Snowed In

By PaigeMartin

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It took a storm to fix sexless marriage
Three months. The realization hit Alexis like a ton of bricks as she saw the date on the calendar on her computer screen. Three months since her 9th wedding anniversary, the last time she and her husband Matt had made love. No wonder the tingles of her normal state of arousal had built into full blown, almost carnal, craving for sex. Masturbating with her vibrator provided some relief for a brief time, but there was nothing that could replace the deeply satisfying feeling of being with Matt as he made her erupt with pleasure.

The same thoughts that had haunted her over the past months rose again in Alexis’ mind as she swiveled in her home office chair to look out the window at the falling snow outside. “Why doesn’t he want to have sex? Is he not attracted to me anymore? Is it something I did, or didn’t do? Is something wrong with him that he’s not telling me? Is he cheating? Is watching porn and masturbating just less work than sex with me? Is he bored?” she thought, the questions barreling through her brain for what seemed like the millionth time. But, as always, she had no answers. Only the confusion, hurt, and loneliness that plagued her when she allowed herself to think about it all.

Despite her trying to initiate sex with Matt on many occasions over the past months, he was never in the mood. The rejection had taken its toll on her. Alexis felt the all too familiar tightness in her chest that always preceded tears forming in her eyes.

“No,” she thought, mentally shaking herself. “I’m not going to let myself feel like this anymore. It’s too much. I’ve got to talk to Matt. We’ve got to fix this. I can’t go on this way.”

Alexis noticed the snow falling in larger flakes outside the window and that it was really starting to come down hard. She rose from the chair to go to her office window and was surprised to see that the few inches of snow that had been on the ground a few hours ago was now over a foot. The weather forecast was right for once. “Snowmageddon”, as the local news were calling the snow storm, was officially upon them. The weather person was predicting 2 to 3 feet of snow over the next 24 hours and it looked to Alexis like they were going to get every bit of that.

Alexis’ thoughts turned back to Matt, who was at the grocery store getting last minute supplies to get them through for a few days in case the weather was too bad to get to the store. She appreciated his thoughtfulness in volunteering to go as he didn’t want her to drive or be out in the cold weather. He was such a wonderful husband in so many ways. All she wanted to do was show him just how much she loved him in the most special ways she knew. She just didn’t understand why Matt didn’t want to receive it.

Knowing a hot shower would relax her and help her feel better, Alexis made her way to the bathroom and turned on the water to get hot while she undressed. As she slipped under the hot stream of water and let it wash over her, in her highly aroused state she couldn’t help but think of the times she and Matt had made love in the shower years ago.

As Alexis washed herself she imagined that it was Matt’s strong yet gentle hands feeling her silky skin covering her supple, toned muscles. As she relaxed under the hot water she began to feel the light tingles of arousal that had spread over her as Matt’s hands washed her body. The tingles quickly turned to strong electric-like pulses as he had kissed her deeply while his slippery soapy hands caressed her breasts, teased her nipples, and made their way down her stomach to her very wet pussy.

Alexis steadied herself by leaning against the wall of the shower, but it only made her remember the intense sensation of the cold tile against her back as Matt pressed his hot, muscled body tight against her and slowly inserted two fingers of his right hand into her pussy and stroked her G-spot while his thumb massaged her sensitive clit.

Alexis closed her eyes and could feel the slippery smooth skin of Matt’s hard, thick cock in her right hand while she stroked him. She could hear Matt’s voice in her ear, husky with need, telling her “Come for me baby.” She could feel Matt’s strong left arm encircling her waist, holding her up as she let herself go. Her left arm around his neck and her legs trying to support herself but failing as her powerful orgasm overtook her.

Alexis recalled recovering from her orgasm and wordlessly looking deep into Matt’s emerald green eyes and holding his gaze as she began stroking his cock again and dropped to her knees in front of him.

She remembered the feeling of the warm soothing water running over her as she slowly stroked his rock hard shaft and opened her mouth to let her tongue tip make slow, teasing circles around the head of his cock. Alexis had loved the pleasure reflected in Matt's eyes as she let her tongue wiggle lightly on his frenulum.

