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Snow Day Workout

Laura stood sideways in front of the full-length mirror and stared over her shoulder at her reflection. Very much aware that her 40th birthday was approaching, a frown creased the corners of her mouth and wrinkled her brow. As she inspected her profile, she inhaled deeply, pulled in her stomach, and lifted her breasts with cupped hands. “I remember when…” she thought out loud with a sigh. Childbearing was rarely kind to a mother’s figure and Laura understood that – well before she and Ralph decided to have a family.

Sure, I've let myself go, she admitted to herself. But look at Ralph. If that belly got any bigger, he wouldn't be able to see his own feet.

As she examined her figure in the mirror, her thoughts drifted to her marriage and how it had gone downhill over the years. She and Ralph had started out as a happy couple but, as time passed, priorities got in the way. Hers were her family and his was his work. Raising the kids had been a full-time job and her devotion to them needed no defending, while Ralph's obsession with his job was way over the top. As a stay-at-home mom she had little time for anything beyond cooking, cleaning, and either changing diapers or helping with school homework. Her husband offered no help. He worked long hours and it seemed like he was hardly ever at home. When he was, he spent almost all that time on the telephone with clients or coworkers. Most Saturdays he spent at the office and Sundays, his only day home, he was glued to the TV totally engrossed with whatever sport was being broadcasted. For all intents and purposes Ralph was an absentee father and an absentee husband.

Laura could not remember the last time her husband had acknowledged her birthday or their anniversary. The mutual attraction that had first brought them together had long since faded in the wake of heated arguments and divergent interests. Their feelings toward one another could best be described as tolerant. It was a loveless marriage. Laura would have left Ralph long ago had it not been for the children. She was not worried about custody but knew that things would quickly turn ugly when it came to the property settlement and she did not want to subject the kids to that kind of trauma.

Now with the big four-O drawing near Laura thought that it was time to re-evaluate her life. She needed a change. She needed more excitement in her life. And, above all, she needed sex. She and Ralph had stopped making love long ago. His mind had always been preoccupied and he was never in the mood. She had given up trying to turn him on, tired of the constant rejection and humiliation. Having married him right out of high school, Ralph was the only man she knew in bed, a fact that depressed her more and more lately.

At that moment, while standing in front of the mirror, the sad housewife vowed to herself that she was going to turn her life around. The first thing, she decided, was to get her body back in shape. She would diet and join the local gym. Then she would indulge in some of the niceties that she had long neglected herself, like regular visits to the spa and hair salon. Come to think of it, my wardrobe could use a little sprucing up too...


It had been several months since Laura had decided to re-invent herself. She had already shed a few unwanted pounds and was never in better physical shape, visiting the gym three times a week without fail. She also pampered herself during this time with frequent visits to the spa and beauty parlor. Whatever Laura wanted these days, she went out and got it, whether it was a manicure or a new pair of shoes. Her children were now old enough to take care of themselves and she would never feel guilty again about spending money on herself. Ralph showed no sign of noticing his wife’s transformation – other than complaining about the credit card bills. Laura had accomplished everything that she had promised herself. Everything, that is, except getting laid.

The horny housewife knew that she did not have the nerve to pick up a man for sex. In fact, she was not even sure that she would be willing to go all the way if she were the one that was picked up. As nervous as she was about having an affair, Laura was even more desperate to feel a man inside her once again and so she began to flirt with any man crossing her path whom she found attractive, believing that sooner or later one of them would make his move and then, at that point, she could decide how involved she would get.

She had planned to go to the gym later in the morning but, after hearing the local weatherman predict a severe blizzard, she thought that she would put it off, rather than go out in such harsh weather. But, giving it some thought, she realized that most of the other gym patrons might feel the same way and remain at home. With hardly anybody else there she would receive extra attention from that handsome trainer, Doug – a regular target of her recent flirtations. She decided to brave the storm and go to the gym.

The gym was within walking distance from Laura's home. By the time she set out for it, snow had already been falling steadily. Arriving at her destination in a few minutes, she was happy to see the lights lit in the glass front building. It was open for business! She entered the gym, leaving behind a trail of dark footprints in the inch deep snow, and stomped her boots clean on the rubber mat by the door.

“Ah! I thought I heard someone come in,” Doug smiled as he stepped though the doorway of the men's locker. Bare-chested and barefoot, he was wearing only track shorts. His short brown hair was wet and he was rubbing it briskly with a towel.

“Hello, Doug,” she thought that she would melt at the sight of his muscular body.

“Now that's what I call dedication. I didn't expect to see anyone here today,” he nodded toward the window. “It looks pretty severe out there already. You must really enjoy coming here.” He laughed and slung the towel around his shoulders.

“I do really enjoy it,” she smiled sheepishly.

