Snow Angel

By Kandikiss51

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On that wintery day, the warmth of her body fed his desires.
Natasha and Randy have a retirement getaway deep in the secluded woods of Tennessee. They love the view from their picture window of the small lake in front of their cabin. The sight of the rolling mountains, tall pines, along with the rustling sounds of the forest, makes communing with nature in the buff very hot, sexy, and inviting.

On this winter’s day they were out playing in the snow making snow angels, and throwing snowballs. The winter’s chill lapped at them and it wasn’t long before they had a blanket around them. The warmth of her body fed his flames of their desire.

He pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. As their tongues did the dance of lovers, his hand slid beneath her jacket, in search of her breasts. To his surprise she was not wearing a bra and he could trace the outline of her nipples against the fabric of her blouse.

He pulled the hardening nipple between his fingers and pinched it lightly. He kissed her again and then said, “Oh darling, I love to play with your gorgeous tits!”

She giggled, blushed, and purred, “Oh Randy, I love the way you touch my every curve. Honey, you’re making more them my mouth drool! Baby, I need you, I want you to make love to me, but it‘s so cold out here. I think we had better go inside, warm up, and fuck in front of the fireplace.”

As they walk back to the cabin a devious thought run through her head. She would change into her thick terry robe and make him think she is not too cold and not ready for a hot wild fucking. However, beneath her robe would be wearing a sexy hot number she just purchased at Fredrick’s Of Hollywood! Something she would reveal to him, but not yet, first she wanted to tease him.

As they entered the cabin she told him she wanted to go change into something more “comfy.”

He then told her while she was doing that he would stroke the fire, and get some wine.

She headed toward the bedroom to change as he headed for the living room to make a roaring fire.

While in the living room he also lit a few candles around the room and then laid a bear skin rug on the floor. His mind wandered to Natasha; he envisioned her wearing a sexy teddy, and lying on the rug. He felt his cock swelling inside his pants and fought the urge to stroke it. After seeing that everything looked fine he walked into the kitchen to prepare the wine.

He then walked back into the living room, and set the chilled glasses and wine on the table next to the rug. Following that he turned around and slid a Michael Bolton CD into the music console. It was the kind of music he called, “Fucking Music.”

Natasha soon emerged wearing a thick flannel. She could see in his face that it was not what he expected her to be wearing. She just grinned and walked over to him, planted a big kiss on his lips and whispered, “I love you darling!”

Under his breath he grumbled, “Damn, couldn’t she find something sexy to wear?” However, he just reached over, poured the wine and handed her a glass. After taking a sip he asked her to dance in front of the fireplace.

They sipped at the wine as he held her close, swaying to the music. He smelled her hair, the light scent of her perfume, and even though she was wearing a robe, felt the sensual curves of her body.

As they slow danced by the light of the fire, she turned her face upward to meet his lips. Then she uttered, “I think I am finally beginning to unthaw. Darling your kisses are warming me from the inside out.”

He kissed her again; slow pecks at first. The deeper as their tongues did the dance of lovers. The dancing soon stopped and they were just standing there by the fire, kissing, and caressing.

She slowly started to unbutton his shirt, and pushed it off his shoulders, kissing his nude chest and stomach.

“MMM I love the taste of you my love. I cannot wait to kiss and caress your dick.”

Without hesitation he undid his belt, shoved his jeans and boxers to the floor, and kicked them off to the side. He then gazed into her sexy green eyes and with a voice that could melt butter said, “Do what you want to me darling, I am your love slave.”

She pulled him onto the bear skin rug with her then proceeded to get between his legs. She lapped her lips hungrily, took his dick in her hands, and let her fingers touch him lightly at first. It is obvious he is aroused as her hand was getting wet from the oozing precum.

She loved the way his dick responded to her touch. “Lay down on your back honey.”

At first he was surprised and thought, “What the hell,” but lay down anyway, his hardened member sticking straight up.