Matt’s hands had gathered Alexis’ shoulder length wavy blond hair back from her face and held it gently on the back of her head, his silent signal he loved watching her pleasure him.

Alexis pulled her eyes away from Matt’s so she could see to hold his balls in her left hand and gently but firmly tug them as her silky lips slid over his dark red cock head. She remembered hearing Matt’s low moan and feeling how his cock stiffened even more in her mouth as she slid it in slowly as far as she could while circling it with her tongue.

She heard Matt’s sharp intake of air and felt his body start to quiver, so she pressed her middle finger into his taint and increased the suction of her mouth on his cock while slowly pulling up and pushing back down his shaft. She felt Matt’s body shaking and his balls tense in her hand as she heard him say breathlessly “Oh God… yes,” just before tasting his warm, slightly salty cum as it spurted into her mouth and she let it slide down her throat.

Alexis’ fingers were just starting to rub her pulsing clit when the sound of the back door of the house closing reached her ears over the noise of the shower and it brought her back to reality. “Matt’s home,” Alexis thought with relief that he was home safe but also anxiety over how to talk to him about their lack of sex. Her hardened nipples, slight aching in her abdomen from her engorged G-spot, and wetness trickling out of her pussy and dampening her inner thighs only drove her determination to rekindle the passionate lovemaking they had once shared.

Alexis shut off the water and grabbed a pink towel hanging on the towel rack to dry off. Wrapping and tucking the towel around her body, her sizable breasts holding it up, she went downstairs to the kitchen to help Matt unload the groceries.

As she entered the kitchen Matt paused unpacking and Alexis felt more than saw his beautiful green eyes glide over her body briefly. She went over to him to welcome him home with a hug and kiss.

“Glad you’re home safe sweetie. Thanks for braving the storm,” she said, noticing his attention had been drawn to her full breasts. The cold wet snow on his jacket and chill that remained on him from being outside, as well as the wonderful feeling of Matt’s warm smooth lips on hers, had made her shiver and her nipples grow even harder and become visible underneath the towel.

“No problem sexy girl. Looking good,” Matt answered in his baritone voice as his smiling eyes met her gaze and he reached behind her to lightly pinch her round, firm butt cheek through the towel.

Alexis’ heart warmed with his compliments and playfulness. A grin spread across her dark pink lips that also lit up her blue eyes.

“Maybe I’m in luck and he’s in the mood to take this further,” Alexis thought to herself. Her hand went behind Matt to lightly run over his ass through his jeans, loving the feeling of his muscular butt through the denim.

“You’re looking good yourself sweetie,” she said. And did he ever. Alexis had been attracted to his thick, wavy dark brown hair, handsome face, intensely green eyes, charming smile, and toned body since the first time she saw him 15 years ago playing billiards with his friends at a bar. While there were now touches of grey in his chestnut hair, and a few laugh lines had developed on his face, they only endeared him to her more.

Alexis pressed herself against Matt and used her hand to press his butt and make his groin grind against her as she stood on her toes and leaned in to gently and sensuously kiss him. Briefly and softly at first, letting her nose nuzzle his and gazing deeply into Matt’s eyes between pressing her lips to his, each time holding her kiss a bit longer than the last.

While Matt responded with a tentative smile in between kisses and kissed her back, she saw hesitancy in his eyes and felt him tense up a bit. Just as Alexis was about to ask him what was wrong, Matt backed away from her and averted his eyes, going back to unpacking groceries, saying “We’ve got to get this stuff in the freezer before it melts.”

The hurt of her rejected advances, confusion over why if he thought she was so sexy that he didn’t want her and physical frustration of her prolonged arousal bubbled up rapidly inside Alexis, quickly turning to anger. She felt like a pressure cooker ready to explode. Instead of being able to push down the feelings as she usually did, this time they burst out of her.

“For God’s sake, Matt!” she exclaimed, exasperated. “Forget putting the food away, and for once don’t pull away from me! Do you know how long it’s been since we’ve made love? Three months – our anniversary! And it had been two months since we’d made love before that. Is sex being relegated to only special occasions now?” she shouted. Alexis realized the venom in her sarcasm as the hurtful words left her mouth but it was too late to take them back.