“I was about ready to call it a day,” the muscular trainer said as he eyed the blizzard outside. “Just showered and was gonna give it half an hour more. If no one showed by then, I was locking up the place and heading home.”

“I didn't mean to spoil your plans. I could leave now if you want to get home,” she offered with an exaggerated pout that she hoped showed how disappointed she would be.

“No, no, no,” he replied quickly. “I'm glad that you came. You can have a quick workout and we can both get outa here before the snow gets too deep.” His eyes sparkled when he smiled. “Now go suit up and let's get started.”

“I'll only be a minute,” she said excitedly over her shoulder as she hurriedly weaved her way around a trio of stationary bikes and headed toward the ladies locker room.

When Laura returned to the work out room in her gym clothes, Doug was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror that covered the far wall. The room was unusually silent with nobody working out on the exercise equipment. The only sound was the squeak of her sneakers on the tile floor as she walked across the room. She approached him eagerly, barely able to conceal the excitement that she felt about being alone with the sexy trainer.

“I think I’ll do a couple of miles on the treadmill,” she tried to sound relaxed, “and then lift some weights. Do you think that I have enough time?”

A sly grin spread across Doug’s face and, before answering her, he looked the housewife up and down. Her cheeks were still rosy from walking in the snowstorm but they would have been red anyway. She blushed at the way he was inspecting her body.

“I have a better exercise in mind for today,” he beamed and then added, “With that cold weather outside your muscles are probably tight, so it’s best that you do some stretches first,” he smiled. “Let’s begin with your hamstrings – the muscles in the back of your thighs.” He placed his hand on Laura’s leg to show her the muscle. The touch of his hand was warm and sent a thrill through her body.

“Hmm, just as I suspected. Very tight. You definitely need to loosen up,” the young coach frowned, almost comically, and Laura did not know whether he was actually concerned or merely joking.

“Okay, now this is what I want you to do,” his voice was calm but still had a commanding tone. “Stand in front of the mirror here. Keep your legs straight, then bend over and touch the floor in front of you with your fingertips. Like this,” Doug demonstrated by folding his body at the waist and touching the gym floor with the palms of his hands.

“Don't bend your knees...” He held his body in this position beside Laura and gave her further instructions about the exercise. She noticed that Doug's shorts were pulled tight on his small round butt and casually stepped backward to get a better view.

“Now your turn,” the handsome trainer stood up smiling.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, Laura began her stretch. She lowered her upper body as instructed, her eyes fixed on her coach in the mirror until her head was so low that she could not crane her neck upward enough to see him. When her outstretched fingertips reached within several inches from the floor, she knew that she was unable to stretch further and she stopped.

“If you can't touch the floor, that's okay. Just reach down as far as you can,” Doug said encouragingly.

Laura could feel the muscles in the back of her thighs tighten as she held her body bent toward the floor. With her head upside down just above her knees, she peered through her legs and saw Doug's feet behind her. She smiled at the thought of him positioning himself for a better view as she had done moments before. Suddenly she felt his strong hand again on the back of her leg, just above the knee. She remained motionless as Doug slid his hand slowly up her leg. His fingers curled around to her inner thigh and massaged her tight muscles with soft kneading squeezes.

Is he touching my leg only to see how stretching exercise is affecting my muscles? she wondered desperately as his touch began to stir feelings in her body that she had not experienced in such a long time. Or is he deliberately getting intimate? She hoped for the latter and quickly decided to relax her body to see how concerned her trainer was about this exercise. Bending her knees slightly to relieve the tension on her leg muscles, she inadvertently pushed her body down on his ascending hand. When he remained silent, she immediately suspected that exercise might be the last thing on his mind. Nevertheless, she offered no resistance as he continued to work his hand, ever so slowly, up her leg. With her muscles now relaxed, his massaging hand pressed deeper into her flesh and just as she began to think that she would go mad with his painfully slow ascent, she felt his fingers move inside the leg of her shorts. She lifted her body until her head was at the same height as her buttocks and steadied herself with one hand on the rail that ran the width of the mirrored wall.

When he touched her pussy she gasped with sudden delight and pushed her rear onto his probing fingers. With the same rhythm that he had used massaging her leg, he began to caress her vulva through the fabric of her panties. Back and forth repeatedly, from rear to front, he slid his fingers, pushing them between her folds. As he pressed the tiny ridge of her clitoris he whispered softly, “I’ve been watching you, Laura. I see the way you eyeball my body when you think that I’m not looking. You want me. Don’t you? You want my cock.” He clenched the prominent bulge in his shorts with his free hand.

“You want to feel my hard meat inside you,” he spoke to her reflection in the mirror. “Off with your shirt,” his voice had the same authoritative tone that he used when he pushed her through her exercises. Laura had always obeyed her trainer’s orders but this time she hesitated. There’s no turning back if I take it off, she thought uneasily. Then, while Doug continued to work his fingers in her pussy, she smirked, Who am I kidding? The point of no return was passed when I let him touch me there. She lifted her tee shirt over her head.

