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Solarium in Winter (2 of 3)

Jackie walked into Stable’s Monday night, half an hour late for the game and still in her work clothes. Her heels clacked on the shiny wooden floors as she made her way toward the bar, slowing only when she saw the empty barstools where she and Washington normally sat.

She looked around for him, scanning the faces of strangers. Catching glimpses of waiters rolling their eyes. Bussers pocketing tip money. New couples, first dates, groups of friends.

He wasn’t there.

She sat on her regular stool. Didn’t take her coat off, just glanced at the game without paying attention to it.

Where was he?

Hawk, the bartender, appeared in front of her. “The usual?”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

He nodded and left, as if there wasn’t an empty barstool next to her. Like everything was ordinary.

“Hey!” she yelled.

The bartender looked up.

“Washington show up yet?”

The sympathetic shrug he gave her was answer enough.

So Washington hadn’t been waiting for her. Hadn’t left when she wasn’t on time. He’d simply never walked through the door.

Why? Because of last night?

Jackie hadn’t imagined it. She knew he’d wanted her. If she’d been any other girl, he’d have slept with her yesterday. What was the big deal?

“He is not an asshole,” she muttered to herself.

Why did he think he was?

“Excuse me,” came a subdued voice behind her.

She turned around. Her gaze travelled up the buttons of a black shirt, over a prominent Adam’s apple, and into the pale blue eyes of the other man she’d been checking out for weeks. The same one who’d been knuckle deep in a blonde in the bar the night before.

“Hi,” she answered, blinking away how wide her eyes had become.

Having sat with Washington at the bar for so long, guys had ceased to hit on her. Normally she had to initiate the meeting. This was weird.

He sat in Washington’s seat. “I’m Cameron. Call me Cam.”

Hawk dropped off her beer. Stayed a second too long, catching her attention. The blonde guy didn’t look at him.

“No,” Hawk mouthed, wiggling his index finger at her before walking away.

Grabbing her pint, she smiled up at Cam. “My name is Jackie. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah. I’ve seen you around, but you’re always with your boyfriend. Nice to finally meet you too. Where you from?”

He propped one hand on the bar while the other wrapped around the beer at his side. The fabric of his shirt draped over his lean, defined chest and sculpted arms like a visual tease, making her want to see everything the shirt covered up.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” she answered, raising an eyebrow. “I’m from Pittsburgh originally, but I’m really from all around these days.”

Cam nodded with a slow grin of his pouty mouth. “My parents are from Baltimore. I think you and I are supposed to be like mortal enemies or something.”

She nodded, suddenly getting the feeling this guy was a little young for her. “That’s about the gist of it. You probably don’t want to go to a home game back in the ‘Burgh.”

“They’d eat me alive?” He grinned.

Jackie shrugged. “Or hurt you. Whichever comes first.”

“Yeah?” Cam bounced his weight off the bar, his lips creeping into the same lurid smile he’d given her after tasting the cum of his date the night before. “What would you do to me?”

He held her gaze.

Laughing, Jackie swatted his arm. “Cam, you’re stealing all my moves.”

“Yeah?” His grin widened, the corners of his eyes crinkling.

“Yeah. Your posturing, your lines. It’s exactly what I would do.”

He let go of the bar and stepped closer, heating up her personal space. “So. What are you doing tonight? Your team isn’t on. Your friend isn’t around. Nothing’s keeping you here. You have all the same moves I do? Let’s go see.”

God damn he moved fast. She was hot and wet before he unsnapped the button on her jacket.

Most of all, he was right. Nothing was keeping her there. After all, Washington had all but shoved her in Cam’s direction last night. She needed a break, needed to cut back, and he would more than do.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer, Cam.” Jackie stood, arching her back so that her tits stressed against the remaining button. “But if you keep popping the buttons on my jacket, you’d better be prepared to keep me warm on the way home.”

He grinned, his blue eyes gleaming. Her jacket twitched on her shoulders as he popped the last button free.

“Wait for me. I’ll be right back.”

She smiled, watching his ass as he walked back to his friends’ table. Then she straightened up. Turned around.

“Hawk!” she called to the faux-hawked bartender. “Hey, nix the food, okay?”