Matt stood shocked, his face frozen for a moment before his eyes narrowed, brow furled and lips frowned as he shouted back defensively, “What’s wrong with you? All you ever think about is sex! No, I hadn’t realized it’s been three months since we’ve been together but I’m not counting days like you obviously are. Thanks for throwing my inadequacy in my face!”

Alexis felt every bit of the intended sting of his words, but it only fueled her anger as tears started to roll down her face. “That’s not fair! I’ve never thought you were inadequate and I don’t just think about sex! It’s not just about physical needs! I miss the emotional connection with each other that only making love can bring!” she retorted, angrily trying to defend and explain herself through her tears.

As if the universe was trying to punctuate her words, at that moment a loud CRACK and crashing noises could be heard from outside as a large limb on the big old willow tree in their yard, weakened by the heavy snow and blowing winds, broke off and fell on the power lines supplying their house.

They were instantly plunged into darkness.

The thick tension of their argument still hanging in the air, Alexis heard Matt exclaim “Shit!” in frustration and then the sounds of him fumbling around and opening the kitchen drawer that held a flashlight that he eventually found and turned on. The beam of light made it possible to see enough to make their way to the kitchen window for Matt to shine the flashlight outside to survey the damage.

“Looks like we’re okay,” Matt said softly in the dim light a couple of minutes later as they saw they weren’t in danger.

Alexis shivered in her damp towel as the room started to grow chilly from the loss of power to the furnace. Her need to get some warm clothes on gave her an excuse to take some time alone and pull herself together. “I’m going to get some clothes on,” she said, glancing at Matt's profile but he didn’t look at her, his eyes focused on the tree limb and whirling snow barely visible in the darkness outside.

“Here, take the flashlight,” Matt said brusquely, offering it to her still without looking at her.

“No. I know my way well enough to get to the bedroom,” she replied defiantly, not wanting help from him.

Alexis slowly made her way across the kitchen into the darkened hall and even darker staircase leading upstairs. As carefully as she crept up the stairs, about two-thirds of the way up her foot slipped and her shin slammed into the edge of a step as she caught herself from falling.

“OW! Damn it!” Alexis cursed loudly from the physical pain shooting through her leg and emotional pain and frustration still flooding through her. As she fumbled around to sit on the stairs while one hand rubbed her shin, trying in vain to soothe the throbbing, it was as though the dam that had held back her emotional hurt broke loose and she collapsed into sobs.

“Alexis! Are you okay baby?” she heard Matt’s concerned, urgent voice say over the blood rushing in her ears and heaving gasping breaths of her sobs as his figure appeared in her blurry sight through her flowing tears and dim light of the flashlight he held.

Alexis felt him squeeze next to her to sit on the step, quickly putting down the flashlight and holding her with his left arm to comfort her while his right hand went to her hand on her leg to gently remove it so he could see if she was injured. “Are you okay baby?” Matt repeated his words with more urgency, needing to hear Alexis speak and fearing she was really hurt by the way she was reacting.

Alexis took a couple of long, slow breaths and calmed herself enough to say quietly, “I slipped. My shin is killing me but it’s not broken. I can move it.” She demonstrated by moving her leg under his hand as he gently pressed and felt a swollen bump growing but no broken bones.

“But no, I’m not okay,” Alexis’ voice breaking as her tears started to fall again. “I haven’t been okay for quite a while. Not being able to make love with you, your rejection of me, has been slowly killing me inside. I’ve really been hurting, but just didn’t know how to tell you. Everything just built up. I’m sorry for what I said and how I said it, but I’m not sorry that I said it. Please, whatever is holding you back, just tell me. I just want to know why you don’t want me,” the words rushing out of her like a flash flood through a canyon, tumbling over each other.

A few moments of silence passed that seemed like an eternity to Alexis as Matt hugged her tighter to him and took a deep breath before softly saying “I’m sorry sweetie. I had no idea you were hurting so much. I've never not wanted you...”

Alexis, regaining her composure, wanted to interject but felt he had more to say so waited patiently for him to find the words.