“Now the bra,” Immediately she followed this command and reached behind, unhooked her bra, and slid it off her shoulders.

“The shorts,” he whispered coarsely in her ear and again she complied. As she stretched the waist of her gym shorts over her hips, he removed his hand from her crotch. Having let them drop to the floor, she carefully pulled her sneakered feet out of the shorts, then glanced into the mirror and saw that Doug had removed his shorts too. His erection was barely contained by his jockstrap – its rose-colored tip exposed above the wide elastic waistband. While she stared intently at the protruding bulge in his jock, she felt the warmth of his breath on her neck.

“Panties,” he uttered. Without delay she tugged down on the sides of her underwear. The crotch of her panties, saturated from the young trainer’s prodding, clung to her pussy causing them to turn inside out as she pushed them off. While she maneuvered her feet out of her panties, she gazed at Doug in the mirror and watched him slide his jock down. His rigid cock bobbed horizontally. Its stretched skin almost gleamed in the gym’s fluorescent lighting. Laura realized at that moment that this was the only adult penis she had ever seen other than her husband’s and she could not help mentally comparing them. No doubt about it, Doug was more endowed.

When Laura stood erect, the naked trainer stepped behind her and, placing the palm of his hand between her shoulder blades, pushed steadily until she accepted his prompt and bent her body forward. She grabbed hold of the rail to maintain her balance as Doug seized her hips with his large hands and held her firmly. She looked up at his reflection in the mirror while he quickly positioned the head of his engorged cock between her labia. He wrapped his hand around his thick shaft and held its tip against the sensitive surface of her clit. He rubbed the pliant flesh of his penis cap side to side on her clit and then slipped it back slightly and inserted the tip into her moist hole. Lingering there for only a few seconds, he slid his cock back to her button dragging her lubricating secretions with it. With left to right tantalizing sweeps he smeared her juices across her clit and then wiggled back into her opening. Over and over again he teased her like this – fondling her from clit to hole. Each time that Doug dipped inside her, the anxious housewife would push her body down on him, desperate for his complete entry, and each time he would pull away.

As the frustrated woman squirmed beneath the physical trainer, he said in a calm deliberate voice, “What do you want me to do, Laura?”

“Fuck me!” she blurted out. “Fuck me,” she repeated, pleading this time.

Without warning the young trainer suddenly thrust his hips and plunged inside her. His thick cock spread the walls of Laura’s pussy with such violent urgency that she gasped at the sharp pain it caused. In an instant the entire length of Doug’s long hard shaft was planted inside her throbbing pussy. He paused for a moment, allowing the housewife time to recover from his hurried penetration. His body hugging hers, Laura could feel the soft mass of his pubic hair pressing against her buttocks. He bent his torso forward onto her back and reached below her with both hands. One hand he placed directly between her legs and began to manipulate her pulsing clit. The other hand he moved back and forth between her dangling breasts and tweaked each nipple in turn.

While the pain in Laura’s vagina faded, he withdrew his cock. Laura writhed under her trainer feeling his substantial penis exiting. She thought that it felt even longer than it had looked. As soon as the head of his staff reached the opening of her pussy, Doug pushed it back in as slowly as he had retreated. He ceased fondling her nipples and clit, placed his hands on her hips, held her firmly and then increased the speed of his lengthy pumps into her vagina until he was fucking her with the vigor of a wild animal. Each of his deep penetrations ended with his body thumping solidly against her ass and her body shook with each impact.

Laura clenched the metal railing, her knuckles turning white, as Doug fucked her. She stared into the mirror and watched their bodies sway in unison. Her breasts and his scrotum swung and jiggled in time with one another.

When her orgasm hit, her screams of ecstasy reverberated in the vacant gym. By the time Doug shot his load, she had all she could do to remain on her feet, her bones felt made of rubber in the aftermath of her climax.

The young trainer withdrew his softening spent penis and Laura straightened her body erect. Remaining behind her, he cupped his hands around her breasts and kissed her neck. She watched their reflection in front of her. The warm deposit of his semen began to drip from Laura’s pussy and she felt it cool on her leg as it ran down. She stared into her eyes in the mirror and a broad satisfied smile spread across her face.

Outside the gym the landscape was eerily deserted and took on a surreal aspect. Not a vehicle or living could be seen moving. The storm showed no signs of letting up. Already the roadway and grass were indistinguishable, buried under a blanket of white. Shrubs were now no more than bumps in the white field. The footprints that Laura had made only minutes ago were nowhere to be seen. Wind carried the snow in wild swirls and deposited it in drifts against the windows of the gym.

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