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Some jobs have hidden benefits

Ben finds that with age comes experience
When Ben Brown was growing up, he was always borrowing money from his father. Everything he wanted, he would ask his father for the money. His father did make him work for his money; he wanted Ben to realize the value of money. This was OK when it was for computer games, going to the picture theater with his friends, or his new bicycle. But when Ben turned seventeen, he wanted four thousand dollars to buy his first car. This was way too much for Ben to pay off in chores. Ben’s dad made him go and look for a job, his first real job.

Ben tried a few jobs. He tried being the local paperboy, but that was going to take forever to raise the money. He tried working as a builder’s laborer, but that was harder than he imagined. He tried working as a house painter, but he soon found he was afraid of heights. He tried working as a mechanic, but Ben did not know the difference between a wrench and a hammer.

Ben was getting down in spirits trying to find his ideal job. Until his next door neighbor came to his aid. Bill Green was a gardener. He was actually a horticulturist. Bill offered Ben a couple of days just to see what it was like, kind of like work experience in school. Ben loved it. He was actually learning lots of things about the plants without realizing it. He started to work for Bill, who had a few clients in the town. Bill was in charge of the gardening at the town hall, one of the schools, the two hospitals in town, and the retirement village. He also had a few clients in town, personal home gardens.

Ben made his father proud by studying hard and he passed all of his exams in college to become a horticulturist himself, while working for Bill Green. The townsfolk affectionately knew Bill Green and Ben Brown as ‘Bill and Ben, the flowerpot men’. Ben had not needed to buy that first car he had originally wanted to buy. He had a work utility. Bill allowed him some personal use of the utility, as long as he paid for fuel. Bill had thought as Ben was now twenty-two, he was mature enough to be allowed to use the vehicle. Without abusing his trust.

Ben saved his money and bought himself a better car than he had first wanted. But he still couldn’t get the girl he wanted. Girls just didn't seem to like a guy who was into azaleas, all the different varieties of roses, and all things horticultural. They were more looking for guys into commonly accepted ‘manly’ pursuits.

Ben’s luck changed one day when he was constructing the new gardens at the local retirement village. They had extended the grounds, and wanted new gardens to give some color and make it more homely for the residents. The village extension was made up of one-bedroom houses. The front of the houses had a road for access. While at the back of the houses there was a walking path. There were to be some gardens to make it seem more like home than a retirement village.

Bill Green had given him the total responsibility of constructing the new gardens. Such was his confidence in Ben’s taste and color choices and general design prowess. Ben was placing the potted plants, arranging and rearranging them until he was happy with the new design. When a new resident to the village interrupted him. Margaret Wheeler had come to ask what kind of plants were going into the raised garden beds near the walking paths. Margaret was hoping for vegetable gardens, rather than flowers. Ben said he was actually looking at flowers. Ben told her he would ask his boss and the village manager and see if he could arrange a vegetable patch.

The vegetable patch got the nod. Ben had constructed the main gardens, and everybody was happy with the color and general layout. Ben was unsure just what vegetables to plant. So Ben arranged to meet Margaret at her unit to discuss which vegetables she would like to see planted. Margaret offered Ben some juice as they chatted. But Margaret ‘accidentally’ spilled the juice.

Margaret placed the glass close to the edge of the table, but bumped it and knocked the glass over. The juice flowed off the table, and into Ben’s lap. Margaret quickly fetched a cloth to clean up. She patted the table down first, mopping up the juice and stopping it from dripping everywhere. Margaret washed the cloth out; then turned her attention to Ben’s shorts. As Margaret patted his shorts down, Ben protested.

“I am so Sorry Ben. I did not mean to spill the juice into your lap. When you get older, you tend to get a little clumsy.” Margaret was busy dabbing the wetness from his shorts.

“It is OK Mrs. Wheeler. I can clean it up; it will be fine. Anyway Mrs. Wheeler, you are not that old. It was just an accident.” Ben said unsuccessfully trying to take the cloth from Margaret.

“Nonsense, I spilled the juice. So I will clean it up. It is no use Ben. Your pants are wet with juice. They will be sticky and make you uncomfortable while you work. Take them off and I shall wash the juice from them for you. They will be dry by the time we finish planning the veggie patches,” Margaret said.