Matt eventually continued, his voice barely above a whisper, “But I guess… lately… I’ve felt like I can’t... like I don’t... satisfy you as much."

Alexis put her hand on Matt’s cheek so he would look at her and softly told him "But I've never felt unsatisfied."

Alexis saw pain and vulnerability in Matt's face that she had rarely seen in him as he carefully considered his reply. Coaxing him, she said soothingly "It's okay baby. I love you. You can tell me anything."

Matt paused for a few more moments before saying quietly "I want to make love with you, but I know I can’t last as long as I once could. I can't... I can't stand the thought of being less of a man in your eyes. I guess it just... it just hurts too much."

Alexis had noticed that their lovemaking sessions weren’t as long as they once were, but Matt always ensured she had one or multiple orgasms even if it wasn’t always during intercourse. It had never occurred to her that he was bothered by it.

Alexis looked directly into Matt's eyes and told him “I’ve never felt that you’re less than you once were. If anything you're more of a man now than you've ever been."

She could see the relief in Matt's eyes before they wordlessly fell into a long embrace, feeling the need to just hold each other.

After a while Alexis whispered in Matt's ear "I wish you had told me how you felt. I think I know of some things we can try together to help us both enjoy each other even more. But only if you want to.”

Matt pulled back from their hug, looked at her quizzically and asked hesitantly, “What kinds of things?”

Alexis was a bit anxious but felt it was now or never to suggest ideas that she had wanted to try but had been too embarrassed to bring up. “Like you using my vibrator on me. Trying things that make it easier for you to hold out and for me to orgasm. Those kinds of things…” she trailed off, searching Matt’s face for a positive or negative reaction.

The smile that appeared on his lips and traveled to his dark green eyes first reassured Alexis he wasn’t upset, and she was thrilled when Matt replied with a small chuckle, “Can we start now?”

While her leg still hurt a bit, the pain was forgotten as Alexis cupped his face with her hands, silently grinning and nodding her head yes while leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips.

As she pulled back Matt reached for the flashlight, handing it to Alexis as he got up from the step and, much to her delight, reached down to scoop Alexis up in his arms. She giggled as she shone the light for them as Matt carried her up the remaining steps and down the hallway to their bedroom, gently placing her on the bed.

As Alexis turned to set the flashlight facing up on the nightstand so they had a bit of light to see, the pink towel around her came upwrapped, exposing her nude body. She instinctively reached to grab the towel and put it back around her, but Matt gently stopped her hand. She faced him and her heart skipped a beat as she saw a look of adoration and desire on his face she hadn’t seen in a long time.

“You are so beautiful baby, inside and out,” Matt murmured. “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel otherwise.”

A rush of relief and love for Matt welled up inside Alexis and she smiled her forgiveness at him and moved over on the bed so he could lie down with her. She tossed the towel onto the floor as Matt quickly removed his clothes and let their naked bodies entwine with each other as he joined her on the bed.

Alexis felt safe, loved and incredibly aroused as they held each other and exchanged slow, sensuous kisses and let their hands gently explore the other. Alexis adored Matt’s strong hands tenderly sliding over her luscious curves as she felt his warm, soft skin and firm muscles pressed against her. She loved his musky, manly smell mixed with his cologne that enveloped her senses.

She heard Matt’s sigh and felt it against her lips as he kissed her when she slid her hands slowly over his rough patch of hair covering his toned chest, up his neck, and onto his head to run them through his hair and massage his scalp.

Alexis felt strong pulses of pleasure course through her as Matt’s hands lightly caressed her breasts, her nipples tingling, growing firm and extended. She felt a trickle of wetness in her pussy and moaned as the pulses increased in intensity as Matt lifted her left breast and teased her nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his warm, welcoming mouth.

Alexis gently pushed his head against her, urging him to gently nibble and softly bite the bud of her nipple in between flicking it with his tongue tip. A small gasp of pleasure escaped her mouth as she felt electric-like sensations travel to her G-spot and the wetness between her legs increase.

As much as she wanted to touch and stroke Matt’s cock to full hardness, she didn’t want to move too fast so instead took one hand from Matt’s head and moved it to his inner thighs to slowly run her fingertips up and down them, just barely avoiding his balls. She felt Matt’s thighs quiver a bit and his body tense for a second, hearing and feeling him murmur “Mmmm…” against her breast and relishing his body’s response to her touch.

