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Someone Was There 3

upstairs downstairs sex

I paused before hurrying back down the stairs and called my secretary Anne.

“Hi, Anne just letting you know I am in the building, and on my way to the basement about some information I need,” I said.

I headed down the stairs towards the basement. Without knowing why, I began recalling a trip to Paris, arranged by Madeline. She worked in a hotel where my stay had been spoiled. As compensation, I was offered a free stay in a Paris hotel.

When Madeline telephoned me with the arrangements she had said, “Cherie you will be safe in my hands.” I, however, had pictured her hands in compromising positions.

Little did I know how intimate those hands could be. My first realization was when Madeline met me at the airport, following an uneventful flight. She took my hand and surprised me with the strength of her grip.

We went quickly to her car where she bundled me inside it. Brushing her black hair to one side and licking her lips she eased herself into the driver's seat. My wee french maid made off like a rocket, as I gripped the seat and thought of England.

“Tell me what you have planned Madeline,” I said through teeth not quite clenched.

“Cherie I am taking you to the hotel, you will like it. When we get there you will ask for refreshments and perhaps wish to take a shower yes?” replied Madeline

“Yes, will you be coming inside the hotel to inspect it?”

“Ha certainly there will be some inspection, I would not wish to be disappointed later,” Madeline said, as she raced across a roundabout without slowing down.

Praying there would be a later, I replied, “Madeline you are being very secretive about the plans for the weekend”

Stroking my leg in a playful yet suggestive way she said to me, “But of course secrecy gives a frisson of excitement, intrigue, and passion are so irresistible don't you think?”

Almost before I could breathe, we squealed to a halt outside a smart boutique hotel. I grabbed my travel case and we went inside. Madeline spoke briefly to the receptionist, who handed her an envelope and smiled at me.

“Come along,” said Madeline.

I walked with her to the lift, and when we were inside she said, “Just now, in this elevator, there will be no little games”

Looking at her, I could see her eyes sparkle with mischief. Her breasts strained against her white blouse and I imagined sweet dark nipples stiff with desire.

We reached the designated floor and linking my arm, Madeline escorted me to room 501. Inside the room was spacious and elegantly furnished with period furniture of the 1940s. The dark wood was a pleasing contrast to the modern textiles and fittings. I set the luggage down on the large and comfortable bed.

Arms folded around her, I took in the fragrant sensuality. With her body pressed against mine, she traced my lips with her finger. Slowly and gently she followed the contours of the face. This felt tender and made the skin tingle in response. Reaching down I pushed her pelvis into mine, squeezing the succulent roundness of her derriere at the same time.

There were murmurs of appreciation and our embrace turned into a passionate deep loving kiss. A french one naturally. We both tugged at the obstructive clothes and fell onto the bed as the kiss went on and on. Pausing, eventually, for breath, we locked eyes. The smoldering sensuality on her face held my attention. Hands reached out to the buttons on her blouse, and I opened them one by one.

Madeline sat up, allowing her small firm breasts to reveal themselves to my lustful stare. Under my admiring gaze, she rose and removed all her clothing. Madeline began caressing her body, eyes closed. Starting with slow movements on her breasts, her fingers caressed the rest of her body.

Opening her eyes and looking deeply into mine, she asked me, “Do you like?”

“Yes, I like very, very much,” I replied.

At this Madeline removed my clothes, throwing them to the floor with a flourish. Sitting astride me she massaged my chest. Gradually this moved upwards to my shoulders, and down the full length of my arms. I was relaxed stimulated and completely trapped under the female form. Madeline seemed to see this and pressed herself against me harder.

“Cherie I want to make love to you” Madeline whispered in a voice full of sexual intent.

Leaning forward she kissed me deeply and passionately. Her tongue searching mine explained in an ancient carnal language her physicality. Her pelvis pressed down harder as I squeezed her tits. Brushing her stiff nipples with my palms brought forth moans of pleasure.