Margaret did not give Ben time to answer, let alone say no before adding.

“Well. What are you waiting for? Take off those soiled pants so I can wash them. You are wearing pants under them aren't you? Or are you going commando?” Margaret chuckled.

Ben replied with, “N-no. I am wearing underpants, it’s just that I.”

But Margaret cut him short by saying, “Well that is a problem solved then. Take them off and I will wash them for you. Come on take them off, or I will take them off for you.”

Ben did as he was told. Although very sheepish and shy, he removed his wet shorts and Ben thought he managed to hide his hardness.

Margaret took them to her laundry and washed the juice out of them. She then put them in her clothes drier to dry. When she returned to the dining room, Ben was sitting at her table. Ben had the facial expression of someone who was embarrassed, and very shy.

Who could blame him? Ben was sitting at the dining table of a lady who he hardly knew at all. Ben had only met Margaret two or three times, in the grounds of the village. He had not really had the chance to get to know her at all. And now he was dressed in only a shirt and a pair of briefs.

Margaret sat at the table and looked at a sketch Ben had made of the garden bed to plan a planting layout. They discussed the vegetables that were likely to do well in the local climate. They worked out which vegetables would grow well together and so on. As they did Margaret slowly moved closer to Ben, she even placed her hand on his leg a couple of times. Neither one said anything when she had.

Ben had noticed that Margaret’s top button was undone. Ben was trying not to look down her top. But it was difficult as Margaret was leaning over the table in such a way that her bust was just in the corner of Ben’s eye-line. Margaret and Ben sorted out all of the plants that would go into the four garden beds along the nearby path. As they did, Ben noticed he had a very different growing problem. His member was growing. He was being distracted more and more. Ben was looking down Margaret’s open blouse to her breasts. When Ben got busted.

“Do you like them?” Margaret asked.

“Uh. Oh. I. Um. I am sorry. I uh. I shouldn't have been.” Ben stumbled over his words.

“Don't be shy. You can look at them if you like. I don’t mind. Would you like me to take my blouse off for you?”

Margaret wasted no time waiting for a reply. She slowly undid her buttons and removed her blouse to reveal a very sexy lace brassiere. and Margaret's areola were very clearly visible through the thin lace material. As she did, Ben’s eyes widened in shock. He had never seen a woman naked before. Ben was still a virgin. Ben had no idea what was going on, but Margaret did. Margaret knew full well what she was doing. She was enjoying herself as she seduced the young man seated at her dining table. As Margaret turned her attentions back to the gardening, she placed her hand on Ben’s knee. She slowly worked her way up his leg towards his crotch.

Ben was mesmerized. He had no idea what to do. Should he stand up? No, he had an erection. Wearing only briefs, if he were to stand it would be clear to Margaret. There would be no hiding it. Should he try to stop her? Too late, the experience of Margaret had caught Ben well off guard. For now, Margaret was starting to slide her finger under the elastic of his briefs.

Ben looked at Margaret and her smile said it all. The juice accident had not been an accident at all. Margaret had meant to spill it. But Ben did not know why. Margaret now had her hand on his briefs and was rubbing his rigid and inexperienced member through the thin cloth.

Ben’s mouth was dry. His heart was pounding. His mind was blank. He had no idea what Margaret was going to do next. Ben just looked at her breasts, then at Margaret’s face. Margaret began to slowly kiss his mouth. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. As they kissed, Margaret slowly lifted Ben’s t-shirt. Ben stood up and took his shirt off. He was now only wearing his briefs and Margaret smiled as Ben's briefs struggled to contain his erection.

Margaret rubbed his erect member through his briefs, before telling him to sit down. As Ben sat down again, Margaret removed her lace brassiere. She then looked into Ben’s eyes and whispered.

“Would you like to suck them honey? You can if you like.” Margaret spoke soft and sultry.