As much as she loved the attention Matt was paying her breasts, she felt she wanted more and gently eased his head away from her so she could disengage from him and get her vibrator from her bedside table drawer.

She placed the small egg shaped vibrator in Matt’s hands and demonstrated how to use the attached remote control with a slider button to increase the intensity of the vibrations from low to maximum.

Matt’s eyes widened in surprise as she took it to the highest level and he grinned at her, saying, “Wow. I think we’re going to have fun with this.”

Alexis grinned back at him, repositioning herself on her back next to Matt, handing him the controller and took his right hand that held the vibrator and placed it on her stomach. Chuckling softly, she said “We can go slowly until you get the hang of it.”

Matt turned on the vibrator to a low setting and Alexis began to guide his hand slowly over her body, letting herself get used to the vibrations while the slight tickling sensation made every nerve ending come alive. Alexis looked into Matt’s eyes and saw a mix of awe and lust as he watched her squirm slightly and muscles twitching as her arousal grew.

She felt his wonderful cock steadily growing harder against her right hip. She felt compelled to touch him and slid her hand down Matt’s side and around his cock to cup his balls and gently roll them in her hand and massage them. She loved the feeling of their weight and the soft trimmed hair in her hand as she deftly tugged on his balls just enough for him to feel pressure in between massaging that slowly coaxed his erection.

Alexis guided Matt’s hand with the vibrator to her left breast and made small circles over it, and as they reached her nipple Matt turned up the vibrations to medium speed. It forced a gasp and moan from her lips and her eyelids fluttered closed for a few moments. She let go of Matt’s hand to let him tease her nipples and quivered with the strong pleasurable tingling shooting through her and making her pussy crave attention.

“You’ve always been a fast learner,” Alexis complimented him in a shaky voice, her brain having a hard time forming words.

The sexy grin Alexis loved to see appeared on Matt’s face before he leaned down to kiss her, letting his soft lips drag lightly over hers and gently easing his tongue against her lips, silently asking for permission to enter her mouth. Alexis felt swept away with the sensations and couldn’t have helped parting her lips and meeting his tongue with hers if she tried.

Continuing to kiss deeply, Alexis felt Matt move the vibrator slowly down her stomach and around her pussy to her inner thighs, using his hand to gently guide her to open her legs a bit.

Pulling back from their kiss, Alexis felt herself sink deeper into the blissful abyss of pleasure as Matt moved his mouth to her right nipple and gently sucked and nibbled it as he slowly let the vibrator roam over her thighs and the sensitive creases between her pussy and legs.

Alexis felt Matt’s cock twitch against her side and looking down at his swollen red cock head with a bead of pre-cum forming on it, she felt the strong urge to have him inside her but had an idea. She put her hand on Matt’s and gently removed the vibrator from her so she could roll on top of him and straddle him, her moist, hot pussy on his lower abdomen just above his rock hard cock.

She moved his hand and the vibrator to her pussy lips, moaning as the vibrations slightly stimulated her clit. She used her other hand to open her pussy lips with her fingers, biting her lower lip and closing her eyes as her head lolled back with the powerful jolts of pleasure flooding through her as the vibe met her clit directly.

Alexis’ head came forward and she hazily gazed into Matt’s emerald eyes as he caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples with his free hand. He smiled mischievously at her as he paused his ministration of her breasts to increase the vibration speed and her entire body started to shake slightly.

All other thoughts were driven from Alexis’ mind as all she could focus on were the intensely pleasurable sensations taking her over. She felt her pussy grow hotter and her juices flowing onto Matt’s stomach, sliding back and forth as she unconsciously started to pump her hips to grind against him.

Feeling the slow burn of her orgasm start to build, Alexis pushed herself up on her knees and reached back between her legs, hearing Matt groan with pleasure as she grasped his thick cock and positioned her pussy over it.

She slowly slid herself onto him, thoroughly relishing every moment of the amazing feeling of Matt’s cock filling and stretching her pussy inch by inch while she watched his face contort with his own pleasure of feeling her surround him.