He craned his head back at her from the end of the bar and shook his head. Trading a pink umbrella-ed drink with cash from a petite redhead, he stalked over to her and grabbed something from under the bar before standing again.

“That guy? Really?” Hawk was hard to hear over the drink he was shaking.

She shrugged. “What? He’s cute.”

He dipped his head. “You’re not this girl, Jackie.”

“I do what I want.” Rolling her eyes, she rebuttoned her coat. “And I am ‘that girl.’”

Hawk flipped up a martini glass and poured the cocktail in. “You know what’s funny about women? Half of them lie to cause drama or to get out of something that will make them look bad. But the good girls? They lie to themselves.”

“Really. What makes you an expert on women? I don’t see you in a successful relationship with one.” Jackie hiked her purse over her shoulder.

He laughed and crooked his finger. “Come here.”

Raising her eyebrows, she leaned over the bar.

“That’s because I’m gay, baby girl. And thank God I am. You bitches are almost worse than us.” He dropped a chunk of lime on the side of the glass and winked at her before walking over to another swarm of girls.

Jackie stared after him, a smile stretching across her face until she finally broke into a laugh. Shaking her head, she raised her glass to her lips and tipped it back.

She looked around the bar as she drank, finding Cam at his buddies’ table, closing out the tab.

He met her eyes, raising his brows while watching her chug.

Jackie kept going.

He paid no attention to his friends talking to him. Just pulled his wallet out of his pocket, tugged out some bills, and threw them on the table. His lips moved briefly before he began walking toward her.

Swallowing the last bit, she rested her glass on the bar top.

“Liquid courage?” he asked. “Whatever that was, I’m impressed.”

She ran her tongue over her top lip to wipe away any foam, trying to shove away the image of Washington doing the same the previous day. “You should be. Obviously, I have no problem swallowing. Let’s go.”

Jackie led the way out, adding an extra swagger to her hips for him as she strutted out the door. The cold bit into them as they exited, the smell of fresh tar from road construction still permeating the air.

She turned around against the wind to face him, pushing her long black hair out of her face. “My place. Three blocks.”

He laughed, then rolled his tongue over his teeth as he regarded her. “We really are a lot alike, Jackie. My place. Two blocks. The roommates are staying here for a few hours. We’ll be alone.”

“Hmm.” Her gaze flickered down his body before meeting his eyes again.

His chin kicked up. “What?”

“Kiss me. Or I’m not going anywhere.”

“You want a preview.”

Smiling, she shrugged.

He slowly looked her up and down. From her black work pumps, up her tailored pants, to her lined jacket and the pearl necklace at her throat.

Cam stepped toward her, his breath fogging in the cold air between them. He seized her jacket, wrenching the buttons open and ducking his hands under the open flaps. Clutching her ass, he yanked her up off her feet, pulling her hips to meet his as she wrapped her legs around him. He walked toward the building until she felt the rough brick wall at her back.

Pinned between the wall and the erection of the man in front of her, Jackie had the wind knocked out of her just as his lips descended on hers. Everything about it was rough and hard. Perfect for one night stand.

Promising an orgasm.

“Okay,” she said breathlessly. “Okay. Let’s go before I fuck you right here.”

Cam’s mouth turned up. “Really?”

“No. Let’s go. Now.”

They were at his place in a commercial minute. Standing under the sole light in entryway of his apartment.

Just as the door lock clicked home, he seized her coat and pulled her flush to his body. His lips moved against hers, hard and insistent, breaking away only as he pulled off her jacket and tore her blouse over her head.

She’d been wanting to see his chest since she’d first laid eyes on him. Tugging off his coat, her hands clawed for the hem of his shirt before yanking it up, urging him on.

He leaned back and pulled it over his head, tossing it to the side. Though not as stacked with physique as Washington, the guy had a great build. Taut, hairless, muscular, and reaching for her.

As his hands went to work on her pants zipper, she let her fingers glide up the smooth skin of his bare back. The dip of his spine, the expanse of each muscle when he slipped his palms under her pants.

Her slacks slid down, hitching a ride on the back of his hands as he squeezed her thong flossed ass. “Oh fuck Jackie, this is going to be fun.”

Breathing a laugh, her fingers curled around his belt and wrenched it free from its lock. She let her hand slide slowly over his lap, not missing an inch of the bulge at his waistline.