Madeline gyrated her hips pressing them against my stiff prick. I felt it spasm expectantly. Slowly and firmly her clitoris made contact with my throbbing member. From there Madeline started to slide herself over my full length. Letting her pussy lips just tease the head of my cock on her upward stroke, she quickly began a downward one. She kept her clitoris hard against me extracting maximum pleasure for herself.

This intense lovemaking went on for an eternity. The longer it lasted the more her cunt tried to seize my manhood and take it inside her. I could feel the heat and the wetness coming from her as she came in a pulsing jerking orgasm.

We lay breathless lost in a bubble of spent passion. I felt the sensation could last for an eternity.
Eventually, we fell earthwards. Upon landing, Madeline spoke aloud “I think so far the inspection is good.”

We both laughed savoring a special moment.

My thoughts of that time were broken by reaching the bottom of the staircase.

The door to the archives section was opposite me. Taking a deep breath to clear my head of recent memories I went to look for Jen. She was nowhere to be seen and I was on the verge of leaving when I heard a low moan from behind some filing cabinets. Intrigued, I made my way silently towards the noise.

Who was more surprised I still do not know, but there on the floor was Jen. Dear sweet Jen staring at her phone with her hand seemingly active under her skirt. Jen looked up and a look of sheer horror spread across her face as she took in the situation.

“It's okay,” I said. “Forgive me for intruding. I was looking for you.”

“It's not how it looks,” she began. “Oh shit, actually it is exactly how it looks.”

“How do you think it looks?” I asked.

“Hmm probably like I was doing something I shouldn't,” replied the girl on the floor.

Moving a step or two closer, I asked gently “Anything good on your phone?”
Jen held out the phone, and I could see she was reading a story. A quick glance showed it was eroticism, and quite captivating.

“It looks like a good story,” I said. “I guess you are on a break and choosing to spend the time improving your knowledge”

“Oh yes you could look at it like that.” she replied appearing more relaxed, “You said you were looking for me.”

To which I replied “Yes.”

“You found me,” replied Jen, who stood up and put her arms around my neck.

Moving her face close to mine, she whispered: “Now let me taste you.”
We kissed and any reluctance of mine began to ebb away. In this embrace, I could feel her hand rubbing her pubis. She gave little moans and gasps as the arousal mounted. Her tits pressed into me and she reached her orgasm.

Smiling Jen raised her hand and pressed her fingers to my lips. I licked the delicious scent and tasted her most intimate pleasure. She pushed her fingers into my mouth easing them backward and forwards Our juices merged giving my tongue a wild sexual experience of its own.

“Now you have tasted me too” she giggled “do you want the rest of the story?”

“It has a good beginning” I replied. “Does it have a happy ending?”

Her answer was to reach down and squeeze my now hardened cock. Next, she pulled down my pants and knelt on the floor. My legs stiffened, responding to the stroking of my rock hard member. Soon her tongue and lips were exploring the tip of the penis. Using a gentle motion she took me inside a moist mouth, surprising me with chin to balls contact. With a hard cock deep in her throat, I could hear gasping as she struggled to get her breath.

She was staring at me. In that moment she looked so sexually ravenous that I came in an almighty gush. Spunk flooded her throat as she eased back, releasing my stiffness to accommodate the hot sticky fluid. When she could tell my orgasm had subsided, she pulled her mouth further away.
Somehow she managed to spill not a drop, and remarked, “Not even a mark on your suit.”

“Jen,” I said, “that was mind blowing.” I pulled up my pants and helped her to her feet. My pleasure showed in the lingering kiss we exchanged.

She then said, “What was it you did come down here for?”

I pulled a crumpled piece of paper from my wallet, and said “To see if you might recognize this”
She looked at the phone number written on the paper and said to me “No can't say I do but I think we ought to get back upstairs before we are missed” she said.

Squeezing her hand, I replied, “Yes, you can call me if you want to meet or talk.” Then we went our separate ways.

Walking to my office I tried to figure out why Jen reminded me of Madeline my dear French beau.




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