Ben said nothing he simply nodded and began to suck, lick and kiss Margaret’s soft breasts and hardening nipples. All the while Margaret ran her hands over his body, making sure to rub his stiff member regularly. After a short while Margaret told Ben to stand up. When he did, Margaret could see the results of her seductive tease. Ben’s briefs were wet with pre-cum as he stood before her.

Margaret said to Ben, “You wont need these for a while.”

Margaret slowly pulled Ben’s briefs down. As she did, Ben's penis sprung free and Ben went red with embarrassment.

Margaret chuckled, “Don't be embarrassed honey. It looks very nice. Do you mind if I taste your hot cock?”

Margaret gave him no chance to reply, well not to her question. As Margaret slowly sucked him into her mouth, Ben groaned with pleasure. It was a pleasure Ben had never before experienced. Margaret sucked her young lover’s member for a few moments, then stood up and kissed him. Margaret then took his member in her hand and led him to her bedroom.

As she undressed, Margaret told Ben to lie on the bed. Ben did as he was told. Margaret sucked his rigid member once more. As she did, Margaret looked into Ben’s mesmerized eyes. Ben had his mouth wide open as he watched Margaret working his rigid member with her experienced mouth, tongue and lips. He had no idea how good it could feel to have his manhood sucked by an older woman.

Margaret then kissed her way up Ben’s stomach to his chest. She sucked and nibbled his nipples. Ben could feel the hairs on the back of his head begin to stand on end, as goose bumps spread over his torso. Margaret chuckled a little and continued her way up his neck. Stopping to nibble his earlobe. Chills raced up Ben’s spine. Margaret positioned her body over Ben’s as she kissed him. Then Ben felt the most fantastic feeling he had ever felt. Margaret slid her pussy along his member, before sliding down over his knob and engulfing his hard member with her pussy.

“Ooh that feels good Ben. Nice and hard. You have a nice thickness too Honey.” Margaret purred as she did.

Margaret’s pussy was warm and very wet as she began to ride her young and inexperienced lover. Ben was sucking and caressing her breasts.

“Ooh Mrs. Wheeler. It feels wonderful, I am going to cum,” Ben said.

“No. Not yet honey. What about the garden? When can we start to plant?” Margaret was trying hard to distract Ben before he came too soon.

Margaret managed to get off Ben’s now glistening rigid member before he came. Margaret lay beside her young lover and ran her fingers through his chest hair and kissed him. Margaret then put her hand on his head and gently applied pressure. Ben kissed his way down Margaret’s neck and then to her breasts. Ben was ‘winging it’ as he did, trying not to show he was unsure of what to do next. Margaret opened her legs and told Ben to get in between her legs.

“This is your first time isn't it honey?” Margaret asked.

Ben nodded, “Yes. I;m sorry Mrs. Wheeler, it is my first time.”

“It is OK Ben. You don't have to be sorry honey. I don't mind teaching you, if you like. Would you like me to teach you?” Margaret asked softly.

“Oh yes Mrs. Wheeler. I would like you to teach me how to be a good lover. I would like that very much.” Ben replied; he could hardly hide his eagerness.

“You will have to call me Margaret. Mrs. Wheeler sounds so formal. I would love to teach you to be a good lover. It will take a practice though. Now Ben, I want you to eat my pussy. Kiss my pussy then slowly work your tongue into me.”

Ben did as he was told. Margaret explained how she liked her pussy kissed, fingered and eaten. How she liked her lover to push his face deep into her pussy as he ate her. Margaret also taught Ben how to flick her hot pink love button during oral, and told him to gently suck it as she climaxed.

“Ooh Ben honey, you are a fast learner. I am going to cum all over your sweet young face. Ooh yes honey. Flick your hard tongue over my clitoris again. Oh, just like that honey. Ooh I am going to cum now. Suck my clit honey, suck it now.” Margaret said as she reached her climax, pulling Ben deeper into her pussy as she did.

Ben sucked a light pressure on Margaret’s clitoris. Holding it between his top lip and tongue and looking at his lover as she climaxed. Ben felt proud of himself. He had only ever kissed his high school girlfriend. Margaret was now the first woman he had seen naked, and the first to show him the pleasures of the flesh. Ben now wanted more. As Margaret came down from her climactic high, Ben kissed his way up her beautiful mature body. Maintaining eye contact with her as he did.