“Don’t tease me,” Cam said roughly.

Grinning, she met his eyes. “But that’s what I do, Cam.”

She popped the button on his jeans and took hold of his zipper. His pouty lower lip pulled up on both sides in a stupid grin.

“Kiss me,” she murmured, unzipping his pants one metal prong at a time.

“Where?” he answered.

Jackie laughed. “Don’t get cocky. Kiss me.”

Watching the way his blue eyes dilated, she knew she looked good. Fresh make up, a lacy black bra that matched her panties. His gaze dropped to her mouth and he leaned down, his hands heating her skin as they moved to the middle of her back.

When their lips met, she dragged his zipper down to the base. Then ran her finger around under the elastic of his boxers, her nails lightly scratching the head of his cock.

“Remember how I kissed you back at the bar?” he whispered, unclasping her bra and sliding the delicate straps down her arms.

At the mere mention of it, Jackie felt her wetness seep onto her inner thighs. He cupped her sensitive breasts before squeezing them hard.

She gasped, instantly submissive.

“We’re not gonna make it to the bedroom. You know that right?”

The rest of the apartment was dark, barely a thought in her mind as she ran her hands over the ridges of his abdomen in the bright light over the little foyer.

His palms left her breasts, sliding over the curves of her body to her waist and kept going. Winding his fingers through the elastic of her panties, he teased them down her hips.

Cam didn’t need her to direct anything. He was playing her like a cello. He may have been a little younger than her, but he was all man.

“I’m going fuck you right here. In those power pumps you business sluts wear. With your innocent little pearl necklace thumping against your throat.” He tugged her thong, pulling it out of her simmering crevice, and let it fall onto the rumple of her pants.

He pushed his jeans and boxers to his feet, his cock slapping against his flat stomach. Kicking off his shoes, he stepped out of his jeans.

His hands met her hips, lifting her off her feet effortlessly.

Jackie’s breath caught in her throat, her arms automatically winding around his neck. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she hooked her ankles together on the small of his graceful back.

He drove her backward, until her shoulder blades hit the cold wall behind her.

“Remember the restaurant, Jackie?” Cam said with a grin. “All that teasing about fucking right there?”

He shifted her quickly and she suddenly felt the head of his cock splitting her pussy lips open, prodding the entrance of her aching core. His lips descended on her nipple, sucking hard as his cock speared inside her.

She moaned as he filled her, clasping his neck tighter, as the rest of her body lost strength.

Cam’s lips left her breast. His arms snaked around her legs, his palms firmly grabbing her ass, and he retracted quickly.

Just as she feared that he was going to pull out of her, his cock charged back into her cunt. Withdrew only to impale her again, all the way to the base of his dick. Picking up speed, he thrusted harder. Faster.

God she was hot. Sweating. Her tits jogged, her necklace thumped at her throat as promised. Heels digging into his waist, she held on tight to her lover as he slammed his cock inside her. Fucked her the way she’d needed to be fucked. Made her forget everything outside of his ferocious assault on her neglected pussy.

Sensation built in her belly, ignited and urged on by his battering thrusts.

She couldn’t focus, could barely see, bouncing with each pummeling thrust of his cock as his hips collided with hers in a slap. Her moans gave away to an ecstatic scream, hitching higher and higher, until she went limp in his arms and became nothing but his fuck toy.

“Come,” said a feminine voice from the shadows of his darkened apartment.

There wasn’t time to find the source. Cam pounded even harder, Jackie’s own wetness splashing her thighs as he drove to his climax. Arms fluttering, hair drenched in sweat, it was all Jackie could do to keep her legs clasped around him.

“Oh fuck!” An animalistic groan ripped from his lips. Crashing inside her as far as his dick could go, his sperm spewed deep into her wanton cunt. Pump after pump, his cum mixed with hers, dripping out of her.

Her mouth was dry as she tried to catch her breath. Eyelids heavy.

His breathing slowed. Still gripping her ass, he leaned forward and kissed her swollen lips.

“Ready for some fun?” he whispered.

Exhausted, she couldn’t think. Couldn’t unscramble her mind enough to question his words.

He smiled.

“Bring her over here,” said the excited female voice.

Jackie tried to refocus and failed.

The voice. Who was that? Why was the other woman there?

