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Something New

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“Baby, let’s try something new” I smirked as I hauled my top over my head; one knee either side of his bare waist.

Immediately tending his lips to my breasts, he snaked his hands behind my bra and unhooked it effortlessly. I let it slip from my arms and to the floor below as he raised his eyebrow curiously at my mischievous glance.

“No, not that” I laughed, rolling my cotton t-shirt up as I hooked it behind his head, keeping his gaze. He looked confused as I brought the material round the sides of his head and across his eyes, and I bit down hard on my lip in anticipation as he hardened beneath me. He grinned as he lost his sight temporarily, tracing his fingers lightly up and down my spine. Parting his lips, he went to speak, but before he had a chance to say anything, I pressed my finger to his lip; his tongue flicking lightly across it as he obeyed my order. It was my turn to be in control.

Once tied, I hovered my face just inches from his, letting my hot breath wash over him before tugging playfully at his bottom lip. He smirked, completely helpless as I held his hands to the side of his body and began working my mouth along his jaw.

I lapped my tongue along his jugular; catching the vibrations of his groan in my lips as I teased his weak spot. He was growing restless beneath me; his hips twitching upwards into my crotch as I continued to straddle his jean-clad thighs.

“Let’s get these off, shall we?” I mumbled into the skin of his neck, fumbling with the buttons of his jeans as I relieved him from the tight material.

Kissing my way down his bronzed torso, I ran my long between the defined lines of his abs, dragging his jeans to his ankles as I kept my mouth firmly set upon his skin. His stomach tensed as I slid my hands up along his thighs, pushing them apart as I positioned myself between his legs.

I looked up at him; his lip held firmly between his teeth and head rolled back, breathing shallow as I let my hot breath hit his erection through his boxers. He groaned as I flicked my tongue out over the tight material, and I couldn’t help but laugh smugly at his desperation. Smugness aside, he really was the hottest boy i’d ever laid eyes on. A set of piercing icy blue eyes and prominent cheek bones were sculpted carefully by his cutting jaw; his hair perfectly dishevelled and physique nicely toned.

I pulled his boxers slowly from his hips; his erection firm against his stomach as it stood there in all its 7 inches of glory.

“Baby you’re so big” I groaned, letting my eyes shift hungrily over his manhood.

I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me, but I needed to tease him for a little bit longer before I could satisfy that unmerciful craving. Leaning my head forward, I pressed my tongue against the base of his length, grazing it firmly all the way up to the tip. His breathless groans and fingertips digging into my scalp turned me on more than I thought possible, and I quickly took his whole length in my mouth, causing his hips to buck uncontrollably towards the back of my throat. Managing to stifle a gag, I composed myself, and worked my head back and forth rhythmically as I massaged his thighs with my fingers.

“You taste so good” I moaned teasingly, continuing to tease the head of his penis with my tongue.
I couldn’t quite work out what he mumbled; it was heavy laden with shallow breathing and deep groans, but I knew he was enjoying it. Not wanting to bring him to the edge quite yet, I brought my head from him, and kissed my way back up his body; holding his hands either side of him as I made my way up.

“I’m so wet and it’s all your fault” I whispered, straddling his waist once more as I planted a short, but intense kiss upon his lips. Taking his hand from my thigh, I guided it up the side of my body, trailing it down my breasts and waist until I led it between us, letting him feel how much I wanted him.

“So what are you going to do about it baby?” he smirked, tracing his fingers over my clit, causing me to inhale sharply. I let my breath catch up with me, grinding myself along his eager fingers.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

He threw his head back as I lowered myself on to him half way, tormenting him as I forbade him full entry and quickly elevated myself from him. He bucked his hips upwards desperately, but this only spurred me on more as he sat blindfolded before me. I grabbed his hands and pushed them either side of his head against the back cushions of the cream sofa.

“Say please” I smirked, bringing my lips as close to his without actually making contact.

“Pretty fucking please” he hissed, nipping at my lower lip.

The aching between my legs was unbearable as a rested him at my entrance once more; this time granting us the satisfaction that we were both craving.

I started slow; accustoming my body to his, but it wasn’t long before my hands were tugging at his hair and thighs rubbing relentlessly against his. The room was filled with breathless moans and the harsh slapping of skin as I rode him, alongside the playful slaps from his hands upon my behind. His mouth found my breasts; his hot tongue flicking fervently across my nipples as I arched my back, my hands squeezing tightly on to his knees as his thrusts met me half way.

“I can’t last much longer” he groaned, digging his fingers roughly into my hips.

Quickly pulling my t-shirt from his head, I got to my knees, working my hand and tongue in unison as I let him watch me finish him off.

“Where baby?” I smirked, quickly resuming my mouth back to its place as I continued to look up at him from beneath my lashes.

“Ugh, boobs” he panted, winding his fingers even more tightly in my hair.

I bit down on my bottom lip as I leant back, pushing my chest out towards him as his eyes met mine; my hand speeding up its motion as his sweaty body became more and more restless. My heart was pounding; I loved seeing him this worked up.

With one final throaty groan, he spilled himself over my neck and chest; throwing his head back in ecstasy as he hissed my name.

Releasing his grip from my scalp, he grinned down at me; his stomach moving up and down sharply as he struggled to catch his breath.

“Come here” he winked, pulling me up by my arms before grabbing my waist tightly and pulling me on to him.

“I like new…” he smirked into my neck, lapping at my sensitive skin.


I couldn’t concentrate as his tongue ran along my collar bone and fingers slipped round my waist.
“Mmm” he groaned, nipping playfully at my hot skin.

Louis smirked up at me and winked as he quickly tugged at my wrists and bound them behind my back with the discarded t-shirt that had previously been used to blindfold him, before flipping me on to the sofa below.

“Now it’s my turn to try something new.”

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