As they kissed, Ben felt Margaret reach a hand down between them. He then felt her stroke his hard cock a few times before guiding him inside her. They both let out a low moan as his rigid member slid inside her silky soft wet pussy.

Ben soon found his rhythm. Margaret ran caressed his young chest and arms. Ben continued to look into Margaret’s sexy eyes. Even when he was sucking her erect nipples. Ben loved the way his lover’s facial expressions changed as he sucked her nipples, and as he thrust harder and harder into Margaret. Then suddenly he stopped, and lay down onto her.

“Why did you stop honey? I was enjoying that so much. Your cock feels wonderful inside me. Don't stop, keep going.”

“I am about to cum Mrs. Wheel. I mean, Margaret. I was about to cum inside you. I stopped because you stopped me from cumming before. My cock also feels wonderful inside you. Your pussy has a nice grip on me. I love it,” Ben replied.

“I only stopped you before because I wanted you to slow down. A great lover will think of his lover, her pleasure and her orgasm. Not just his own. It is time for you to cum now. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your thick cock spasm deep inside me Ben. I want to fell it now.”

Margaret was so sultry, so sexy right now as she spoke to her young lover. Ben wanted to cum inside her. Ben felt as if he owed it to Margaret after she had taught him so much this morning. He began to kiss her lips, as he did he started to slowly ease in and out. All the way in until his balls rested against Margaret, and almost all the way out. Stopping just before his manhood escaped the clutches of Margaret’s womanhood. Ben felt as if Margaret’s pussy was clenching the head of his thick meaty shaft, stopping it from breaking free. Ben started to speed up. His strokes were now long and his thrusts deep and hard. His breath, along with Margaret’s began to hasten.

“Oh Margaret, I am going to cum. I am going to cum deep inside you. Ooh Margaret it feels so good honey.” Ben whispered into Margaret’s ear, his face half buried in the pillow.

“Cum for me Ben. Fill my pussy with your hot sticky seed. Ooh fuck me, I am going to cum too honey. I want you to cum inside me as I cum on your hard young cock. Ooh Ben!” Margaret said.

Ben could feel her body start to spasm as Margaret gave in and let her body shudder as her climax gripped her. The waves of pleasure washing over her body were intense. The hard and thick young cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, it’s protruding veins rubbing and teasing her clit felt amazing. Margaret had her hands clenched tight on Ben’s arms as she came. She had just started to come down from her climax as Ben pushed deep into her and his orgasm started. Ben’s cock began to spasm inside her pussy as it pumped her full of his hot sticky liquid.

“Ooh Margaret I am cumming honey. I am cumming inside you. Ooh it feels so wonderful Margaret.” Ben sighed, nibbling and kissing her ear.

Ben started to move, but Margaret put her arms around him.

“Don't be in a hurry to leave my pussy honey. Let your manhood soften in me first. Let me enjoy your hardness, as it softens. Let me know how much you enjoyed me. Kiss me and let it fall out soft. Never pull out after cumming while you are still hard. Kiss me all over, suck my breasts. Catch your breath and let your heart slow with mine.” Margaret said, trying to catch her breath.

When the pair had finally caught their breath, and Ben’s now softened member had fallen from the clutches of his lover. He looked her in the eye and asked.

“You meant to spill that juice on me didn't you? You are not so old and clumsy at all are you Margaret. You wanted to have me explore your secret garden all along didn't you?”

“In a word. Yes. Does it bother you? Do you mind that I wanted a strong young man to work in my secret garden, as you put it? Would you prefer that I did not suck your hard cock?” Margaret asked, sarcastically.

“No. I mean, yes. I mean. Um. Margaret I am glad you did all this. I am so glad you showed me how sweet sex can be. I would like to learn more. If you are willing to teach me, that is. You will not have to spill juice on me to get me into bed next time though.”

Ben chuckled as he replied, looking intently into Margaret’s eyes before kissing her once more.

The day was a loss for Ben. He did not get any work done in the gardens of the village. However Ben did do a lot more work in Margaret’s sweet secret garden…

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