“God I’ve missed you,” Alexis whispered breathlessly as she leaned forward to kiss Matt, needing to feel his lips and tongue on hers.

As their lips parted, Alexis glowed inside with delight as Matt looked deeply into her sky blue eyes and replied huskily, “Me too honey. My favorite place in the world is inside you.”

Alexis gently took Matt’s left hand and placed it on her lower abdomen, pressing the heel of his palm firmly against her. “Ohhh…” escaped her lips as the intensity of the pressure on her engorged G-spot increased, making the incredible feeling of his hard cock stroking her even more powerful.

Alexis felt like she was floating, her mind entirely captivated by her rapidly building orgasm. She cried out as Matt briefly removed his hand from her abdomen to slide the vibrator control to its maximum speed before putting his hand back with even firmer pressure.

Alexis' hands went to her breasts, kneading them and sliding her thumb and forefinger around her nipples to gently rub, tug, and twist them a bit, adding to the electric pulses shooting to her pussy.

Her quivering body shifted to violently shaking as the combined stimulation overtook her senses. Her mind was no longer in full control of her body, allowing herself to succumb to her pleasure.

“Feels so good… please don't stop,” Alexis gasped out, her eyes closing, arching her back and head rolling back. Her mind focused entirely on the waves of hot burning pleasure building up inside her like a volcano. Everything in her straining to find the sweet release she desperately craved.

She heard Matt’s voice whisper “Let go baby. Just let it come,” and felt her glorious peak envelop her.

The overwhelming orgasm engulfed her, radiating out over and over from her pussy through her entire body. She was incapable of doing anything but allowing the mind blowing sensations to overtake her as she erupted. Every muscle of her body convulsed over and over as the tension coiled up in them for so long released their powerful energy.

She looked down at Matt and seeing the need to orgasm on his strained face, Alexis reached behind her with her right hand to firmly pull Matt’s swollen balls and press her middle finger against his taint. A couple of moments later she heard him grunt and felt his hard cock stroke the depths of her pussy as he repeatedly heaved himself into her. Matt uttered a long, guttural moan as his muscles tensed, back and neck arched and he froze for several moments as he came with an intensity Alexis felt as loads of his warm cum shot into and filled her pussy.

As she felt Matt begin to relax Alexis removed her hand from his testicles and nudged Matt's hand to remove the vibrator from her clit, feeling her very sensitive bud continue to tingle and pulse after it was gone.

Slumping against Matt's body, Alexis felt her heart was going to come out of her chest and felt Matt’s very rapid heartbeat against her breasts as they tried to catch their breath. She heard the buzzing of the vibrator cease as Matt turned it off.

Alexis wanted to remain just as they were, never wanting Matt’s cock nestled so perfectly inside of her to be removed. Her sensitive pussy walls contracting involuntarily around him, little aftershocks of pleasure still coursing through her every now and then. His warm, strong hands stroking her back and hair so tenderly, making her feel cared for.

She felt Matt move under her, and although everything in her wanted to remain where she was, she wanted to kiss him and leaned back to find he wanted the same. His cock gently slipped out of her as Matt wordlessly cupped her face with his hands, hazily looking in her eyes adoringly, and pressed his lips to hers tenderly. A surge of love for Matt flowed through Alexis and she closed her eyes and returned his sensuous kiss.

As they pulled apart, Alexis heard the fierce winds outside blowing against the house and she smiled broadly as she looked at her loving husband in the dim light, saying “I never thought I’d be grateful for a snow storm. But I am.”

“So am I,” Matt said softly, snuggling her nude body tighter against him. “Now that we’re snowed in, I guess we’ll have to find some ways to entertain ourselves,” he said, a wicked grin appearing on his lips along with a mischievous glint in his emerald eyes.

“I just so happen to have some other toys in my drawer. Great for some adult entertainment,” Alexis replied with her own sly grin.

“Sounds perfect. Just like you,” Matt softly told her.

The incredible feeling of being loved and desired by her husband fell over Alexis like the warm blankets of the bed Matt was pulling over them before starting round two of their playtime.