Next she stood up, flashed him a devilish smirk, and undid the tie to her robe and let it fall to the floor. Oh fuck, there she stood, in a sexy red teddy and dour inch fuck me heels. She walked over and picked up her wine glass and took a sip.

She then walked back over to him, and put one leg on either side of his head and asked, “Hey baby, Do you like what you see?”

He was speechless as he looked at her sexy figure looming over him. After a moment he managed to utter, “Ooooh yeah!”

She just swayed her hips while sipping her wine. With a grin of her face, she slowly started removing the teddy doing a strip tease to the music. Once naked, she lowered herself near his face and began tantalizing him with her hot pussy!

He was mesmerized watching her ass and pussy moving over his face. She bent lower slowly while playing with her tits and nipples. Knowing this type of torture was making him harder, and wetter.

“Would you like to see more of my cunt baby?”

He hissed a reply, “Lower yourself a little more darling and see for yourself. I want my lips to kiss your pussy lips!”

Natasha bent her knees until his lips kissed her pussy lips. She brushed them lightly over his lips, while her hands continued playing with her breasts. Before he could respond, she smeared her wine over her nipples making them harder. She knew that Randy loved this kind of sexy activity.

Her scent was intoxicating. His lips kiss her inner thighs as his tongue lapped higher and higher. When it touched and lightly licked her twat, he muttered, “Mmmm mmm!”

She quivered and then brought her wine covered nipple to her mouth and licked them, while moving her hips back and forth over his mouth. Oh god, his actions were making her tremble with lust.

She lowered herself completely on his lips and squealed, “Eat my cunt!”

He licked her with slow long licks from her clit to her asshole. Stopping only long enough to suck on her swollen clit and flick it with his tongue.

She gasped, and trembled, as the wetness oozed from her pussy to his mouth. She moved faster and faster into his tongue as it licked her deeper and harder bringing her closer to climax. She looked down at Randy, watching his tantalize her hot box with his mouth, tongue, and lips.

Natasha knew he got very aroused when she talked dirty to him. “Eat my hot cunt fucker! Make your cum slut cum!”

He shook all over as he flicked her clit and slid two fingers inside her pussy. He began fucking her hard as his tongue worked its magic. When she began to shake more, he grabbed her by the hips, and bit down on her clit

She threw back her head and yelled, “Ooooooh fuck, I am cumming! Mmm baby, I love what you do to me.”

Once her quivering subsided she slid off him and lay on her back panting. He leaned over and kissed her deeply letting her taste herself on his lips. After a few moments, he stopped kissing her, and began to fondle her tits. Then he poured some wine on her nipples and leaned over and sucked the wine from them.

“Mmmmm that is the best tasting titty I have had in a long time. Fuck, I want you doll!”

Before he could do anything she stopped him. She then grabbed her wine glass, got between his legs. She grasped his cock, and christened it with wine. Following that she moved and straddled him. She grabbed his member and began rubbing it back and forth, and side to side, all over your pussy lips and clit. She then guided it inside herself, slowly a little at a time until she felt his balls against her ass.

She rode his hard, allowing his cock to go all the way inside her then pulling out to the tip and slamming down on his shaft repeatedly.

He took a hold of her hips and pulled her hard onto his wanting dick as she rode him. Her hot cunt felt good around his member, so warm, deep, and tight. As he watched his dick go in and out of her it turned him on more. His hands found her breasts and his thumbs pinched, rolled, and pulled at her nipples. Oh fuck, he loved it when they were this hard.

He could feel his orgasm building as she milked his cock. He also knew she was close as he felt her tense up as she let out a low deep moan. He fucked her harder and deeper.

She leaned forward to kiss him, their mouths, tongues and bodies fucking like wild animals. He grabbed a hold of her by the hips as they both climax together.

They basked in the afterglow, kissing long and hard. Then she moved and lay down beside him, with his arms encircling her, and soon fell asleep by the fire.