Cam shifted her, coiling a hand around her back, and peeled her from the wall.

Too weak to keep her head up, she rested it on his chest, arms clutching his neck, as he walked her further into the room.

A light turned on. Cam lay her down on the couch carefully. He pulled her hips high as he stood back, his hard dick wedged inside her sore, sopping pussy.

“Relax,” he said.

Turning to the side, Jackie saw a flash of blonde hair behind him. The girl crawled between the two of them.

“What’s going on?”

Cam glanced down to where his dick was imbedded inside her still dripping cunt. “Just relax,” he murmured.

Something slick and warm circled Jackie’s soaked snatch, wriggling around where his cock nestled inside her. She heard a slurp. A swallow. Someone was licking her.

He eased out of her. The lapping continued at her vacant twat, slipping through her plump lips and out again, only to lick at the wetness on the inside of her legs.

Cam slid his hands down her calves to her thighs, parted them, and pushed them to her chest. Then he moved to her side, giving the little blonde more room.

Jackie lifted her head.

The girl looked up from between her legs, meeting her gaze with intent green eyes. Her blonde head bobbed as her tongue lapped at Jackie’s twat. Focused solely on her.

It was the girl from the bar yesterday.

“Chastity,” Cam explained, watching the girl devour her pussy. “She’s a cumwhore. A sex fiend. She likes watching, sucking, fucking, and everything else you can imagine.”

Pinning both of her legs to her sweaty chest with one arm, he stroked his cock with the other.

Chastity’s warm tongue probed into her slick folds, making Jackie gasp and moan, her knees shaking.

The girl’s tongue was unbearably long. Warm. Plunging deep inside her, fucking her harder and faster.

Jackie cupped her breasts, squeezing the soft orbs before running her palm over her nipples.

“Fuck, that’s right girl. Now you’re getting into it. Squeeze those tits,” Cam said harshly, his hand working up and down his rigid shaft.

Pausing, Chastity took a breath, her mouth glistening between Jackie’s legs as she watched her tweak her nipples. She smiled, licked her lips, and knelt down for more.

Cam lowered her legs over the blonde girl’s shoulders.

Throwing aside the coffee table in back of Chastity, he yanked her hips from the floor. Lining up his cock with her pussy, he thrust in completely, stirring the remainder of his and Jackie’s cum into her melting pot as he pulled her back on his dick.

The blonde girl groaned, her tongue slipping from Jackie’s pussy and trailing down to rim her asshole and lap up the remainder of Cam’s load.

Jackie’s hips thrashed, moans pouring out of her throat. “Oh God.”

“You bitches are so fucking hot,” Cam said, easing in and out of Chastity’s cunt.

Swallowing, the blonde met Jackie’s eyes. Smiled. Getting fucked on her hands and knees, she leaned forward. Her breasts jogged with every thrust as she tried to climb up Jackie’s body.

She was going to kiss her. After her mouth had been at her pussy and asshole. Jackie found herself wetting her lips in anticipation.

Cam suddenly whacked Chastity’s behind. Freezing in place, her mouth dropped open and her green eyes widened as she looked at Jackie. Then she smiled.

He pulled her off Jackie’s naked body, reared her to the side, and spanked her again. “You know better than to move away from my dick. Who’s fucking you, huh?”

“You, Cam,” the girl purred.

“Maybe you’d remember better if I had my cock in your ass?” he said more softly.

Jackie sat up, mesmerized by how dirty this one night stand had become. She watched as Cam pulled his slickened cock out of Chastity’s hot cunt. She watched as he straightened up on his knees and tapped her asshole with the tip of his cock head. How he pressed further, easing the glistening helmet of his dick into her little butt until it disappeared inside her.

Watching the two of them, she realized one thing.

She was forgotten.

Slipping off the couch, she crept over to the doorway and got dressed. Saying nothing, she hooked her purse over her shoulder and stepped out into the cold night.

Cum and saliva oozed from her pussy, dribbling down her legs with each step toward home. The winter wind whispered through the tangles in her dark hair as she passed the bar she’d frequented for months.

Jackie quickened her pace, trying not to think about the man she’d really wanted to be with. The one that had never showed up tonight.

She pulled the knife out of her purse and put it into her pocket, just in case. The cold permeated through her, settling in her heart as she made her way back to her apartment.


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