streetlights glowed against the road and outlined Trent's car. Samantha bit her lip as she reached it. She opened the door and closed it as she stepped inside.

"Hi," Samantha said in a nervous tone.

"Hey," Trent replied.

Trent drove down the street and Samantha watched her house as they passed. Still, she saw no one. Trent pressed his hand into Samantha's. He tightened his grip and smiled.

"Where are we goin'" Samantha asked curiously.

"I don't really know. Somewhere dark, I guess."

"Oh. Okay."

They continued to drive for 20 or so minutes until Trent finally pulled off onto a dark street. He scanned the area and unbuckled his seatbelt. Samantha quielty unbuckled her's.

"Do you want to sit in the back seat and talk?," Trent asked.

"Sure," Samantha replied.

Trent slipped off his shoes and climbed into the back. As he fell back onto the seats he grabbed Samantha's hand. She used her feet to pull off her shoes and climbed over the seat. She giggled as she struggled to get over. Trent laughed as he watched. When she settled, she smiled.

"Hey, come here," Trent said as he pulled Samantha closer.

She giggled and leaned against his chest. Trent pushed Samantha's long hair aside and nuzzled her neck. Samantha closed her eyes in joy and sighed. She turned and pressed her lips against his. His tongue slipped into her mouth and Samantha moaned lightly. Trent pulled away and sank his teeth into her neck. A deep moan escaped Samantha's lips and she wrapped her arms around Trent's shoulders. He sucked and continued to bite her neck. She felt slight pain under the vast amount of pleasure he was giving her.

"Moan my name, Sammy," Trent begged.

"Ooh Trent. God, it feels so good. Keep biting me," Samantha replied as she continued to moan.

He obliged and bit her neck harder. Grabbing her hair, he yanked her head back. Samantha yelped lightly and closed her eyes. Trent's hand slid across her shirt and he began to caress her breasts. Kissing her lips again, Trent pulled Samantha's tank down and pushed his hand into her bra. She watched as he lowered his head and pulled the bra down. Trent kissed and bit her breasts and she moaned louder. He continued to do this for a few moments and raised his head. Samantha then pressed her teeth into his neck.

"Fuck, Sammy. Yeah, bite me hard."

Samantha suddenly felt in control and bit him hard. She sucked and dug her nails into his neck. Trent groaned and moaned her name.

"Oh Sammy. Yes. I am so fucking hard right now."

Samantha smirked and giggled quietly. Trent pulled her away and smiled.

"Lean against me and pull down your pants," he said.

Samantha did so and Trent slipped his hand under her right arm and into her panties. His hand was cold against her. She pressed her head into his chest as he stroked her clit. He began to get rough and slipped two fingers inside her. She gasped and moaned loudly. Trent thrust his fingers in and out of her and watched silently as she moaned.

"You are so wet. Sammy, can we do it now?"

She nodded her head, sat up, and pulled her pants off completely. Her panties soon followed. Trent unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. His dick was extremely hard and he stroked it softly.

"Baby, come here and fuck me," he pleaded.

Samantha climbed on top of him and slowly pressed her wetness onto his dick. He moaned loudly. Samantha bit her lip and let out a deep moan when he was completely inside her. She wrapped her arms around Trent's neck and slowly began grinding against him. They both moaned in pleasure. Trent put his hands on either side of Samantha's hips and pushed her back and forth. He tilted his head back and groaned. She dug her nails into his shoulders and moved faster. She pressed her fingers against her clit and stroked it in a fast motion.

"Come for me, baby," Trent asked as he watched Samantha.

"Mmm, I will," she moaned.

"Yeeeaah, come for me Samantha."

Samantha moaned louder and rode him as fast as she could. She continuously fingered her clit. She wanted to come and could feel herself about to.

"Fuck, Trent I'm gonna' come!"

"Yeah, come for me. Come on my dick, baby. Oooh fuck," he said and sighed.

Trent pulled Samantha's hair out of her face and stared as she began to come. Her eyes were pressed closed and her mouth lay open.

"Oooh god. Mmmmmm. Yes! Yes, yes, yes!! Trent, I'm coming!! Fuck. Oooh!"

"Yeah, baby. I love watching you come," Trent whispered.

Suddenly Trent felt himself about to come. Samantha moaned loudly and he couldn't wait any longer.

"Sammy, I'm coming. Fuuucccckk!!! Yes, ride me!! Oooh yesss!! Uugggh!!

Trent pressed his head into Samantha's chest as he came inside her. The couple moaned together as they came. After Trent did Samantha collapsed against him, breathing heavily. He held her close and sighed deeply. They got dressed and cuddled for a while.

The sky was slightly light when Trent dropped off Samantha back at her house. She kissed him and got out of the car.

"Call me later, okay?," she said.

"You know I will," he said and smiled.

She smiled back and shut the door. Quietly, she walked down the hill towards the back door. She turned the doorknob slowly and quickly pushed it open. The house was still silent and fairly dark. Samantha sighed and took off her shoes. She locked the door and went to her room. Another night, not caught.

-Thanks for reading my first story on here. I hope you enjoyed it, I really do. =)

---Sara <3

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