Someone's being Naughty

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When my wife returned to work after her maternity leave she took the night shift. The hospital where she worked as a nurse always had trouble filing nights so it was easy. This allowed for one
of us to always be home with our new bundle of joy. One evening about a week
after her new schedule started, the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see one
of my wife’s friends at the door. Debbie had stopped over to see my wife about
a book club they both belonged to. Apparently Deb had forgotten about the new schedule.
Just then the baby began to cry and I invited Deb in to see the baby since she
was up.

Deb is a pretty woman about 5’ 4’’ with a bit of meat on her bones. She has medium
breast and a sweet ass. She isn’t the most beautiful or hottest lady in our
development but she still stood out. She was friends with my wife since we
moved in and was often over to the house with her husband Stan. They didn’t
have any kids yet, as the always added, and seemed to be a happy couple. Deb
wasn’t a flirt or a tease but always looked good.

I invited Deb to sit and went and got the baby. After changing and feeding her I handed
her to Deb to help with her baby jones. I went and made some tea for us. When I
went back into the living room the baby was asleep in Deb’s arms so I put her
to bed. I went back in and we chatted as we drank our tea. I was wearing pajama
bottoms and a t shirt, not having expected any company. When I sat on the couch
the fly gapped open and I realized my cock was exposed. Now I have always had
exhibitionist tendencies and my kink got the better of me. I sat there enjoying
being exposed and the danger and I naturally started to grow. Now one of the
advantages of being average sized is the way I was sitting the head wasn’t in
the open. I figured she’d never notice and I would have a nice wank session
when she left. Being on different schedules with my wife had put a big cramp in
our sex life. So I sat there in a very good mood when I noticed Deb look down
and her expression change from having a nice chat to sheer shock. I new what
had happened and deflated like a punctured balloon. Deb stuttered some goodbyes
and practically raced from the house.

I thought I was dead. I figured she’d be on her cell phone calling my wife two minutes after
she pulled away in her car. I sat dejectedly on the couch waiting for the
inevitable call. After a few hours my wife called to say goodnight to me as she
does every night. Since she wasn’t screaming at me I figured I had a reprieve till
tomorrow. I assumed Deb was so upset she couldn’t even call. Nothing happened
the next day or the day after. By the third day I began to feel safer. The
thoughts of divorce and scandal slowly fading to be replaced by that cocky got
away with it feeling. I knew I was safe when that Saturday Deb called and I answered.
At first I was shocked to hear her voice but she chatted with me like nothing
had happened and I handed the phone to my wife. Now I wasn’t cocky, I was just
confused. I was certain she saw, and I knew she was upset then, but now she
seemed fine. I wrote it off to luck and only thought of it when I wanked.

A few weeks later the doorbell rang again and there was Deb. In a surreal replay of the
previous night the baby began to cry. I invited Deb in and went and got the
baby. I fed and changed her and handed her to Deb. I went into the kitchen to
make tea. It was so eerily similar to the previous time it scared me a little. After
the baby fell asleep and I put her in her crib I returned to the living room
and we began to chat. I sat so my fly would be open, and this point figuring
what the heck. I began to grow and noticed Deb glancing casually in the
direction of my hardening cock. As the looks got longer my cock got harder and
the conversation died. In silence so absolute I could hear my heart pound she
stared and I twitched. Finally she broke the silence saying,

“Someone’s being naughty.”

She pointed at my crotch as she said it.

I was so horny at that point I couldn’t say a word. I just stood up and walked to stand
in front of her. When I stood my cock jumped out. I stood there exposed to her
hungry eyes as she licked her lips. It was like an unconscious cue to me so I put
one hand behind her head and slowly pushed my cock between her sweet, sweet
lips. She sucked me in and then pulled off me. I had a moment of dread thinking
I went to far till I felt her tongue swirl around my head. I moaned at the
feeling and pushed my way back in again. I slowly began to fuck her mouth as my
hand pulled up her top and reached into her bra. As she sucked me I played with
one tit then the other, pinching and stroking her rock hard nipples. I felt
myself tremble and knew I was close. I pushed myself deeper into her mouth and
came a stream of hot cum like I have never shot before.

I was still very horny, my orgasm did nothing to relieve it. I dropped to my knees and we
worked her pants and panties off. I immediately dove into her hot, wet pussy. I
licked and sucked plunging my tongue deep into her and then sliding it up to
tease her clit. She came quickly, she was as turned on as I was. After her
trembling subsided I stood her up and bent her over the arm of the couch. I slid
to the hilt into her and we began to make love like wild animals. It was primal
the way we fucked. It went on for what seemed like hours but was probably only
seconds. We came together, and that surprised me in a good way. We collapsed in
a heap on the floor and she whispered she had been thinking about my cock for
the last two weeks. When she said that I felt my cock twinge and start to grow…